“Reaching for the Sun” – Trailer

Sun is our star The Sun provides us with everything we need
for life here on Earth The only star that we can actually see in
triggered detail Not all of the stars you can look in the details We can understand all of the stars if we understand
our Sun Life on Earth is possible because we receive
energy from the Sun If we look very far back in time, the Sun
was a God I think it’s a wonderful star Everytime you go to a telescope and observe
the Sun, it’s like the first time you see the Sun The Sun is a special star You are always fascinated You have to study the Sun because it’s the only place where you can study the magnetic fields in detail You must society to continue to observe the Sun. Actually we are not able to understand completely In fact, we need EST for this reason EST is a big project EST is actually a very interesting project EST will be Europe’s largest solar telescope It will suppose a change for solar observations Open a new window that can make new discoveries Big step forward 4 meter aperture Answer a question More detail What happens with EST? It’s going to be a huge step EST will open the future There are high resolution High magnetic sensitivity It will be unique Unique observations It will be able to detect very fast processes
like for example solar flares Advanced optic system Better resolution What the magnetic field is doing in detail You can collect more and more photons You need access to your own solar telescope Absolutely necessary It’s necessary for Europe The most important facility to observe the
Sun from the ground A large telescope like the European Solar
Telescope will change what we know about the Sun

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