READY OR NOT Official Trailer (2019) Samara Weaving, Horror Movie HD

READY OR NOT Official Trailer (2019) Samara Weaving, Horror Movie HD

We’re going to start the count Good Luck I Can’t believe that in half an hour, I will be a part of the the Domus gaming Dynasty Empire Dominion. We prefer Dominion. Yeah I honestly can’t wait to be a part of your family There’s just one more thing and then you are officially part of the family so At midnight you have to play game why it’s just something we do when someone new joins the family a game what game I Didn’t think I’m really gonna play that well, the rules are simple You can hide anywhere We then trying to find you. So there’s no way for me to win right and stay hidden. Don’t wanna know. Thank you. Good luck The hell is this how what was this thing? I know you’re in here. Oh Geez so you shot the maid that she look like she’s wearing a giant white wedding dress Emily. Oh Shit, I had to play along today. I can get you about Fame They think that the kind for sunrise or something very bad will happen to the family If we don’t find her and perform the ritual we’re all dead Found her And Today’s video is called Getting to know your crossbow Why don’t you just use mine, that’s really Thomas I just saw her ready To just another sacrifice Is a fucking time yes, I didn’t see in order to get married You

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  1. Кончаный фильм про страх перед семьей мужа…

  2. They gave away to much in the trailer.. I'm thinking I will wait a few yrs to watch after I forgot about it lol.

  3. I heard Melanie was in this so here I am trying to spot her in the trailer to gauge how much she's in the movie.

  4. Anyone know the song at the beginning ??

    Nvm It’s unchained melody by the righteous brothers 🙌🏽

  5. The main character was Bee in the movie, The Babysitter. Lmfao, I thought it was Margot in the thumbnail too!

  6. I don’t get it!
    How don’t they realize after years and years and years of trailers how to not show the whole movie in a trailer!?!!!!??

    Fuckin irks me.
    I was looking forward to it until they showed pretty much it all.

  7. The first thing popped out in my mind when I saw the family that it looks like the Addams and the grandma was Wednesday

  8. Since they can’t afford Emma Stone And Maggot Robbie, they decided to get someone that looks just like them but cheaper version! 🙄🙄🙄

  9. Why are women mostly drawn to these kind of garbage movies? Because they're naive and drawn to evil since the beginning of times.

  10. after seeing the movie, I will tell you that while you get the plot, you will still be is also very gruesome,(which is awesome). Dark, and funny too. The ending is absolutely ridiculous and unexpected. I will say this movie kept me entertained, it keeps me suspends when the bride is running, make me laugh when it is the right time, and I found all of the acting and reaction the characters have are accurate.
    Just go watch this movie, the movie is unique in its own way. Definitely worth the time

  11. these fucking movies with stupid plots just to justify a whole hour and 30 mins of murdering make people even more retarded.

  12. At least they are being kind & trying to take her out the first night instead of dragging it out over time right ???? RIGHT!!! LoL jk

  13. BEWARE!!!! IF YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS AND GOD IN ANY WAY DO NOT SEE THIS EVIL MOVIE!!! This movie leads you to believe it's just some crazy rich family until the end when they start chanting "hail satan" and are trying to sacrifice a girl on a pentagram!!! This was an evil plot that made no sense except to lure people in front of a screen so they can experience this evil and disgusting ceremony. The movie makes no sense except to expose people to evil!!!!

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