Real Chefs Review Cooking Movie Scenes

Real Chefs Review Cooking Movie Scenes

it’s a good way to chop a finger off my name is Joe Tarasco I’m the associate director of operations for Marta I’m Lena chair dulo I’m the executive chef my name’s Douglas King owner chef ed into the bar and chain thank the CDC at shake a little but people doesn’t know CDC’s okay I’m the chef de cuisine but I kind of run the show also know that hi chef yes and we’re here to look at food videos and react to them this was almost unrealistic food in the obscene just a posture she’s also just very done up okay oh that’s like a lawsuit right there yeah okay I’ve never seen that you’ve got there be no newspaper next day yeah I don’t know that’s crazy I don’t know how you reached that point that breaking point there’s just a lot of bravado that’s been given to the idea of being a chef but no person would ever react like that you never know I bet there’s been some pretty good Mike drops that was a little extreme sometime I we get a guest like that well then I don’t actually directly go to the table at the end of a we’re not in front of house people one time somebody accused us of putting butter in a dish that we that we didn’t put butter and I actually did feel compelled and go out to the dining room I don’t think they really cared but know if they really yeah but I did it much more politely than that dinner was always I think it’s Navy I don’t like five doors and then we had a meat or fish I actually thought that’s how you actually the only way to cut growing up I really don’t know if that’s sound but needs to slice it so thin that they used to liquefy in the pan with just a little oil the garlic it’s hardcore yeah yeah yeah but I like that yeah really really thin garlic yet for the most part it all it will dissipate it all the liquefied necessarily it depends on the oil you know how he heat is the olive oil oh I see this I’ll just see everything oh yeah crazy Oh My Damn alright like that some visit oh snap this is very food for me that’s a real chef I want I want no thanks I guess the real chef is doing it yeah [Music] what time’s lunch that’s it I want to watch the whole thing I never seen my movie ever I’m gonna watch it now that was a cool scene that’s a real legit yeah I can add technique was very sound everything looked awesome Asian cooking like old school election you know so much dedication you wash her rice for three years before you go talk to me things like that I learned that way you’re a cook you’re a chef oh you cook the menu their customers have come to let me cook the same food the same I ain’t food that he ripped apart somewhat of the chef’s dilemma is like cooking comes from a place of passion that comes from the heart comes from who you are and you want to express that but at the same time you still need to ensure that you’re cooking to the overall experience that people expect from the restaurant I kind understand both side of an aspect of it the end the day is in the name of the game is business I mean you can be the great chef in the world with a low customer and so it’s like a balancing yeah what are you [Applause] it’s like genuinely good technique being applied there yeah as far as for garnishing perspective too bad that’s not what my home kitchen looks like food looks delicious that definitely look like a some professional chef helpful in the menu that’s my favorite chef movie a relationship between him and his cooks I think is true of like what you’d like to think of a great chef how many women do you see in this kitchen well I don’t like you is it the toughest cooking [Music] so whoever advice on the advice and those information is a professional chef seeing someone really like kind of focus on all of the behind the scenes but it makes sense but I would love to make like every new cook in a kitchen watch that if your station is dirty then using your brains dirty paying attention to every detail makes you better at paying attention to details period and only do better chefs she basically became every female wedding cook Evers I don’t remember like when I was like starting I was the only female these people look down on you the things lean now is almost like does it have to be such an aggressive environment it’s still hard you always got to prove yourself as a woman in the kitchen but now I chide you like I’m though yeah yeah like do what I say I did some spices Helen Aaron right mm-hmm Louie under garnish since business but my ginger recipe that is 200 years old because madam maybe 200 years is long enough so he changed it because he said it’s too old what about that but it’s a fun dance that they do turning that super traditional dish taking that and turning it into something very new that’s what we try to do we try to take Korean dishes which has been for a long time and we spin it with our own way it becomes personal there’s so many great virgins out there how can you be better the end of the day like it’s it’s about creating delicious beautiful food as long as you keep your mind open and you you know are willing to try it you might like it better Bradley Cooper’s just a little too famous for me to picture being a chef this is the intense level that usually working in a kitchen I felt that in tennis I was into it a little bit they make it feel like so much battle for each so that was a little dramatic yeah that’s real like that kind of I’ve heard stories that would be right through you are thin like that kind of kitchens a lot he looked nice and beat-up that’s common no one looks their best in the kitchen 12 plus 14-hour days five six days a week physical labor hot uncomfortable conditions I mean I used to work like that I respect that people paying like $600 $500 meals that’s your reputation and you know you want to get a one shot it’s not fun please rewarding sometimes being in the food world these days is kind of like a like a celebrity but behind all of that is a really tough life it definitely takes a lot of dedication and you know yeah sweat tears well you should still do it because if you have a passion for it there’s nothing more rewarding than doing what you love I’ll show you yeah we’ll show you let’s go enjoy the ride

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  1. People who think there's some kind of "misogynistic patriarchy" going on in the restaurant business have clearly never worked at a restaurant kitchen and don't know what they are talking about. I've worked as a professional cook and the reason there are very few women is because that job is HARD AS F*CK!

    It is a very physically demanding thing to be standing 12-14 hours a day, often moving heavy stuff, working with your hands, working in heat, often in a cramped space.
    Not to mention the stress when the kitchen is understaffed but customers are in in numbers and you have to do a million things at once, quickly, but you can't fail, because that's your reputation and the reputation of the restaurant on the line. And perhaps your job on the line as well.

    The reason women have to prove themselves is because they have to prove that they can deal with both the mental and physical demands of the job. You don't see too many female firefighters or miners, or oil rig workers, but nobody seems to complain about that. People just confuse the image of cooking shows and home cooking, with what professional work in a kitchen looks like 5-6 days a week.

  2. I work in a restaurant and even though the owners are really nice people, whenever they get stressed (the restaurant is huge but there is only one cook) they start screaming at you when you are not fast enough

  3. “Review cooking scenes” more like “Reviewing how women are treated in restaurants for 2 minutes straight. fuckin buzzfeed never fails to dissapointed

  4. Fine, I'll do it myself. Here's a list of the movies in case anyone wanna watch them:
    Eat drink man women
    No reservations
    The hundred foot journey

  5. I want my knife skills to one day be as good as the guy from Eat Drink Man Woman. Cutting that pepper was simply artistic

  6. One time I was working at a restaurant with an open kitchen (guests could see us, we could see them) and this guy sent his food back 3 times. The chef went around the counter to the mans table, the conversation started pretty calmly but escalated quickly and ended with the chef yelling at the top of his lungs telling the man to stand up and get tf out. He did say everyone else could stay and finish their dinner but the man nearly got dragged out of the restaurant 😂

  7. Did he really say over dramatic.. That's real. That happens. Sometimes even worse. I've heard of knives being thrown across the kitchen.

  8. That Jeju chef can't do what the chef did in Eat Drink Man Woman? Those are basic Asian (Chinese) knife skills! I can do it. It's not difficult.

  9. There is not physical labor being a chef and if you think otherwise try being a builder or carpenter or something like that for a week and you will think otherwise. Having to wash pots and move food around is not what I would call physical labor at all

  10. Did you realise everyone that wear a long sleeve in the video fold it as much as the scene in ratatouille.

  11. If you’re wondering about Bradley’s Coopers intensity in the kitchen, he worked with Gordon Ramsay to get himself ready for the role if that helps…

  12. I love how 2 of them are wearing they’re uniform just to show they’re chefs. Btw chefs don’t wear they’re uniform like regular clothing they have different clothes.

  13. That’s little dramatic , well if he watched the movie probably will know why.

    Michelin in the house 👀

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