Real Lawyer Reacts to My Cousin Vinny (The Most Accurate Legal Comedy?)

Real Lawyer Reacts to My Cousin Vinny (The Most Accurate Legal Comedy?)

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  1. Seriously, guys. If you're thinking about a suit, I can't recommend Indochino enough. (plus it helps out the channel)

  2. The direct examination where Marisa explains how the photo proves the kids didn't commit the murder is the only reason I like the movie.

  3. I watched this movie before I watched the video cause I feel like that was the right thing to do, I don't regret my choice.

  4. I bought some suit jackets for a buck each at a yard sale and also bought a London fog rain coat for a buck as well as a buck a pair for shoes. Although I have big feet so I only found shoes I can fit in once at a yard sale.

  5. I went to court for a dwi charge years a go and wore a suit that fit 70lbs earlier in my life and I looked ridiculous. The judge commented.

  6. You didn't say anything about the cross examination of Mrs Riley, with her thick glasses and her eyesight. Were there no significant issues with that scene?

  7. Ok So how have you not covered the 2 best legal movies ever, Inherit the Wind & 12 angry men? Get on it, especially 'Inherit the Wind'. PS My cousin Vinny is a masterpeice.

  8. Imagine living in a first world country where some wankers that don't understand a lick of the law decide who (has the most compelling story) is right by the law.

    can't relate.

  9. I've seen this twice, but I just wanted to say one of my top 3 moments of the whole case was the witness with the big glasses.

  10. After those multiple conflicts between the lawyer and judge and rising tension between them, wouldn't the judge pretty much have to recuse himself because of a potential for bias?

  11. Love you Legal Eagle, but what Marissa said was indeed, a fact. A car without limited slip differential would in NO CIRCUMSTANCE be able to create two equal length tire marks in a situation that results in a loss of traction (like peeling out from a crime scene and mashing the gas pedal) the reason behind this is due to the open differential vs the Limited Slip Differential differences referenced in the video. In a car without a limited slip differential (also known as positraction), a "peeling out" would result in one wheel spinning and the other not as much so. The lack of a positraction differential(which would mean the vehicle has an open differential instead) allows for this greater gap in wheel speeds for the sake of smoother turning of the vehicle. The wheel not spinning as much would leave a wimpy tire mark if any at all as it has not been sent enough power to that axle to break traction, vis a vís the opposite wheel that recieves the lion share of the engine power. If the car had positraction, the wheels would have similar power outputs sent to their respective rear axles from the differential, thus allowing both wheels to break traction and create dual skid marks.
    Tl;dr Marissa's Fact was actually a fact if you look at the physics behind it.

  12. For those of you saying that the lovable little muppet known as Elmo from the show Sesame Street is not a terrorist…
    Let's enter 17:04 into evidence.
    As you can clearly hear from this footage…

    Elmo blows stuff up.

  13. 19:19 But at this point of the movie, the judge overrules Vinny. Why? I always wondered that. Hoping to get an answer lol

  14. It just dawned on me that the reason I "felt" I had seen the actress portraying May Parker in SpiderMan movies before, but couldn't quite pinpoint it, was that I had seen this movie when I was a kid. The same thing when I saw Gary Oldman as Detective Gordon in the Nolan Batman films and Padme Amidala in the (not-so-great) Star Wars prequels… I grew up seeing León The Professional… who knew… 😐

  15. Objection! Joe Peci is not a lawyer with a law degree. Ok you win on one of my favorite movies. I subscribed, and will buy a suite because as it turns out I have been looking and yours looks great.

  16. Hypotetethical question: What if you were watching in the court room and noticed something like this, ie. an "expert" witness making a statement but you know it's not correct or that it's irrelevant? Is there anything you could do? Are you able to talk to anyone in there?

    I ask because of the comment about tire marks in the end of this video. Most of what she is telling might be true and she does sound confident and knownledgeable, but it's completely irrelevant because almost any car ever made can have its components modified to have limited slip (suchs as the positraction she mentions), and modifications like this are not rare or difficult.

  17. OBJECTION! (oh man I've always wanted to say that 😁) I'm just here to say that i just came from your rain maker episode, where you specifically singled out this very video for being blocked worldwide due to a ©️ claim (after only 2 views, lol), even though it is clearly not blocked anymore 😜

  18. There’s instant, quick and old fashioned grits and all I’m going to say is I’d love any of them right now regardless if it goes against my southern and Cherokee traditions hammered into me from a child. Living outside of the country for long periods of time, often not even returning for years really makes you miss the simple things you took for granted!

  19. In my Evidence Preparation and Courtroom Testimony class, we watched My Cousin Vinny as an example of what legal proceedings should look like.

  20. Legal eagle,I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for a long amount of time,I’ve always wondered,what is the experience like?

  21. In the analysis of the initial 'stop' scene, you first said reasonable suspicion but then changed to probably cause. Different legal standards

  22. I know this might be a stupid question but why has t been made illegal to walk into the front of the judge desk basically I mean other than the fact that the law is still thinking we live in the 1890s were they might get attacked we do live in a 21st century and lawyers are only there to do their job so….why is it illegal again?

  23. There needs to be a reaction to the episode of "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Avatar Day", where Aang stands trial for crimes in a past life.

  24. Shows the two guys are short and skinny to make false positive appear more appealing, yet the dude on the left is even much more shorter. Ops #narrativefail

  25. I absolutely LOVE this channel! I have not idea why this was recommended to me, but I cannot get enough of these episodes. Both my girlfriend and I truly enjoy your uploads. I'm even debating the purchase of an Indochino suit, just to have one on hand.

  26. Hey I know this is an old video but if anybody in law can answer my question please do. Why must one wear a suit into court?

  27. You know what seems incredibly tedious? Learning about law so you can write a movie about a guy learning about law. I wonder how much of Vinny's stress in this movie was inspired by the stress of writing the movie.

  28. Last time I was on a jury the defendant was a judge charged with assault and theft. The defendant's lawyer is a minor local celebrity. We weren't sequestered, but we were marched by bailiffs to lunch and escorted by bailiffs to either the parking garage or the bus stops.

    In the end, we acquitted the judge of the assault charge because we couldn't figure out what happened. Seems like an older woman who was a muni judge and a city council candidate wanted some young superstud and his gf confronted her when she came to pick "Mario" up. But somehow, the defendant came into possession of some of the gf's property during the altercation. OK, that doesn't make it theft, because there's no knowledge and intent. But our judge somehow in a phone interview with a detective stupidly said that she felt she deserved the property as compensation for the damage the complaining witness had done to her car.

    That's an admission of intent, and so we convicted on a lesser theft charge than the prosecution was going for. Also, the trial was about one third in Spanish with a really cool interpreter, and there was a second court reporter brought in for those parts. Wasn't that weird to me as voter information is posted in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese; and there are usually poll workers who can speak Urdu and sometimes Cajun French.

  29. When I first saw this movie a few years back, I nearly wet myself laughing. Tears were streaming down my face, I think I fell off the couch.

  30. In high school, our law teacher used this movie for good examples and bad examples. I also took the class "twice" (regular student and T.A)

  31. I had a lawyer tell me it would be good for me to go to prison. Not sure what they needed a prosecutor for. Lawyers are the real crooks.

  32. Objection for 2:45 ish
    The cop gave conflicting commands. You cant both put your hands top of your head and get out of your car. Also, putting your hand down towards the door handle can easily be "mistaken" for the stoppee reaching for a gun; resulting in them getting shot.

  33. 5:15: "You stole his files?!?!"
    6:12: Dumb bitch explains "Discovery" to beau, which then makes you wonder about her earlier comment at 5:15.

  34. I saw this movie at twelve. Not only did I think Marisa Tomei is a beautiful woman (still is), that part with all the car lingo had me head over heels for her!

    Joe Pesci did a good job too XD

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