Redneck Muslim | 2018 Online Film Festival | PBS

Redneck Muslim | 2018 Online Film Festival | PBS

(curious music) (helicopter blades whirring) (indistinct chatter) – I knew theoretically you
could be a white Muslim. But where I grew up, I’ve never
seen a white Muslim person. – Did you survive over night? – I did, I got like three hours of sleep. – I think that’s a successful on call. – I think so. – That’s pretty light. – Thank you, sir. My grandparents on both side
of my family were farmers in rural Mississippi. Black eyed peas and cornbread, you can’t get much lower than that. I definitely went through
a lot of phases of being unaware of injustice. And then seeing in justice
but not knowing how to process that. I’m probably the only person
here who’s grandfather taught them how to tie a noose. Guide us, oh God, on the straight path, the path of those who are
not lost along the way. We ask you to be with us
as we go out on the floor today and serve your person. In chaplain (mumbles) you get some really, really life-or-death situations. We get people flown in
from all over the state who have been in car
wrecks, they’ve been shot. Any trauma that comes in
the chaplain has to go to with all the doctors. Going into patients room
when I kind of found out I’m not the Muslim
chaplain that sees Muslims, I’m the chaplain. I’m scared these people
are going to kick me out of the room. I’m Shane from the chaplains office. It helps, I think, being
a Muslim that walks in with a southern accent and
can talk about deer hunting and getting in a tree stand. I kind of got pretty secure
in that before all the Trump stuff started happening. (soft music) People in North Carolina
have yelled out of the car at my wife, “Go back to
where you came from.” And my wife’s about five
foot tall and she stopped in the middle of the street and, “Why didn’t they get out of the car?” You know, “What a bunch of cowards.” Three men to drive by
a lady with some kids and yell that out of the car. My wife’s tougher than me, and braver. (indistinct talking) Mom was so excited to see snow, it doesn’t snow in Indonesia.
– That’s the first time. In Mississippi there was no snow. I first met my husband
and we were talking about Indonesia. I feel like if I was
American they probably would call me a redneck, you know. ‘Cause I was coming from
such a redneck kind of lifestyle, I guess. Same thing, like my
family worked in the field and grow their own food. – This was when he was
running the taxidermy supply company, my grandfather was
taxidermist supply company. – Of course you have some
bad days and good days. But having each other’s
shoulder and having faith throughout, that’s
really helping us going. – What does that say? – “Let them be with me,
prophet, in the garden.” After Adam my wife and I got pregnant and we were having the
ultrasound done and, turnout out that my wife was
carrying conjoined twins. They were telling us, “Looks
like they’re sharing a heart “and we don’t know if
they may survive an hour, “or a day, or a week.” They asked if we would mind
if the chaplain stepped in and visited with us. That was my exposure
to what a chaplain was. (soft music) My wife and I are, there’s
no way I think we’re ever gonna be apart after this. It’s just, uh, brutal
and beautiful experience. Yeah, we’re here at your grandpa’s house. – He comes up to me and he says, “Son back when I was your
age we ate in the house “and went to the bathroom in the yard. “Now we’re eating in the
yard and going bathroom “in the house.” (laughter) – He gave me some antique money. This was used by the confederate states and this one was when the states– – I was the first generation
of my family to go to an integrated school. I didn’t have black friends growing up, African american friends growing up, ’til I got in high school. And then interacting with
different people and seeing that there’s good and bad in all people. There’s beautiful people that come in all different shades. There’s really confusing things
that didn’t really add up. It caused a lot of friction in my family. ♪ We got that boom ♪ I started getting into hip hop music. Between classes we were
raising a ruckus in the hall, rapping and beat boxing and stuff. This is at a county fair,
at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi. I think we went on right after the ladies’ rag time band. It’s pretty awesome. (laughs) Really receptive crowd, too. Two white kids rapping. I started hearing Malcolm X
mentioned in some this music so I read the autobiography of Malcolm X. Right after I became
Muslim I walked around Jackson, Mississippi
in a robe and a turban. It wasn’t out of love
for the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to try to emulate him, it was to piss my family off, to aggravate my family. And I think I did a
pretty good job at that. – Your past is what made you. And it influenced you. And it makes you the person you are today. You have to embrace it, good or bad, and then you go on from there. (soft music) – Let me go pop the hood. Recently it kind of sunk in, (engine turning) I’m sitting at a crossroads
of being from a southern Baptist family from Mississippi
that’s a practicing Muslim. And something doesn’t quite
feel right about this. I mean, you can’t function
psychologically throwing away the first 29 years of
your life because you become Muslim. And Islam doesn’t ask that of you. (mumbling) (soft music) Southern hospitality
and Islamic generosity, they blend perfectly. The Andy Griffith show,
that’s a good example of everything I aspire to be as a Muslim, just look at the Andy Griffith show. Like hard work and believing in God and honoring your family. And people that are rednecks,
redneck doesn’t mean something negative,
that’s a badge of honor. So I made a group called the
Society of Islamic Rednecks. I was thinking, how can
I share Islam with people from my background? 1600 people joined this group on Facebook. And it’s just funny. We’re working on Islamic
commentary to Lynyrd Skynyrd simple man and it’s 61 people. But hello barbecue, 5,014. On the little blurb it
says there’s many positive parts of redneck culture. But we just seek to purify
that of racism and sexism. I was very concerned
about how people of color would respond to that. But the criticism I’ve got
have been from white people. I still have mixed emotions about it. – Hey (mumbles) how are you? – Shane, nice to see you. So I’ve asked different people of color that are scholars what
they think about that. (indistinct talking) – It’s an important conversation to have. This narrative reconciling whiteness, trying to purge whiteness
of some of the more pernicious parts and being Muslims, it’s common across the
spectrum of white folks, for southern white folks and
north eastern white folks. See, the thing about being white, as I’m sure you know better than I do, anything you do that
connotes even slightly some exclusivity is, you know. – That’s why I was
thinking to transition from the Islamic redneck to
southern hospitality. To open it up. Working on southern
hospitality Islamic center. – I got to take a picture of this shirt. My wife’s gonna love this. (indistinct talking) – Being white you have the luxury, you can kind of pretend
racism doesn’t exist. But I think within our
souls we know something’s not right and we’re not at ease. – So our brother Shane is
going to tell you something. He told me, he said, “You know, Imam, “I grew up as a redneck.” He’s an African american Islamic son. That’s (mumbles), that’s Islam. – It’s impossible from
where I sit to be raised in America and not be
socialized to be a racist. Where white supremacy
is socialized into you as a white person here. Allah made us this way
and if we participated in something that’s unjust we
need to turn back to Allah, (mumbles), apologize and then
stand up for what’s right. And what part of your culture do you keep, and what parts of your
culture do you purify and you let go of? Such as racism and sexism. – Most of my family are
from North Carolina. Honestly we hate to use
these harsh words like hate and all that stuff, but
you’re the guy that I hate. So to hear you say that,
to apologize (mumbles) and things, it unlocks the
door for us too to come out of a shell. Let me see your hand like this, now you’ve got to integrate
it with mine like this. If we get on the same
side of the fight, psh. Divided we’ll fall. Divided we’ll fall. – We already have that issue
of division to begin with. No offense, but how
would you get your people to let go? ‘Cause white supremacy in the
system benefits you, right? So then who’s gonna let go of that? You know what I mean? – Yeah, that’s my question
that I want to explore. Like how do you do that? (soft music) We can make a contribution
to standing up for justice. Someone was asking me about this, what would motivate white
people to do that because you don’t really have anything to gain, you’re just gonna give
away your privilege. But I think you gain your
humanity by doing that, you’re true to your soul that you don’t brutalize human beings. (soft music) Malcolm X, there’s a
quote where he says that white people who want to
work against injustice, you can contribute to solving
the problem by working together, but also work
with your community, your own community. (knocks) Hey guys. – Hi, come on in. – Even having to consider you
having a quadruple bypass– – Our daughter wrote him
a letter just listing all the things that she still needed him for. You know, how to chase the boys away and teach her how to drive
the truck on a real road instead of just little back roads. – Can you totally purify
that term redneck? I’m not sure, but it’s interesting
to have that conversation and I think it definitely
kind of sets the stage for people to understand
you can keep your identity, you just have to let go of
the things that transgress other people’s rights. I’m trying, I’m trying,
I’m a work in progress. I’m gonna miss not
getting to come see y’all. – I like you, you’ve been around, you’ve been really good to us. – You have an open
invitation in (mumbles). – Absolutely, come see us. (soft music)

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