[Dramatic Music] Dad!!! Dad!!!! – AH!!! [ Watch ticking] [drawer opening] [Cocks gun] I’m not kidding Bryan. Tell me where you are. I see you just fine. Great. What’s an ending of a sad bunny? What? Bryan? Bryan? Ah, you are so annoying. – AH!!! [Bryan giggles] Okay, now you are just officially stupid. I’m gonna remember this. – Yeah? I think so. What’s happening? Is this happening? Rachel, I don’t want to spend another day, not
another meaningless day thinking…
– Shut up… Shut up…
– What? Shut up……….I
– What? …I mean…Yes… Yes. [Kisses] You are my person to love. [Rubs paper] [Opens folder] [People laughs] [Cellular phone vibrates] “BRYAN” I told you not to call me. – I found him. How? Dosent matter. I just wanted you know know… I’m gonna take care of it.
– No, Bryan. Don’t. I’m sorry, Rachel. I’m sorry for everything. Good bye.
– Wait. Bryan? Let’s meet. Let’s meet and talk. You look nice today. [Kiss] Everything okay, Baby? Yeah, of course. So, who’s ready to be surprised? [Cellular Phone vibrates] Yes, honey? Daddy, can I please have ice cream.?
– Mom said “No, Ice Cream” sweetheart. I want ice cream.
– Can’t have it. I WANT ICE CREAM!!!! SHIT!!!!!!! DON’T TELL ME THAT!!!! OKAY, GET HIM ON THE PHONE!!!! No, I’m not flying all the way back to Japan!!! Here you are. Thank you! Ice cream brings back the memories.
– You’re weird. – Now is not the time to negociate! Okay? I’m sick and fuckin tired of this shit. WELL, FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK HIM!!! Where’s the girl? Oh, she went with her father?
– What?! [cigarette burns] [Cellular phone vibrates] “RACHEL” “MISSED CALL x 2” So, what did you say? Are you going? You know… I told her, I’m just not that into the ballet…. You’re wife’s a romantic. And I am trying…
– So what are you gonna do? Shit, I know the drill. [Light clap] Have a good night, Linda.
– See you tomorrow. [Car lock beeps] [Starts the engine] Get a fuckin grip, Rachel!!!
– He said no cops!!! No fucking shit!!! What else would he say?!!? You, you did this!!
– Stop it!!! You fucking basterd!!!!!
– Stop!!!!! I wont let you kill our daughter!!!!! I WON’T LET YOU KILL MY DAUGHTER!!!!! No…No
– Fuck off me!! NO!!!!!!! [Rachel hits Bryan] I wont let you kill her.
– No!!!! We’ll give anything. Anything.
– Of course. I will love and care for your daughter. Those beautiful legs… Her smile… What man wouldn’t love your daughter?
– You fuck….. What the fuck do you want?!?!! What is the price of a life? – What did he say? Bryan? What did he say? What did he say, Bryan? [Closes door] [Opens safe] [Dogs bark] [Cellular Phone rings] [Car drives in fast] KATY!!!! KATY?!?!! KATY!!! [Opens garbage bag] [Bryan pants] Katy. Katy? Katy… Katy…? [Bryan cries] Katy… Katy……. The cause of death was suffocation. We believe the bag was too tight for air flow… While… Katy being unconscience in the bag for so long… Mrs. Cornell? I need a minute. [Door knocking] Mrs. Cornell? SHIT!!! DAMMIT!!!!
– MRS. CORNELL!!! CALL THE EMT!!!! – God is the ultimate fixer. Everyone looking for the magic potion. [Door slams open]
But why do we come here? – Fuck you.
– Bryan? Fuck you… FUCK YOU!! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!!!! DAMMIT GET OFF ME!!!!! FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!! – Calm down. Control yourself!! – FUCK!!!!!!!
– God loves you Bryan. God loves you.
– What about Katy? Bryan, control yourself. Breath…
– Katy…. God is watching.
– He’s not watching. He’s fucking not watching…. [Cigarette burns] [Vehicle approaches closer] [Cocks gun] [Opens car door] [Opens car door] Daddy! Hey! what are you doing up so late?! What has you up so late?
– Um… Just TV… TV? were you dancing? – Um… Yeah….
– Alright. I guess that’s okay… Go inside right now Kenny. Go. [Grabs gun] Not here. Please… [Gun handling] [Heavy breathing] [Wood cracks] That your boy? Yeah. You’re a lucky man. I was lucky once too… [Breathing heavy] I’m so sorry… – Daddy, why are you crying?
– I’m so sorry…… [Bryan cries] [Runs faster] [Door slams open] Say hi.
– Hi, baby? Hi, daddy?
– Hi, baby Katy…? [Rachel giggles] Hi Katy. Who do you think she looks like?
– I think she looks like you. I don’t think so… I think she looks like you. Hi Katy…
– Hello… Hello… We are gonna make such a happy family.

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  1. Pretty good. Did you shoot on automatic exposure? And how was the shooting process now that you dont need to use lights with this camera?

  2. Excellent! You have inspired me. Thanks for the interview too. So beautiful and professional. I hope to see more of your work.

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