REJCTX | Official Trailer 2 | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

REJCTX | Official Trailer 2 | A ZEE5 Original | Streaming Now On ZEE5

No matter how much we try, We won’t fit in It’s so frustrating..
because I have both these genders inside of me My mom’s a bloody porn star I used to be a fat kid… Once a fat kid, always a fat kid I failed once in class and neither my friends nor my family
supported or understood me I’m bad at studies too Harry Everybody around me is a genius You’re not a Chief minister’s son here You’re just a student of Jefferson World school Who are these RejectX I am curious to know I think there’s a mole in the group Aarav has been missing since 24 hrs He’s neither in his dorm nor in class.
He’s not even picking up his phone! We are the Rejctx and we are where to stay Where have you been hiding Aarav?
Just tell me the truth Sehmat. He’s my friend and I was the closest to him out of you all.
Why would I do such a thing to him ever? You’re telling me all this now?
Aarav’s life can be in danger!

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  1. I was watching a beautiful turkish show on mx player tabhi is bakwas se show ki bakwas si add bar bar aane lagi mera maja kharab karne …to may yaha galiyane aa gaya in ghatiya show banane walo ko ….kuch bhi real nahi hoga is show may sab bakwas ….salo mujhe chain se turkish drame enjoy karne do apne ghatiya show ki add YouTube tak hi rakho

  2. मतलब अब Student of the year पर daily soap बन रहा है ? अर्थात अखंड चुतियापा !!!

  3. Dear zee5 & All others plz support my comment
    Hum sab chahtey hai ki ap tamil ya telgu ya malyalam director or scipt writer se story likhwaye simple like arjun reddy, Premam sir humme ase hifi nahi chaiye simple college taki hum khudko feel kar sake please ap reality se judiye sairat jaise bnaye humme Dhadak nhi chaiye ❤😭

  4. Bhosdike episode to ese wait karaa karaa ke release krte he jese Oscar winning Script he 😜😂 Chutiya webseries

  5. I wonder why we show hypocrisy, and the reality of schools or colleges is entirely different. Yes, there are love and relationship and to some level politics but not to this outrageous level of showcasing idiocy. Thank you for releasing a far fetched web series.
    PS: In good colleges or take any other colleges, people work hard, sitting in study rooms,build cars, robots or do whatever they are passionate about instead of living such a superflawless life with no substance

    Edit: I came here to comment because the ad irritated me in the middle of Felix and Marzia wedding UGHHHH

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