Remembering the Forgotten Children –  Muskowekwan Residential School Film

Remembering the Forgotten Children – Muskowekwan Residential School Film

Even the parents didn’t
know when their children were gone they would come and visit and the
children weren’t there, they were already buried I’m glad I was put where I was
rather than here I would hate to have been here as a little kid and my heart goes
out to these people who are adults now you have a way of life when your growing up with your parents you grow up traditionally we lost all that when we came here we used to get lickin’s when we talked Saulteaux When we first came we got all
our hair cut short we were called pagans and all that and told we’re going to be nothing
but jail birds but there’s a lot of children that came here and never went home I don’t know what kind of a fever they had up in these that time before the whole school burnt down there was a lot of children that were buried around the
grounds here but usually they just covered them and left them because even the parents didn’t know when their children were gone they would come and visit and the children weren’t there they were already buried l believe there are some all along up in the north end here and there’s some back of sort of on the east end of the
school and when we were digging the water line there was one right on the west end of the school, the northwest end of the school, near the boys playroom. Yeah right in right in that square is up
over there that’s where I pretty sure were that graveyards are got that creepy feeling you know like you’re being watched here or whatever and that’s when I noticed the crosses were in there like
you know when they are built lower to the ground so as soon as I got home I went and talked to my mooshum and he was telling me, yeah there is a graveyard up there well I worked here from 1987 until 2011
I worked as the boiler operator me and my brother and a few other men from the
reserve and we would work a shift from 10 o’clock till 8 o’clock in the morning
seeing children I seen spirits I seen people looking at me and like I said I was I never grew up
here and I grew up with different the Christian Way and for me to come into a
community and see this it’s mind-boggling but true because I’ve
experienced it there is a barn over there and they used to have gardens here and then back in I’d say about the late 80s early 90s they were doing some
excavation work and they came upon some human bones and to this day there is
still other bones out there that have not been located or found yet this is
kind of like a sacred area so there’s not going to be no development
whatsoever until but we finally got all of the kids home to where they
rightfully belong

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  1. I got sent there back in 2001 till 2002 when it was used as a group home it was called 4 directions ……brings back memories

  2. The catholics are sick people, child molesters!! To this day they are still molesting children and get away with it.

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