I think it’s best that I place myself geographically in the universe of illusions so that you can try to understand: the sky. The sun doesn’t shine all the time and those who know me are aware of the fact that, to me, the rain suffices. Sometimes, it is infinitely lonely to be there because to the ones who have no wings the sky only allows for a trip around on a cloud. And clouds, they’re used to being so lazy. Thus, everything has to follow the rhythm of sluggishness even if we have to deal with so-called urgencies. To the realists on-duty who don’t want to sway in the clouds or touch the sky with a glance: a painkiller. What could be better than feeling the pain vanish right after taking a pill? But painkillers are not my favorite balm: hair being gently rubbed hugs kisses and leg-wrapping these are more effective to me. They cannot make the pain go away but they’re definitely able to make us forget about it until it actually stops hurting us. To the distracted: some adhesive bandages for injuries caused by emotional tumbles. When necessary: an antiseptic to combat the proliferation of sorrows because they lead us nowhere. In fact, they are very literate in keeping us stuck in hostile places inside ourselves in those little corners which suppress our essence those we still need to understand and take care of until they become suitable for our souls. My promise to the needy ones is this: one of the best ways to recognize yourself as a person who’s worth affection is to embrace Life. If you are a list lover and respect them enough to check every item once it is done please, don’t forget to include self-commitment to the list. Committing to yourself is one of the most complicated tasks in anyone’s to-do list. Committing to the possibility of being loved. That means embracing this right as well. To the makers of lists, who are used to forgetting them at home: not remembering sometimes is good. Give to the past what it deserves: a place in last year’s calendar. Maybe your neediness considering how imaginative it has always been maybe it has already painted a great many expectations all over your soul. So many, that, the wait itself becomes idealized. I suggest you make the choice of… breaking this commitment. Commitment to what you have desired so persistently for so long. Grip onto what Life is offering now. For the appreciators of loneliness, the following works like a common thread towards a dive within, to unearth mysteries of the world: Blue in Green, by Miles Davis, 1959, plus your favorite wine combined with a beautiful view from the window of your home. Start with this song, but I also strongly suggest you listen to all the songs in the album. Nothing addresses the voluntary loneliness, the poetic melancholy, quite like Miles Davis playing his trumpet, which he makes sound as beautiful as only few do. Please, take note: balsams are necessary.

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  1. Am I wrong or you are very young?!? Subscribed. Let me ask your opinion, what are you favourite young filmmaker? Mine, Yuri Palma, JR Alli and Nainoa Langer

  2. Le trompettiste Miles Davis est la personne qui m'a laissé la plus forte impression, mais votre court métrage est exceptionnelle de grâce et d'émotion

  3. Je repense assez souvent à des extraits de cette vidéo que j'avais vue il y a de nombreux moi , j'imagine qu'elle m'avait troublée, je viens de retomber dessus par hasard et je comprend maintenant pourquoi

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