Remo (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Sathish

Remo (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Sathish

‘Everyone needs love in this world.’ ‘He is not a human if he cannot love.’ ‘The question is,
why does love happen?’ ‘Look, the innocent looking
winged stupid angel.’ ‘His name is Cupid.’ ‘He is very mischievous, he activates
the program of love within us.’ ‘He downloads the software
of love with his arrows.’ ‘He make a sane person crazy in love.’ ‘Mr. Cupid’s next target of arrow
of love, is our innocent naīve Hero.’ ‘Whether its catapult,
chess or kite..’ ‘..he is an all-rounder
in all the sports.’ ‘He may forget to do the homework..’ ‘..but he will never forget, to
salute his favorite hero, Rajnikant.’ ‘If he studied sincerely..’ ‘..he would have become,
doctor, engineer or a scientist.’ ‘But he kept chasing
his dream of becoming a hero.’ ‘Poor Cupid was unable to aim at him.’ ‘It’s been 10 years now of saluting.’ ‘Neither could he become a hero,
nor enter the studio.’ ‘Cupid too decided to throw his
application of love into the garbage.’ ‘He never got a chance to
show his acting skills in films.’ ‘He tried to satiate his
fire by working in Drama company.’ If to work in movie was as
easy as changing Display picture.. ..then I would become lady villain. ‘His mother’s taunts
could not dissuade him.’ You are giving the feel
of movies in theatre, get lost. We have called you at this royal
court to rip your character clothes. They are made of iron,
even your father cannot do anything. Disobedient,
I will bare you and burn your ass. I assumed you have
such weird desires.. ..but only your daughter
can fulfill my desires. – Excuse me.
– Who barked? You are insulting her in public. Hey you extinguished incense
stick of the graveyard. What can be your
contribution in his daughter? Soldiers, catch him,
he is eloping with my daughter. Reward him for producing
a delicious daughter.. ..and give a son in law as a gift. We can’t give 18 years of our
hard work, to this disobedient fellow. Your Highness I have drained off
your 18 years of labor in 18 minutes. Now she is only your daughter
on the Birth certificate. She is enamored by my handsomeness.. ..and my intellectual knowledge
has kissed her ear drums. Now she will only acknowledge me. ‘He is only like a tiger in acting..’ ‘ reality if a girl comes
he will behave like a kitten.’ My friend has a disease
called woman attack. Call the cut piece of your fabric.. – ..will embroider romance on it.
– Sweetheart. ‘Did you see, how he become
meek after seeing a girl?’ ‘But very soon the
naked angel Cupid..’ ‘ going to push
him in the well of love.’ ‘Come, let’s see.’ “The whole world
is crazy for beauties.” Son, why did you stop?
Your lungi dance was good. – Really?
– Yes. You learn the dance from
the cheer leaders of IPL. At least we will earn some
money and I will buy gold bangles. Mother, not bangles but wrist bands. I will become a star and
improve the situation of our house. Mother I will play with money. – With coins?
– With new notes. After giving birth to you on earth,
I have not seen a 500 rupees note. Bloody actor. Quiet hot dog,
let me cool mother’s brain. Mother, you think I am useless.
Come and see my play once. People shower me with coins,
money, blank cheques. Everyone lovingly call me Rajnikant. She isn’t reacting. Mother, if you don’t believe
me ask Vijay. Should I call him? Forget my son. Why are destroying your reputation
earned in the theatre, publically? At the play you get brickbats. Even if you had failed in 4th grade.. ..atleast you would
have got a government job. Had I studied, I would be paying TDS,
if I become a hero, I will pay GST. – Do you even have an account?
– Have opened a zero balance. Here, stuff yourself. Porridge returns.. repeat telecast of the porridge,
the stomach has lowered the TRP. I am fed of eating this same porridge. What is it Piddichand? – Is Shiva there?
– What work do you have? A beautiful girl has come
to stay in our neighbourhood. Shiva had told me if
I introduce her to him.. ..he will buy me a new smart phone. You have become useless
by using a smart phone. Don’t you know his habit?
He is so shy with girls. I will shed all his inhibitions,
send him out. I will slap you, get lost. – They are useless. – This is called
smart tongue and big mouth.. ..they are spoiling my naīve son. Where did he go? Behind the girl? ‘Dried Hair’, there is a 2 minute role
in this play. Give me your number. – I will not do a small role.
– How does it matter? The garbage house fly,
wants to sit on sweets today. Hi, I am Santosh,
I am satisfied to meet you. People satisfy me and I satisfy them. What happened, Uncle? Are
you conversing with the God of death? I was practicing to
speak with my girlfriend. That girl is giving her number
to him in the first meeting. – So, what? – I don’t want
her life to be destroyed. Go and give my Facebook
ID to that girl. Move your hand, even the
crows will borrow your darkness.. ward off their evil eyes. They are my friends,
my name is Crow Kumar. Take out Tarak Mehta’s vulgar specs. Hit him. Hit him. – Hit him more.
– Stop. Stop. Why are creating a scene here? Wait! – What happened?
– They all want the girl’s number. You want number? Do you distribute
your sister’s number too? Calm down, monkey’s army. Have
you massaged red chilies on your tail? You all look like hirelings to me. Did the guy who does
the payment accompany you? – Yes he has.
– Who is he? – Our brother.
– This field of cannabis. You be on a silent mode for a minute. I feel like asking you question. – There were 10 thirsty crows.
– So? A hunter came and made
a crow delicacy of one of them. So how many are left? It’s very easy. 9. – Sure.
– Yes. Brother if I throw
a biscuit will you eat it. How, dare you. Now tell me, how many crows are left. Only one crow is left and that is me. No other crow is
allowed in my territory. – Wait, I am too coming.
– Stop, don’t pull my hair. – Do you want anything else?
– Leave me. Hit me wherever you
want but leave my face. – What happened?
– I earn from this. Your face is filled with pimples,
then how do you earn from your face? Enough! Mind your words.. ..because of this face, Karan
Bansali has called for an audition. God, you are the hero?
Will the heroine come from Africa? – Brother, is there hero’s audition
at Karan Bansali’s office? – Yes. Please give me the address. Will you join the queue there? If a struggler becomes a hero.. ..they whole neighbourhood
will became famous. He wants to be a hero? He looks like
a burnt potato. Wants to be a hero. Don’t say that,
he will surely get the role of a bull. – Bull role’s will suit him
– Will you both please keep quiet? Where is the audition taking place? 8 bunglow,Adarsh nagar,
behind Chaggan lal dresswala. Vijay, he should not
miss his audition tomorrow.. – ..should I set the alarm?
– Yes. – Sure?
– Yes surely do. – Oh, Mother! – Don’t scream mother,
say doctor instead. You remember everything, yes. Today your friend is
going to become a Hero. If you become a hero,
I will distribute sugar. If I become a Hero, I will distribute
sweets of pure clarified butter. Get lost! What film, you will not
get to work even for a daily soap. – Who is that? Who is shouting?
– Come on. Next! – I don’t know.
– What is he saying? Call me when you make
the next part of Jungle Book. For the cave-man? – Come on. I thought for Mougli.
– Keep quiet! Whatever I can see, it seems familiar. But why are they hiding their faces? Pundit has told us to show
our faces only to the director. – Okay, greetings.
– Greetings. Their brains are very sharp,
seems the eat almonds. Hey struggler, your zip is open. – So that air can pass through.
– Is fire there? – And what do you get of it?
– Inspiration for acting. He will surely be the Hero. If I don’t get the role, I will start
an institute for teaching actors. – You do come.
– There are.. – ..countless actors like this
in the market. -Shiva.. – ..act very well in front
of the camera. – Come in line. – Why is that?
– After becoming a Hero.. will give me
the role of a comedian? Don’t be tensed,
camera will shiver to capture. Son, do you know how to act? What a childish question.
I know very well. Okay, sir. It’s the role of a doctor,
the father has to inform.. – ..that the son is sick.
– He is sick. I am sad to inform you that your son
is suffering from a terminal illness. He just has 2-3 months to live.
Always keep him happy. – Happy?
-Yes, happy – Happy? – Babulal did you make
him understand the scene? Yes, sir. – Action.
– Please listen sir.. ..your son, terminator, 2-3
leave giving. Becoming happy birthday. – Sir, can the scene be longer?
– Why? If the scene is longer
I can show more comedy. My dear you don’t have to do comedy,
it’s an emotional scene. Son is dying,
doctor tells the father to take care. You have to get emotional
while mouthing the dialogue. The scene is little incomplete. What I am saying is,
if the performance.. Instead of not saying
these unreasonable dialogue.. – ..and saving the dubbing expenses
and perform. – Okay, action. Babulal,
from today your name is K Asif.. will make Mughal-e Azam part 2. – You have found a lotus.
– Thank you, sir. Go dump it in the garbage. – Sir, you don’t watch Hollywood.
– Get out. – They act like this without dialogue,
and play with music. – Come on. – Get out.
– I am talking. Give me a tablet for head ache. Sir I will cure you with massage. – Sir, I am weak in English.
– Come. – Leave me.
– Wait, Babulal! – Please, sir.
– You have the acting germ in you. Yes sir, a big one. Have you fallen in love? – Let me make you the Hero?
– Okay. Summer days,
and your sweating, a crowded street.. are at the tea stall,
drinking water.. ..changing your display
picture on what’s app. A cool breeze touches your cheeks,
your whole body is tingling. On the opposite side, at the recharge
shop you see an innocent face. – And figure? – She recharges
and is about to leave.. ..when her eyes fall on you. An arrow of love pierces your heart. And you are wounded, her heart beat.. like the flute
playing on your ears. You want to accept her, you raise your
eyes and look towards her lovingly. A romantic look. Okay action. If we add more spice to it
the whole industry will be shaken. Should I show you?
I set my eyes on her.. ..a missile from the
army camp behind pierces. A love scene in a war scene. You seem to be very creative.
Very good. After piercing of the love missile. Listen more, sir you will be shaken. The arrow pierces. – Is there pain in the heart?
– Very much. And in my head. Babulal. Sir, should I throw him out? He won’t go, its better I leave. Sir, don’t go walking,
I will get a cab for you. Wait. – Dear, you do comedy well.
– Thank you, sir. But it is just a part of acting. Film’s Hero will have to
dress up as a nurse, in the film. It’s the character of the nurse,
Nurse’s needle part 2. But part 1 is not yet been made. Can’t I make part 2 before? Yes you can, and sir if you
cast me your life will be made. – Dear, next time shave and come.
– Okay. I promise to cast you
in Nurse’s needle part 4. – What if you flip around?
– Don’t you trust the character? – No sir, I will also arrange
for the finance. – Babulal! I am getting my head massaged.
Producer has left, you too leave. – He is the reason for the head ache.
-Sir, listen to me. Hey, listen, is Sir shocked? Don’t irritate. Should I become a Nurse?
Munni behen MBBS. The time has come that I become
a Hero and leave all the Khans behind. From your words it seems.. will drink 1 litre of
water and urinate 10 litres of water. – Apart from this, there is
one more problem? – What problem? You can’t act. – What?
– Yes. Even in theatre,
are you able to mouth the dialogue.. ..while holding a girls scarf. Yes, I agree.
I can’t romance on stage. Ask why? – Why? – Their faces are
like the disfigured ginger. Love comes till
kidneys and disappears. I need a well of beauty for
romance to be in my whole body. Then see how I will jump
and sprinkle romance all around. Your spray is working. Which girl will bring
out the romance in you? The one, on seeing, there will
drum beats of Nasik, in my heart. Like the pierced arrow.
I want a girl like that. That’s difficult. The minute she comes. I will.. ‘A cool breeze will
touch your cheeks.’ ‘And your whole body is tingled.
The street is crowded.’ ‘On the opposite side of the street,
at the recharge shop..’ ‘..suddenly you will
see an innocent face.’ – It’s a whistle. Let me blow.
– ‘The angel has come to earth.’ ‘Since so many years my heart
was illuminating the lamps for her.’ ‘She seems to be
the mother of my kids..’ ‘..and will be my
mother’s daughter in law.’ ‘I love her.’ ‘I wish I am her dream boy.
And she becomes my dream girl.’ ‘When after recharging,
she is leaving, her eyes fall on you.’ – ‘An arrow of love pierces your
heart.’ – Mother, I have found her. ‘A romantic look.
And you are wounded.’ What are you pulling out? What is it? – Take it out.
– What? Arrow. – Arrow?
– Yes. Where is it? – Can’t you see it?
– No, I can’t. It’s time to buy a double bed. What are you talking? One day this girl will
remove the arrow lovingly. – Yes.
– Hey, what an awesome smile. She looks wonderful in a lungi. She has good taste in music. Very soon you will
be swinging in my arms. She lives in my heart. I think she isn’t at home. Even if she was, as if you
would have been married with kids. I will express my
love when I meet her. What if she refuses
me after seeing your car? What if she says she
loves the guy with the car? Really? Show me you ugly face. Even the moon is shy of my glamor. She is here. She is going. I am going to propose her for you. I am going. After seeing the girl,
you forgot your friend. No admission, without permission. Uncle please let me go for 2 minutes. I didn’t get to act in movies
so I have become a watchman. I am bounded by law,
so you cannot go inside. The speed with which
he is drinking liquor.. seems he has never
drank milk as a kid. – Eat more, its free.
– Don’t be shy eat more. Thank you.
– Look. He has satiated his hunger and left.
Stop him. Hey, bloody actor,
you ate and drank for free.. ..and left without
giving us information. You haven’t uttered
a word about the girl. – You will not get her. – Why didn’t
you say this before eating for free. – Yes.
– Look! She may look as glamourous
as Rakhi Sherawat.. ..but she is homely as Mother India. If her parents asked
her to walk on burning coals.. ..she will walk bare foot on it. She has studied L stands
for Lotus not love. – I too am weak in English.
– Is it so? We are well suited. After the wedding we will watched
dubbed movies from English to Hindi. Mad fellow, now what I
will say about her will burn you. Does she have a boyfriend from before? Why are you sharing like
the headlines of a newspaper. – Give us the whole news.
– Use your brains, she is engaged. This is the reaction which Subhash
Ghai wanted, which I could not give. That means half the work is done,
the girl is willing to marry. That relation has
not been given a name. Oh, like that. God, there are so many
errands at home, mother. You will only be able to relax,
if there is someone to help you.. – daughter-in-law.
– I can understand. – ..about whose relaxation, you are
talking about. – We both will relax. You at day and me at night. The force of the water
supply is good at the day time. If I wash at night,
the sweat odor will not fade.. ..and the next day
it stinks like fish. Are you going to buy
me a washing machine? – No, mother.
– Then? You know how I stay away from girls.. ..but when I saw her I
felt like going close to her. It’s not my fault,
the naked winged boy.. ..shot the arrow at my heart.
I am in love. Useless, should I hit you? You can’t feed me, and you
want to get my daughter in law. You want to give
losses to the producers? Your son is going to
become a very famous Hero. If your daughter in law, comes
to know, she will elope and come here. Hitting me. – Is it?
– From today onwards.. ..only my to be wife
can hit me with a rolling pin. – Which father will give his daughter
to a struggler? – No one. But will give to a hit film hero. How many hit films have you given?
Till now. None till now, but will happen. Son, you are going to marry,
or try your luck. Did you go to the astrologer, giving
10 rupees to make you a millionaire? – Get lost.
– Won’t you talk about the proposal. Should I say no, on whatsapp? Okay, don’t come. When mother is the villain.. ..then friends on giving
miscalls become relatives. All the best bro. I don’t have experience to
talk about matrimonial proposals. But if you want to kidnap her,
call me. Stop your philosophy, bowl. Captain, 2 minutes. – Hurry up.
– Okay. Take him with you,
he is expert in match fixing. – I guess, you don’t wish him well.
– Not at all. Are you mad? You are directly going to
her house with the marriage proposal. First love her. Love is just the first line. – It finishes with the wedding.
– Yes. Her parents are
looking for alliances.. And if they spot
me then can choose me. – I will be the groom.
– Even the nuptial night. Look partner,
the girl might accept a beggar.. ..but her parents will never accept. – Partner, if I had a sister.
– Then I would be your brother in law. I am giving an example. Do you know, for molesting a girl.. ..police will hit you with
a stick smeared with red chilies? It’s up to me if I
will hit or get beaten. You tell me, are you joining or not. Mother has asked for kerosene. I will surely join if the
queue is less. All the best. I wish she is enamored by your face. What kind of friends are they? It’s okay go.
I also don’t need you all. You will be cursed by me, her
parents haven’t refused my proposal. You have rejected me before that. I will get the sister-in-law. The jobless one will take the bride. Wow, the building is
decorated to welcome me. I don’t have to act
the scene from ‘Dewaar’. Hi! When I saw a girl, I don’t know how,
but I felt like a budding rose. You will stay in my heart beats. My beloved lover, there is
no one like you in the whole world. I am saying the wrong
lyrics in nervousness. Don’t get nervous,
nothing will happen. Go in style. Ring the bell, don’t kick. They all are at the terrace. Good, I will propose
in front of the moon. It’s so well decorated. I am coming. I can’t see her. Ladies and gentleman,
pay attention, on 2 nd November.. ..Kavya’s wedding
is finalized with Vishva. Now exchange the rings.
May God bless them. Congratulations, dear. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Congratulations. Mother is very happy. ‘First time a girl had
knocked the door of my heart.’ ‘But it seems there
is no love in my destiny.’ ‘All my life I ran away from girls.’ ‘And whom I wanted to go closer..’ ‘..has distanced away from me.’ ‘I will never be able to love again.’ Don’t worry, come down. Tension is a small word,
I have got a shock of 12,400 watts. Come down, we will drink some more. – I have already gulped 2 bottles.
– Is it? Then I came into my senses.
That it was one sided love. She doesn’t even know me. Even I knew that. Unnecessarilys I took the wrong path. My dream was to become
a huge superstar. I will stand on the chair
in front of a huge poster. – I am the Hero and you are
the side Hero. – Correct. The movie will be a hit
with the poster itself. Come down. I regret one thing, dear. Wish I had met her earlier. Then I would have given her the ring. And anyways no use
talking of all this. Why did I even see her on the streets? Today, I have cried much
more than when my father died. And this girl came and tingled
all the nerves of my heart. I am shattered. – Its girls time pass to make
the boys cry. – Absolutely. You are absolutely right. Let me focus on pleasing the director. I will audition so well
that I get at least 4 movies. You have seen the lover
in me not the actor in me. I will smash it as an actor. Okay, we are ready. Di Caprio, we have sold
our kidneys to the goldsmith.. get this Get up done. Is he looking nice? God promise,
even his mother will be duped. Leave, without honking. Wow, look at this chick. Disastrous. – What happened? – I feel like
hugging you in this Get up. Come on. Take it. Can’t believe I am
hugging such a pretty girl. I am still a boy. – First time I am hugging someone
in skirt. – Have you forgotten. – I am your friend.
– Oh, God! – I will deal with you.
– Wait! – Don’t cast evil eyes on me.
– Leave him. – You want to make India like
the foreign countries? – Mother. You are openly doing things which you
are supposed to do in closed doors. Aunty, don’t cage the love birds. You both are high
on the spirit of youth. Aunty, he could not control. Who is he? Didn’t you recognize her? No, I didn’t. Tell me. – Look carefully. – She is wearing
a lipstick so must be a girl. Aunty, mind your own business. Hope mother isn’t
able to recognize me. Shiva, you are my son’s Xerox copy. You too are my mother’s copy. Couldn’t you recognize?
Let me tell you. – He is my lover aunty.
– What. Next month we will elope and get
married and have our nuptial night soon. – Because you are not earning, you
want a working wife? – Aunty.. First learn to earn. – I earn.
– Now earn for him. – Only dreaming of weddings.
– Mother too is deceived. Your mother is responsible
for sending your father to heaven. – She is hitting so hard.
– Leave that. We have cleared our make-up test. Now nor can mother, nor director
push me, nor the money lenders. Now you are pushing me. Let’s focus on work. I will act so well.
He will lose his senses. I have made 222 runs, not out. I am clean bowled. Looks like we have entered
the jungles of Africa. Walk carefully or else skirt
will get hitched in his horn. – Which injection do you want?
– Hello! Today the ball has clean bowled
the heart instead of the wicket. Admit me in the ward of your heart. Give me the drip of love. I am getting late to work. If you want to talk, take an
appointment and come to the hospital. – Let’s go. Come on. – Wait. Leave
her hand. Leave her hand. Darling you can go to the hospital. – Thanks brother.
– Brother, first brother, then lover. – Son of Chimpanzee.
– Hello. – Whenever you are free, come to
see me perform. – Okay, handsome. – At the night match also.
– Okay, cutee. Black beauty. If you cast evil eye on girls,
I will pull your stump. Pull stump later, first
tell me who this third umpire is? Didn’t you see? She was sister. – Hey she will be your sister.
– Sister means nurse. – Boys.
– Yes. Take out the biodata
of this brother’s sister. – I too want to study MBBS.
– Leave me. Even a girl will be
deceived on seeing you. Nice. Excellent! Smile and show me. Don’t grin a lot, just a little. – Walk and show me.
– Yes. Stick out your bums and walk
like the dickey of an ambassador car. Like that. Come on. Chest out,
like its chest of 56 inches. Show a little attitude
along with your delicateness. Number one. Now mouth the dialogues like a girl. Are you the one to
be printed in my color.. ..or you an angel, or the
queen of angels or some love story? Answer my questions. Give it. I could not see anything. – What you could not see?
– I am talking about your performance. – Look above. – I was acting like
Bhagyashree from Maine Pyar Kiya. Okay, can you sing and dance? Yes, I know. Mix 2 yesteryear heroines
dance and show me. 2 heroines dance? “Meet your gaze,
at times hide from your gaze.” “What a spell you have cast.” “Kohl like dark eyes.” – “My heart is beating. Come
my lover.” – Move behind. “Manner less heart,
doesn’t obey anyone.” Okay, enough. Babulal, get the script. – Learn this dialogues.
– Sir, you have written this. – Yes, assume that.
– Okay. Now you have to love. – What?
– First love. In today’s generation,
99% of boys fail at the first love. ‘Only 1% lucky boys
pass their test in love.’ ‘Our Hero is the
unlucky from the 99%.’ ‘As every young boy,
he too dreams of his wedding.’ ‘Hey Shiva, I am talking to you.’ – Shiva!
– What are you dreaming about? – Throw him out, get out.
– Okay, sir. Get out. ‘Why are you getting happy?’ ‘She is already engaged.
And you are dressed up as a girl.’ ‘Brother meet you
at the gold mine studio. You can’t get in a moving bus. – Sorry driver.
– I am the conductor. Its okay,
divide the sorry amongst yourself. Wow. Hello! Whole day you are working
at the hospital serving. Have you ever got the
reward or medal for it? – Why has he come?
– Why don’t you learn music from me. You will get a Film Fare award for it. I’ll thrash him. What body you have made. Will you do an action movie with me? I have even thought
about the name of the movie. Dhoom with boom boom. Along with action there will
be romance too, will you work? – Hello!
– Say I love you. Hey, black drum. Yes. Why did you hit me? There is a limit. Does anyone
tease a sister nurse like this? – You are mistaken.
– Sister Nurse? She is not my sister but my lover. – Take him to the police.
– Yes you are right. Does the police conduct
marriages nowadays? Don’t hit me. – What should I do?
-Throw him out. Just because you are a girl doesn’t
mean they can take you for granted. Tell me where do you work? Sister. Where are you lost? In which hospital do you work? – Why did you not change your uniform?
– Well.. I still haven’t got a job. I am Kavya. What’s your name? What’s your name? My name? My name? – What name should I say?
– I am asking you, your name. Hansika Motwani. What? Hansika Motwani? You didn’t like it? Ok I will tell you another one. Regina Motwani. Regina Motwani? It’s a very long name. Re from Regina and mo from Motwani. Remo. It’s a super name.
I will call you Remo, sister. Okay, fine. ‘Not brother nor lover,
straight sister.’ I think your throat is sore,
you have a voice like males. ‘Thank God! I wasn’t caught.’ ‘Her mole on the neck is so pretty.’ Maybe I have seen you somewhere.
But I can’t recollect. – Good she doesn’t remember.
– Let’s take a selfie. I will remember I have met you. Don’t take it. Camera may reveal the truth. Sister, please pose. Look at the camera. Perfect, smile. You are sad,
because you don’t have a job? Don’t worry. Give me your number. – I can’t.
– Why not? Give me your number. My stop has come. ‘Thank god,
or else you would have come to know..’ ‘..that I am not sister but mister.’ This is my number. Come to M.F hospital
on monday morning and call me. Okay, bye. Kavya, why are you taking
so much pains for a stranger? – It’s not a favor, I am a doctor
in that hospital. – ‘Doctor?’ Reach there Monday morning,
we will talk, don’t forget. – Bye, Remo sister.
– Bye. It’s written in my destiny
to eat food made by her. Hey, you have to act in real,
not in reel. If you are caught,
that you are a fake nurse.. ..police will inject you with needles. It’s not easy to be a nurse,
you will have to inject.. do the dressing, to salve,
to stitch, to apply ointment. When someone dies, have to deliver
the breaking news to the relatives. Baldie, talk softly or
else will have to admit you. You don’t have to needle the thread,
but inject the needle in the bum. Who is going to inject?
I am just going to act like a nurse. What difference is it going to make?
She is engaged. She is engaged,
like the arrange marriage types. She is so decent, that she must have
met him on the day of their engagement. Maybe she doesn’t
even know his full name. Crow, it can even happen that
the parcel is addressed to someone.. – ..but some other person gets it.
– You are right, brother. Something like this
is going to happen. And I will not give back the parcel. Do one thing, break her wedding. – Awesome idea.
– Yes. She doesn’t even know me,
and I will break her wedding. She will sterilize me. Firstly I have to know,
if she is happy with this relation. I will interfere,
if I find anything fishy in it. If she is interested then? I will behave like
a nurse and confuse her. If she is not interested then. Her auspicious (mangal)
and my thread (sutra). In between if you are
exposed as a nurse then bro? Let it. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. She was already a changed
date on the calendar for me. But yesterday when she came and sat
next to me and I looked into her eyes. I felt my whole world was in her. Now anyhow I want to live with her. Arguing with you is like playing
a flute in front of the fox. Remember what you said that day? You will forget her
and focus on acting. I agree I had done the pack
up of love in front of Rajni Sir. But God has made me meet her again. It means the universe too
wants that we should never separate. My decision is right. God has given me an opportunity,
I will not forgo it. I will do anything to get love. This is a crime.
You can be sentenced for a life time. I am already captive of
her love for the rest of my life. To be free from this
I need the bail of her love. Only those peo7 ple are successful
who are not afraid of failures. Her perfume has spread
all across the hospital. Sure ma’am. – Excuse me.
– Yes. – Dr. Kavya? – Ma’am you will
have to wait for a while. You will have to wait, Dr.
Kavya has gone for her rounds. On a cycle? If we joke our blood increases. ‘It seems she will drink my blood.’ If my doctor is like this,
I will never recover. Hello sister. ‘She has doused all my
desires by calling me sister.’ – ‘She held my hand.’
– Hello! I have spoken to the Dean about you.
You just have to give an interview. – You wait here.
– Kavya. You are helping so much
to this unfortunate me. – How do I thank you.
– Its okay sister. ‘Sister again.’ – Sister, you are looking much prettier
than that day. – ‘She said it again.’ Really? I have had a
bath with the neighbor’s soap. – No!
– I will be back. – I don’t want the injection.
– Whose is he? – Nancy, nothing will happen.
– Leave me. – Relax!
– No! Don’t worry, Nancy. – Nothing will happen.
– No! Everything will be fine. Relax. Relax. It’s over. – It’s over.
– That’s my girl. Good kids, don’t cry. – It’s okay. The ant bite.
– ‘Such a small kid at the hospital.’ The ant bite you. She needs 4 injections daily. – Then next month she can be operated.
– Hi, hello. – Be brave.
– No. Hello! – Kavya!
– Perfect! Yes doctor. Her fits are increasing day by day. – Give injections on time. Okay?
– Okay. – Nancy is your responsibility.
– Okay, sir. Salute. Doctor, she is sister Remo. Come to my cabin. What will he do in the cabin with me? He will take your interview. – Interview.
– Leave it. These certificates
are just papers for me. – I have spent a lot on it.
– What? I mean to give me an education,
my father danced at the dance bar.. ..and mother supplied the starters. – I am telling honestly.
– Good. When I saw you I felt you
are from a very high family. Girl? Do I look like a pretty girl. – Absolutely!
– Great! Awesome! – So can I come from tomorrow?
– Let’s begin. – Do I need to give the interview?
– Yes. – I am doomed.
– Where do you give the injection? If the patient is lecherous,
where will you inject him? If even after injecting he doesn’t sleep
and keeps calling you repeatedly.. – ..then what will you do.
– Sir, enough. – Don’t I look like a nurse with
these clothes? – You look pretty. You are such a great doctor.. too could not figure
out with such good make up. I mean after seeing
all my qualifications.. ..can’t you understand
that I am a very good nurse. You are suspecting me. – Wait, dear.
– I don’t want this job. – Listen, dear. Sit down.
I will tell you. – Okay! Are you going to increase my salary? – I think you can’t understand
verbally. – No. – Should I show you visually?
– Hope he won’t tell me to lie down. If a 3 year old girl
is suffering from epilepsy.. ..then how will you handle her? I guess I will have to become
a witch in front of the dean. I am Monginis, sister of Monjalica. Our mother’s name is Kanchana. We all have drank blood
at Raj Mahal university.. ..and have acquired
the degree of a nurse. – What? – I will bite and
take out all your lechery. Sir, mimicry, I will entertain
all the kids by doing mimicry. – Kids will be entertained well.
– Thank you. I appoint you at the children’s ward. Okay dear nurse, follow Dr. Kavya. I have reached here by following her. – What happened?
– Dean said to become your shadow. Congratulations sister. ‘Wonder when this ‘sister’
will be deleted from this hug.’ ‘Now the program
is set for every day.’ Get set, go. ‘My make-up is done.’ Perfect. And I am off to work. Is she standing? Yes she is. – Hi! Can I drive?
– Really? – Sister!
– Great fragrance! I am feeling tickled in my hair. – Sister!
– Yes. – Give her an injection.
– Injection! Let me stick it into her. ‘Mummy. I am dead.’ Sister, she has lost her parents. That’s why she has become so stubborn.
She doesn’t talk to anyone. If she doesn’t get
operated within a month.. ..then it will be difficult
for her to survive. Hello! – You should have given paracetamol.
– ‘A weed among the roses.’ – Move.
– Then, give it now. – Okay, bye.
– Tickle tickle. Cheese. Did you give medicine for the evening? – What are you doing?
– Need the instrument for ears. Sister, should we take a selfie. Yeah! – All men out.
– Okay. – Where are you going? Stay here.
– What all do I have to see. ‘Today, I came to know
what the status of a mother is.’ ‘Salute to you, mother.’ – We enjoyed a lot today.
– Yes. Magic. Come. I am under your spell. I have seen lots during childhood,
you also see. Honey moon before the wedding.
Wicked sinners. – Wait, I’ll show you.
– Save me. ‘Let me try some trick.’ ‘Hello. I am a small joker,
I want to be friends with you.’ ‘Don’t hit him, please.’ Gave me a kiss. – Aren’t you sleepy?
– No. Even I am not. Let’s chat. ‘I am showing you magic, press
the fist and squeeze out the juice.’ – Give me.
– Sweet juice. ‘Magicians, rule our hearts..’ ‘..and we are not even aware
that they have started ruling us.’ ‘Durga, you are not able to
understand what I am trying to say.’ ‘I have understood, learnt..’ ‘..that’s why I have
surrendered to you.’ ‘It’s been long,
now it’s the time to trick.’ – Oh no!
– What happened? It seems we have run out of petrol. Superb, no problem. Its night, there is light, awesome
weather and lovely sister for company. – Yes.
– Let’s go walking. Wow! Perfect. ‘Is it necessary to
say Sister all the time?’ It seems you really
believe in Love.-why – Why? – As you were lost
in the romantic scene. Understood, first you will
fall in love, romance and then marry. – There is no question of that sister.
– Why? ‘He is the thorn of my love,
let me pluck it and throw it.’ Who is this cartoon? Think I have
seen him in ‘Chota Bheem’ very funny. Mind your language he is my fiance. Your, Fiance.
Sorry, by mistake I told the truth. I will not tell the
truth from further on. ‘Jealous.’ ‘So is it a love marriage?’ – Arrange marriage.
– ‘Which I will break.’ He is a doctor in Pune.
Parents have chosen him so I agreed. Means marriage without love. Arrange marriage. I will have to do over acting now. Show me the snap. Show me, I won’t eat it. You are a tasty dessert
filled with dry fruits. He looks like a fake Chinese. You feel like spitting
him out before eating. Nobody should marry a doctor. You should marry an actor. Got it? An actor? I mean someone who is
good looking like a hero. What’s wrong with him, he is tall,
good looking and no less than a hero. What hero? He has eyes like a toad,
nose like a pig, mouth like a camel. You like a Mughal princess
and he is a lizard. He must be drinking torn milk every day
for breakfast, so he looks like this. You are the queen of beauty
and he is the water of a dirty drain. Refuse this wedding. I made a mistake of
sharing about him to you. ‘The arrow has hit the bull’s eye.’ Sister, see again.
He looks like a Hero. If you show me this pic again
then I will hang myself from the fan. Please don’t show me this ugly and
unlucky face, keep it back in the purse. Sister, I hate you. It’s very difficult to control the
girls but very easy to confuse them. I am such a great actor. Hello. Honestly tell
me how does my fiance look? Are you on weed? You have asked
me this a 100 times since night. He looks so handsome, if you
don’t like him, I will marry him. Okay, fine. Whom else should I ask? You have gone mad. Crazy. Porridge is good. Where are you going? I will chat on the phone and come. You are shy of me? Talk here. There is no network here. Don’t try to fool your mother. Hello. Look sister,
I know my fiance is handsome. I am asking you finally,
how does he look like? If a dead body sees him, he
will ask god to make him dead again. He looks like a fatal
disease than a doctor. After opening the surgical stitches.. ..when we see the wound,
he looks like that. Sister, I hate you again. I love you. What’s all this? Nothing mother, it’s the rehearsals. – For what?
– To go to the jail. You have eaten a lot.
Let’s go. Enough! – Sister, I asked you to get the mask
and you got the flask? – Yes. ‘Why is this old
woman always after me?’ You have done duty the whole night.. I thought if you
drank tea you will live longer. Swear on me and say. Do you even know
anything about nursing? You apply make-up and come,
roam around at the hospital. Are you coming to see the boys? And you make us feel as though
you are a great heart surgeon. Go and check that patient. – That old man?
– Yes. Go and inspect him. ‘Why is she making the nurse
the security guy of a mall?’ Stand up. Raise your hands. Is there something? No, it’s empty. You haven’t hidden anything inside. Lower your hands. You will fall down. Sister, I scanned the whole body,
he doesn’t have a penny. Maybe he is a beggar from birth. He doesn’t have a
rupee to pay the bill. – Check me too.
– Okay? Get out. – Let me check.
– I said get out. Leave the hello and HI’s.
Do the med claim. To become a girl, it’s the
most difficult job in the world. I can’t do this anymore.
I am fed up of all this. – I am out of my mind.
– Sister, I am 23 years old. I don’t need anyone’s opinion,
and my fiance is very handsome. I will marry him only. ‘Mummy. She saw me. I am finished.’ – Just a minute.
– Where is the wig? You looked a little different. I was naked. My head was naked.
Now I have worn the cap. No need to find faults with me. You are not finding faults
with whom you are supposed to. Tell me what’s wrong with him. Tell me what’s good in him. He looks smart. He is well educated,
doctor, from a good family. Apart from that my parents
like him a lot. That’s enough. Good doctor, you have a groom of
parents’ choice, kids of groom’s choice. The maid has a better life than yours,
she has her own mind. Arrange marriage is of
the era of the Britishers. Now it’s the era of Imran Hashmi. You are a doctor, you listen
to the heart beats of others.. ..but don’t want to
listen to your own heart. Listen, you will enjoy. What do you want to say? Relations are not
joined by lifeless rings. But by hearts filled with love. In your eyes it’s
not love but compromise. Just wait a little more. Someone will come into your life,
who will love you madly. You marry him. Look at her. She was doing her graduation,
she is only 20 years old. Someone threw acid on her.
Do you know who? A one sided lover. Can a lover ever
do something like this? His hands did not shiver
while throwing acid. Do you know the reason
for arrange marriage? I don’t want my
condition to be like her. Nowadays, love is only with the face.
Love is lust. – All lovers are not like that.
– Listen, sister. You wanted a job, I got you one.
Our journey was only till this. After this don’t ever by mistake also,
try to interfere in my life. ‘Because of these demons
the name of love is tarnished.’ Sister! What happened, dear? Why are you so sad? It’s nothing, you go to sleep. Don’t tell lies, you are looking sad. When I was sad, my mother did this
with the nose, and I would feel happy. Now you too will be happy. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. Tiny little ladies and gentlemen. She is Nancy and from
today she is your friend. Now I will show magic to you all. This is an empty glass. My father shows me
a better magic of rabbits. Shut up, you father’s son.
This is just the beginning. My guru google has taught me
such a trick which even he can’t do. Only I can do. Should I show? Tell me. You will show us the magic? Not till you all become
good friends with Nancy. Play with her. I will show
magic only when Nancy tells me to. Will you show us the magic of pigeons? – No that’s a small one.
– A bigger one. When will you start? When Nancy will eat
all the medicines.. ..and will not cry
while injections are given. And when she totally recovers, then. Sister, tell me which
magic you will show? Please. With magic I will be able
to change a girl to a boy. Really? You will show, promise me. I promise. From today, Nancy is my best friend. Now quickly show us the magic. You all have become friend,
but still there is someone left. I will show, when he too becomes
friendly. Take care of Nancy. Okay, bye. – Now, Nancy will take medicines
on time. – Thank you. Now I feel my Nancy
will recover totally. Don’t cry,
I did not love only your face. As soon as you are discharged
from the hospital I will marry you. I promise you, I will protect you. There is nothing greater than love. Yes, Inspector.
Anju has regained her consciousness. She remembers the guy
who threw acid on her. She doesn’t know the name,
but the boy if from Gurugram. Yes sir, he followed
her every day at the bus stop. – Hey, oldie. You were looking
from me. – Who are you all? Should I slit her throat? – Before I call the police, go away.
– Shut up. – Oh, god.
– What are you seeing? Kill her. No! Please stop. Please don’t do that. – Today, I will kill you all.
– Get lost! Someone please save my daughter. Hey, are you even human? You have already spoilt
her life by throwing acid on her. Now you want to kill her.
Are you a man or a demon? – Move don’t try to preach me.
– I won’t. Go from here. Hey Bunty, start with her. Did you throw the scissor? I haven’t hit, but I will now. – You..
– Stop. Before fighting I have 3 conditions. Number one this is a hospital.. after being attacked
nobody will scream or shout. Secondly you all will get your treatment
done from here after being wounded. Thirdly nobody will touch
my hair and make-up. And fourthly Why has he lowered
his eyes and staring? Speed breaker. Apply brakes. Haven’t you watched Jackie
Shroff’s ‘Doodh ka karz’. Did you all hear the conditions?
Then what are you waiting for? Attack. Leave me. You.. – Are you fine?
– Yes. I am fine, Anju. Yes I am telling the truth.
Nothing has happened to me. – All my sorrows disappear when
I see you. – What had you said? People only love the face.
One more filmy dialogue you had said. Lust. You were wrong. – We will marry soon.
– See. Her half face is burnt
yet he is willing to marry her. This is called true love. They boy earns well,
so you were ready to marry him. This is business. If I get a true lover,
I will take out my heart and give. – Think about it.
– Don’t cry Anju. Some lovers think, love is life. And some lovers consider their
girlfriends as life itself and love them. Sister. Remo sister. ‘I am tired of listening
to her ‘sister’. I have started feeling like sister.’ – Sorry.
– For what? Because I scolded
you and then ignored you. If you truly want
to repent then accept.. ..that there is nothing
greater than love. Okay. Love is always first. Happy now. But love just can’t happen. I have never met
anyone whom I can love. Nobody has ever proposed me.
It’s not my fault. Sister, this can’t be my mistake. Love is not a game. So don’t forget that you are engaged. Even after that if someone profess
his love for you, will you accept? I don’t know,
will see when it happens. What if it happens? If It happens.. ..I will deal with it then. ‘I also have a chance.’ – Sister, come to my house tonight.
– At night? It’s my birthday tomorrow,
there is a family get together. You also surely have to come. Okay. Twist in the story at night. ‘Met the ‘other man
‘in the lift itself.’ ‘I will eliminate you soon.’ Oh, God! Why did you burst it? – I love this sound. – ‘I will burst
a lot of things of yours. My balloon.’ – There was no need of it.
– Hold this. – I will be back.
– One minute. – I’ll just come.
– No, father. I’ll see. Okay. – Hi!
– Hi Kavya. Hi sister. – Hello!
– Happy birthday. – Hello, Vishwa!
– Go inside. – How are son?
– Welcome, Vishwa. Come inside. – How are you?
– One minute. – I am fine.
– Mother! – Come inside.
– Make yourself comfortable. I told you about sister Remo. – Sweetheart.
– It will be crushed. I have a belief that, happiness
is crushed if it comes closer.. I maintain a distance. – Father, meet sister Remo.
– Yes. – Hello, Remo!
– Father, loving father. – Stop it!
– I guess dirty ideas are coming. Let me quickly act as a cultured guy. My father had flown away
with the kite in a storm. He looks exactly like him. He also looked like
a vegetable seller. He too had a nose like a pumpkin. Kavya, come inside. – Have something.
– You go. I’ll just come. – Come fast!
– So sister, where is my gift. – Please, come.
– Hope you haven’t forgotten. Sister.. Sister, why have you brought me here? What’s wrong with you?
Which gift is here? Was it important to
give a gift in solitude? This is not from me,
but from a boy, especially for you. He told me to give you
when you are alone. Take it. Boy sent? See, what it is? Open it, doctor. This is the gift? This is a whistle, which you
have to keep in your mouth and blow. – Really? I didn’t know.
– You know, then blow. I won’t blow. Blow and see what comes out? Who gave this gift? I don’t know, I am the middle person. He told me to give you,
so I got it, I don’t know. If you want to know,
go down yourself and see. She has gone in full speed. Hey, selfie. Hey, Happy Birthday. Till today I was running
away from girls. And look today. I took 27 years to find you. So I can’t even wait for
27 seconds to profess my love. I love you. Will you marry me? No need to hurry for an answer.
Discuss with your heart. Then answer with an affirmative. – The cards have been printed.
– Take blessings. – Have given 5 lakhs advance
to the catering guy. – Mother-in-law. Now a days catering
services are very expensive. I think it’s less,
we don’t have 3-4 daughters. Try Raj catering services, they
serve ice cream free for 1000 people. Leave it, I have already paid advance. ‘I love you.’ ‘No need to answer in a jiffy.’ ‘Discuss with your heart
then reply in an affirmation.’ Have booked tickets for
guests coming from abroad. In a day or two the travel
agent will come, will meet him. Have to arrange pick
up from the airports. Wish the aunt from New
Zealand could also come. – Have spoken to her.
– Hey! She might come. – Will call her again.
– If you think a lot.. will get pimples on your cheek. Let me try to know
what she is thinking. Put it in your ears. So, finally she is in love. How can you say that? It’s clearly written in your eyes. What can you read? The letters of love.
For the whistle guy. His daring will be more powerful
than your engagement ring. Go and do your work.
Who is she to read my eyes? Nancy, will Kavya aunty’s
engagement break or not. It will break if
you show me magic now. Did Sidharth become your friend? Not now. I will show you magic
when you both become friends. Okay. Now it can clearly
be known from the face. Doctor, you have loveria. – Hello. – How much more
time do you need to say a yes. Listen, I am on duty. Don’t disturb me. Ok, meet you at the bus,
in the evening. Never. You will come and we will meet. Bye. Hello. Hello. I forgot to tell you one thing. I love you. I love you. Will she go by bus or by rickshaw? Heads. That means
she will come by bus. With whom were you talking? Was talking to my tired body. – We both are planning
to go to the spa – Very good. Do one thing, come with me in the bus. I’ll not travel from bus. No, I just remembered I
have an important errand to do. – What important work you have?
– What work? Even I don’t know that. Yes, I have to watch the serial. ‘Kanchana too was a daughter
in law once upon a time’. In today’s episode, Kanchana
will catch her mother in law.. handed, with watchman Kancha. Its Nepal special episode. My sweetie pie, don’t get upset, it’s
not possible for me to go by bus today. If possible will go by bus tomorrow. Don’t make excuses, come with me. – I will come and inject.
– Let’s go. I will get down at the next stop. – What’s the hurry?
– It will take time. My station has come, let me go.
My cable money will be wasted. Enough. Sit down. What should I do? She is looking for me. – Look there
– Where. Peanuts. Will get tamarind sauce with it.
Will yummily eat it. You glutton, sit here. God please do a miracle. “You are in all my nerves
and I have alighted your bus.” There are only 2 things
worth seeing in this bus. One this rose,
and the other who says ‘yes’. But before that I will
propose like a man, I love you. Please accept my gift.
And play night match with me. – What if your wickets are off?
– So what. Let me bat first. But why does she wants to bat? – This is T 20.
– Take this.. Sister, what are you doing? – Sister.
– Stop it. Baldie, where are you?
Quickly bring a taxi. I am caught in a mess.
Need clothes, come quickly. Maybe she wants me to chase her. Stop darling,
give me the afternoon dose. She has entered the narrow streets,
How do I enter? Excuse me, there is an ambulance. Why is this wild bear following me?
London bridge is falling down. Hey! – Hey, teasing a woman?
– Will you eat a carrot? Stop, I will feed you bottle gourd. You are celebrating
Holi during Dusshera. – Come here bro. Come fast.
– Coming. She slipped off, one day
I will do surgery of your heart. Inside the bus she
wasn’t leaving me and.. ..outside the bus he isn’t leaving me. Let me change my clothes. Beauty, will you change
clothes in the car? Baldie, I am a girl only till neck,
rest all is same. It’s difficult, yet I will look ahead. Why did you stop? I am getting late. It’s the Red signal. You keep waiting. I am going. Darling, hey what you doing? It’s not suiting your face. Hey, selfie. So tell me when do you want to marry? Go and sit somewhere else. If I went and sat somewhere else,
will you marry? Stop. She is very stubborn. Ok, when do you want
to print the cards? In this big world, what did you
find in me, that you are chasing me? I love you so much that
I can’t find any faults with you. And you too, took the bus without
thinking of any repercussions. You obey me a lot, after the
wedding my expenses will also be less. You look wonderful
without any make-up too. If you say, bus number 512,
directly goes to the marriage court. Who said I am single? – My..
– You have got engaged. I know. – You know.
– Yes. – My wedding date is..
– 31st march. Isn’t it? I also know this. Are you learning astrology?
That you know everything. My stop has come. Don’t chase me,
don’t call me, and don’t even whistle. I am saying for your own good. – Did you understand?
– Quickly step down madam. Don’t follow me. She said repeatedly,
that means she wants me to follow her. Coming. You too stop turning
around at my whistle call. I too will stop following you. The more she gets annoyed,
the more love will multiply. I will keep crossing
your path like the cat. I will give you a full seat, with the
rent of half seat, without meter down. Take you around the
whole city for free. Come let’s see a romantic movie. – Leave me alone.
– Not at all for the next 7 days. Later on I will not be able to tell,
as then you will start following me. This is not mine. After the wedding, for the
honey moon we will visit Katmandu. I will make you sit on a
carriage and ride you on the snow. Wearing seat belts. If you are upset, very sorry. I will hack you. – Will you eat fried rice?
– Yes a little. – Don’t complain in the morning.
– No She is not so pretty,
Rashmi is much prettier. First let me get married to her.. ..then I will make her
sit at home the whole day. And I will go out and enjoy. Utter rubbish. Fried rice is rubbish. – Food is good.
– Excellent. Hello, yes sir. – Where are you going?
– 2 minutes, I will be back. Hey what’s your problem?
You want to marry me? – Come in, my parents
and family is in. – No. Why you scared? Come in. – Come in, why what happened?
– No.. Love is over? You are scared. – No, it’s not like that.
– Then what’s the matter? Do you have brains?
My wedding is next month. If you whistle, call me, follow me,
then I will fall in love with you. What do you think of me? Does anyone torture
an engaged girl like this? Stop it. I understood. Sorry. I accept it’s my fault. I had come here to apologize. From today,
nor will I call you, nor follow you. Not even by mistake, will I whistle. When will we marry?
I will never ask this question at all. Ok bye. Chandanwadi. – Pink suits you.
– Is there a discount on this? No there isn’t. You are just like your father. I quickly flipped. You should have seen her face. Her face was red with anger. – This is a green signal.
– Baldie play your turn. – I had heard it in a movie.
– What had you heard? Girls, the more you chase them,
they distance away.. ..but if you go apart,
they come closer. You just see,
she will come so close to me. I will open. No – What happened?
– She has come close.. I am surely
going to get caught. How did she get my address? Hey I remember, you had given.. ..your real address on
your fake nurse certificate. That’s how sister
in law has come home. – Very good.
– Give us a treat. Control. First of all erase the evidence. – Hope there is nothing left.
– Except one. – Which one?
– The one that is coming towards you. Can’t you hear the
doorbell ring since when? Mother where are you going? Do you need the auspicious
time to open the door? Mother, its stinking of gas. You farted? Go to the terrace and check. I can’t smell anything. – I can’t even lie at the right time.
– I am opening the door. Mother will you listen
to the bell or your son. – Baldie do something.
– Aunty look at my new dance. – Vishwa..
– What he is doing? There is only one way left. Eliminate mother from the way. – For some time.
– Why are you stopping? Oh you hit him. Don’t worry, nobody dies
if you hit them on the head. Is it so? – Try on mother.
– Give me. – Very good.
– Oh God, what has happened to you? Why are you hitting everyone? – The bill is ringing since so long.
– Mother please wait. I made a mistake,
cause I did not want you to lag.. ..behind at the mother-in-law,
daughter -in-law competition. Hey why are bowing down to me. Got it, so you were the
one who dressed up as a nurse. Yes mother, it was me and
the doctor is standing outside. – Will you corporate with your son.
– I am helpless listening to you. If she comes to know the truth,
she won’t leave me. I will clean the toilet with
the tooth brush. Please help me. Yes I will, I will open the
door and say you are the male nurse. – Mother, please don’t do that.
– Hold this. Age is less and mistakes are more. – Mother.
– Now what will we do? What happened? – “ABCD..”
– “Don’t break my heart.” – What rubbish are you singing?
– Then why did you sing the first line? It come out as I was scared.
Let’s hide. – It’s my turn.
– Yes lets go 1 2 3. His face is not worth seeing. Then why are you
hiding your face today? – I want you both to hide.
– He is playing hide and seek. Let the mother in law
and daughter in law unite. Hi aunty. – Sister.
– You got out. Are we really playing hide and seek? Go and hide somewhere. Is sister Remo there? – My daughter Rembo?
– Yes. He is bathing. – Daughter? – Buddy you did not
tell me you have a sister. – She is talking about me?
– Wow dual gender. Wow, she is so beautiful. Hey listen. I forgot her name. – What did you say my
daughter’s name was? – Remo. Re from Regina and
Mo of Motwani. Remo. Rembo, just a minute. Rembo son, come quickly. Daughter Rembo,
someone has come to meet you. Germ of acting is crawling
in our whole family. – Yes it’s as long as a snake.
– Come, dear sit. There are so many nails on the wall,
but no pictures? Photo, is there when
I used to jump on the swing. – Means?
– When she was a small cute baby. Now she has become
hot looking like you. What will you have coffee or tea? – Coffee.
– Ok I am getting coffee. Hey Rembo, she is such a pretty girl. – Does she love you?
– No mother, but I do. You are behaving so happy
as if you are going to marry her. – Hey!
– Shut up. Aunty with whom are you talking? I am talking to myself.
Because I am old. My old mother, you tell lies so well. Aunty. You should not peep into
anyone’s house and hotel’s kitchen. Wow its smelling so nice. – What have you made?
– Hide your face. Who is this joker? He sweeps and swabs in my house. He has applied so much fairness cream. My wife said if I don’t
became fair in a month.. ..she will take my 5 kids
and run away with Batliwala. Ok I am going,
I have to clean the floor. This time I have to clean my face. Okay bye. – Hunger is aroused by the smell.
– Do you know how to cook? I have never learnt to cook. You keep visiting me,
I will teach you cooking. What are you cooking? I am making porridge
of lentils and rice. – I make it very tasty.
– Ok. Which masala do you use? Om Puri masala. I think there was someone there. Yes there was. Rembo sister. – Yes you go and meet.
– I will bring masala coffee. Saved. – Sister. – Oh God she has
reached till here by saying sister. Sister Remo. How did you come to my house? I have just come, open the door. My clothes are drying
outside and I am wet in here. Sister, have you seen him somewhere? Who? The whistle guy. Why do you want to know? You don’t love him. Not love. Please say it. – Say I love you.
– That.. – Hot coffee is ready.
– Actually. Mother wait.
Say what you were going to say. When you don’t get what rightfully
belongs to you then you loot it. Here, Goan aunty’s gown and wig. I stole it for you. Your Rembo sister, takes
more time to get ready than a bride. Let me check and see. Son is looking so beautiful. Daughter. She misses having a son,
so she calls me son. And I miss my dad,
so I call her daddy. Sorry. How come you are here? I wanted to buy a few
clothes for my wedding. It would help me if you came along. It’s your wedding,
you do your shopping. Go with her, help her. He will come with you,
I mean she will. – Thank you aunty, bless me.
– God bless you. – Sister..
– Book a rickshaw, I will join you. – This doctor is so beautiful.
– Mother.. Try your best to bring her home. Promise me,
she will be my daughter in law. – The green one is nice.
– Oh wow. It’s so nice. The border is so pretty. How does this pink color look? Mom, isn’t this nice. I liked this. – Pink. – I think green
will look better on you. This cream is also good. The border is very pretty. Mom, pink is nice. Kavya, whats the problem with you? Mother likes green,
go and try the green one. Go dear. – Try it.
– Go dear, wear it and come. Kavya. People try to impose their
wish to prove their rights. But they forget if the other
person will be happy or not. I have a saree of your choice,
you have a saree of their choice. The big decisions of life are
based from these smaller decisions. I feel like strangling
him with this green saree. Saree at this time. Pink is actually glowing on you.
Your choice is very good. Let no one’s evil eye be on you. Let’s directly go to
the wedding alter from here. Vishwa, daughter in law’s
choice is better than yours. She looks so pretty in the pink saree. She is looking awful. Pack the
green saree. That’s my favorite color. Vishwa, what are you saying?
She is looking pretty. – Listen, where are you going?
– Mother I like green color. He is marrying you, not a slave. Okay take green also. Think if wearing the saree of your
choice gives you so much happiness. If you marry the guy of your choice
you will get happiness of a lifetime. Why don’t you become Kavya’s
sister and live in this house. You are thinking about me? It’s getting late, I should go now. Where will you go now, it’s dark,
and raining heavily, you stay here. No I can’t stay, I have to go. – Go if you have to, but I will
not talk to you. – Shanti come here. – What happened?
– Come here. Doctor, how can I
sleep in these clothes? Oh! I may or may not get the girl,
but I surely get to wear her nightie. Sister, is the nightie comfortable? – Yes it’s very nice.
– Ok, come, let’s sleep. – Next to you?
– Yes. No I can’t sleep next to you, I will
go near your dad and sleep next to him. Sister. Joking. I was just having some fun. If you are done with your comedy,
then go to sleep. I will sleep below, I have
a habit of doing snake dance at night. I might start crawling here
and there so better I sleep here. Sister, quietly climb up. Doctor, I have sworn
never to sleep with.. ..a man or a woman before the wedding. Your wish, if you will be
so shy with your would be husband.. ..then how will you
start the circle of life. If I sleep with you,
the train of life will start. My love story is weird, first
I got into a nightie and then room. Next it will be of
getting into the heart. Why isn’t she sleeping till now? What is she doing? Whistle. I am in her heart. Where it is? Sister. Sister. Good she has slept off early. – Hello.
– Hello, selfie. Who? You looked loveliest
in the pink saree. Oh, so it’s you? But you
said you would never follow me. Yes I did. You too had
said you would not talk to me. Thank god,
I am not in front of you right now. What did you think,
I would talk to you? Wouldn’t you have talked? – No.
– ok I will hang up. Hey wait. Goodnight. Meet you tomorrow at the coffee shop. Only for 5 minutes or
till the coffee becomes cold. There should be a reason for meeting? You are aware, I am engaged. I am not coming with the priest. We will meet for 5 minutes,
have coffee.. ..then you go your
way and I will go my way. Ok I will think about it. Her fiance is going
to have tears of blood. Have you stolen the
watchman’s whistle? Yes. I want to marry you. This is too much. How? You know I am engaged,
and am going to get married. How come you have
such over confidence? The girl who is going
to get married soon.. sitting with
me and drinking coffee. It will boost my confidence. Hello, where are you going suddenly? I came to drink coffee,
I drank now I am going. Wait. You haven’t answered my question. Let’s pack up our friendship here. I too have no interest
in just being your friend. I want to be with
you in joy and sorrow. – How much more attention,
will she need. – Hey! What’s your name? I will not tell you now. First you call me, then will tell you. She is on the right track. Hi, let’s go. Please. Ok, let’s go by bus. Come, sit here. She is better than you. You.. Read my face, instead of these books. Where is she? Hello. Oh, where did he go? Relax and read. I usually have chocolate. Take mine. Chocolate ice cream. – I am not sleepy.
– Ok come here. Let’s begin. What are you seeing Kavya?
You are in love. – I want to eat sweet betel leaves.
– Won’t you prefer to drink juice? Hey! Yes, bro. Come in frame. – Hey, let’s cross the road.
– Kavya. – What is she doing here.
– It’s blurred. Let’s go.
Hurry up, we will lose the bus. I see. Hurry. – Hey!
– Yes. – It’s very cold.
– Not anymore. – What?
– Yes. Can I ask you a question? What will you ask?
Whether I know how to cook or not? I want to ask,
why did you fall in love with me only? You want to hear the lie
or should I tell you the truth? Even the lie will do. It’s my childhood hobby to
search for engaged girls and woo them. Even I don’t have an answer for this. I can’t have only a single
reason to love you madly. Maybe it’s the smile.. ..or the eyes. When they meet my eyes.
I feel a strange intoxication. I lose my senses.. ..when I see your mole. Kavya don’t try my patience any more. I can’t bear it anymore. Kavya, this separation
will take my life away. Kavya listen to me. I will not stop you from going. Just answer my one question and go. If you were not engaged, and there
was no pressure from your parents. Then would you not
have accepted my love? Kavya, look into my eyes and answer. Where is kavya? She must be on her way, she must
have got stuck somewhere in the rains. Where did you go?
Couldn’t you have told me? Dear you should have waited
somewhere instead of getting wet. You could have called Vishwa,
he would have come to fetch by car. Go, change your clothes and come. Uncle Moon, stop working overtime.
Send the Sun soon. Quickly, begin the
greatest day of my life. Shanti, give water to her. Give me. I have got an offer for a job. Next week I have to travel to London. So, I have told my parents
to cancel the wedding. I was joking. Actually our wedding
will take place tomorrow. Your father wants a pompous wedding,
and I don’t want that. We will do it in a simple
way at the registrar’s office. After that its only you and me Hello. For your wedding I will
invite the whole colony. You are getting such a pretty bride. – But how did she agree?
– Should I tell you? I had to manipulate a lot,
do a lot of acting. I told a lot of lies
and did lot of make-up. There was not an iota of
honesty at all, to achieve her love. – Mother are you happy with all this?
– Yes very happy. But I am not happy from inside. I did not realize
that I was deceiving her. I was only wondering
of how to win her love. Today when I saw her go happily. I realized that I have
played with her feelings, Mother. Sorry dear, we changed your
wedding date without informing you. What’s wrong? You look worried.
Hope your health is fine. You did not speak
to Vishwa’s parents too. I am fine Papa. You had forgotten this engagement
ring on the dining table. They would be upset if they saw it. Wear it. Am I Kavya’s sinner?
Only you can tell me the truth. If I have made a mistake
I want to repent for it. Why are you talking like this?
Everything is fair in love and war. You haven’t deceived Kavya. When you meet her next time,
confess everything to her. She will forgive you son. You
have to make her my daughter in law. Quickly come inside and sleep. Hey, my mother is more
eager for our wedding than us. Now quickly give your answer. One day is more than enough
for you to take a decision. So tell me, when will you marry me? I should not have accepted
this gift from you. Nor should I have spoken to you. I should never ever have met you. I have thought a lot.
We will never meet again. Good bye. What’s the matter Kavya?
Should I talk to your parents? I can meet them and
explain to them better. What will you tell them? About our love. Did I ever tell you that I love you? – Say? Have I ever expressed?
– No, you haven’t. But that day you were
going to kiss me in the bus. Wasn’t that an acceptance? Your eyes too are expressing,
then why are you hiding? Kavya, look you can’t go like this. Listen Kavya.
I won’t let you go like this. I have got an answer for my question,
I just want to hear it from you. Hey, Don’t you understand anything? I don’t understand? You have just worn the ring.
Not the sacred thread. Kavya you can remove
the ring and throw it. If it is true love,
it’s impossible to forget it. Now, I am not getting married
next month but tomorrow. At the registrar’s office. Kavya honestly tell me,
is the wedding tomorrow? Yes. Tomorrow. Kavya, you are my life.
I cannot lose my life so easily. Kavya, I am asking you the
final last time, don’t you love me? People go to the bar
when their hearts are broken. You are the single piece in the world,
who goes to the theatre. Look, your mother is coming. Hide this bottle. Good morning mother. People get high after drinking
alcohol, why have you climbed high? Mother you always told’ work hard,
you will get everything. I got. But only deceit
and sadness. Mother. You were selecting the wedding date.
She was ahead of you. She is marrying tomorrow itself. What nonsense is he talking? His girlfriend is
getting married tomorrow. Am I deaf?
I am asking why she rejected. Wasn’t my love true? Son, don’t lose heart. Fill your sad son’s stomach.
Go home and make pancakes. Don’t add water to
the flour but alcohol. Have you forgotten the disclaimer
shown before the movies.. ..drinking alcohol
is dangerous to health? It’s wrong instead they should write.. ..falling in love causes harm
to heart, kidney and everything else. You are high on alcohol. Come down. Mother you go home. Look how she is smiling. Kept calling me sister all the time.
Destroyed me. She was your doctor,
couldn’t you have made her understand. I will inject you in such
a place that you will be unconscious. Baldie, go and get some kerosene. I will not leave you,
will burn you to ashes. Here take the match box. What I say I do,
what I don’t say, I ask and do. Don’t waste your time,
burn her quickly. You burn. Burn – Why isn’t she burning?
Maybe the kerosene is adultered. Adulteration.
Like love this too is adultered. I guess there is only one thing in the
world which is pure. It’s my heart. If your love is true, I give you in
writing, she will run and come to you. If you wish for something
desperately in life.. ..then it’s confirmed you will get it. Are you a fan of Shahrukh? To wish from the heart,
you don’t even get your rights. – Kavya’s is calling.
– Talk to her. Pick it. Hello. You’re back in your character. I want to meet you,
zig zag road, and come soon. Why did you force me to love someone? Why did he come in my life? Why did he propose me? He changed my whole
life in just a few days. Had I not met you, there would
have been no change in my life. Everything would have been as before. Why are you crying so much? What are you doing? She said she doesn’t want to
marry Vishwa, she loves someone else. – Kavya!
– Stop crying. Answer me. You have spoiled everything. – Tarnished my reputation.
– Sorry papa. It’s all my fault.
I have no other option. I tried my best not to love him. Even after wishing I was not able to. Today I gave an ultimatum
to break the relation. My parents mean everything to me. I felt strange after telling him this. How will I be able to maintain
a relation which is a lie? I won’t be happy without him. Go, go there. Where you find happiness. What are you saying?
You are supporting her? Go, what are you thinking? Don’t sacrifice your love for us.
Live your life. – Go.
– Daughter Kavya stop. This is the truth, I love him. I can’t believe. Why? If it is true then say I love you. I love you. Tell me again. Enough now I will
only till him sister. Ok when are you going to tell him? Very soon, once he meet me,
I will tell him how much I love him. Kavya, I too want to tell you a
secret. Just don’t get angry upon me. – Tell me sister.
– Actually I.. From where did he come? Do you know, when my parents
said they have chosen a girl for me? Without asking any questions, just
by seeing you photograph, I agreed. You think this wedding is a joke? Is it written on my
face that I am a fool? You are just an average looking
girl not a glamourous angel. You are not even of my level. And you chose a cheap street guy. Listen tomorrow many prominent
guests are coming for the wedding. We will get married and after
3 months, I will divorce you. After that I don’t care
with whom you sleep around. I can’t tolerate a girl rejecting me. Go and sit in the car.
Don’t push me to force you. Dare you even touch her? If
you have the guts, touch her and see. Jobless guy,
you have an unreserved ticket.. ..and you want to travel by 1st class? You don’t even love the girl,
yet you came to fight. Imagine the guy who loves her,
who can give his love for her. He won’t fight, he will declare war. And he will bash you up
in such a way that your hands.. ..will tremble to
click your own selfie, And your soul will
shiver after clicking. The cheap street guy will
be treated by street goons. I know very well, how to
deal with a delicate nurse like you. Pick her up. What? You want to be a man? It’s not in my blood
to raise my hand on a woman. Or else I would have slapped you. Army guy, I too am a true woman. I don’t slap on men, I become a man. Wait guys, I don’t know your
fighting style. But this is my style. Catch her. Where will you run and go? Catch her. Hey stop. Catch her. Don’t be stubborn. Come. I said come. You want to steal
my fiancee away from me. Seems you have seen ‘Dilwale
Dulhaniya ‘many times. The groom has fainted.
And all the grooms men too. That’s why,
please tell me now, that you love me. I, with you. Just a minute. Who is calling, how to keep
it on a silent mode? Is it hanged? Isn’t this is sister’s phone. From where did you get it? When she was running,
her phone slipped down. I thought I will pick it and give her. See who is calling? – Hello.
– Hello sister Remo. You come as soon as possible.
Come soon please. Why did you leave me and go? Don’t ever leave me
and go from today onwards. Promise. Promise. Now, Sidharth is
a good friend of mine. Remember you promised me
when Siddharth will become a good.. ..friend of mine you
will show magic to me? Will you show the pigeon magic? I can become a boy
from a girl by magic. Will show you some other day. I will not get operated
till you don’t show magic to me. Be a good girl.
Your operation is more important. If I surely show
you when you come back. What if I don’t come back? Show her. Won’t you fulfil my last desire? Arrange marriages happened
at the time of the Britishers. You beauty, refuse for the wedding. I love you. Will you marry me? This is the truth, I love him. Kavya. Now you will let them operate? Kavya, listen to me.
I know I have made a big mistake. You punish me with whatever you want. But please don’t
leave me and go, Kavya. – Please Kavya.
– Don’t touch me. How dare you touch me? Go. I trusted you more than my own self. Because of you,
my whole life is havocked. I cancelled my wedding. Made my parents cry for
the sole reason of marrying you. But you deceived me. Your love was just a cheap drama.
You are so cheap. I am cheap? What about you?
Who has no feeling of love for you. You want to give
him everything of yours. Isn’t this vulgar? The relation in which
there is no love, is useless. The first time I saw you on
the streets, I wished from my heart.. ..that if I find love,
let she be the one. In this madness of finding
love I started stalking you. Then I came to know you were engaged. For me, my life was over. I dint cry this much, when
my father died, as I did on that day. Do you remember the
day when we met on the bus? Did I ask you for the job? You insisted and destiny
got me closer to you. What does a failed man want? To rise again and you
gave me that opportunity. Then how can my love be vulgar? Do you remember,
what you praised about your fiance? He is a doctor,
has his own house, earns very well. Now tell me,
how much do you know about me? What is education? Where do I stay?
Where do I work? Do you know anything? You know nothing about me.. ..yet you were willing to
leave everything and come with me. You found the glimpse
of truth even in my lies. I dint want to lie.
But what could I have done? Even if I tore my heart and
showed you. Would you have believed? But you would not have
given me that opportunity. So I had decided. To get your love,
I would lose my identity if needed. I hate you. – What else?
– What can I say aunty? My sister in law has
broken off the engagement. What had happened? – Hello.
– Hey selfie. When will you marry me? – Hey!
– Yes tell. How many more times do I need to tell
you? How much will you torture me? I just hate you. All your
efforts will go in vain. Hang up now. Excuse me. Sister will you help me?
Have you seen this girl somewhere? Excuse me, don’t you know, she
is not a girl. Don’t you understand? You are right.
She is not a girl she is my goddess. – Go from here.
– Ok sister. Aunty you will get blessings
if you unite the Goddess with God. Hey stop. Uncle, if you break your bones who
will pay the premium of your insurance? My father. – Is he still alive?
– Grandfather. Hey you, I met your nurse.
She said, your love is true. She will surely meet
you in her next birth. – How are you dear?
– Hello Grandfather. You still haven’t
gone to the hospital? I went. Yesterday there was anxiousness in
your eyes. Today there is desperation. Did you see that ruffian guy? No he keeps calling and torturing me. I have changed my number 42 times,
god knows how he gets it. Dear, when the mosquito
of love bites.. ..then the itchiness will
not go even by pulling the skin off. Dear daughter, hope you
haven’t changed the number again. If you do then give me the new one.
Good girl. Darling princess,
the old man has a question. Was the boy really bad?
Wasn’t there anything good in him? Should I tell you honestly? He sacrificed his love and
took off his Make-up, to save Nancy. He can sacrifice his own
happiness to make others happy. But still he is a fraud. Cheater cock. But still I love him.
And will keep loving me. He has harassed me a lot.
It was important for me to punish him. Punishment.
Send him to the jails in Andaman’s. He is troubling such a sweet girl. When are you going to
close the tap of unhappiness.. ..and open the fountain of love? I have fixed a date.
It’s his birthday next month. He proposed on my birthday.
So I too will do similarly. I will propose him in such a way that
he will remember it for a life time. Wow dear. So interesting. Birthday is on 31st march, why
are there tears of happiness from now. God I am dead. My nose has come off. Kavya it’s not allowed
to kiss on in a public place. I will break your head.
You will never improve. You will always remain
loose character. Agree I am loose character
but I always choose you. You.. I am going. Take the change money,
you will need for the bus ticket. Wait. I can’t change
any more get ups now. Hey Kavya, till how long will
you play this game of chasing with me? Ok go, In my next movie
I am playing Alia Bhatt’s driver. I will elope and get married. Watch it on you tube, on Goldmine
channel, the video of the movie. Watch that and get jealous,
don’t turn. I will not come again. Because of her I have
left 200 auditions.. ..up till now I would
have earned more than Ranvir. Hey stop. Hey what’s your answer? Answer? My love is vulgar,
I am loose character, and a cheater. Yes that you are. Once I get married
to you then I will improve you. I can stay away from you
but not away from my wife to be. We will live stuck like this. I have waited for this moments since
2 years. Now don’t try my patience. Should I make you elope with me? Double ok. I love you. Hey the same naked
baby who shot the arrow. Bed number 1, 4 , 3. You all are fine now,
doctor has said to discharge. – How can the doctor discharge?
– So should I discharge? Oh wow. This old guy is not
ready to leave the bed. Why grandfather? Will you take my life? Should I inject?
Or have to give chewable tablets. Silky white, tell me with
whom are you in love with? So that the other patients
don’t increase the hospital bills. I have a treatment for you. Hold this and leave from here. Hi sister, this is my wedding card. Doctor, you are getting married? This is cheating, you should have told
me earlier. I would have married you. What? Means do all the wedding preparations. Do you know this isn’t an arrange
marriage, it’s a love marriage. – You are having a love marriage?
– Yes. Doctor, love marriage
is done by useless girls.. ..who want to divorce in a few months. What kind of talk is this sister? Love marriage is long lasting. Look, you call me sister
then obey me as an elder sister. Do you have his snap? Show me. This crazy looking guy? You should
never fall in love with such guys. Take out time and insult them. Cut. You had to hit on the cheeks. Earlier I used to
resent my mother’s words. But today with her blessings
and obeying her words. Shiva has become a super star. So always obey your mother.
And after the wedding, wife’s.

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