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  1. She's going to be in the nightmares of racist pieces of garbage a.k.a Christian conservatives for the next decade or so. We need more popcorns! Lol

  2. lol @ 3:26 priorities…I really hope the US allows this young lady to prosper and lead.. we are watching AOC


  4. Occasional Cortex says, "Cauliflower is RAAYYASSSIS ya'll!"
    She is the real Democrat mascot:
    DONKEY chompers
    H0nk H0nk

  5. Ok I am the only one who sees the manipulation going on? Like it's this whole retarded hate left hate right garbage. Ok she pretty and likes ice cream. So if thats the case go to the supermarket and find a pretty woman who likes ice cream…….Since when does physical attractiveness and not being unbelievably stupid get you ahead of the game? Lots of attractive woman out there who are intelligent and like ice cream seriously, it's not about a stupid political party. Democrats had a better head on there shoulders not too long ago and where not trying tear down anyone that dare disagrees. it's about people being lost and exploiting anyone who thinks for themselves. Being entertained has nothing to do with a country falling to pieces. Thank you out there who just focuses on the womans appearance, if she was not attractive I wonder how the comments would be. Very shallow people out there, I feel sorry for this woman, she is just being used by entertainment.

  6. Because of her, I now get Americone Dream if I want ice cream. And it's good too! It's Americone Dream-not Americana. But who's keeping score anyway.

  7. Why is Trump scared of this woman? So, she ruffles a few feathers, like Trump. Perhaps that is good.I love her and Tulsi Gabbard.

  8. She is the dumbest fucking person elected to Congress and is the many reasons Trump is going to win 2020. She was a bartender who was picked out of the 40 other ditsy puppets and won because of race. She is the Trump of the Democratic party. She an entitled stuck up snob.

  9. The Effects of Ideologically based Victim Group(s) Propaganda on Self-Hating (justified) Outgroup(s) with Cognitive Dissonance – Discuss

  10. This should be a possible us president when she get old enough. But probably would never happen in a country that failed and elected Trumph. Americans….. get a grip.

  11. My response to a recent Sean Hannity attack on AOC:
    So after the Trump Billionaire-corporate tax-cut, have you seen any difference in your financial situation folks? I haven't- and no body else I know has. The first thing Corporate America did was to buyback stock. GM & other auto manufacturers continued to close plants or move them to Mexico. This was to be another Reagan style "trickle-down" ruse. It didn't do anything positive for us then-and Trumps tax cut only allows him and other super rich people like him to not pay their fair share of taxes. A day of reckoning IS coming. Alexandria is representing folks in her Bronx district. Most of which are paycheck to paycheck working folks who are barely making it. SEAN HANNITY'S net worth is in excess of $80 Million Dollars~ His ANNUAL SALARY is 29 Million-give or take. You think maybe the TRUMP TAX CUT was good for his greedy pocketbook? I repeat-NO one I know has told me (when I asked) that the Trump tax cut made any difference in their lives.

    And what has AMERICA received from this billionaire giveaway? A must larger national debt. Reduced services and programs. Moscow Mitch is going after healthcare. (He doesn't worry about healthcare- Senators get the BEST healthcare coverage FOR LIFE!) School programs such as after school supplemental education and school lunches are being cut. Thais is the type of repercussion weh are seeing from the Trump Billionaire Tax Cut! Wake up people! There are more of us than the 1% of 1%. American Democracy MUST work for us too! And Moscow Mitch's criminal control of legislation and the courts must end. I predict Marine fighter pilot veteran AMY McGrath will womp his wrinkled up ass next November. Moscow Mitch's networth has increased by over 2.4Mil per year over the last decade. He has blocked minimum wage increases FIFTEEN TIMES! Yet he voted Six times to increase his own pay. The GOP serves the 1% and no one else. They also serve Russia. WAKE UP!

  12. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THIS IS A TRANSGENDER, ADAM'S apple, long arms, square male jaw broad shoulders, big hands!

  13. If people have any common sense it shouldn't be hard to figure out that the left, with their media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, are exaggerating Trump's policies and are overly critical and always negative about what he does and yet we have a booming economy with low unemployment. The right and their media outlets like Fox News and right wing radio and right wing internet outlets are also overly exaggerating AOC and her policies, ideas and intellect or lack of intellect in their view. She is going to ban all meat products and all fossil fuel vehicles in the near future. Come on people, this is a complete exaggeration of her views on stuff like this if you actually do your own research. Hell I even read that some people on the right are exaggerating her physical appearance like calling her a midget because some people are towering over her. If you look at the people towering over her it is people that are like 6'5" or taller men and these people tower over almost every man and woman. She looked to me only a couple of inches shorter than 5'11" Stephen Colbert on his show. Even factoring her heels I would guess that she is 5'6" which is a common average female adult height. These media outlets will exaggerate about people like president Trump and Congresswoman AOC because it gets them ratings. These usually hateful posts for either one of these 2 on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts gets more and more unhinged people to act violently. The recent Texas mass shootings with that person's far right views and a couple of years ago with the person shooting Republican congressmen at a baseball practice with his far left views are great examples of what exaggerated fake news can do to influence people that are unhinged. All fake news is way to dangerous and needs to be accountable for their reporting of false facts. Like I said if people had any common sense and did research on their own and try the best as possible to reduce their political bias, they will easily figure out these exaggerated stories on people like president Trump and Congresswoman AOC.

  14. The Socialist DEMOCRATS want us all to have FREE stuff HEALTH CARE , EDUCATION….but will RAISE ALL of OUR TAXES TO 75%

  15. That moment when you realize one of the dumbest people on the planet holds public office. I mean she very well may be more dumb than trump. Its a race to see who gets to steer humanity off the cliff.

  16. What kind of Motherfxxcking Catholic do you purport to be stephen you make me fxcking sick. You Marxist socialist Human diarrhea waste.

  17. This, folks, is what a Cum Laude graduate of Boston University in International Relations and in Economics looks like.  She would be a way better President right now than the Dotard that we have in the White House.  He is a low-IQ arrogant fool who got into Fordham on the rich boy exception and cheated (by his brother's contact) to get into U of Penn as a transfer student. He never got good grades in his life.  Everything he has was gotten from inheritance and being a Con Man.  In real business, all he has ever done is to lose money.

  18. The People that want We The People to remain on our knees are So Afraid of Her…and that's a Very Good Sign….

  19. Well she has the horse's face and teeth to eat ice cream. It is her rhetoric that makes her a HORSE'S ASS. She may be a "cute latina' (well for a horse) BUT SHE IS AN AIR HEAD.

  20. Makes me feel good I didn't send my kids to college and waste all my money when you have the likes of AOC coming out of college dumb as a stump indoctrinated into batshit socialism…. remember unemployment slow because everybody has two jobs. This is from an economics major AOC. Nice job Boston University you indoctrinated another flunky.. my guess she'll go back to bartending when her 15 minutes of fame are up.

  21. People are manipulated, misinformed, disinformed – that's the only reason why people don't think of socialism (anarcho-socialism) as the rational direction.

  22. Honestly, as a second-generation immigrant, I always thought America is great because its a country that cares about its people more than anything. Not really. It's a country that works for the 1% rich. I don't even blame some of the politicians for caring more about rich companies than the people they serve. I blame the people who support these politicians.

  23. The fact that so many of you ignorant leftists worship this moron is exactly why this country cannot be saved. The number of ignorant and downright idiotic things out of her mouth are long. But never mind. You idiots go on worshiping her.

  24. 3:55 had forgotten about moron45 government shutdown; glad for time to make trouble, though. (;-) I loved their search for evil KKKristofascist Massacre/Moscow Mitch. (;-)

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