Retribution – Action Short film

Retribution – Action Short film

Jesus… Fuck. Clear. Clear! Fuck! We’re too late. He’s gone. Hotel security, this is FBI Agent Anderson… we have a stage 4 security breach. I need all entries and exits to the hotel completely locked down. I got the package. What’s the drop point? Jesus! Fuck! Hey! [Radio] “Three, check in.” [Radio] “Three, what’s your status?” [Radio] “Target is lost!” I got him! I got him! He’s running down the back alley! Tyson? You made a big mistake, Raven. And now your ass is gonna pay for it. Come on, Tyson… You’ve been in this game long enough to know not to take things personal. You had the right skill set for the job… … and I needed the data on that hard drive, I saw your picture on those files. You only needed that data to see how much dirt they had on you. You and your corrupt agent cronies. The information on that drive is vital to our national security. If that fell into the wrong hands, do you even understand the shit that this agency would be dealing with!? Bull-shit, Raven. The only security you care about is your own. That’s why you tried killing me, you son of a bitch! You were scared shitless that I knew too much and you were trying to tie up your “loose ends.” There’s no place for emotion in the field, Tyson… only carefully calculated decisions. You of all people should understand that. Well in that case, putting a bullet through your heart won’t be very hard, will it? [sigh]… Goddamit… How does it feel to be on the wrong side of the crosshairs, Raven? Try your 11 O’Clock, 23 floors up. Pretty tough shot from up there… I don’t think you have the balls to kill me. Only one way to find out. That’s the type of decision you have to live with for the rest of your life. Can you stomach that, Tyson? Yeah… I didn’t think so. I’m out of here. I don’t have time for this bullshit. Goodbye, Raven. No! Tyson, wait! Stomach that, you piece of shit!

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  1. We are some young german Filmmakers. We reproduced this Short Film in our City. You can watch the trailer on our Channel. We will release the Film at January 1st.

  2. Nice directing, nice short story, but crappy cinematography. Light is everything, last scene was very poorly lit.

  3. Как называется этот фильм кто знает скажите пожалуйста

  4. Nice film. But the lighting adjustment at the end was not good. issues in light balance starts from 10:52. The time difference in the time those shots were taken are clearly visible…Anyways really nice story line

  5. Raven actor sounded too weak to be a boss. Absolutely no authority in his voice. But other than that it was really great.

  6. Salute…, a very good short film, but there are some inputs: 1).The agent should not look a lot to the right and left when in an open area, it will give the enemy a chance to take pictures. 2).The agent took too long to leave the download process and was busy looking outside the building so he did not see all the data downloaded. 3).Agents should fight / incapacitate as fast as possible instead of fighting in a thug way. 4). Agents should hide the bodies of their victims when they have enough time. 5). Agents should take enemy communication tools to eavesdrop on enemy talks, not cellphones that are almost impossible not to have password. 6).When aiming at the target from the top of the building, the weapon should have been cocked and ready to be fired, not just inserting a bullet when the target already knows its position, it will make the target have enough time to escape. 7).The boss's manner of speech is less authoritative. But overall the film's effects are very good, and the actors are very character, like real. Very good…

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