Revisiting Scary Kids Movies

Revisiting Scary Kids Movies

It’s terrifying. Absolutely terrifying! One of the most terrifying moments I’ve ever experienced. I may have wet the bed… Yeah I nearly sh!t my pants *spooky string music* I’m already, I’m already feeling things Nooo! Nope! Nope. not watching that. Hey you! You’re supposed to give me some pee pee. Where’s that pee pee? We’re talkin’ about pee pee here. I really thought that if I took, if I went pee in the toilet it would bit my dick off. Next time you sit on my I’m gonna bite off your tushy! -Creature of darkness come to me. -Who are you talking to? Oh shit yeah, I remember that *storm sounds* -Whoah! This kid’s not a good actor. I can now see that. *Screams* Noooo! Her voice. It’s just so haunting. That’s like a horrifying story about a terrible car accident. Is that kid appropriate? Maybe not? Oh my god! Kevin’s hair looks great. That’s exactly how my hair looked like as a kid. Okay so this is scary. It’s only my imagination. Raaahhh! *Rawring* -Here boy! -I hate this. I hate this. -What’s happening? -You’re blowing up like a balloon. -No that’s disgusting. oh, uh -somebody do something, call the doctor. Oh, ohh! -Stick her with a pin! -She’ll pop! -She has to be squeezed immediately before she explodes. -Explodes! This is real life. This could happen to me, clearly. It was still kind of like, creepy. It was really dark. If I had children I would probably show this to them just to see what the effect would be on them. I would show it to my own children. This is a moment that will scare them purely for the joy of being scared and we just don’t have that anymore. I don’t think it’s doing anyone any favors to like scrub the grime off of movies because life has some grime on it. There’s just not movies like that anymore. *Creepy string music* *Popping*

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  1. That evil mask from Goosebumps!!! And the video cover that had that green plant like hand reaching out of the basement door.

  2. When i was in 1st grade the movies aliens was on tv and i had been told i wasn't allowed to watch it so naturally i watched it and i was okay all the way up to the point where the chest burster bursts out of the little boys chest and then i was fucking done, that movie created in me a terror of xenomorphs that haunted me for the next 5 years.

    That shit was scary to see as a 5 year old.

  3. Goosebumps ants episode and the moment when the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang peeks in the window AND the witches movie as a whole!

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