REWIRED | ENGLISH SHORT FILM 2019 | Gripping Fiction Drama | Intense BGMs

REWIRED | ENGLISH SHORT FILM 2019 | Gripping Fiction Drama | Intense BGMs

If you are wondering how I ended up there you have to go back three days from that day and meet three different people Here comes the most ambitious of three on his usual hangover routine Parties and Ph.D.’s are his most favorite things of his life He got three of those Ph.D.’s all on chemicals though Everything boils down to a chemical reaction in his world By the way He is TONY On the other end of the spectrum VIVEK who is a perfect example of an introverted genius The type who doesn’t see the light of the day much, but probably might have your social security number I bet the walls of his lab and library would know him much better, than his own friends He is the brain behind the whole team Finally, JACK at the center of the group like a thick glue holding the other two together Look at him, calm and composed dreaming about his big day and little does he know, it’s going to be my doomsday (Jack) – Hello
(Tony) – Yo coming to lecture? (Jack) – Yeah (Tony) – Do you think his inconclusive work helps us (Jack) – Vivek insists we may get some clues (Tony) – I am not sure, his lectures are too vague often (Jack) – What’s there to lose, see you soon (Professor) – Eidetic memory Let me explain with an example Say you went on a hike and you saw a beautiful view from top of the mountain now when you come back home you want to paint it to an absolute perfect detail Do you think you can do that? What about you? Only a handful of people in this world have this capability DEV VO: These three are trying to unlock 100 percent of the brain’s plasticity potential Now, let’s move on to the most interesting phenomenon called NEUROPLASTICITY Suppose .. Let’s apply a little bit of force to this plastic cap As you can see the plastic cap bends in accordance with the applied pressure Say, if we keep on increasing the force it becomes so much that the plastic cap permanently
deforms and changes its shape We only use a fraction of this amazing brains potential Maybe a chemical, or a herb or any other force might help to tap into its full potential DEV VO: Some times we just overlook a piece that solves the whole puzzle (VIVEK), Where did I see this? Not this one Got it Ok that’s it for today See you all in the next class, with some other advanced topics See you Tony Bye What’s happening with this Vivek man
What about him? He did not even listen to the whole lecture
Really.. Wow, Now he wants to meet us in the lounge now
OK Let’s go then Guys, come fast There he is
Yep Guys I found something really important for our experiments What’s this? Is this the HERB Looks familiar So, Can we do the experiment now? We have everything, but but what? Is this some kind of joke to you if you are not able to do it, we will find some others who can Can you solve it or not?
I can but I don’t need your damn explanations
YES or NO OK FINE set your damn alarms for tomorrow morning For what We are going to WILLOW WOODS Is that a yes We will find it out tomorrow, have some work to do I will catch you guys later Unbelievable Come on Vivek I can’t believe he is still working Come on Robert you picked today of all the days Is this it?
Hmm Hope he solves it He will get it done Tony (Vivek) checking Guys, Its four seconds
Thank God Finally Wow You alright there buddy Just too cold Here we go Did you get it Yeah I have it How the hell are these not wet buried under snow What did they coat with Do you really want to do this?
I have a bad feeling Name one thing that you are not afraid of This is different We haven’t tested the reaction completely and there’s a lot of risks involved in testing it on us directly and our brains are at stake Well we will not know it in a few seconds I don’t see any negativity in this I don’t know this doesn’t feel right Are you ready for this.. Its been 40 seconds Are you feeling anything? Maybe.. What do you feel I am just annoyed and disappointed This smell is so strong, let’s leave Jack, let’s go Such a waste of time Its years worth of work Vivek, meet me at the anatomy lab tomorrow Guys someone else is here too Doesn’t matter get in the car, No what if? I am hungry Vivek, get in the damn car Let’s go What is he still scribbling (Vivek) still checking It doesn’t matter man, it’s not gonna happen Five years of hard work. Man OK Guys I think there is a long way to go I don’t know man, I seriously doubt the thesis I agree with you but, our human brains are not capable of these reactions What do you mean? I mean the total neuron count is not enough FANTASTIC Enough crap for the day Let’s go get some dinner My head Hey, Mate Are you alright? Kah apeksitah apeksitah Kah apeksitah Kah apeksitah Kah apeksitah Unclear voice-over Radio Unclear voice-over television Sarvah vrittantah Evam na bhavitavyam aasit VIDHI!..

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  1. Stunning visuals, great background score and gripping screenplay. Great attempt. Need a REWIRED – explained video😛.
    08:20 to 08:40 Dev has OCD. 😅

  2. Great job hp. Kudos to Dev looking forward to watch complete film. Great effort to the team guys you we can see your efforts all the best

  3. Great work Friends.Loved every bit of it. Hope you guys will keep doing wonderful work like this in future.

  4. Interesting and amazing visuals. Great BGM. The hidden talent slowly emerging. All the best to all the members of the production,

  5. At a time when we think science has a powerful role in shaping up the destiny of mankind, Destiny works in its own intricate ways which humans may not ever understand through science. Nice portrayal of the amalgamation of Science and philosophy. 👍

  6. The direction reminded me of Omletto short films. Love the attention to detail. great first effort guys. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to part 2.

  7. Short film at a whole new different level with different concept. Great work by whole crew. Kudos to the director, well taken and good choice of music and BGM. Hard work paid off very well. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Such an interesting plot and shot in such a way that it builds suspense and holds the attention span of the viewer till the very end. Great visuals and bg music was awesome

  9. Interesting plot and definitely a visual treat along with gripping BGM. Setting up a new bar for short films . Good work keep it up guys. Waiting for the next one.

  10. Nice work guys..if this is what your standard of amateur work is .. then believe me you are definetly raising the bar high as this appears somewhat closer to professional !!
    Keep going.. waiting eagerly for the next release.. 🙂🙂

  11. Excellent Cinematography and background music!!! Direction and storyline is marvelous! You rock Hari 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥳😀

  12. I really appreciate the Technical team👏👏👏👏 What an amazing visuals and cinemotography.. All the best guys👍👍👍

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