RICHARD JEWELL – Official Trailer [HD]

RICHARD JEWELL – Official Trailer [HD]

Let’s get a new tape going. All right, Richard.
Here’s what we’re gonna do. We need a voice exemplar. I want you to say
into this phone… “There’s a bomb
in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes. Richard, you’re a
national hero now. Thank you, sir. But I was just doing my job. Move away from the tower.
Come on! You always look at the guy
who found the bomb. Just like you always look at
the guy who found the body. Jewell fits the profile
of the lone bomber. A frustrated white man,
who is a police wanna-be… who seeks to become a hero. We’re running it. You’re a suspect,
you don’t talk. I talk. Say it. I don’t talk. This might be the only way
to clear your name. I want you say, “There’s a
bomb in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes.” Stop trying to be
their best friend. I was raised to
respect authority. Authority’s looking
to eat you alive. “There’s a bomb
in Centennial Park. You have 30 minutes.” I’m sorry, what? His accusers are two of the
most powerful forces
in the world. The United States
government and the media. I do wanna help you all… but I’m law enforcement too. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. Did he do it? Richard Jewell is
an innocent man. He’s a hero. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. One more time.
Just a little louder. -I report the facts.
-You’ve ruined this man’s life. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. Do a couple in a row. My son saved people’s lives. There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. You set that bomb! There is a bomb
in Centennial Park.
You have 30 minutes. I don’t know how to protect you. I think your client
is guilty as hell. They wanna fry you. You ready to start
fighting back?

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  1. edit do i wait to watch the movie or google if hes innocent? advice?
    this trailer is so good that i shouldnt but i already want spoilers to this. i was 8 in 96, i remember the bombings but dont know much else. since this is a tru story google should have what happened.

  2. Sucks he died shortly after all of this bullshit. Really sad story.
    I hope he kept strong during this process. He's a fucking hero and shame on the fuckers who tried to destroy him.

  3. I know this happened back in 1996, but shit like this is still happening today. It's high time we stopped letting the media get away with freely distributing lies and misinformation, especially when it's an accusation of a crime. They've ruined so many lives just to sell a headline. Freedom of the press be damned, there needs to be consequences to this shit.

  4. Dude I remember this guy from Instagram years ago, he worked at in-n-out cleaning tables. He would make these funny character skits and talk about his auditions. I’ve seen him in a few shows here and there but it’s awesome to see him breaking out as the star role. Follow your dreams.

  5. Clint Eastwood does a movie just because he wants to see a good story on film. When he dies not many directors that care more about the film than the money are going to be left.

  6. I hope Clint will create a movie about the Trump-Russia (now the Trump-Ukraine) witch hunt… our disgusting Fake News media and corrupt Deep State government has to be defeated. It won't be of course… but more people are waking up to just how much of their freedom has been stolen.

  7. They have a 30 for 30 little doc about Richard. Poor man! The fucking media is ridiculous and basically ruined this dudes life.

  8. I remember this so clearly. Kieran Perkins had won the 1500m gold swimming medal the day b4 ( the greatest sporting triumph I have ever seen) and this happened that night. I always wondered what happened to him.

  9. People are so obsessed now adays with being seen as the “hero” or morally justified. They censor people with unfavorable opinions to virtue signal and seem like they are tolerant…

    But when an actual hero comes along everyone feels the need to run them into the ground, in sort of a petty jealousy

  10. It's going to be hilariously hypocritical to see the FBI heralded again under a future Republican administration that's not under investigation, and can benefit politically from the FBI like GW Bush did after 9/11.

  11. Dear Warner Bros can you release a Suicide Squade version with all the Jared Lato Joker scenes that where cut? That and you shouldn't give up on the Jared Lato Joker, he really didn't get much screen time. I think Joker with some metal fanged teeth would look good on screen with Batman.

  12. Damn, I've never heard of this. Probably by design. Like the govt being found responsible for MLK assassination or guilty of trafficking drugs into America, by the courts. They're facts that get covered up by complicit media/govt

  13. This will be the next film the legacy media is compelled to attack. My guess is we can expect a critic's score of 5 out of 10 or less and an audience score of 8 or 9 out of 10.

  14. The media tortured this poor guy. I remember when this happened. The media convicted him in the court of public opinion. He couldn’t live his life like a normal person. The FBI started to frame him and tricked him and leaked stories to the media based on pure lies. He was described as a person of interest but never charged. All the time he was innocent. It ruined his health and he went to an early grave.

  15. Mr Eastwood has made some remarkable films. This looks like a winner as well. A scathing view on the media and it’s bias as well as the government of the time.

  16. Dear Warner Bros rumor has it Megan Fox is looking for a comic book movie role, I say you should hop on it and cast her as Batwomen. With a good script and Megan Fox the guys would love it.

  17. Eric Robert Rudolph was the actual perpetrator, and Richard Jewett saved lives. Eric Rudolph is still alive wasting tax dollars in prison. RIP Officer Jewell.

  18. I never knew just how corrupt government agencies were until it affected me personally. My mother is medically kidnapped by adult protective services. She is a paraplegic who was tortured by doctors and nurses in order to cover up medical malpractice in a nursing home.

  19. I remember this incident, the media was insane…..poor guy, did he ever sue??, I know he’s dead now, but this film is important lesson on jumping to conclusions before all the facts are out.

  20. Yeah Megan Fox as Batwomen going up against Jared Lato's Joker and let Jared Lato cut loose. That would more then make up for Ben Afflect leaving. Plus I heard the test audience didn't like the new kid maybe some one around the age as Ben Afflect, he is just doing a Jay and Silent Bob maybe get on the phone and try to get our Batman and Superman back. Yeah Ben Afflect's Batman should have shown his teeth more and should have been doing his Daredevil voice.

  21. In the wake of the media being hollywoods Lord and savior, it's good that there is a movie showing how they are actually able to destroy an innocent man and become the devil himself

  22. Another beautiful, adult, thought-provoking movie from Clint Eastwood.
    Always a pleasure to go to the theater to watch his work.

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