Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Trailer and Deleted Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Trailer and Deleted Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

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  1. Here's my new Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser Easter Eggs, Deleted Scene and new characters coming to season 4! Post all your theories in the comments!


    Damn, Rick is so smart he knows the show is gonna have at least 9 seasons

  3. If that’s the bog women’s bathroom why did it have fire hydrants ? Do the rick & Morty crew not or have never owned a female dog because they don’t use things like fire hydrants or trees because female dogs squat they don’t lift their legs only male bogs lift their legs or maybe this is one of those progressive all gender bathroom’s lol.. but I do love the picture just behind summers head of the male dog smelling the females dogs ass with harts over her head as she takes a shit or piss lol , now that’s something only the rick & Morty show could come up with

  4. Just like rick said back in season one their will be 9 seasons of Rick and Morty well there better be!! But there should be 22 or 23 like South Park because Rick and Morty is way funnier than South Park. But hey I do love my South park too just not as much as Rick and Morty

  5. boy, how I hate over analyzing every single joke in a tv show.. didn't know the video was about that when i clicked, so my bad.

  6. How come this is not an episode. the Jessica bit. it would make for another really good episode, plus the voice acting for this sketch is top on. 🙂

  7. Season 4 will end with the Citadel of Rick's being run by Evil Morty. Season 5 is when we'll start to see more of his schemes to get back at his previous Rick

  8. Do a theory about evil Morty possibly related to ricks first Morty And also the president Morty and how he’s going to take over the citadel of Ricks and how it’s gonna affect so-called Rick C 31

  9. Was the first reality they went in the one they sent the dogs though when they got super smart and took over earth?

  10. U kind of overthink jokes.
    There's no trap door. There's no method of self cleaning. There's no point on thinking about that,it's just a joke

  11. wow no one was intelligent enough to even click like or comment on my comment about the c-137 secret… pffff and rick and morty fans think they are smart… bunch of dumb asses. dont' even really understand the show at all

  12. Cant jokes be jokes anymore. Why does every little bit of rick and morty need to be analysed 😔
    "Losers look stuff up, while the rest of us carpen all them diem's"

  13. Till november


  14. I could easily see “evil Morty“ actually being an additional surrogate cyborg, just as his “Rick“ was, And the real Rick is controlling the surrogate cyborg Morty ( as a relay station), who is controlling the surrogate cyborg Rick. I see this for the reason that Rick made a reference to that type of scenario in season three episode 10. Rick mentions “you don’t know what I am, You don’t know what I can do, I’m Doctor Who in this [bleep]. I could be a clone I could be a hologram, we could be cones controlled by robots controlled by special headsets that the real Rick and Morty are wearing while they’re [bleeping] your mother…”

    Also, Rick was all too familiar & made multiple references with knowing how to set up a matrix of Mortys to shield his brain waves ( in theory/ on paper.)

    Possibly with an elaborate/Overkill objective of taking over the citadel and destroying it permanently throughout the multi-verse.

  15. Just think In a couple more year they might put out season 7 .. oh wait 4 I forgot it’s taken them 5 years to drop 2 seasons .. show kinda lost its hype after all the waiting so many new ones have come in and can actually write a hit season and here’s the shocker .. it comes out every year like every show but this one

  16. My Rick and Morty theory: We will see Evil Morty (or his influence) again real soon. I also hope Mister Meeseeks is back somewhere along the way!!

  17. Offhandedly, Rick isn't far off by saying that Family Matters is a Die Hard spin-off ! I just never really noticed that, even though I'm a hard core Die Hard fan and I'm into Family Matters. Who knew ?! Also, I think that somehow C134 Morty replaces regular Morty but as to how or why I haven't reached a conclusion. I have still to watch Season 3 and have no cable. Alas.

  18. My favorite part is when they get to the Demon looking dimension and rick is like "Ah normal toilet go to town summer" .

  19. new subscriber, I just found your channel, I don't know much English but you put subtitles.

    so, thank you very much. UuUr

  20. As I didn't watch Family Matters, couldn't get past Erkel and all that dipshittery, I had noooooo idea it was a spin-off of Die Hard, I might have given it a chance if I'd have known.

  21. I want to know A: The friends and loved ones aliens, who actually dragged in the Uncle (critter one), was it in fact Summer, I mean, come on, who spreads pink eye because of using the phone on the shitter? B: will this be revisited? There were a lot of fun characters in it. TY
    Edit: I rarely pay attention to episode names of anything, in fact, my favorite show Supernatural, I could probably only tell you the names of 7 or 8 shows, despite recording multiple daily viewings of it and mostly because of certain things, like Hell House, because of all of the nods to Blue Oyster Cult for example. So, sorry for not referencing the name of the episode above.

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