Rick Wilson – Being an Anti-Trump Conservative and “Running Against the Devil” | The Daily Show

Rick Wilson – Being an Anti-Trump Conservative and “Running Against the Devil” | The Daily Show

You are
an interesting breed of cat, as they would say
back in the day, because you are a Never Trumper,
but you are still a Republican -and a conservative.
-Eh. Does that still exist
in this country? Conservative
more than Republican. There’s no Republican Party
anymore– it’s dead. Donald Trump killed it.
Like, he’s like a parasite that ate its host
form the inside out. -(laughter)
-It’s over. So I’m… I’m one
of the small group of survivors from… from the old school
of limited government, individual freedom and liberty,
constitutional adherence. You know, there’s not…
not many of us. You could fit us around a table
at a Waffle House most days. -(laughter)
-But, you know, we’re still sort of trying
to hold the line in this… in this very crazed era. It’s interesting
that you say that, because, you know,
a lot of Republicans said that before Trump became president. You know, we had people
like Lindsey Graham on the show. We had people like, you know,
Rand Paul on the show. And they were all like,
“No, this is what we believe in, and Trump is not a Republican.” -Right. -He became president,
and they were like, “He’s completely a Republican.” So how do you begin
to convince Republican voters that Donald Trump
is not a Republican? Or has he just redefined
what that is now, and is he the new conservative? Are you now an outlier? Well, those guys are
what we refer to in the business as liars and cowards. -(cheering and applause) -They
are afraid of Donald Trump. -They still hate him.
-Right. They still think he is a…
animated piece of excrement. They do not love this guy.
They are afraid of him. And the few of us who are
willing to call BS on him and speak openly
and speak publicly and stand against him, you know, we may be the last priests
of a dying religion, but we’re gonna try to uphold it
as long as we can. He has broken
the Republican party. It doesn’t believe in anything. -Fiscal discipline,
out the window. -Mm-hmm. Limiting the size of government,
out the window. All these things that he… that these guys all said
were vital to them… Follow the Constitution. You know, Ted Cruz used to say
he’d set himself on fire if he didn’t follow
the Constitution, and now he’s like,
“Yeah, whatev.” It-it doesn’t matter at all
to them anymore. And so they have let themselves
be so debased and-and so utterly compromised that-that they think
we’re the aliens. They think we’re the outliers.
They think we’re the wrong ones. But I’m sorry,
you got to call it like it… like it really is, and they have given themselves
over to a cult. It’s interesting that you…
that you say this, because I-I do appreciate
that you have not, like, switched sides or anything,
you know? It’s not like you’ve gone like,
“No, I’m now a Democrat.” You’re saying, “No, look,
I’m still a conservative. -I don’t think Donald Trump
represents our values.” -No. This book is interesting
because you say, “Running against the devil: a plot to save America
from Trump.” But then, interestingly enough,
you say, -“And Democrats
from themselves.” -Sure. So, then,
tell me what that means. What advice do you think you could possibly give
to Democrats even though you wouldn’t exist
in a world where you would normally vote
for them? So, for 30 years,
me and guys like me built a very smart,
very sophisticated system to wreck the hell
out of Democratic candidates, and we did it
all over the country. Until Donald Trump came along, there was a period
of about 20 years where we took
almost 2,000 seats away from the Democrats
across the country in state legislatures,
in Congress, in the Senate. We took over control of 38 state governments
and legislatures over that time. We did it by being better
at the root politics, at the hard politics. We did it by being willing
to do things that were very tough, right? Running ads that were very tough -and made people lose
their minds. -Right. And we did it
by running candidates who fit with their states
and districts. So, look, I helped elect a Republican governor
in Vermont four times. Now, that is not an easy task. But our guy
wasn’t a perfect Republican. He wasn’t a super hard right
evangelical Southerner. He was a guy who fit Vermont,
and it worked. And the Democrats tend to have this thing
of ideological homogeneousness. They want everybody to be
the same policy perspective, whether you’re in San Francisco
or whether you’re in Virginia -or whether you’re in Alabama.
-Huh, that’s interesting. And, so, we were able to put candidates out there
who were not… You know, they didn’t fit
every single ideological test, -but we won a lot of seats
that way. -Right. So-so, are you saying,
if I’m understanding correctly, are you then saying
that Republicans have always played to win -and Democrats play to be right?
-Yeah. Democrats play
to win an argument. I play to win an election. I don’t care how I get
to the finish line, and I… You know,
except for breaking the law, and occasionally you get
breaking the law adjacent. -But…
-(laughter) You want to make sure
that you get to the goal line, and sometimes that means
not saying what’s on your mind. Sometimes that means saying,
“Oh, well, look, “our polling tells us
Medicare for All -scares the crap
out of suburban women.” -Right. “But let’s talk
about Medicare for All, because why would we need
suburban women?” You know, this is…
The Democrats fall into these traps
that they build for themselves. So, then, how would you…
how would you break that, then? What would… what would you say
to a Democrat tonight? Where you go like…
These people are running, and at some point, one of them -is going to be head-to-head
with Donald Trump. -Sure. At some point, they’re going
to have to try and fight for those 100,000 odd votes -that swung the electoral
college. -That’s right. Right? We’ve seen
that it’s not a numbers game. -It’s an electoral college game.
-Mm-hmm. It absolutely is. So, how would you then say
to one of those people, “Hey, this is how you can win while still maintaining
your Democratic values”? Right. First off, win the game before you try to start
declaring the victory conditions and start saying,
“I’m gonna do ‘X,’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z.'” Ideological promises are a trap. (clears throat) When you
promise people something and build a plan and a policy
in modern campaigns, that’s an invitation
for me to put my nerds to work and look through
your 600-page health care plan and find ten things that scare
the crap out of people. -Huh.
-And then I make ads about them, and then you run for the hills,
and you look… You don’t understand why
people suddenly can’t-can’t… They-they say things to you
that you know aren’t quite true
about your policy. -Right, right, right.
-Deeper and deeper in the weeds. But the three things a Democrat
has to do in this election… They have to fight
where the fight is. The electoral college,
whether you love it or hate it, is the only game in town. That’s the only game there is. So you got to fight
in Wisconsin, in Florida, in Pennsylvania,
in Ohio, in Arizona– in a handful of states. The election is over
in California. I know how they’re gonna vote. I know how Mississippi
is gonna vote. Those things are done. You got to fight
where the fight is. You got to put the resources,
’cause they will not have as much money as Donald Trump
unless it’s Mike Bloomberg, and then he has more money
than God. -(clears throat)
-(laughter) You’ve got to put it
into the states that matter, and then you’ve got to target
in the states even more finely. And they will target… You know,
the Democrats are smart. They will be targeting
those suburban women -who are breaking away
from the GOP. -Right. -They’ll be targeting those
Obama-Trump voters. -Uh-huh. -They’ll be targeting those
Bernie-Trump voters. -Right. They’ll be going
after narrow slices, ’cause this is a game
of small numbers. It’s not a game of big numbers. The most important thing,
though, is the refer… The election has to be
a referendum on Donald Trump. It’s not about policy.
It’s not about your health care plan,
your climate change plan. All those are important,
and they’re lovely, but it’s a referendum
on Donald Trump. All reelections are referendums
on the incumbent. So, then, i-if I can say this, ’cause we’re gonna have
to wrap up soon, but essentially,
what you’re saying sounds really interesting,
’cause I… I remember saying this
when I first observed -Donald Trump
during the election. -Mm-hmm. I said… And, I mean, some people treated me like
an idiot for saying it. I said on TV,
the one advantage he has -is that he’s playing TV.
-Yeah. So when he says, “Build a wall,” it translates into whatever people want to hear
about immigration. He doesn’t give you
the specifics -about H-1B visas.
-Right. That’s right. He doesn’t give you
the specifics about what immigration numbers
or policies… He just gives you ideas. Trevor, his whole policy fit
on a trucker hat. -(laughter)
-You know, he… -Right. -And…
And you’re exactly right, because what he did was play a reality TV character
for 15 years, and Americans thought,
“Oh, this guy is smart, decisive, good manager,
good leader, good negotiator.” And so he just kept playing
that role. So, do you think, then,
Democrats, maybe even… if not now, need to get better
at playing TV for when they’re running
against Trump? They absolutely…
This is a reality TV game. They need to be practicing
that game. It’s not a debating society in the democratic socialist
conference. It’s a reality TV show, and Trump is the master
of the game. They have a narrow path
to victory, and I hope
that this book helps them try to, uh, achieve
that fairly narrow path. Well, I’ll tell you this. I wish
I could disagree with you, but I agree with a lot
of what you’re saying. -Thank you so much for being
on the show. -Thank you, Trevor. -Appreciate it.
-Really great having you here. Running Against the Devil
is available now. Rick Wilson, everybody.

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  1. Rick Wilson is so funny. First, when has the Republican Party ever been fiscally responsible, limited in government, or balance the budget? Never, the only time was when a Democrat was in the WH, Bill Clinton. Reagan blew up the deficit over 100% and Bush caused the economy to collapsed, in other words, as most Republicans, Wilson is full of it. And the only difference between the Republican Party of Wilson's nostalgia and Trump's Party is that Trump with his imbecility had brought everything that is h

  2. I wish true conservatives stand up & fight for their party …He is telling the truth dems that's our biggest issue they don't know how to fight Reps they will always win like their values or not that's not the issue when it comes to win

  3. He prides himself to "stand up and question Trump" while at the same time he's partly responsible for trainwrecking a democratic system with hate,lies,manipulation,division and partisanship.This man has zero integrity and even less self-reflection .This IS one of the anti-democratic idiots who made this hateful destructive mess possible and now he want you to buy his "book".What an a-hole

  4. There's no Republican Party anymore– it's dead. (100% correct)
    It is an obvious priority for the Trump and Bush ( father and son ) administration is to protect Israel and Saudi Arabia, more than protecting the American people.

  5. Fuck the daily show. And that cunt Trevor…………..I`m not republican or democrat I`m a free thinker for America Both sides are fukn sick. Wake up and be free. (AGAIN)……And clunt needs to be fukn hung. The president should not be for either party. And should be for all of Americans. ………….Have a good day ……..American Vet……………

  6. Jesus Christ Rick Wilson you stupid hack. The Republican party NEVER believed any of those things. They are not a political party they are a corporation masquerading as one. They have been corrupt liars who use their "small gov" lies to loot the economy and gov for themselves and their donors. We know you are all liars and always have been. You "did it" by telling absurd lies, using the southern strategy and ignorance racism and fear plain and simple. You are right about one thing republicans do not care how they get elected they will do and say anything and they WILL and DO break the law, suppress the vote and cheat in elections.

  7. So, basically, Cyrus Beene exists and his name is Rick Wilson? This makes me wonder if there is secretly a real life Olivia Pope in Washington.

  8. The whole political system is a circus equipped with a donkey, an elephant and way too many clowns. Disgusting! Should be an age/term limit on all offices, not too young and not too old, we need adults. I believe the American Revolution War happened before the Civil War….Revolution!

  9. This guy is witty and charismatic but I just think it's f*** up that he thinks it's fine to break the law in the interest of winning an election… Republicans and Democrats both are guilty of this

  10. He's so proud of how the republicans have gamed the system for the past thirty years, and yet so blind to the fact that that's exactly why we have Trump in there.

  11. So wait… he's angry that the republican party is something he no longer identifies with…. but he also wants democrats muddled their identity to win and to focus only on winning and not policy or ideals.

    Does anyone else see the problem here? He's suggesting that they best thing a political party can do is abandon its values and focus only on winning… and then SURPRISED PIKACHU FACE the values become muddied and unrecognizable.

    He's so proud of how republican's win… but now we have a bunch of incredibly unethical republican's in office because he's saying we ignored certain principles. Is he litterally fucking stupid? I won't vote for some one just because they say "TRUMP BAD" I want to see their policy. I'm tired of this bullshit mud slinging asshattery. I want policy!

    This beg of stupid dicks is out of touch with what people want and need. I need my climate to stay the fuck intact and I need to be healthy. Those are policy issues. Policy should be the focus of all politicians.

  12. Rick Wilson was just one of many of right-wing conservative "brains" who radicalized their own party for decades to whip them to the ballot box and now they wanna blame Trump for the mess they created? Really? Trump's an a-hole, no question about that, but he did NOT use a magic wand to bewitch them into this cesspool of hate, fear, malice and corruption. They've always been like that. All Trump did was to give them a little push towards authoritarianism and and little nudge to fascism and here we are.

  13. 2:30 yes you did. Gerry mandering, voter supression, voter ID, election fraud, electoral college, stacking the courts, conservative media lying 24/7 (Fox News) and the southern strategy. Congratulations. You won. The country lost.

  14. 5:10 right, so people should not have any plans to change and improve the country, no policy ideas, no will to improve the lives of the people, and be instead void candidates with campaign slogan like "I'm a jesus fanboy" or "not him, me". Seems like he would love to vote for Joe or Hillary.

  15. Rick Wilson has spoken the truth. We have voted in a new identity that's
    called Trumpism. Trumpism has wiped out Republican & Democratic
    government into a Dictatorship form of government. America needs to
    be led by Truth, not Lies that are fake. Trump must be Impeached…

  16. He's absolutely right – the stuff Bernie and Warren are saying is going to scare the hell out of the people that will make the difference.

  17. I don't get this guy. First he says the Republican party has abandoned its ideals and he's upset about that. Then he says that the Dems should worry less about ideals and just do whatever it takes to win, like he did with the Republicans, to the point of even coming close to breaking the law. Sounds like he'll just say whatever he thinks will sell books, like he says he did when running campaigns.

  18. Imagine trying to land a management position in the private sector using Rick's "winning" strategy? If this man is correct, and his tactics are the "American way," then we are raising our children all wrong.

  19. NO, IT'S NOT A REALITY TV GAME. It's the future of your country and the world, stop saying that people don't understand the issues, they Do! The problem is that when you had Hillary vs Trump many of them just stayed home.

  20. Create a war, destroy the invading country and also the countries around it , destroy the economy and wonder how rep party is dead and trump is in charge

  21. This guy talks about being interested in limited government but he said recently that he wanted to put people who speak out about their's or their children's vaccine injury into prisons along with having their property and children taken away from them. Here's his comment and the link to twitter where he says this: "Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody.." – Rick Wilson.

  22. He helped his party win but what was it all for? Sounds like he did everything for the love of power and not the love of America. Democrats may be hopeless idealists but the usually die on the hill they stand on.

  23. Donald Trump's beliefs and values are deeply rooted in chaos because his God is money. Welcome to his underworld, the infection is spreading.

  24. In '16 I voted Hillary for one reason. Trump was a USURPER, which, along with his lack of any real virtue and sharing all the properties of Democrats. He was passing himself off as a Republican. Therefore, he was WORSE than she was. Now I plan to vote Democrat for the reasons above and two more. The GOP and the so-called C'snservatives, Hanity, Limbaugh, et all, by supporting Trump DESERVE whatever the Left does to them and any person of integrity would help them do it. If Trump is re-nominated. There is no Right, it's just honest left vs phoney Right. BEYOND ALL OF THAT. In the reading of the Bill of Impeachment in the House, it was pointed out that one of the things Trump tried to do was get the Ukraine gov't to investigate actions by Ukraine that Trump claimed were the election meddling that was attributed to the Russians: Despite the fact that every cybersecuri nization in tow KENW it was the Russians and that "Easy Bear" and "Cozy Bear" were well-known "State Actors". This means that Trump was using the OffictPresident to cover up for the Russians by directing inquiry to Ukraine. This makes Trump guilty of either being an accessory after the fact, or, since HE brought it up with respect to the "whistleblower" treason. As long as the stand with Trump, the GOP shares that moral, if not legal, guilt. Even the Democrats aren't THAT bad now. And when they were, in the form of the "Dear Commandante letter" of the mid 80's, the GOP gave us the cry of f"Politics stops at the water's edge". So for all the RIGHT (both moral and political) reasons, if Trump is re-nominated, I'm voting Straight Democrat. Although the way the're bleating over the death of that Iranian terrorist, they may prove they are too stupid to live. Can you imagine the field day Trump and his acolytes would have with that. Another reason to vote Dem is in the words of Larry Kudlow after the election "Trump is the Repubican Party and the Republican Party is Trump"

    The GOP has also proven that there is no God. Trump was a massive liar, whoremonger and double dealer. Where do those fit on the 10 Commandments. Yet there was no mass die-off of the GOP and Evangelicals, which, if there were a God, there would be, if I read my Ananias and Sapphira correctly. As I put it "Apparently God IS mocked, not by enemies and unbelievers, but by the homies and fanboys. This REEKS of the Scribes, Pharasees and Saducess

  25. Trump promised to eliminate the national debt, now it's over 3 trillion higher, why do people keep trusting him? Good interview.

  26. Trump is neither left nor right: Donald Trump was never a politician. How is it even legal given his actual last name was patented as a brand name to allow him into any government position knowing his actions have never been of service. The separation government (because of the 3 innate and distinct goals) must absolutely remain free of profit simply for profit's sake. I do not fault Trump for having an unfair share (since he asked for abundance let him have abundance), but there is no depth of malice to disparity of poverty that can match Trump's depravity. A true product of American Capitalism at the turn of the Century. Interesting that as the result of modern man surpassing wealth they came up with a means of clearing debt collector's legal right to seek repayment. The invention for whatever reason is what I still do not understand how to spell: "Bankruptcy." This word could never have happened until several hundred years ago people who used to get the tar feathered crap kicked out of them, now can laugh at their debtors by seeking a lawyer to request a court judge to excuse all debt owed to no matter how many were owed. A man so in debt he had to sell his father's name to Satan to save his own skin, the Trump brand became actual sin. In return I will make you king over everything, you will bypass education, political leadership, military service, government employment, and be raised up to be crowned as the Greatest President of The United States. To take an already despised hundred dollar bill toiletry of a Name, and to elevate it as a leader should never be repeated.

  27. this just in! interview with the sith lord keeping the dark emperor in power! he still talking shit about the democratic party, and clearly his pride will not allow him to admit there are democratic conservatives who seek to conserve resources FDR sought to preserve. wow! 😀

  28. 4:10 "breaking the law adjacent" … basically admitting to cheat to win strategies. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/wisconsin-republican-tactics-763592/ + https://theweek.com/articles/810795/how-republicans-cheat + https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/article221971770.html + https://crooksandliars.com/2019/08/history-shows-republicans-cheat + https://trofire.com/2019/12/19/republicans-cant-win-in-2020-without-cheating/ + https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/10/25/republicans-suppress-votes-rig-elections-attack-democracy-midterms-column/1722188002/

  29. Wait, so this guys strategy is essentially to lie to voters about their intentions and make up lies about their opponents' intentions in order to "win?" The title of his book is the most ironic thing in the world.

  30. Go live in Uzbekistan, Rick Wilson. They use fear and lies more than we do. Your despicable and antisocial campaign tactics are what brought us here in the first place. I hate that they keep inviting you on MSNBC. You have dumbed down the discourse of the country, which is a lot of the reason we're so divided now.

  31. Did he just say that they make things up to scare voters ? playing on people fears rather than doing the right thing ? This is insanity. I watched a video someone mentioning that fear is a huge industry in USA, they use it for sales and control. No wonder trust is an issue in almost all communities ..

  32. Did you help with gerrymandering and purging voter registers in democratic areas ? I mean yeah Dems need to wise up but republicans need to stop cheating – that desperate strAtegy is what gave us trump – but thanks for the tips

  33. I think the real problem here is the American people in general. The fact that, "I'm going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it", and "Make America Great Again" were all Trumpets had to run off of to sway there vote speaks volumes and is truly disturbing. I remember before he was elected during the financial crisis, and you had what seems to be current day Trumpets rooting for the government to let the banks collapse not having any idea what that truly means.

  34. Self-confession by one of the smug jerks who brags about creating those despicable ads we've all had to suffer through.

  35. Can we just agree that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is still cool though? I have no relation to him, and surely Ross' aren't like mostly all related, and Fall from the Same War Masters of Scotland, because that would be impossible. Spem Successus Alit




  39. After hearing this guy, I see now that the US is doomed to the path of "Idiocracy". If our politics are now just a reality TV show to the average "DUMB" american voter and the rigged electoral college, driven by money showering from the "Citizens United" case, is how our elections are decided then it is either time for REVOLUTION or just sit back and let it all burn down (and it will) and see humanity rise from the ashes just to start the whole cycle again. History keeps repeating itself SMH.

  40. I find Ricks advise interesting. He says that he's an old school Republican with old school values, but at the same time admits that his strategy to "beat the dems*" was to win no mater what even if that meant lying about what the dems were trying to do. Treating politics like that effectively throws away your notions of having values bc you played politics as though you had none. Now your surprised that as a consequence you helped elect a fascist in the White House? Now you want dems to do the same strategy you did for years bc something something fight fire with fire? Bc surely playing dirty and manipulating the democratic base like you did on the right will somehow make it so the Dems win? I just don't see the reasoning. I think the Dems have an opportunity to not just fight with policy but actually FIGHT BACK from the misleading and dirty tactics that you helped create and perpetuate, idk just a thought.

  41. I think Trump is a creation of both parties because both of them completely support rich bastards destroying US and the planet. Conservatives are in power only because absolute majority of liberals are stinking liars created and financed by corporations. Rasist, bigoted, anti environmental dinasaurs should not have any votes at our day and age, even if they are honest and law abiding, but they do, even dishonest animated sh-t. Democrats have to lie constantly and skillfully breed hatred between special interests and uninformed, harrassed blue collar workers, because they cannot admit to what they really support. Dem party would rather have Trump than Sanders as president….

  42. That's true what he said about the fact that Trump never explains his decisons or proves he did right. Besides he changes his version. Ex :first Soleimani was killed because of the riot on US embassy ( no dead and serious wounds deserves death penalty ??). Then he said that CIA discovered that Soleimani are planning attacks on US. PB CIA denies officially. He acts like a King, chosen by God, his opinions are Gospel truth to him.
    Doesn't care about Congress opinions, he interferd to stop the Court Martial trial (that's illegal. Executive power can't interfer with Jutice) about this Navy Seal who took selfies with the corps of civilians he ,killed. No matter he killed shit holes, they are under men after all (that I can't forgive). This soldier act as psychopath. Selphies are his "trophies".
    Of course Trump doesn't care about laws, that's to the pleb, not to His Majesty the Stable Genius. , ATF agents are turning mad. This fucking wall can't stop drug and arms trafics, the smugglers just find an other way to pass, hard for the ATF to localize them, they never stop moving. Cartel are bastards but not stupids.I work for Interpol, we are in constant contact with the FBI. God !! they were furious when he fired James Comey, a lot of them resigned and that's still the case. Those who stay do it because they can't let the victims alone. PB : with the resigns FBI is short handed. No pb , the new director, a fervant trumpist, decided to upgraded agents in formation. I'm 29, I' m a rookie, but I'm alive thanks to my formation. These young so called agents are a real danger. For them, for their partners, for the investigations. They are not ready.
    Some months ago we broke up a pedo network. 36 countries involved, 1100 arrests and we keep on. We asked help to the FBI, that usual we do it for them too if need be. But surpise !! politic has changed !! The network is not in US so the FBI agents are not allowed to "lost their time" . So now fight again sexual slavery is a lost of time ??. Don't care about the NSA warning too: main danger actually is inside the US: mass murders (41 in 2019: a record 😉 and the raising of neo nazis groups, no sorry " white supremacists" more classy. Some of them who officially wants an "ethnical ppurification".t to keep their white blood "pure" (don't believe me, just go to the website of Alt Right and the one of Spencer Richard). Where do they thing they are ?? Hogwarts ?
    Einstein said "difference between genious and stupidity is that genius has limits". I didn't know that he knew Donald !!!

  43. Republicans gerimadered districts, suppressed voter rights and basically got us to where we are today. Trump turbocharged your system and did to the Republicans what the Republicans did to the people. How does it feel?

  44. He woke up one day and found the Republican party is filled with Republicans, how shocking. The only difference between the old Republican party and trump is window dressing. The Republicans were never fiscally conservative or for limited government. They were never patriotic or had family values. trump is the Republican party, the old Republican party, he is not trying to sugar coat the reality of this putrid thought system and when you they see it clearly, if you are a decent person you will be appalled at the basic tenets of Republicanism.

  45. I've seen interviews where he admits the Republican standard is to never show who you are. Run with the idea that gets you elected, even if it's not true.

  46. Did this guy admit on national t.v. that Republican just play on ppls intelligents? It's just a game no one really cares about making a change? Am I the only one who heard that?

  47. This guy is a fucking liar as much as the others – he claims he outsmarted the Dems, but really all they did was be really willing to cheat and use gerrymandering. There's nothing smart about that. It's just fucking dishonest bullshit.

  48. They aren't afraid of Trump… They're afraid his crazy supporters will replace them with someone like Trump. Our primary system needs to change on both sides… For one thing… All candidates must pass 4 of the most well-tested psych exams before they can run for Governor, Congress, and ESPECIALLY President… That alone would weed out 9 out of 10 Trump-type nut-cans which is far superior to what we have now, where any crazy, can hold office!

  49. This guy and al republicans gave rise to trump. The republican party has always divided the country US vs them. The Republican party created a party of class by demonizing the less fortunate yes including white people by blaming the other the blacks, immigrants and the poor. The republican party sold the soles to coporations who in turn took advantage of all working people and created a class society US Vs Them.

  50. He is right though. One of the Republicans biggest failures was not getting "repeal and replace". And Bernie going with M4A instead of just focusing on the 30 million uninsured and some type of help for people getting bankrupted by bills not only spares them that hit but gives them something to attack

    Support for M4A drops from 70% to 38% just when people are told it eliminates private Healthcare. When Republicans are done scaring people about how much it'll raise their taxes and a dozen other things it will be a political liability. And especially things like free Healthcare and school for illegal immigrants, which also will not pass the Senate

    And I say all that believing Bernie should be the strongest candidate by far. But he got too caught up on wanting to share his vision and seems to have forgotten it won't matter if he loses

  51. Wow, that says so much about the American people. That is sad. Really sad. Politics is much more than that, or at least it's supposed to be much more than this. Politics is about discussing ways to improve your society. It's about discussing ideas. It's not a reality show.

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