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Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org Previously on “the unit”… An officer sleeps with a
shooter’s wife, And he’s executed.
That’s the unit code. – The colonel’s been found guilty.
– The punishment is death. If you kill him, you’ll never
see me or the girls again. Betsy and 3 other troops were
kidnapped, and i’m going with you. You go, he’ll kill
you. They’ll kill you. I know what you have to do.
Just let me help find betsy first. Put a face on the soldier,
and the people care. Otherwise, betsy’s
just a rank and number. – We’re undercover. You can’t.
– I’m second lieutenant besty blaine. – Found something here.
– It’s a sunni marking. The country of
syria is a sovereign nation. It is an act of war to
cross the border into syria. Colonel ryan has
been abducted on purpose. There’s only one reason
why he’d cross into syria. – To save betsy.
– We’re gonna get her back, They’re called translated, the name
means sword of purity. This is a sunni group that is part Of the insurgence in iraq.
We’re still trying to get confirmation. – Hello.
– Who are you? Dr. Eudora hobbs. I work for dod. I’m a, psychologist – Of sorts.
– Of sorts? That’s right. I don’t need a psychologist. – Your daughter might.
– What does that mean? – I’ll explain it to you.
– Why was i brought here? You know why. To prevent you
from going to the press, Which would have compromised your cover And that of your husband and his men. My daughter needs an advocate. And you would advocate her
cause by going on television? Yes. – To cry in front of reporters?
– To humanize her. Oh. I see. And that softens the enemy? – Yes.
– Who bomb our cites But would be moved by
your particular tears? And it might motivate the army. The army has already
made their last push. They were stopped at
the border to syria. Everything they tell
you from this point on Will be perfunctory spin,
but… Your daughter is lucky. – How’s that?
– From what i understand, She has the only advocate
she needs… your husband. And i can do nothing? I didn’t say that. How open is your mind? You’re doing all right. No, please. No, no. No! No! No! No! No! They’re gonna video tape his execution. They want you to hear it. Do not listen. Do not react at all. Cover your ears. You cowards! You bastards! There isn’t a man among you! What are you doing, colonel? You cowards! You bastards! There isn’t a man among you! Dod says it’s a match. That is colonel ryan’s
voice in the background. He got in there. Get me jonas. How old’s the video? It was uploaded 15 minutes ago. – You sure it’s ryan?
– Dod intel has no doubts. Location? We hav’t had any more hits
from his radiation signature. The video looks like
it could be a basement. Still, the building’s
probably blocking the signal. Top… They say they’re gonna kill one an hour. They’ve uploaded a video. They started killing them. Betsy. She’s alive. Ryan’s inside with her. They say they’re gonna kill one an hour
and there’s only 4 of them left. Somebody down in the briar patch
knows where they are. No time. I say we start there. Let’s move. 22 hours ago, 4 american soldiers
were brought to this area. I know someone knows something
about where they might be. You speak english? Stand up. Translate. Loud. If not this exact location… Perhaps a name of someone
who might be involved. We have nothing to do with that. Everybody’s innocent. I’m a cleric, and this
is a place of peace. We are men of god. Please don’t do this. It wasn’t just soldiers they took. One of them was my daughter. Who wants to tell me what they know? The unit team Season 4 episode 7 “Into hell, part 2” Leave them alone. That’s all of them. Then let’s begin. Now the american soldiers
were brought to this enclave. This we know for sure. Somebody in this room knows something. I’m gonna count to 3. If i get to two, step outside. The next sound you hear Will be an explosion. If that occurs, Leave and find my daughter. Tell them what i just said. I’m gonna ask the question
one last time. Where are ammar moualla And the american soldiers? I’m gonna count to 3, And when i get to 3, i’m gonna let go. God forgive me! 1… 2… – They’re in the hospital!
– Where? The hospital for people
sick in their heads. Cool breeze, betty blue, check it. Red cap, i need a location For the psychiatric
hospital in abu kamal. These two men are twins. They lived their entire lives together. One was on a business trip In california and
suffered a heart attack. At the same exact moment, The other, home in new jersey, Grabbed his chest in pain and fell
to the floor. That’s a fascinating anecdote. Understand. I’m not a psychic Hustling housewives
with tarot card readings. I’m a scientist, Who works for the
defense department of the united states, And i can tell you without a doubt
that there exist connections Between people That transcend time and space. I don’t know how they operate, But they most certainly exist. I can help you… Help your daughter. Breathe. Let the thoughts of your daughter flow, All of them, all of them,
the good ones and the bad. Let them flow. Breathe. I don’t want to go to this place. Your husband is going there, And so are you… For your daughter. Be strong… For your daughter.
Remember a time When you were strong for her. Close your eyes. What are you seeing? I hope she’s not in a dark place. Why is that? When she was young, She was afraid of the dark. Is she still afraid of the dark. No! What? What…
what is it? Mama, are we lost? Well, something like that, baby, But lost is only temporary. I think i got off on the wrong exit. You should have gotten a
cell phone like carla’s mom. It’s too expensive. Grandma will like your paintings. There’s the exit. I want to paint one for her birthday. No, no, no. It’s really dark here, mama. Oh, we’re gonna be all right. Why don’t they have streetlights? You see that phone booth Right up there under
the light, right there? We’re gonna take a walk… And we’re gonna call daddy,
and he’s gonna come and get us. What’s the man doing, mama? I don’t know, and we don’t care. Mama? What’s he doing, mama? Don’t let him hurt me, mama! They took weber. Don’t listen to it. That’s my in. The women were cooking
some kind of feast. In 15 minutes after evening prayers, There’s gonna be another
50 people coming in here. – We got to move.
– Not until i have confirmation. These are civilians. We’re gonna kill them all?
Is that the plan? – You can leave any time you want.
– Top, this is crazy. You want to kill a man because
he slept with your wife, – And you’re calling me crazy?
– The colonel’s your boy now? It’s got nothing to do with him,
everything to do with you and me. I will kill everybody in this
room to get my daughter back. If you are uncomfortable with that,
you are free to depart. You know what they say
when you plot revenge? Always dig two graves. She was really, Really scared. He wouldn’t move. He stood there for what
seemed like forever. Yes? I saw betsy’s hand shaking, And i remembered something
my grandma used to say. “He who fears something
gives it power over him. ” Yes. Yes, indeed. I saw one light… Far ahead. Close your eyes. I need you to do something for me. This man has no power over us. I need you to say it back to me. – Mommy, i don’t…
– Say it. This man has no power over us. All right. – I’m gonna go out and speak to him.
– No! Listen to me. I want you to lock the
door when i get out. I want you to lie on
the floor of the car. Unless i come to the window, Do not open the door. You should try to sleep. I’m losing too much blood. If i sleep… – I might go unconscious.
– You’re fine. Just tightened your tourniquet. Going unconscious
might be the best thing. Close your eyes. Go to sleep. These men have no power over me. They have no power over me. Ok. What do you want? No. Here. Here. Take the whole thing. And this is it, and it’s over. I need you to get out of the car,
and we’re gonna walk. – You gave the man your wedding ring.
– Doesn’t matter what i gave him. Get out of the car. We’re gonna walk. Don’t look back. He found them. They’re bunkered down
in the basement of the asylum. We got to get them locked up. Let’s go. Go, go! Back away! Back away. – What are you going go do with him?
– Back away! Tell them the door’s
wired with explosives. If they try to get out, they’ll all die. – What did he just say?
– Why are you taking the girl? – Don’t take her! Take me instead.
– Let her go, let her go. Take me instead. Take me. I’ll make the video.
I’ll say whatever you want me to say. Talk. Say it like i told you. My name is colonel thomas ryan,
united states army. I have betrayed a great trust, And i know it is an act
that can never be forgiven. America! Not you! America! Like we do before. Start again. My name is colonel thomas ryan,
united states army. I’m sorry for what i’ve done, For what i’ve done to the
men that i’ve betrayed. Not you. Speak for your country. I know that it’s an act
that can never be forgiven. I’ve betrayed a great trust. My men mean everything to me. My men mean everything to me. Let’s go! I have betrayed my men.
I cannot be forgiven. I have betrayed my men.
I cannot be forgiven. Does he have a child? Tell him his child was hit by a car. Get down, get down! – Where are the others?
– Down the hall. Dirt diver, with me. American soldiers. Hold your fire. Hold your fire. Oh, my god. Weber’s dead. Let’s go! Let’s go. Cool breeze, check the back. We got two squads and counting. Someone in the social
club must have gotten the word out. We ain’t going out that way. Back is blocked off.
Must be 50 troops. Let’s go back. Go back. Back, baby, back. Any other exit? – That’s it.
– Look. Even if we could get
through, we got two wounded. – We can’t move fast enough.
– What about the roof? They’re not sending a chopper into this.
Wouldn’t be able to land. Back to the basement! Back to the basement! We need to find the keys.
Check the guards. – Just sit right here.
– There’s no way out of here. Should have never come for me. All these men’s lives
for a second louie? This ain’t gonna end here. I got the keys. It sure looks like it’s ending. – Big gun!
– Don’t let them set it up. Can’t keep this up forever. I was looking at something!
It might be a way out! Show me. I don’t know where it goes. It doesn’t matter where it goes. Let’s get it open. Open the slide. Tell them to cease fire,
or you will be shot. Easy. That should buy us some time. – It’s wet.
– The question is, Does it fill completely, or
is there always air in it? Can we fit? Once we get in, there’s
no way to turn around. I wouldn’t want to
come back here anyway. – Is it gonna work?
– It’s tight. I’d rather be carlito than you. Doesn’t matter. I’m not going through. What the hell are you talking about? Someone needs to stay
at the door with him. If they come in, they can toss a
grenade into the pipe, kill us all. I’ll stay. When you guys
are clear it, i’ll surrender. No. You’re going through
first. That’s an order. I need you to tie a
rope from you to betsy, Drag her through if
she goes unconscious. Mack, get my daughter out of here. I’ll stay back. Sergeant, you get her out of here now. Snake doc and i will figure out
the rest when the time comes. – Let’s do it.
– Good luck. Just you and me now. Your men were ready to die for you, And the men in my congregation, They were willing to let you kill me. – They were frightened.
– Your men were not frightened. They’re soldiers. It gets smaller. Can we still make it through? It’s filling up with water.
We got to move! Betsy move! Move! We can’t go unless you go. Move! Move. Just keep walking
and don’t look back, You understand? Just keep walking. – Walk to the light, walk to the light.
– Maybe we should run. We aren’t scared, right? If you run, you’re
scared. We aren’t scared. Just keep walking to the light.
Put one foot in front of the other. That’s the way most
things in life get done. He’s gone, mama. He’s like a ghost. That’s what fear is like. You look it in its face, And you see it for what
it is, and then it’s gone Like a ghost. Just keep walking. Betsy, move! I’m moving. One foot
in front of the other. Take a deep breath and hold it.
It should go back down again. Just keep moving. Don’t look back. – They getting closer?
– Not yet, but they will. Get in the pipe. It’s time to go, jonas. It’s all over for me anyway. That’s an order. Go. Be with your daughter. May i? They will never know you left. You can take the bullets out of the gun. No. Then they’ll know
you were complicit. Aren’t you afraid i’m gonna shoot you? No. – Why?
– Because you’re a man of god. I’m sorry. Go. Be with your daughter. It’s getting tighter. – You should have gone first.
– I’m all right? – How you doing?
– I’m all right. – Hey. You feeling this?
– Yeah! We ain’t gonna be able to outrun it. I failed you and the men. Yes, you did. So you know. If we get out of here,
i accept what has to happen. They’re good men. They deserve better than me. We got to move. Not long before
the syrians know we’re here. You and carlito can exfill
them. I’m waiting for jonas. You can all go to hell if you
think i’m leaving without my father. – We got to get you out of here.
– Last i heard, second lieutenant Doesn’t take orders from a sergeant. He’s here. Daddy! All right. This place
is about to light up. Red cap, we’re gonna need to get
exfilled out of here rikki-Tik. Not here. We got to find some cover. Send the helos. We’ll
give you the location. – Let’s move.
– Let’s go. Clear! Clear over here. This looks like a pretty
good landing spot, top. Get us out of here. Red cap, i have a location. Lat. 34.416, lon. 40.905. We are exfilling 7.
The helos in the air? Negative. It’s fueled on the tarmac.
I’m trying to get authorization From the state and dod to
send them across the border. No. We’ve got wounded. We don’t fly out of here, we’ll
never clear the border on foot. – They’ll be there. 20 minutes eta.
– How are you gonna do that? Get me the chopper pilot in mosel. I’ve got red cap for shadow zero zero. – Shadow zero zero?
– Shadow zero zero. You have authorization
to cross into syria. We are exfilling 7.
Lat. 34.416, lon. 40.905. Copy lat., lon. Repeat. You have dod and
state department authorization For us to go into syrian
air space and land? – Affirmative.
– To whom am i speaking? This is warrant officer bridget sullivan Of the 303rd logistical studies unit. I have the authorization. Get in the air now and
get our men out of there. Roger, red cap. Shadow
zero zero airborne. What you just did is a
court-Martial offense. Birds are in the air.
They’ll be here in 20. Stay here. Goes for you, too. You have been found guilty. – The evidence…
– I admit my guilt. I will not disrespect
you men by pleading. – I’m prepared for the verdict.
– Get on your knees. I’d prefer to stand, if i may. No. Not that way. No guns. A gun is for a soldier. – Use the pistol.
– That’s not what’s been decided. This is an execution, not a beating. Use your gun.
I’m not dying like this. God, god! All right. All right. Finish it! He’s not fighting back! Well, then you’ve got
yourself a decision. Do you know why you’re doing it?
Because when you take the life Of your commanding
officer, you should know. Finish it. You don’t want me to kill him. I couldn’t give a damn about him. I care about you, mack, as a brother, As a warrior, And that’s the
question i ask… Does this make you a better warrior? I don’t know what to do. How about that? Where’s colonel ryan? Let’s get the hell out of here, chief. Your daughter has been
rescued. She’s safe. There’s a plane waiting to take you to
the,air force base in ramstein, germany. Is she all right? Oh, yes. Was all this to help betsy, Or was this just a way to keep me
from losing my mind? You need to go quickly. He’s not your concern. When they came to kill me, He gave his life for mine. How do you repay that? Only a life for a life will do, But that’s a debt between
me and him, not you. You did very well. I’m proud of you, lieutenant blane. Sergeant. Thank you. – Mama!
– Oh, my god! – Are you ok?
– I’m fine. My baby girl, are you sure you’re ok? I just kept going. I didn’t look back. Right, mama? I just walked to the light. You mind if i stay here for a while? The unit team Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org

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