Rio receives a picture of Billy and Gabo together | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

[PHONE RINGS] Hey. I was calling
you earlier. Yeah. I’m sorry.
I was stuck in a… In a meeting? – Yes. I was stuck in a meeting.
– Ana told me. How’s your day so far? You know what,
why don’t I just come over? Would you like me
to order food for us? No. I actually
cooked something. Okay. I’ll see you later. Okay, great. I love you. [PHONE CHIMES] When did you take this? Just moments ago. Dear, is this something
you have to worry about? Are you implying Gabriel’s
having an affair? No, no, no. I did not say that. Look. That girl is one of the
suppliers for Tinapay Corner. It’s normal for him
to have lunch, dinner, any meal with any of
his business partners. So, stop taking pictures
of my boyfriend and please respect
his privacy. [BIRDCALL] Wow. More? This is really good. So, how did your
meeting today go? You seem happy. Did you close a deal? Yes, I had lunch with
one of my business partners. Everything seems to be okay. Who’s your business partner? Let’s not talk about work. Please? Don’t worry,
it’s no big deal. You’re not okay. I’m just worried because
we’re eating a lot of carbs. I’m on a diet. Come on. Besides, who cares
if you gain a little weight? Right? Not me. You

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