Rise Of Skywalker D23 Footage Teases A Dark Version Of Rey

Rise Of Skywalker D23 Footage Teases A Dark Version Of Rey

“It’s too dangerous. I have to go alone.” Those are the words Daisy Ridley’s Rey utters
in the brand-new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker shown at 2019’s D23 Expo. Lucasfilm took the stage on Saturday during
the hotly anticipated Walt Disney Studios presentation to unveil fresh footage from
the Star Wars saga-ending The Rise of Skywalker. Director J.J. Abrams explained that the creative
team is working hard on putting the finishing touches on the film and is tinkering away
at a new trailer to reveal ahead of the movie’s December 20 release date. But he didn’t want to leave the Star Wars
fans in attendance hanging. So, he, his Lucasfilm partners, and The Rise
of Skywalker cast gifted the world with a stellar sizzle reel featuring shots from the
flick. The footage reportedly received a standing
ovation. The Hollywood Reporter had the breakdown of
the footage, which shows a sizable fleet of Star Destroyers clustered in the sky, Rey
and Kylo Ren battling atop a sunken ship in the ocean, and a first look at Keri Russell’s
character Zorri Bliss in action — a Boba Fett-style bounty hunter type whom Russell
describes as, quote, “very cool and a little bit shady … kind of a criminal.” She’s also apparently an old friend of Poe
Dameron’s. The new Rise of Skywalker footage ended with
the most jaw-dropping shot of all: Rey is seen cloaked in a dark hood and holding a
dual-bladed lightsaber that’s glowing red. “That lightsaber… it belongs to me.” This suggests that Rey, who struggled with
understanding and channeling the Force in The Last Jedi, may give into temptation and
turn to the dark side in The Rise of Skywalker. C’mon, a red saber with two blades? A black hood over her head? Rey’s giving serious dark side vibes in the
new footage, and it’s already sending fans into a spiral of speculation – with many theorizing
that the get-up she sports in the new footage may be her response to discovering her true
parentage, which has always been a hot point of discussion amongst fans. If The Rise of Skywalker reveals that Rey
is a descendant of a prominent dark-sider – like, say, Emperor Palpatine – she certainly
couldn’t be blamed for having an existential crisis. On the other hand, maybe she’s wearing a creepy
hood and wielding a new lightsaber because she’s trying to infiltrate the First Order
as part of a Resistance mission. That seems more likely than Rey going mad,
but hey, anything goes in the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, The Rise of Skywalker sizzle
reel wasn’t immediately made available online. The silver lining is that something else related
to the movie is: a badass new poster. Lucasfilm unveiled the one-sheet at the Walt
Disney Studios presentation on Saturday, giving fans a glimpse at the tone and aesthetic of
the upcoming film. Aside from Palpatine’s tell-tale cackle in
the first Rise of Skywalker teaser, It’s one of the first confirmations that the one-time
Emperor of the galaxy will be playing a role in Episode 9. These reveals should tide fans over until
Lucasfilm drops the second trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, and definitely serve to
boost hype for the flick that will supposedly cap off the nine-movie Skywalker saga. The Star Wars franchise will, of course, live
on after The Rise of Skywalker with new movies from Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, and
Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. There’s also the three live-action Star Wars
TV series coming to the Disney+ streaming platform: The Mandalorian, a Rogue One prequel
centered on Diego Luna’s character Cassian Andor, and the recently announced Obi-Wan
Kenobi show. “Hello there.” Still, The Rise of Skywalker marks the end
of an important era, and will apparently be the last Star Wars film for a while, as the
franchise is taking a hiatus from feature films after its release. The hope is that The Rise of Skywalker will
be so epic that fans completely forget there won’t be a new Star Wars movie hitting the
big screen for some time. Based on this footage description, the new
poster, and the action-packed first trailer, that goal should be easily achieved. The end is nigh, and the saga is sure to go
out with a bang when Episode 9 lands in theaters on December 20. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Star Wars
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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize Disney was still going with Ryan Johnson AND D. Benioff and D. B. Weiss for their biggest new Star Wars projects… how many more red flags do they need?

  2. Let's see what do we have to look forward to. JJ doing damage control to try and fix the new SW trilogy ruined by Rian Johnson's TLJ. Then we have a Rian Johnson new trilogy that no one wants. Tarantino is directing the next Star Trek and making it R rated. Affleck and Cavill out as Batman and Superman in the DCEU. Oh and then Spider-Man has left the MCU.

    I don't care anymore.

  3. I think Rey is a clone with jedi and sith blood. The Rey we see is the clone that they got rid off and the True Rey is the Dark one.

  4. If Rey has red eyes, it means she is the "the one", which finally brings balance back to the universe (e.g. from Prime Jedi back to Prime Jedi), so everything comes full circle. Yoda said there was another, which could very well have meant Rey, rather than Leia, despite Ben believing it to be Leia. Note the Prime Jedi mosaic features the Prime Jedi as being both light and dark, having both light and dark eyes, etc. Shouldn't be coincidence that the mosaic featured ominously in Episode VIII, not to mention Rey kept the Jedi bibles.

    Rey is Darth Vader's midichlorian produced child, just like Anakin was Palp's midichlorian produced child. The Sith like to have the midichlorians impregnate impressionable slave junk traders as part of the Sith Lord training program to produce an apprentice since the Sith need to be in pairs and need to have backup: shmi/Anakin junk traders; Kylo tells Rey her parents were junk traders; Rey was junk trader; force sensitive kid end of Episode VIII junk trader. Midichlorian impregnanted kids are more powerful then bomchicka bombom half breeds like Kylo, because they are made by the Force, thus why Rey is so powerful off the bat. Rey being Vader midichlorian produced spawn also would explain why the Skywalker lightsaber called to her, too. Since she is essentially pure blood/midichlorian the trailer talking about "a thousand generations live in you now" would match that she is Force produced, too. "we've passed on all we know" since she has the original jedi texts.

    I suppose Palp could have also conjured the midichlorians to produce Rey, too, and that would still technically make Rey a Skywalker since Palp was Vader's daddy and would be Rey's daddy, but I like the Sith Lord training program ending with conjuring the midichlorians to produce a Sith apprentice.

  5. 2:33 I'm wielding a weapon that can cut through enemies like butter… I'm going to body slam him instead. Reminded me of why I can't stand the sequels.

  6. Nop! I bet you she is a clone, reason why she can’t remember a thing. What appeared on the teaser, and the Palpatine introduction into this episode may be the answer to this, and the mirror scene on the cave on TLJ can also be such answer.

  7. You should have said will they make this last one so epic fans will forget about the first two, Disney good at making cute animations and such but they have screwed the pooch on star wars with their micro management, holes in the story lines. Rey whos only ever been a part scavenger on a desert planet can suddenly be able to fly the millenium falcon as good as Solo. We watched the director of the first one unable to come up with something new so he barrows another rebels shooting down another death star. Now since the second director killed off his main villain he is going to bring back the original villain from the first series who we all thought was killed off ah but thanks to hollywood magic he reappears later at the very end of the third series. Star wars fans will go watch it of course. We will watch them line up over night and all that bull. They will enjoy paying $15 a ticket to get in and pay $20 for popcorn and a soda god blessum . The star wars universe doesn't interest me anymore. It was interesting when it first came out. Before it spaceships were always antiseptically clean and newish nothing look used. So I thank them for that. But it seems no one whether director or writing team can carry things forward story wise. The Empire gets destroyed so now you have another group that takes its' place. Uses the same ships same armor just different emblems. No darth vader but one who wants to be him. Now we will have the return of the emperor mm yea. I'll most likely go see the movie when they show it at the $8.00 movie night.

  8. Evil Rey is the big baddie that Good Rey has to fight at the climax of the film… This would be consistent with the theme that Rey is the only being in the galaxy powerful enough to defeat herself… However, by law, no version of Rey can ever lose a fight… So, instead of fighting (and because physical violence is a natural reference to toxic masculinity and the patriarchy), the two Reys will resolve their differences by force skyping… and then start making out (in a clear Oscar bid, and to virtue signal to the LGBT crowd)…

  9. It's just misdirection. J.J Abrams is renowned for it. Remember Fin with the lightsaber in the previous J.J Abrams movie trailer.

  10. Yeah anything is possible… like flying and breathing in space. Like dead pple not being dead. Like ships traveling from one galaxy to another in 1 sec. Etc.

  11. This will be a load of poop, who cares , get this lot of movies done and move onto the new lot, mandalorian looks good but it’s disney after all so have to wait till it’s actually in the Uk, again when that will be when money grabbing Disney decide to give it to us

  12. I bet "Dark Rey" either doesn't happen and they're teasing people with what SHOULD have happened in TLJ, or dark Rey will appear as an illusion like when Luke "fought" Vader on Dagobah. Either way, I barely even care about Ross, and The Mandalorian is about the last thing Star Wars has going for it, at least until they screw that up too.

  13. It would be the only way they could save that pile of dogshit that Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy has turned the Star Wars franchise into. But I doubt it. Disney didn't get rid of Kathleen Kennedy despite her gross incompetence because diversity. Rian Johnson was just the wrong guy for the job. He could have made an excellent stand-alone movie in the SW Universe with more strict oversight. But letting him do what he did with the trillogy, was just Kathleen Kennedy at sleep at the wheel or her generally sucking at her job. So that they haven't throw her out on her ass just because she can't piss standing gives me zero confidence that Disney wiil value story arc over political BS. Either way The Mouse won't be getting my money regardless. Fuck them!

  14. How does Kylo even stand the slightest chance against Rey? He lost to the most novice of Jedis ever, Rey… whom by Ep. 9 will have gained significant experience in the ways of the Force. On the other hand Kylo is an emotional weakling whose mentor died and never got a chance to even complete his training!

  15. So not looking forward to this film. Just the trailer was cringe…… no training nothing….. can defeat the entire empire

  16. I thought to myself. What can redeem this film and shock its audience. If Rey became a sith and Finn turns out to be Force-Sensitive. That'll be a shocker!!

  17. Reys a clone secretly built from lukes hand dna on jakku it was always palpys secret project
    It was palpatines contingency that if he died he will possess his clones
    Because he became a ghost when he died
    And this scene means palpatine has possessed

  18. When the characters have no consistency, plot only includes surprise twists and proper story telling takes a backseat, making social justice education the primary goal, these movies are no longer worth watching. I like seeing strong female leads, but please Disney, don't just include them without proper character development. Don't leave people thinking, 'She's only there because…. social justice and affirmative action'…. please write them as legitimately strong leaders. Oh, and that does not mean angry bossy either.

  19. Nope. Would not make sense. In fact why the heck ,go ahead. No training, know how to use the force instantly. In fact here is what, she can use the force to destroy planets, teleport and repeat. Disney make it happen.

  20. I'm betting that Rey is a genetically engineered clone, made by Palpatine, using DNA from all sorts of powerful force users. The supposed dark side Rey will actually be another Rey clone.

    Anakin was the first attempt at a created force being. After that failed, Palpatine kept working at it and made numerous Reys.

    That will explain her parentage, the vision she had in the cave, and why she's so powerful with little training.

  21. It would be a good root to go if they made Rey the bad guy
    Would make a hell of a lot of sense
    Disney might be able to redeem Star Wars if they did

  22. I wouldn't read to much into it because at this point Kathleen Kennedy is doing whatever she can to bring the hardcore fans back, will wait on the reviews of the movie from people i trust before i even decide to watch it.

  23. Having Rey turning to the dark side would be refreshing and interesting. Disney wouldn't let this happen so it's probably just a Dagobah vision. Where Rey fights a dark side clone and serves as warning exactly like Luke having a vision with Vader

  24. So much stuff coming in the next 4 months. Rick and Morty S4, Star Wars Episode 9 with Palpatine's return, The Mandalorian, It: Chapter 2, we JUST got Avengers End Game and Spiderman Far From Home in the last couple months, and Disney+ as a whole coming soon. PLUS Obi-Wan series confirmed this week?? YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. I hope none of these are hot garbage piles of disappointments lmao.

  25. You find out she has no parents and she is a clone and the Dark Rey is just an evil clone created by Palpatine.

  26. My estimation: Rey goes bad FOR 5 MINUTES but she fights the evilness and destroys it before anyone noticed. With no training and no flaws, Rey is unstoppable. Such rubbish

  27. I just feel like they missed on an opportunity to grow her character in the last movie and now she's just gonna be in final form this time and then never to be seen again

  28. Rey is a clone that the emperor created, so this is a “dark side” clone of Rey, not Rey herself. Will be pretty dope to see a Rey vs Dark Side Rey Clone battle.

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