Robot Koch – The Next Billion Years (Documentary)

Robot Koch – The Next Billion Years (Documentary)

I think we have to leave this body to
fuse with a greater whole I think we have to die to find enlightenment we’re manifested in the singular form
we’re just not going to be able to perceive the big picture there’s always moments where you can tap
into it that’s actually music to me when I write
music and I listen to music that I find that I can tap into this global
consciousness or cosmic consciousness my name’s Robert Koch I go by Robot
Koch and I’m here in Estonia to record my next record or the orchestral part of
it I want to make a record which is emotional in a subconscious way so I
want it to speak to the subconscious rather than to the conscious mind. I
really tried to simplify things to the extent of: how can I get an emotion
across with the least effort? my name’s Kristjan Järvi I’m a
conductor, really what I love to do is actually to create these spaces you get enlightened in somehow. when I met
Robert his music just resonated with me extremely. he didn’t have to tell me what
this music was about or how to perform it I kind of got it we’re recording his album which really
is a fusion of this kind of extreme, sensitive, acoustic beauty and feelings-
the inner universe so to say as opposed to the outer universe I often juxtapose between organic and
synthetic, nostalgia and futurism and also technology in nature. so there’s
always these opposite poles that I try to not unite but kind of find the
similarities in, and i find that there`s similarities in orchestral music and electronic music
and it’s almost like two sides of the same coin
like lights and darkness life and death
I’m seeing opposites as part of one thing and that’s how you can fuse
seemingly faraway poles. the record’s called “The Next Billion
Years” and that’s actually inspired by a tape which I found a year ago in LA and
it only said “Cousteau” had written on the tape is a speech given in 1973 it’s
mind-blowing how spot-on he was about some environmental issues and he gives
an outlook over the next billion years it just triggered something in me, and then
just that take away the next billion years that made me think in so many
directions Nordic pulse ensemble is a collection of
people who are or have been in the Baltic Sea Philharmonic our whole
process is actually telling something to the point where we visually choreograph
and actually live at the music so to say just like any wonderful actor. he becomes
the part rather than acts the part try to take people on a journey and and
I tried to make that also kind of a trademark or a hallmark of something
that is from this part of the world an orchestra is like an organism which
every player is a part of and they have to intonate with each other listen to
each other so that only happens where they all in the room together so a lot
of the ground recovered today was bringing that organism to life kind of
connecting here and music is a beautiful language to connect non-verbally and it
takes time you know it’s about being in the same space, sharing the same air you
know breathing the same air like syncing up pulsing together and so to speak. a
real strong point about his work as a conductor: he gets the orchestra to
feel what they’re playing and relax about it and yeah get into this unison
somehow there is nothing to do with technical
and skills what you would show. Kristjan I can see that he doesn’t
want us to play like in classical way he wants us to destroy the classical
frames and that I should I like a lot this combination is actually what a
conductor does on stage because he creates the atmosphere for people to
actually not only appreciate what is going on and be entertained but as well
but actually to have them to give them a direction of where their mind should
wander so they can create their own story it’s just like this whole idea of music
being a collective uniting uniting consciousness that we are
you have music to kind of express that bind it together, you know, beyond the
conscious mind- it comes from deeper players that resonates with people in
the deeper place, so if we achieved that then I’m really happy the future is always, the way we look at
it or talk about it, it’s our projection. it’s more a
statement about where we are right now and it’s a statement about the future
itself. but then we also make or create the future in real time at the present
moment then I was thinking about it for a long time I really want to be grounded
and present but then I’m also obsessed by the future and also so intrigued by it seems to be a contradiction: can you
be in the present and the future at the same time? but I think again it’s like
gazing into the horizon you need to have a vision where you go on but you also
need to be here right now so you don’t trip over stone or something it’s finding that equilibrium between
long, farsighted vision and present grounding, where you are right now, and
always go back and forth. I mean that’s what I find with myself: I always need
to ground myself or i get lost out there. i read this interesting stroy about the future
again and its about, you know the atoms in all of our bodies they stem from the Big
Bang right, that as old as they are but if in the few billion years the Sun
turns into a red giant which is a fact (probably) and then wipes out earth – this
billions of billions of of years from now, but then that shockwave is going to emit all the
leftover atoms into the universe so potentially in some dusts cloudout billions
and billions of years later the atoms in your brain will be part of a primordial
sea of a planet that isn’t even born yet so you know what I mean so we’re like
being recycled cosmically. you

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  1. This is so beautiful Robert. You're a genius. Thanks for sharing a peice of your process. Hope for more like this. Your mind is inspiring.

  2. This is so sooo good!!! So much good energy and inspiration comes from it! Thanks for sharing with us! Looking forward to the album.

  3. You’re an absolute gift to the world Robert. This is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

  4. Goose bumps the whole film! So perfect for our time. I appreciate the depth of your words as they speak to the truth of the Universe. Thank you for your gifts and sharing them with all of us.

  5. Wow. Einfach beeindruckende Arbeit, die du da leistest. So viele begabte Musiker zu vereinen. Gefühle wahr werden zu lassen. Nach dem Teaser freuen wir uns unglaublich auf dein neues Album 😍😍😍

  6. I feel your words,Robert.And everyone else's words.How can anyone enjoy technical musical performance? Your music felt….melancholic,sad….It's just really good!

  7. Your salt-of-the-earth approach is inspiring, friend. This music is so satisfying in its organic unity of elements and feels both intimate and cinematic at the same time. Kudos as well to Christian and the orchestra for breaking barriers to deliver a fluid and captivating sound to match your innovative vision for the presentation. Perhaps tapping into the subconscious mind and in essence the spiritual realm, we can find ways to encourage and enlighten each other. That would be nice. Peace and blessings to you….. ♥️

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