Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling Trailer | Netflix

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling Trailer | Netflix

[Filburt] We were floating around 
the universe for the past 20 years. [Heffer] Ooh! We’re passing Earth again. Push… the… button! [buzzes] [all screaming] We’re home. [all cheering] I don’t think we’re in the ’90s anymore. -[siren wails]
-[grunts] [screams] [laughing] -[beeping]
-[grunting] I just got the new O-Phone 9. [both] Ten! [Filburt] It’s so realistic! -[bell dinging]
-[grunts] The 21st century 
is a very dangerous century. I’m gonna find some episodes 
of The Fatheads. That’s been off the air for years. That show is all I have! We’re going on an epic quest
to find the great Ralph Bighead. Let’s go! [laughing] [laughs] Ralphie! Why don’t you go back
to the ’90s where you belong? [all] Yeah! [flatulates] Oh, that wind came out of the wrong end.

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  1. Oh Netflix

    We hate your stupid feminism crap and how you much you hate men.

    That being said good job on bringing something back that's worthwhile

  2. Just another SJW far left remake of a once great cartoon. Rocko was once an edgy cartoon. Now it preaches the same sh*t as the mainstream media. Rocko officially sux Marxist balls, or Mr bigheads now tranny son's clit?.

  3. i love this. it’s so damn meta and i’m so thankful they didn’t change the art style. idk if people from the
    realize that all we want is a special of old cartoons without changing the style of it.

  4. Being trans is today's dangerous trend being promoted by the establishment like smoking was back in the day.

    Change my mind.

  5. I had never watched a single episode of RMW, and I watched the special today. After watching it, I truly cannot believe I missed out on such an awesome show. Now I can't wait for Invader Zim. You are doomed! Doomed!! DOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!

  6. And of course it had an LGBT theme where the son decided he was a she. 👎🏻
    They have to ruin everything with this agenda.

  7. This whole movie feels like one big meta joke. I mean, a cartoon character disappears from TV for Twenty years, returns in an updated special where he tries to get back a cartoon that’s been taken off the air for twenty years by creating an updated special!

  8. Wow this is completely unexpected and awesome. I would love to see them bring back some Ren and Stimpy. As long as Netflix does it, that way it's not all cut up and politically correct. They do that and my childhood has returned

  9. Get woke, go broke. That plan has worked out so much for Star Wars, Little Mermaid, Terminator, Gillette, Nike, CNN, ESPN, Starbucks, Ghostbusters, Batwoman, etc.

  10. Just watched it on Netflix. First they are not returning the series, it is a Netflix film. Second, they included SJW into the story. Ga, just leave it out of our shows and movies.

  11. I like that they showed Filburt and Paula together with their grown children at the end and the group hug, it sort of references to them from "Future Schlock" albeit with Missy, Shellbert and Norbert looking slightly different and obviously in different outfits compared to the former, while Gilbert has the futuristic outfit he was wearing in said episode. Of course, the downside is that they didn't get dialogue but it's great that they appeared anyway even if only briefly.

    It's also a nice touch when we see both Norbert and Missy wearing the white coats, which obviously suggests that they followed in their mother's footsteps and became doctors (or surgeons/dentists.etc) as well.

  12. … it's so disappointing. It's literally the one episode where Ralph leaves and Rocco goes to find him except it's 21st century and ralphie is trans. Why is he trans ? He was barely in the show I don't even understand the significance of making him like that other than pandering

  13. when I saw the lgbt tag on Netflix…….I honestly thought Rocko and Heffer were going to become a couple

  14. This was a slap in the face to old fans. Not only are they mocking you for being nostalgic, they thought it was appropriate to stick LGBT politics in a kids show. Maybe I could let that slide if the jokes were there, but there were none. It was a bunch of references to the early 00s. I'm worried for the Invader Zim movie after this.

  15. I hope that Netflix do remake works about the classic series and movies from my childhood. I love you Netflix and thanks for reviving my childhood’s memories. 👍🏼😊📷📹📺☎️💾💿📼

  16. Mr Bighead why don't you go back to the 90s where you belong
    He is not wrong Rocko's modern life is so 90s

  17. it's actually pretty funny how they managed to turn the last 20 or so minutes of this movie into a liberal propaganda short reminiscent of the Walt Disney propaganda shorts during WW2

  18. Nothing more than another piece of Go Woke, Go Broke, Pussify Men and Stay Stupid, social justice coward, piece of shit. Netflix – you really suck.

  19. Wow what a total shit ass try at rocko. Why put a damn trans in it or whatever they call themselves. Two thumbs down at blaspamous child hood remake!! Fuuuuuck that

  20. They destroyed Ralph´s character, instead of creating a new one to expose lgbtiq+ theme, they used him even when the character developement was already done…disappointed…

  21. It blows my mind how they were able to get all of the origional voices after all this time, feel like it wouldn't have worked at all otherwise

  22. I’m not part of the LGBT community but I fully support it. I teared up when it was revealed that Ralph had transitioned. Many ppl are going to relate and it’ll represent and normalize that community, however small this step may seem. Nickelodeon is amazing for this.

  23. So many franchises have died for me in the last 20 years but Rocko gets a new 45 minute special that seems faithful to the original after all this time?
    I'm genuinely positively surprised. Just … wow.

  24. If it's just going to be a movie about shitting on technology and unfunny jokes about how society has changed then good luck.

  25. I liked it, felt just like an old episode from back in the day. Kinda like when mike judge made new beavis and butthead episodes and it still had the same charm just a cleaner looking animation.

  26. I'm so happy that netflix brought back rocko's modern life. This bring back so many memories plus they kept it original. Netflix hands down 🤲 to you because everything looks the same. And I'm for it 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤

  27. I freaking love this! There has been lots of remakes of classic shows that havent turned out to well, but this looks just like the classic show! Cant wait to watch the movie later.

  28. Looks Great! ( Untill You Watch It ) and find out all the political agenda was left out of this intro intentionally.

    Witch by the way is what the whole episode revolves around..

    Way to ruin yet another reboot. This is why reboots are dying. Now stop trying to rewrite history because it hurts your feelings and keep politics out of our shows and movies.

  29. Transgenderism👏is👏nothing 👏new👏

    Netflix has always been forcing progressive views down people’s throats

    More and more media wants to support pedofilic ideals by making people accept that young children should be thinking of their sexual orientation

    are you kidding me? CHILDREN! They can’t tie their own fucking shoes but people want them to already be thinking about who they want to have sexual relations with????

    Progressivism is fucking disgusting parading under a seemingly positive name when its ideals are the exact opposite

  30. That patronizing cloud though. "Winds of change"; you know what else changed? Your target market grew up, speak to us like adults. Honestly, that cloud is so annoying and unnecessary. If they removed the cloud and left everything else the same, the episode would have still have made reasonable sense.

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