Roles That Made Actors Quit Hollywood For Good

Roles That Made Actors Quit Hollywood For Good

Many actors have retreated from the spotlight
over the years, sometimes setting the stage for a big comeback, and sometimes never to
return. Whether a star has an illustrious résumé
or is known for a single iconic role, taking on the wrong part can be the final nail in
an acting career’s coffin. Here are some roles that made actors quit
Hollywood for good. Peter Ostrum in Willy Wonka and the Charlie
Factory The first and only role Peter Ostrum ever
took was the sweetly naive Charlie Bucket in the original screen adaptation of Roald
Dahl’s classic. As Charlie, Ostrum was poised to inherit a
delicious empire, but after the movie wrapped, he stepped away from the spotlight. Ostrum later told The Daily Express, “Being in the film industry as a child was
hard, and I couldn’t keep it going. But in the end leaving was the right decision.” Ultimately, he turned down a three-picture
deal after Willy Wonka, but he remains close to his co-stars even today. Using his earnings, he bought a horse — his
first step towards his ongoing career in veterinary medicine, which is a whole lot better than
running a factory notorious for mutilating curious children. Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace Landing the leading role in one of the most
hotly anticipated films of the ’90s should have been a dream come true for Jake Lloyd. Sadly, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace wound
up being the first — and arguably the worst — installment in a disappointing prequel
trilogy. As bad as it was for viewers, though, Lloyd’s
experience a complete nightmare. “I’ll try spinning that’s a good trick.” According to Lloyd years later, playing the
part made his life “a living hell,” and no amount of spinning would help. He was bullied mercilessly when he wasn’t
being bombarded with interviews, at times doing as many as 60 a day. “Have you still got all the paraphernalia,
all the little figurines, all the merchandise?” “No.” “You shunned it a bit?” “No. I just didn’t keep the merchandise.” Following a string of voice acting parts for
Star Wars pod racing video games, Lloyd’s most notable brush with fame was a high speed
police chase in 2015. Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game He may have earned an Oscar nomination for
his performance in the sleeper hit The Crying Game in 1992, but Jaye Davidson never considered
himself an actor. In fact, he tried to back out of the role
twice after he was cast. A very private person, Davidson had it written
into his contract that he would not have to do any publicity following the film’s release,
though he did attend a 25th anniversary reunion in 2017. Upon seeing an initial screening, Davidson
explained to Rolling Stone that it made him very uncomfortable, saying, “I’m not a performer, do you know what I mean? I don’t leave messages on answer phones, in
case of the hideous possibility that I will hear my own voice.” Davidson promptly returned to his roots as
a fashion assistant and model. He appeared in just one other major film,
1994’s Stargate, presumably because he loved the costumes. Carrie Henn in Aliens Nine-year-old Carrie Henn was living in Lakenheath,
England, where her military family was stationed, when a casting call for the 1986 space horror
flick Aliens rolled through town. Henn caught the eye of director James Cameron,
and though Henn had never acted, Sigourney Weaver voted to cast her as the orphaned survivor,
Newt, after their very first meeting. The chemistry between the two was immediate,
cementing the mother-daughter bond as a central theme of the film. After primary filming had ended and Weaver
and Henn were the only two actors left on set for effects shots, the two became close. “She and I really bonded because everyone
left us, and we used to always joke that we were the orphans that nobody wanted.” While she has fond memories of filming the
gooey bug-hunt, she never took another acting part. She did not want to live
in L.A. after returning to the States because it would mean being separated from her family. It also didn’t help much that Newt’s character
was killed off in hypersleep prior to the events of Alien 3. Aliens is Henn’s only IMDb credit, and today,
she’s an elementary school teacher… who occasionally signs copies of the Aliens DVD
for her students. Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project The release of The Blair Witch Project in
1999 marked the arrival of found-footage horror, a subgenre which seemingly just will not die. Sadly, the career of the film’s lead star,
Heather Donahue, did not have the same staying power. Donahue managed to make a variety of appearances
in indie horror flicks and on TV, including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but despite
her convincing performance as a terrified, lost camper, she never found a niche in high-profile
roles. Ten years later, she finally cashed in her
chips, and hasn’t sought acting work since, telling People, “I took all my stuff into the desert relating
to my acting career and burned it all.” Donahue turned to writing instead, and had
her first book, Growgirl, published in 2012. The memoir chronicles her experience growing
medical marijuana on a pot farm in California. She probably needed the stuff after that one
time she totally freaked out in the woods. “What was that?” Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen You can thank the 2003 flop The League of
Extraordinary Gentlemen for the retirement of legendary actor Sean Connery. Despite the great hype surrounding this comic
book adaptation, it was a disaster on all fronts, and the trouble started well before
the movie ever saw a screen. Connery was reportedly perpetually at odds
with the film’s director, Stephen Norrington, a tension that resulted in heated verbal exchanges
during filming and post-production. It was the last straw for the screen legend,
and this extraordinary mess of a movie marked Connery’s last appearance in front of the
cameras. Always ornery, he remarked to GQ: “I was fed up of dealing with f***ing idiots. For years there has been a widening gap between
people who can make films and people who can’t.” His last role on record happened in 2012,
when he produced and provided the lead voice for Sir Billi, which was another critical
disaster…for obvious reasons. “Can this octogenarian…. And his goat….. Save the day?” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. I find this all fascinating. I have morbid curiosity. Its one of my gulity pleasures to watch this kind of stuff.

  2. I watch what I like . I could careless what Hollywood or anyone else thinks. I don't care if it was a box office gold or a flop. I have seen some really bad box office gold movies and some low budget winners.

  3. Commercials? On Youtube? The one that's running now is going into its third minute. In future, if I run into one of these timewasters, I will waste no time . . . I will leave the video and possibly Youtube. Ask your viewers, Youtube; see how many agree with me.

  4. That teen who played Anakin Skywalker. His sub-adult angst and AWFUL dialogue delivery should easily convince him that acting is NOT in his future! His acting was so painful to watch that I was glad he has not shown up much since. That whole movie was drecky, sludgy and full of the WORST writing. There is only one other film that was on a par with it for horrible writing, and an agonizing long string of poor decisions. And that film was Aliens III.
    Fans will NEVER forgive the killing of Newt and Hicks, and as far as I know, it is regarded as "you must be mistaken, there never was a third film". Production featured a director who has now disowned the film and doesn't want to associate himself with it, a string of writers who farted around so much with a prison theme that they stunk up the whole storyline, and even James Cameron felt the film was a slap in the face to his own Aliens II, and the characters who had struggled so much to survive in it. Fans agreed with Cameron. It is, in most respects, considered a flop and many deny its existence.
    It's one thing to want to "put your own mark" on a film, but quite another if you disrespect how the fans feel about the characters they've come to love. Half-assed actors or writing do ruin films and these two are stark examples.

  5. Ya!! The children didn't much care for what comes with being a child actor which is all the pedophiles!! 😕💩👎

  6. If you dont like performing, then why are you in the performing industry? No one forced you to act or model. You chose to do that. Eh I just don't get it. Don't complain when you're the one who stepped into the industry.

  7. I heard Jaye Davidson accepted the Stargate role because they offered him a ridiculous amount of money. He really was a fine actor and I wonder if partially he just didn't want the androgynous type cast to be his "thing".

  8. I always known acting was tough and hard but some people say it's a piece of cake. It's the hardest job you can ever do that's why these young actors left their acting careers for good and never to act again. Remembering the lines and acting it out is the hardest out of acting.

  9. I dont blame Jake Lloyd for a bad script. You can still do good acting with a bad script, and his acting was horrible. Even a good script would not have saved his lack of ability. I truthfully feel he was picked for the part based on his cute boy look over his acting. Movie companies do this a lot.

  10. "Jar Jar And The Chocolate Factory" would've been a cool film. Jake Llllllloyd could have been horribly done away with in a dangerous chocolate factory run by Jar Jar Binks.

  11. I think it's weird her name was Carrie Henn. Because Sigourney Weaver has to carry that little hen throughout the film.

  12. erm.. sean connery has been in many movies since 1954. And your video looked like it was for 1-time actors, so it isn't fair to put him in it

  13. Can we stop dumping on the prequels?  I enjoyed 1 2and 3 as much as 4  5 and6.  You want a bad SW flick, look at 7 and 8.. Jake Lloyd couldn't take the pressure. Besides, there aren't that many roles for 12 year olds.  It just goes to show how mean and jealous people get.

  14. The league of extraordinary gentlemen was fucking awesome one of my favorite movies ever . But I tend to like movies other people don't , I thought Kevin Costner's movie the postman was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen .

  15. the devil: Charlie i can make u a star just sign your soul at the dotted line.
    Charlie: ima be a farmer
    god: you won charlie you really won!

  16. Wait one minute,,,, so your saying That wasn't Peter Ostrum in those Parent Trap Movies?🤔….. you sure

  17. He said he took the role in league because of the cig effects,cuz the last time he turned down a part in a film that was heavy cgi he didn't understand all the effects part but regretted it. The movie was the matrix in the role of morpheous.

  18. What we know now about Hollywood and using children for sex, I'm not surprised some of the kids said never again! Good for them, got out before it ruined their lives.

  19. Willy Wonka was not about "mutilating curious children". The kids were not curious, they were bratty, disobedient, obnoxious results of poor parenting. They reaped the natural consequences of their actions which they were warned against doing. And no one was mutilated; watch it again, at the end Gene Wilder makes it clear that all the kids would be returned to "their nasty, miserable selves".
    Words matter. So please chose them more carefully.

  20. I don't think Peter Ostrum was ever a Hollywood kid he always looked like a shy kid from a small town.
    I sincerely hope Jake Lloyd finds happiness in his life. It was truly shameful how he was treated. The poor kid.

  21. The thing about Carrie Henn is actually not true, it wasn't the role per say, she just wasn't interested at all. Smart kid.
    So, your title is kind of misleading.
    And anyone in league of extraordinary gentlemen would have quit acting, you can't appear in this shit and hope to come out on top. I mean, for f**k sake, even Sean Connery gave up after this, that says it all about a "movie".

  22. Sean Connery should come out of retirement and do a film with Tommy Lee Jones and Nick Nolte. Call it, "Grumpy Old Men 2.0" But make it rated R and a horror movie/documentary: Three grumpy old a-holes who sit on a porch and complain about everything all day long…

  23. First of all the phantom menace was one of the best in the better of the trilogy’s and league of extraordinary gentlemen was a really good movie, at least at the time

  24. Even for being a child actor, Jake Lloyd was an awful fucking actor, have seen many kids younger than him who could act so much better.

    That said if you get your kid into acting you might as well just be starting them on a cocaine habit

  25. Chantelle lockwick special effects girlfriend dark crystal break the castle lights incoming special effects

  26. I work at a vet supply shop we build farrier supplies. we did a vet body for peter ostrum very nice guy and down to earth.

  27. I find Sean Connery's remark funny as he'll. Connery calling film makers fucking idiots.
    When Connery was cast for The Hunt for Red October. He initially turned the role down. He had fears that the movie would escalate Cold War tensions between the West and the former Soviet Union.
    It was only after It was explained to that fucking idiot, Sean Connery that the cold war had been over for quite some time. And the Soviet Union no longer existed did Connery agree to the part.
    Sean Connery was a great actor. But, off screen he was an arrogant, obnoxious, FUCKING IDIOT.
    He is the classic example of how people who play pretend their someone else for a living instead of dealing with the real world can show their complete ignorance and stupidity.

  28. You had to love Newt. She was such a nice balance of strong yet vulnerable. If Ripley hadn't been there the audience would have felt protective of the little ragamuffin.

  29. Heather Donohue was always really really good in everything. Loved her in the "Taken" mini-series, which was a Spielberg production. I still have the dvd set.

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