Ronda Rousey Shows Ellen How to Mean Mug

Ronda Rousey Shows Ellen How to Mean Mug

You look great. Thank you. You look fantastic. OK. So explain this change to
me, because I’m not really– so you were a mixed
martial arts fighter. Yeah. That’s what you were doing. And now, you are a
professional wrestler. Yes. Right? OK. So explain the difference
for me to understand that. And why did you
make that change? Well, pro wrestling,
WWE, I kind of describe it as more like a
live TV show about a wrestling tournament where everyone
does their own stunts. OK. And that’s pretty much it. So it’s not fake
fighting, it’s scripted. So when I got slapped across
the face the other day, that was a real slap. There’s no real
way to fake that. Right. They don’t bring out the rubber
hand or something for me. And I think the main
difference is it’s a team. I’ve never been on a
team my whole life. Right. I was a swimmer, that was alone. I did judo, that was alone. I was a fighter, that was alone. And with WEE it’s
like a big team. Everyone’s working
together to try and make it as great as possible. And is it choreographed? Do you have to– So you have to
learn all kinds of– [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That was supposed
to happen, right? Yeah. And was it hard? You had to keep that
a secret, right? Yeah. Well– which was really
tough, because I’d been training for
a while, and no one was supposed to know
that I was training. And when they were trying to
sneak me into the Royal Rumble, it was in Philadelphia, and I
was filming Mile 22 in Colombia And in the day of
social media, it’s really hard to go
anywhere secretly, which I’m sure you know. Yeah. And I had to try
and sneak myself, flying commercially
from Colombia to Miami. And Florida is the
capital of wrestling, so how the hell am I going
to get there unseen? And so, I just put on a beanie,
and some glasses, and a hood on. And they put all these
police around me. And it really looked like
I got busted for drugs. Everywhere I went these
people were escorting me, and I put my head down,
and I look like I’m really ashamed of myself. And no one took a
picture, and I snuck in. Wow. Yeah. Wow, that’s amazing. So now, are you going
to– is it hard? Because how long did you
do mixed martial arts? Ooh. I would say maybe six,
seven years– seven years. Right. So how do you not,
automatically, when you’re in a ring with
somebody, slip into something and just do something that
you are not supposed to do. Well, I guess that’s
why we rehearse and know choreograph things. But it’s– I think the more
the reactions come from my mom waking me up an arm-barring me
as a child to try and get me to have really fast defense– which is totally normal, right? [LAUGHTER] So I mean, we go
rehearse things enough where I feel like I wouldn’t go
out of character or something. But if someone halls
often socks me one and they’re not
supposed, then no one will know if I hit
them back, right? Exactly. That– [LAUGHTER] Was my question. And so, would you
ever go back to UFC? I don’t know. I think it’s just as
likely as me going back to another Olympics for judo. And no one demanded a written
resignation from me for judo. And I don’t really
think the same thing is necessary for fighting. And I’m just doing what I enjoy. And WWE is what I
enjoy right now. Yeah. So you were here– I don’t think was the last
time, but my favorite moment is, when you were here and
you were showing Andy– and he really didn’t think
you were going to hurt him, but you did. So this is you
throwing Andy down. And then he kept
trying to get up, and– [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That was being really nice
about it that day, actually. I know. That’s the really cuddly
version of that throw. Yeah. And you were just talking,
having a conversation. [LAUGHTER] I thought that’s what we
were supposed to be doing. He was fighting me back. I didn’t know I
was in for a fight. And then he finally
tapped the mat. And then he finally gave up. [LAUGHTER] I love those pants. Remember that, Andy? I do. Yeah? Yeah. Fondly? It’s great to see Ronda again. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] So I want to talk with
about– you have a farm? Kind of. We call it our tester
farm before we go out in the middle of nowhere. Some people have tried doing
that, and they’re like, yeah, I watched a few videos on
YouTube, I can live off-grid. Eventually I want to have
our own little mountain, and just be in the
middle of nowhere. But this is kind of our tester. So you have goats. Yes. We have three goats. They are pet goats– Max, Pax and Clay. Yeah. Those are our boys. And then we have seven
chickens and three dogs. And we’re working our way up. We’re getting there. That’s so cute. I want to get a goat. [LAUGHTER] I need goats and lambs. I need all those things. We’re back with WWE
superstar Ronda Rousey. And you have your first
match coming up, right? Yes. Are you excited about that? Oh, I’m extremely excited. Are you nervous? I mean, I’m nervous, but it’s
not like Olympics nervous. You know what I mean? It’s not like– the worst
thing that will happen is I’ll look stupid,
which is not the worst thing that could really happen. So I can’t think
of the last time I was so excited for
anything– like, really looking forward to it. You know what I mean? You have– look, see
you’re so– when you smile, you seem so nice and friendly. And then, you have this– [LAUGHTER] You have this other side of you. You have a face that you– show people the face– [LAUGHTER] Oh. Yeah, that face. Well, my godfather
taught me how to mean mug when I was a little kid. And in Judo, you bow before
you get into the mat. You bow at the edge of
the mat, and then you bow to your opponent. And so, he’s was
like, OK, this is how you’re going to look mean. You bow, and then
when you come up, you look through your eyebrows. And then you bow again, and
you look through your eyebrows. And then you show them who’s
the baddest little girl. And that was the thing. Just look through your eyebrows. So I’ll just turn it
down, and then look up. There you go. See? [LAUGHTER] That’s pretty mean. I believe it. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] You got
to keep it low. Keep it low and look up. [LAUGHTER] All right. You can see Rhonda’s first
WWE match at Wrestlemania 34 on Sunday, April 8, streaming
live on the WWE network.

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  1. Turns out Ellen can't mean mug right! Her comedic face still fighting to co-exist in her mug face!

  2. Finally a WWE superstar on the Ellen show don’t believe me I watch WWE every single Monday and Tuesday and mats Rhonda Halsey

  3. If only she wasn't such a sore loser she could of left the UFC with some dignity. I use to admire her so much but it all went to her head. Now she just pretends to fight

  4. In WWE ring she looks like a tigress but IN real life she looking like Jeniffer Lopez…. (beautiful)…. 💓💓💓
    Love u mam from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. She is always my MMA, UFC WARRIOR. was then watching WWE before when i see my self those ringside fight i was watching & not REALLY satisfied of those choreograph, scripted plays or fight. When i discovered anD watch the MMA & UFC I was kindna excited more of UFC & MMA FIGHT. I say winning inside the OCTAGON is HARD, GETTING BELT OF A WEIGHT CLASS IS VERY HARD. I ENJOYED A REAL FIGHT THAT WHEN YOU WILL NOT TAP OR SURRENDER YOU WILL BE DEAD, AND I LIKE IT MUCH. I WISH RONDA ROUSEY WILL COME AND FIGHT IN MMA OR UFC.

  6. I wanna laugh at random comments but i wanna keep a straight face

    What do i do now?

    I don't know how this happens


  7. 0:32 i love how she just says it (i mean we all know it ain’t fake but scripted) but i love how she just said it like that you know 😊

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