Room Closet – Gay Themed Short Film (English and Spanish Subs)

Could you maybe put on
something more chill? Yeah, sure. Like what? Your choice I’m fine with anything Okay Does this work? Yeah So, do you wanna… Like, watch a movie, or… No… not really Okay Just kinda bored, that’s all Can you just… scoot a bit with me? Yeah, sure. What’s up? Give me your hand I just really fucked up my
shoulder during practice today Yeah, thank you.
That feels nice So I guess we’re not… Doing sushi tonight then I don’t know, I might
hangout with Ashley tonight Okay Just wish you’d… you know
let me know next time Why do you hate her? I… I don’t hate her Okay, not hate her But everytime I hangout with her
you seem to get upset I hate when you… When you blow me off for her It’s not like you’re competing
against her, dude It feels like that There’s no competition You’re my best friend Yeah well, you keep saying that You’re confusing, I don’t
know what you want from me I want you to make up
your fucking mind Why? What is there to make
my mind up about? I think you’re a pussy Oh yeah? Yeah… yeah you’re a pussy See Pussy Believe me if I wanted to kiss you
you would already be kissed What’s that supposed to mean? What I said Come say it to my face then I don’t want kiss you You’re scared I win I don’t think you did Oh, fuck What’s wrong? Nick just texted me Half of the time is with like, a fever So, pray for me If you get me sick
I’m gonna kill you Only if you get lucky Will I? What? Get lucky I don’t know You didn’t move I know Yeah? You guys coming to
dinner with us? Yeah in a sec Okay – I… have to get ready – Yeah
– To meet Ashley – I’ll see you tomorrow?
– Yeah Rafa, are you ready? Rafa?

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