Rope Twisted Updo | Homecoming Hairstyles

Rope Twisted Updo | Homecoming Hairstyles

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  1. Is it just me or Brooklyn and Bailey smiles with teeth, then closes their lips and then with teeth, without, with, without… like a sims character when you customize them! I always notice it more than looking at how the hair tutorial works sometimes so I always play back to watch it again! XD Anyone else notices?

  2. Hi I am coming from Brooklyn and baileys you tube challenge and on of the ways to enter is to comment on your favorite cgh hairstyle and this one is my favorite of many

  3. October 4 is my birthday this year I'm turning 11 and YAYAY!!!! You done and amazing hairstyle I love on my birthday (well in 2015 I turned 10 but now I'm turning 11 in October 4) well yeah so um yeah lol

  4. Great vid! Gonna try this one for my brother's wedding.
    There is mention of a video about how to prep your hair, can I find that somewhere? ^^

  5. Pretty much all of your hairstyles require bobby pins. You always manage to do it so it looks perfect and you can't see the bobby pins. Could you do a tutorial?
    Mrs. Sucks-at-using-bobby-pins

  6. I really want to wear this hairstyle to my prom, can you please do a video on the prep, so that I can? Love this tutorial ahh

  7. You guys should do a snap chat to tell us when hairstyle are coming or behind the scenes love you guys ❤️❤️

  8. Will you please post a video on how to dutch braid? You use them in lots of your videos, but I'm not sure how to. Thanks! 🙂

  9. I have long hair it goes a little bit past my shoulders.. do you think I could do this to my hair or no? Cause I really like this for prom…

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