Rowdy Raja 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur

Rowdy Raja 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur

‘Ramapuram…’ ‘Going by the name, it has lush greens’ ‘and a soothing atmosphere.’ ‘It is quite peaceful with no disputes
whatsoever.’ ‘The reason is the man the village
considered as God…’ ‘Mr. Surya Narayana…’ ‘The villagers trust him wholeheartedly.’ Hey! Give me that. I’ll give it to him. ‘His name is Anji.’ ‘A trustworthy servant of the house…’ ‘The Lord Rama temple in Ramapuram
has a specialty.’ ‘Villagers gathered funds to get
a golden idol and jewels made.’ ‘The jewels are brought to Mr. Surya Narayana’s
house before the carnival every year.’ ‘It is their custom to have the jewels
polished here.’ ‘Anji was greedy for these jewels.’ ‘He wanted to rob them at any cost.’ ‘He was caught trying to rob them
that night.’ ‘So, Mr. Surya Narayana produced Anji
in front of the village as a culprit.’ He robbed the jewels bought with
the villager’s money. It’s not enough if I hit him alone. You know how to punish a wrong doer.
– We do, sir. Smack him…. Chop his arm off as per
our village principles. Sir… Sir… Please forgive him. He was ignorant. He made a mistake. He’ll not repeat this. Because it’s a woman asking me… I’m banishing you and your family
from the village for 25 years. In case you set foot in the village again, you’ll not be alive. Okay, sir.
– Go away! Let’s go… ‘Anji was subjected to insult in front of
everyone, as he left the village.’ ‘At the same time…’ You’ll be fine, dear. Slowly… Sister, get the sterile cloth.
– Ok. Sister, it’s my wife inside. Don’t worry. She’ll have a free delivery. So, I don’t have to pay the bill? If you try to act smart, you’d have to scream
instead of her at the bill counter. Oh, no! Where’s my chain? That day, I thought he snatched it
by mistake. I later realised he’s going to be
a skilled thief. Why did you call us, madam? Her geometry box has been missing
since a few days… His compass went missing yesterday… And today, this boy’s lunch box
wasn’t found. Why are you telling us all this, ma’am? Because your son stole all of this stuff. I summoned him to scold him.
But, he stole my glasses. That’s the reason for this meeting. No, ma’am. He’s a little boy. We’ll set him straight…
Pardon him for once. Okay. This is the final warning. Make sure he doesn’t repeat this. Okay, ma’am. Here you go. Boy… My bell…! He is asked to get coconut oil
from the store. He steals it but never buys it. Yes, doctor. As he puts his hand on a neck,
the chain disappears. Shake your hand with him and
your watch goes missing. What’s the problem, doctor? He’s a thief. He’s inherited the skill to rob. This disorder is called kleptomania. Oh… He commits theft without brain control. Doctor… Doctor, prescribe pills, syrups
or whatever. Start the treatment urgently. Sorry. Medicinal science has no cure
to this. What should we do about it? Take him to Tirupati and have his
head shaved. If he steals something from the devotees,
have yourself smacked. What the hell! Isn’t it enough that you shaved your head? What are you still sitting for? Get up! Oh, snap! My stethoscope! Is there no cure to this disorder?
– There’s no medicine. No one could invent it until now. This disorder has no cure, sir. There’s no treatment we can offer. Oh, God! Is there nobody who can cure him? I’ve had diarrhea since morning, sir. I’ve had stomach ache since 2 days, sir. I have a really bad headache.
I can’t bear it, sir. Use this. Swallow this. Take this.
– What is this, sir? You’ve given all three of us
the same medicine. Doctor Sima here. You’ve got routine disorders. Do you expect me to perform
a surgery on you? Leave! Okay! How can you drive away
all the patients? I feel bad, Sujatha. I didn’t pursue MBBS in London for 9 years
to cure such basic illnesses. When will they start getting creative? Take abroad for example. They have new disorders like Ebola
very often. When will the people of India change? Indians love their routine, sir. The only word I hate in Hindi is routine.
– So Why did you come to india. Stop countering me and get to work. Can I come in, doctor?
– Yeah, please come. What’s the disorder?
– A bloody disorder… I don’t have it. My son does. It’s some new disorder called Kleptomania. New disorder? Sujatha.
– Sir. Get us two coffees.
Also a soft drink for the guy. Okay sir.
– So, what are the symptoms? He commits robbery without
his knowledge. Wow! What a crazy disorder, sir! This disorder seems to have no cure
in the medicinal science. That’s what I want, sir. There’s a lot of kick, sir.
– Kick? I’ll take care of your son hereafter.
– You’ll look after him? Why do you look so surprised? It’s okay if the medicinal science
has no cure. I’ll mix the sciences of biology and chemistry… And make a potion from the
science of mathematics. Thank you. What about the fee? I’ll give 1000 bucks. 1000 bucks?
– Why? Isn’t it enough? I’ll give you 2000 bucks. No, doctor. I don’t get how
you’ll be profited from this. I’ll find a cure to his disorder
and win Nobel Prize. I’ll loot 20 millions. Give me your address, sir.
– Why, doctor? You guys might forget him but I’ll not. “I am lost in your love” “You are remembered every moment” “I am prepared to meet you” “I lost myself and became all yours” “We stay awake all night lost in our thoughts” “The day ends with sleepless nights” “I am restless, you are restless
We both are happy in love” “Confused and deeply in love are we both” “I am lost in your love” “You are remembered every moment” “I express my feeling through my eyes
which can’t be said by words” “I read your inner feelings of heart” “You are my dream and my first love” “You are present in every moment of my life” “You are my abode of desires
I fly high in the sky with thoughts” “My servitude is always for you” “We’ve gone crazy in this love” I’m feeling shy.
– Why? You don’t have to be shy with me.
Assume I’m your boyfriend and say it. Because I assumed so,
I dared to come all the way. I love you!
– Me too. “Confused and deeply in love are we both” “I am lost in your love
You are remembered every moment” Hey! Why do you look so happy? What’d he propose with?
– With trust for the future… Looks like you gave him
your chain to sell. Yeah… Where are your chain, bangles, Head band and ear rings?
– Where’d they go? Where’s your wallet?
– Yeah, where’s my phone? What’s all this, dear? Did you buy them to gift someone? No. He must’ve stolen them
from someone. Tell her!
– I can’t tell you so frankly. I’m checking how they ended up
in my pockets. Don’t think about why you have them. Try to recollect where they came from. Yeah. A girl proposed love this morning. I think these belong to her.
She looks really good. Bloody life! Aren’t you ashamed? Who would steal jewels from a girl
who proposes love? What’s with you and your disorder, son? Before stealing something, don’t you check if the stuff
is useful to you? What the hell is this?
What will you do with it? Listen to me.
Before she finds out you’re a thief, Go put the stuff back. No need. I found out. Really, dear? Are you even human? I’m sure you are not. I’ve sincerely waited for you to propose
since a month and finally did it myself. How could you steal stuff from me? Didn’t you mind stealing from
a girl who loves you? Sorry, Vennela. I have a disorder.
– I’ll slap you tight… If you speak crap… A guy like you is a misfit
in the society. I’ll make sure I call the cops
and have you arrested. He’s telling the truth.
He has a weird disorder. It’s not just in my case. He steals from his mother as well. Only I know the number of times my job
has been transferred because of him. Please consider us and forgive him. He’ll never bother you again in life. Please forgive him, dear. Yeah, Vennela. I’m sorry. Shut up! I’ll kill you if you try to cover up.
Got it? A guy like you doesn’t deserve friendship,
let alone love. I forgive you because of your parents. If I ever see you with a girl again,
I’ll do what I have to. Sir, a patient is here. He has 102 degrees temperature.
His body is blazing. Go ask him to sit in the freezer.
Don’t disturb me! Okay, sir. Okay, sir. Good morning, my patient.
How come you’re here? How could you ask us that? We’ve been consulting you
for 15 years now. If I spend that much time for campaigning… I would’ve been the CM by now. He seems to be interested in politics. How long will you have this
treatment go on? I’m working on it.
Potassium is boiling. Magnesium is burning. But the calcium
doesn’t tend to connect, sir. Why would it connect?
It’s not some network SIM. You’ve been mixing all kinds of chemicals. But I see no result. Sure, sir. Why wouldn’t you say so? Criticism is guaranteed before
one is applauded. One chance, dude.
I’m cracking it this time. We’ll rock it. I wonder what you’re going to rock. But make sure I don’t steal from anyone. Thank you, dude. Just a minute… Use this medicine meanwhile. What’s this for?
– It’s for my satisfaction. But it’s not going to cure anything, right? Ohh God! You thief!
Take it out! Come on! Take it out. Where’s the owner at, huh?
– Owner… Let me expose you right now.
– What is it, sir? Who the hell is this guy?
He’s stealing all the stuff. I caught him red handed
because I was here. Are you the owner?
– I’m the worker, sir. Where’s the owner? He’s the owner.
– Huh? What? You heard me right. He’s only the owner. Why is he sliding stuff into
his pocket then? It’s a disorder. Oh… Does it have a cure?
– Do you have to know the details? It’s my store and it’s my wish. I’ll steal stuff or save it.
Why do you care? Listen, boy… Your psychology sounds
really different. What are you going to do by stealing
your own stuff? Sir, he steals stuff and takes them home. His father gets them back here
in the morning. Oh… So, no one buys anything
from the store. Why do you give a damn?
Please leave. Hey! Give his thing back.
– Give me what back? Your cell phone…
– Oh my cell phone? When did he steal this?
– Even he doesn’t know that. You please go. Hello… You’ve been strolling around with
the trolley since 2 hours. You don’t come to the counter
to clear the bill. I mean… You’ll encounter me
if I come to the counter. Come again… You’ll send me out if I pay the bill, so… What will you do in here? I’ll flatter.
– Flatter who? You… What is this? People come to a supermarket
to buy stuff. You seem to have come for trouble. I love you, Raju. We live in this colony only. I’ve told my dad about it as well.
I really like you. If you agree, we can get engaged. Oh, my god! Get some sense
into her brain, man. Look, dear… You’re got gold bangles, a ring, silver earrings and a bag to carry them. Don’t you wish to keep all the stuff
and stay happy? What? I don’t get it. Listen… I’m already in love. With whom?
– A disorder… I don’t have the patience
to love another girl. Give me that. I didn’t get you.
– This is who I am. I don’t speak with clarity. If you don’t get out of here, I will. Bye.
– Leave… Go… Hey… Hey… Wait on… Why’d you rush out of the store? Are you beginning to fear girls? I’m beginning to fear love.
– Don’t say that. Don’t say that. God must have made
your soulmate somewhere. Hey… When a girl comes to me
saying she loves me… I should be looking into her eyes. But I tend to look at her bangles,
rings and earrings. I get it, man. Vennela is right. Even if I fall in love,
no girl would love me back. I’ll not find such a girl. That’s it. What do you see over there? The gold bangles to her hand or
the gold chain to her neck? I see beauty, man. My eyes are speaking with hers. “It seems like my heart has escaped
from my chest” “This lovely face has brought
this change in me” “Love happened at the first moment
I feel like it is a magical act” “Gotten…I have gotten my love” “I have seen…
I saw someone of my dreams” “Never thought even for a moment or
questioned myself” “I lost my heart at the first sight” “Listen up! I became a lover” “I have chosen you!
You too choose me” “I became crazy in love” “Look at me once with love” “I am unaware of your name or
any details” “I became you and got lost in you” “Nothing disturbed me after
seeing you” “I stare at places where I can see you
I go to places where I see you” “It seems like my heart has escaped
from my chest” “This lovely face has brought
this change in me” In the chaotic city of Hyderabad, ISIS terrorists are trying to
create destruction. With the intimation of the CBI,
police forces have been alerted. The city is in a state of panic. Suspects are inspected and
taken under custody. Our plan has gone under the drain. It’s not safe to have our guy stay there. Ask him to come to our place
with the bomb. Sorry, boss. [PHONE BUZZING] Sir, our suspicion has come true. The guy we arrested belongs to
the terrorist community. We need to extract all the information
from him. I’m on my way.
– Okay, sir. Dating when you’re young and wild.
Dieting when you’re old and tired. We can’t help it. Come have dinner, son. He must’ve stolen a bunch of bananas
and ate them. Dear… I’ll not let you say a thing
to my son. He’s not a professional thief. He’s not a professional thief.
– Move… Hey! Why are you silent? Is anyone going to attack
our house or what? Why do you act quiet like the sea
before a storm? Speak out. I fall short of words, dad.
– What? Hey, I’m doubtful about this. Go check his pockets. Come on… Hey, dear… Hey… I see a change on your face. My life has seen a change, mom. I really didn’t steal anything today. How should I handle my self? Shold I kill my self? How can it happen today
that navver happend before? My beloved wife, Turn on the news channel. Mr. NTR is taking his oath
as the Chief Minister. Have you gone mad? Why wouldn’t I go mad when
your son didn’t steal a thing? What happened, son? How’d you come home without
stealing a thing? Wow! What a mother! I saw a girl, mom. Watching that angel,
I feel so peaceful within. The thought of stealing something
didn’t strike my mind. Whoa! Miracle! It’s a miracle! Oh, my Lord! Yes, mom. Watching her, I don’t feel like
stealing at all. Your love for that girl is the cure
to your disorder. You saw her once and haven’t
stolen a thing. If she is by your side for life, your disorder will disappear. We’ll have the alliance tomorrow. Tell us! Come on, tell us!
– Stop! How will he speak if you shut his mouth?
Take it off. What, sir? Will you kill me? Tell me! I was carrying the bomb
but I lost it, sir. Dad… Look over there. Hey, I really love the girl. Your selection is superb.
– Thank you, mom. Looks like she is tensed. Damn! She’s coming this way. Excuse me… How much is the pot for?
– 420… I didn’t ask you for my son’s name.
How much is this for? Excuse me…
– Yes… Have I left my bag here yesterday?
– No, ma’am. Did you lose it or someone stole it? No, sir. I only forgot it somewhere. You are so positive towards
a thief as well. Is this your bag? Ugh! This is my bag. I know it’s yours. But he bought it
for you. So, I doubt it. My bag’s in red colour. Just a minute… A girl forgot her bag here yesterday.
Have you seen it? Is this the one?
– Yes. Are you her boyfriend? Is this red bag yours? Yes! Yes! That’s mine.
Thank you so much. Hey, tell me the truth. You stole the bag and hid it somewhere… You went running and got it
back now, right? Dad…! You are… Raju… He’s known to be extremely
dangerous. My son… You all look so joyous. I feel like I really connect
with your family. Tell me. What’s the problem? Doctor…
– Yes… Doctor, I’m 60 years old now. Do you think I’ll live for
another 20 years? Do you smoke?
– Smoke cigarettes? Because incense sticks emit smoke, I quit my prayers. Do you drink alcohol? I don’t drink anything except water
in a day, sir. What do you want to live 100 years for?
Get up! Get up! Because of guys like you,
the Earth is burdened with population. Get lost! Because of my disorder,
I have a new problem every day. Do something. I don’t know
how to solve it. Cool… Cool… No, Mr. Nobel Prize… With a cure for your disorder,
my dream to win a Nobel Prize has come true. I worked day and night on various experiments And found a new formula. This is the formula. But, this needs a few changes. Once I’ve done that,
your disorder will disappear. Give me that once, sir.
– I’ll give it. Wait… Give it once, sir.
– Hey, listen to me! Just once, sir. Come on… Oh, my god! What do I do now? Does your toothpaste have salt? Go brush your teeth. Sir, do you have palm oil 1kg pack? No. No? Do you have Lizol?
– No. Do you have brains?
– Why? Don’t you have them? If you sit at the counter
thinking of her… Your dad has to go begging
on the streets. We’ve got new stock.
Let’s go look. Come! Come. You can think of her later. He flicked a wallet again. What’s this twist? Has he got a new disorder now? Tanvi… Hi… I saw everything. You saw? He’s my friend. He’s having problems. He is a man of self respect. He feels embarrassed to tell me
and hesitant to ask me for help. That is why I had to do it. You’re really great. Not a big deal. I can’t adopt villages… But I can at least help my friends. Oh… You really think so? He’s my friend.
– Hello… – Hi… Give it to me. What are you doing here? I came here to shop. I can’t believe it. Such a huge discount? I’ll send all my neighbours
to this store. Uncle… He met her as your time
to beg is near. Tanvi…
– Yes? Can I have your number? Yeah, sure. Why do you look so excited? She gave me her number. Really? If a girl gives her number instantly,
it means she likes you. You need to connect really well
to transform it into love. Call her, son. You put the speaker on. We’ll help you with the right words.
– Yeah, right. Hey! The phone is in your pocket.
Take it out. Give me that. You took her phone number
and stole her phone. You ruthless man! She’ll never see your face again. We thought you’d change for her.
What have you done? Currency is changing and so are the prices. But, he’ll never change. Don’t make me tensed, dad. I’ll do something. [PHONE BUZZING]
– How many times will you call? It’s not me, dad. Hello… My name is Tanvi. You’ve got my phone. Tanvi, it’s me. Raju… You know… Supermarket Raju…
Phone number… Yes! Raju, it’s you?! Thank god, I’m so lucky. Where do you want me to come? ‘While investigating the terrorist
in Sultan Bazar…’ ‘Police found out someone stole
the bomb from him.’ ‘Are they real terrorists or cartoonists?’ ‘Who all are behind this?’ If we don’t blast the bomb, We’ll lose the contract. We have to find the bomb
before the cops do. Fish broth, chicken curry, minced meat and cottage cheese
with spinach… You made all these dishes for one girl. If she eats all this, she’ll directly
end up in a hospital. No way.
– On what occasion have you cooked all this? Our marriage day… Our Anniversary was last month… The girl doesn’t know it. Dear… Can’t you pretend for half an hour
for your son? We’ve been maintaining a thief
since 25 years. Why can’t we play a drama
for 30 minutes? Hi, Raju… Hi… She’s here. Please come. Happy marriage day, uncle! Thank you. Thank you. There’s just the three of you.
Didn’t your relatives visit you? I mean…
– Let me tell you. Because of your mistake back then… This is your day of realization
after 25 years. We made a mistake?
– We? Yes, you… My mom and dad fell in love
and got married. Both their families were against marriage. That is why they got married secretively. Addresses aren’t shared when you elope
and get married. That is why none of our relatives are here. That is why… I’ve decided not to do
a love marriage, uncle. Hey… Even a house without cement
doesn’t collapse this fast. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love.
But it’s a blunder to elope. It’s okay if you convince parents
and get married, right? Hmm… Yeah. Okay. Let’s eat first. Shall I serve more?
– Enough… Enough… Dear… Okay. Serve a little more. It’s really delicious, auntie. I’m really happy, auntie. [PHONE BUZZING] Sorry. Give me two minutes. Hello. Tell me… What?! Come… Sit, dear. Uncle, do you know any thieves? People usually ask for politicians
and police. Why are you asking for a thief, dear? My problem is of that sort.
– What’s that? One of my friends’ ex-boyfriend is
blackmailing her with videos. We need to steal his phone at any cost. Oh… You want the phone stolen, huh? I thought you wanted a bank
to be robbed. My son will steal it.
– Dad…! How can I steal anything? You know I hate thieves, right? I know… But, can’t you do the least for her? Uncle, how can he do it? One needs experience for it. Experience, ah? 25 years… When he steals hearts,
a phone is nothing for him. You don’t worry… My son will steal it. Yeah. He’ll steal the phone tomorrow
itself and get it to you. Okay, uncle. Thank you. Bye, auntie.
– Okay, dear. How could you ask me to steal, dad? Don’t kid around with me.
– Listen, dad… I can steal without my knowledge. I can’t do it on purpose. Hey… There’s nothing greater than love
in this world. I would’ve committed a murder
if it was for love. You’ve got a lot of emotion, dad.
– I know, right? You’ve finally found a task
that matches your skill. Listen to me and finish
the task right away. Yes, sure. Darling, I’ll be there in 2 minutes.
– Excuse me, sir… Where’s Krishnakanth park?
– Wait darling… Go straight and take a left. What about Lumbini park?
– Why will it be in this area? It’s near Tank Bund. Oh…
– Nothing… What about zoo park? Which park are you looking for, bro? Green Park… It’s not a park. It’s a hotel.
Have you lost it? I’ve been roaming around all the parks
since morning. Thanks, dude. Thank you very much. Thank you.
– It’s okay. Yeah, tell me, darling. Hey! He stole my phone! Catch him! Hey, stop! Stop right there! Hey, stop! Catch him. You believe idiots who pretend
to be soft. But you don’t understand soft guys like me,
who look like idiots. I do understand. “Just say that you love me” “Show me some gestures if you cannot say it” “I am the beating of your heart” “I am found anywhere you go” “I swear that I know you more than my life” “I will get lost after acquiring you” “I start to feel it
The essence of this love” “You came into my life and
I wish that you never go” Raju… I can’t run anymore. Come… Sit. Bro, get her a tea. All girls aren’t the same. Some of them have friends like her. They have guys like me for them. See you… So, be a little careful. Before you leave, pay for
the biscuit pack and tea. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– It’s okay. When you’re in love, you shouldn’t
be reading his forward texts. But his character. Don’t just follow guys on Twitter
and Facebook. This girl here… Follow girls like her. Look at her. I look at her every day. Don’t just look at her. I meant you should learn from her. Her composure… Respect and attitude… I’m saying you should be like her. My phone… What’s with the chain? I mean… He tortured you for so long. So, I stole his chain as a bonus gift
for you. Ok. If you’ve got any problem, call me. If the call doesn’t connect,
text me on Whatsapp. If that doesn’t work out,
ping me on Facebook. See you. He asked me not to use social media, right? Because you will misuse them.
– Got it. He’s using this Miss. Tell me this. Is he in love with you
or are you in love with him? Hi.
– Hi. Please sit. Okay.
– Pay the bill. Bye.
– Bye. He got her on track. Hello, uncle… What’s going on? Has he stolen anything yet? I wouldn’t let him do it. Stay on line, uncle. My wallet… He stole my wallet. I knew it. You don’t find anything much
in that hotel. Just 600 plates, 500 glasses And 150 spoons… Clean them and come home. Give me alms, sir.
I haven’t eaten in 2 days. I’m really hungry. Here you go.
– God bless you, dear. “It seems like my heart has escaped
from my chest” “This lovely face has brought
this change in me” “Love happened at the
first moment” “I feel like it is a magical act” “Gotten…I have gotten my love” “I have seen…
I saw someone of my dreams” You fool! That’s your wallet. “I lost my heart at the first sight” Visit my place with your parents
tomorrow. I’ll definitely come.
What else? You tell me. Hello… You tell me. [DOG BARKING] It smelled that you’re a thief. Careful! Even your dog is welcoming us, dear. It’s a trained dog, uncle. Snoopy, they’re going to be our family. Don’t bark.
Come on in, uncle. The house looks so posh, dad. If you don’t resist your hand,
we’ll be screwed. What’s wrong with you, dad?
You never sound positive. Isn’t mom here, dear?
– No, auntie. Alas! How’d she die? She went to the temple in her car. Mom! Come here… I told you about uncle and auntie
from the market, remember? It’s them. Greetings… Greetings… Take the holy offering. Wow! Laddoo…!
– Today is Snoopy’s birthday. That’s why I went to the temple. Is this holy offering in the name
of your dog? – Yes… I’ve also got rituals performed
in the name of Snoopy. Don’t tell me you have lunch arranged. That’s why we’ve invited you. Please sit. I’ll be back. This bloody dog!
– Snoopy… See… The dog recognized our relation. It’d chase me all the time.
It’s after you now. It didn’t recognize your relation
but his occupation. Where’s your father, dear? He’s downstairs, giving treatment. Is he a doctor?
– No. Police… Police, ah? You rascal! Tell me! Come on! How many members are in your gang?
– Please leave me sir… Tell me… Tell me… Tell me! How many men? Who’s your leader? What’d he do that he’s being
bashed so hard? Don’t you get it? He must’ve committed
murder or rape. No. Robbery… Tell me!
– Robbery?! Does he have to hit so hard for robbery?
– This isn’t fair. I don’t accept this. Dad can tolerate anything but… I don’t know why.
He detests robbery. Tell me! Where’d you hide the money? Even he can’t tolerate beatings.
That’s our concern. Hey!
– What, uncle? He didn’t mean Raju.
He meant that thief. Beat the hell out of him. Don’t let him go
until he tells the truth. Okay, sir.
– Tell me! Dear, they’re here. Dad… This is Raju and his parents. Greetings…
– Greetings… Please sit. Come… Let’s talk while we have lunch. Please come.
– No, thanks. The improbable might happen
if we stay here. We’ll leave… What? That’s it. We can’t get too close before
they’re married. That’s why. And it’s time to open our store.
We’ll leave. See you.
– [DOG BARKING] Why is Snoopy barking like that? It’s waving bye as we’re leaving. It recognized our relation. Let’s go. Raju… Uncle… Why is your head so hot, dear? Whoa! It’s not a house. It’s a pit of fire. He bashed that thief so hard. Imagine how he’d bash
this involuntary thief. Why is your head so hot, dear? What do you want me to do now, dad? This will not work out for us.
Forget it. If I told them it’s a disorder…
– They’ll ask us to get lost. If I told them I love her…
– They’ll smack you up. If I convince them saying
I’d take good care of her… Why is your head so hot, dear? Why is your head so hot, dear? You’ll save the gas. Why are you raising your voice, man? Listen, dad… I really like the girl… If you like her so much, post her picture on Facebook
and like it. She can’t be a part of our family.
I don’t agree to it. Bro… Cheers. Come on… Cheers! Hey, you either drink beer
out of joy or sorrow. You should drink it in small amounts.
Don’t get too greedy. Why is this happening to me, dude? There’s nothing in our hands. Everything in our life is predestined. This is true. No, listen… I really love Tanvi. I don’t know how to convince my dad now. Idea! Hey, did your son wake up? He’s nothing like you. He woke up early. Dear, there’s been a lot of change
in him recently. Realization is not as simple
as sun rise. Don’t tell me he’s messing with
the cop’s daughter. When you have a doubt in class,
go ask the teacher. Not the peon who rings the bell. It’s okay. You’ve agreed
you’re like the peon. I’m happy. What is she doing here? When you have a doubt in class,
go ask the teacher. I’ll break your teeth. Go find out what it is. Handle with care. Or else, we’ll have to be bedridden. Hi, auntie…
– Come, dear… Your saree looks really good, auntie. My wife doesn’t fall for compliments. Auntie, it’s the first day of August. It’s good to gift a saree to your aunt. My aunt is back in hometown. That is why… It’s really nice. You’ve proved you’re a woman. Bless me, auntie.
– God bless you! Is Raju home, auntie?
– He’s upstairs, dear. I love you! You saved every little thing of mine
so carefully. I realized how much you love me. I love you, Raju! I love you!
– ‘Is that what she thinks?’ “I am the master named Raju
Come on baby and start loving” “I am the master named Raju
Come on baby and start loving” “God! What has happened to me?
I’ve gotten this love fever” “Ever since you said love you…
I started feeling that love” “My heart beats fast when smile at me” “Heart beats! Baby! My heart beats for you” “God! What has happened to me?
I’ve gotten this love fever” “Ever since you said love you…
I started feeling that love” “My heart feels the electrifying effect
Ever since I saw your beautiful face” “You stole my heart
You are cute and hot” “Let us fast forward the love
Let us find the meaning of life” “Darling! I am ready to love
I am ready” “I will gift you everyday whatever you ask
” “We shall have fun and enjoy lifelong
This is what my heart wants” “This is what it wants” “God! What has happened to me?
I’ve gotten this love fever” “Ever since you said love you…
I started feeling that love” “My heart beats fast when smile at me” “Heart beats! Baby! My heart beats for you” “God! What has happened to me?
I’ve gotten this love fever” “Ever since you said love you…
I started feeling that love” Wow! Your friend rocked the arrangements. A birthday party calls for a celebration. Do you have any problem? With all these jewels, of course
there’s a problem. What do you mean? He keeps blabbering shit. Someone’s calling you.
– Hi… Hi… You’ll wrinkle my shirt. I didn’t bring you to expose me. In case I steal something,
you should help me out. – Oh… Oh… I’ll get to that.
Let’s go. Happy birthday!
– Thank you. You’re looking too good, you know. Paper plates and plastic spoons…
Superb! Bro, why do you react
like they’re antiques? Crazy fellow! You’ll know their value if you clean
150 plates. Useless fellow! Why is your friend sounding weird? OCD… Few find it hard to eat in a plate
used by someone else. If they get too cautious, It’s called OCD. I realized he has it. Don’t let that bother you. Hi…
– Hi… Oh, sorry.
– It’s okay. Thank you. Great start! Okay. I’ll go talk to him once. IPhone 8… 10 is out, poor fella. Damn it! I thought I was the only participant
at the party. But, I’ve got an opponent. I should put my skill to use
and win the show. How are you, uncle?
– I’m good, son. Where’d you buy the necklace?
It’s really good. Thank you. Hello, auntie… Who the hell is your auntie, eh? Relax… Where did I drop my watch? Bro, is this watch yours?
– Oh… It’s mine. Thank you so much.
– It’s alright. Auntie, is the necklace yours? Put it over there. Careful, auntie… I don’t have to be careful
about a fake piece. A fake piece? So, it’s rolled gold. Raju, you’re stealing fake gold as well. Who the hell are you? There’s no safety here. Which institute?
– LV Prasad Eye Institute… Why? Our plans are the same.
But it’s not working out for me. Why? It’s your need. But, it’s my habit. Habit? Where’d he go? Everyone turned up. I’m really happy. You would kill me if I didn’t come. Uncle, you stole something. I saw you. I saw you take the candles. Yeah. There were 22 candles.
Now there are only 18. Raju, did you take the candles? Yes! He’ll be eliminated for sure. He must’ve mistaken them for candies. Am I right?
– No. I wanted to take the candles only. Have you seen Kavitha closely? She still looks 18. 22 is the wrong number.
That is why I took 4 candles off. Give it to her. Go ahead.
– Happy birthday! Thank you, Raju. He targeted her weakness. Greetings, sir… Greetings… You said you’d be coming at 11. But you’re here at 8. One of his meetings was postponed.
That is why we came early. We should’ve ran away last night. Please come… Please sit. Please… Thank you. Hi, uncle…
– Hi… Hi, auntie…
– Hi… Hello…
– Hi… You’re lucky to have a son like him. Do you accept our son? Do you accept our son? Not just a knife. Scissors, blade
and cutter… All these words suit him well. She means to say our son is sharp. Not just your son.
I love your entire family. But my dad will make the final decision
about marriage. He said he wants to observe Raju
for 10 days. Observation, ah? You know, dad… Genelia goes to
hero’s place in Bommarillu film. Just like that… That’s right. My dad will definitely like Raju. If you’re okay with it, we’ll start
to my hometown right away. We can’t come right away. I’ve got a lot of work at the store.
It’s not at all possible. Praveen will look after it, dad. Idot… Bro, I called all the thieves in the city. No! Bro… Bro… We steal pockets and lockets. We also steal chocolates
if we’re hungry. Why would we steal a bomb, bro? Boss will kill us if he knows
we lost the bomb. It’s a 100 crores contract. 100 crores?! Boss pays us 100 crores. Mediators grab 30 of it. At last, we only get 5 crores. Damn! Rather than being a terrorist
in this country… You better become a cashier
in Punjab Bank. Bro, where was the bomb lost? Sultan Bazaar… Sultan Bazaar?! Bro, there’s one guy. He’s really dangerous. I don’t know where he stays
but I know how he looks. What? A sandal?! It’s a new design by our company, sir. I’ve been waiting to show it to you, sir. I’ll slap you hard if you show me
a sandal again. You never get the timing right.
Get lost! Get out of here!
– Sorry, sir. Coffee. 25 years have passed by. What, sir? We have to go to Ramapuram. Sir, your son is here. Grandpa…!
– Hi, sweetheart… How are you, dear? My father… – Greetings…
– Greetings, grandpa… Whoa! Our son is putting quite a show. Check if he’s going to steal his sandals. Please come, brother-in-law.
Come in… Please come, brother-in-law. Come in… That is why it’s so spacious. It’s really nice. I’ve got AC fixed in the rooms
upstairs for you. Dear, ask what they’d like for dinner
and have it made. – Ok, uncle. Tell them your salt and spice preferences. We’re from the country side.
Our food is really spicy. We got lucky and ended up here. This is the right place for your wedding.
– Even I feel the same. Hey, Adi…
– Sir… Make sure the groom’s family
feels comfortable. Sure, sir. Your father seems like a really
nice person. You guys go upstairs and rest. Let’s go.
– Brother-in-law… This way…
– Sir…! Step out once. Come. What is it? What happened? He was caught while robbing, sir. Let him go. Why’d you rob, man? He seems to be tensed… Arrange for his lunch.
– Sir. Lunch for the thief? Eat peacefully, son. What kind of a village is this, dad? A thief is surrendered to the police. How come they’re feeding him instead? Your father-in-law said the villagers
are innocent. But they’re fools, boy.
It’s for our own good. I’m not worried about your
disorder anymore. Serve him curd. Serve a little more. They’re feeding him so much
for one robbery. I wonder about the grand treatment
I’d get. True. Kids and women step inside. Let’s go. He might scold the thief
and counsel him. No, sir! No, sir! I’ll not repeat this. Please leave me… Don’t do it. It’s him, bro! Bro, he’s the one! What’s wrong with them, dad? They chopped his arm simply
and panted roses on it. This is the punishment for a thief
in our village. We chop the arm if it’s a small theft. We chop the leg if it’s a robbery. Their limbs remain as plants. So, all these plants are… All these plants tell the same story. You’re a strong man. How can
you be shivering like this? You didn’t have to mention
my strength. You said they’re nice people. They aren’t even human. I saw the old man and considered
him a legend. He’s a walking image of death. What is it? Why do you all look so dull? How could he chop off arms and legs, sir? He has no humanity at all. Because he’s humane, he served lunch
and chopped his arm. We actually think he should be hanged
for his crime. Kesava! He’s here. Won’t you have their lunch served?
– Lunch? Why are you so scared of lunch? We’re not scared at all. My son doesn’t steal anything, you know. Did they ask you about it?
Shut up. Come on… I’ve got special sweets
from Kakinada for you. Whatever it is, we don’t have lunch
for this entire month. – Why? Because…
– It’s because… It’s Ramzan. Let’s go. Come on… What is this?
Muslims celebrate Ramzan, right? It’s not about the religion. They want everyone to celebrate together. Isn’t that great? [CHANTING] Are you here to steal the lamp? Why would he steal it? He loves the girl who lit the lamp.
So, he stopped the lamp from putting off. What about you?
– Er… Actually… Oh… Same convent, huh? Do you also love a girl? You’re really clever. Who is he? It’s a childhood love story. You still think this will work out? He loves her even before
he could talk. He still can’t talk, you see. I mean… She belongs to him. You’ve been visiting the temple
since you were a kid. Does the temple belong to you?
– Of course not. It belongs to the trustee
Mr. Surya Narayana. I know, right? I’m the girl’s trustee. May you get married soon! Why is he so anxious? He are saying you should leave
this village along with your girlfriend. Don’t look so serious
while delivering a joke, bro. Put a smile on your face.
It’s a superb joke. – Raju… Shall we go?
– Bye. He said what I had in mind. He’s taking the girl and this guy
is picking up her flower. Now that you picked it up,
put it somewhere. Raju, do you like my village and people? Yeah! A lot! But last night’s savagery disturbed
me a lot. What?
– Nothing… Government is planting a lot of saplings
lately. Ask your grandpa to postpone his mission. Tiger’s nail is lost. Why is everyone so serious?
Did someone die? No. Grandpa lost his tiger nail. There are too many thieves
in this village, dad. Don’t tell me my son is that thief. No way! What is it? Why’d you change
the expression? Dear, does he have it? We should be surprised if he doesn’t
have it. – If he has it? We should be careful. Why’d you put it in my hand? You’ve been saying I get no gifts
for you. Keep it. I don’t tolerate robbery. And when the tiger nail in my house is lost,
it’s a matter of insult. Our family will be degraded
if this matter comes out. Dad, you’ll be caught. We should use our brains
at such times. Only good happens to good people like you. I don’t think it’s lost.
Let’s all look for it together. Come…
– Ya.. Don’t search here. Go look for it
at the place he lost it. Go… What? Didn’t you find it? Want me to arrange for your lunch? Sir, I found it! Didn’t I tell you your family
will not be degraded? Are you happy now? Brother-in-law, sorry for bothering you
in this context. Shit! The signal can’t be traced. So, bomb isn’t in this area. We were told he attended
a girl’s birthday party. We can find his details from her. Yeah. Let’s go meet her. Start the vehicle. Hello, father-in-law…
Grettings! How are you?
Everything going good? Dear, you should’ve come alone.
Why’d you get this idiot along? Dad, I only invited him. Father-in-law, they’re all the family
we have. And I’ve heard brother changed a lot. He doesn’t look like he’s changed at all.
He actually looks cunning. Ask him to be cautious hereafter. Hi, Mr. Linga Raju… What’s up? Hey! Who are you calling Linga Raju? It’s been long since I removed
Linga from my name. I’m only Raju. No, listen… Both of us
have the same name. I thought people might be confused.
– No one will be confused. Anyways, you don’t match up to me
on any level. If anyone in this house deserves
to be called Raju, It’s me alone.
Remember that. Go!
– Ok. Who is Raju here? He’s the only Raju in this house. Yes! My name is Raju. Coffee… Is the sugar enough for you? There’s no sugar at all.
Add some and get it to my room. Come… Come… Come… Coffee with sugar… Hey! I’m not looking for coffee. I want the main course. What the hell! You changed your costume
before the power is back. Help me! Sir…! Sir…! Who are you? Our maid Rangamma sent her because
she was sick. What actually happened? He asked me to add sugar in the coffee
and come to his room. He said he wanted the main course
and touched me inappropriately, sir. Hey! Did you ask her for the main course? You serve lunch to everyone.
But you have a problem when I ask. I assumed you were only a thief. You’ve started misbehaving
with ladies as well, huh? – No.. Please listen to me. Father-in-law…! You were jobless and you misbehaved
with the maid. You will also be a maid from today. Your husband will live there from now on. It’s my karma! I became the maid
before I got my due. Who the hell were you supposed
to tempt? Raju… Did you tempt Linga Raju? Because he’s a womaniser? He’s out of order in that aspect. He said his name was Raju. How am I supposed to know
if he’s the one or not? He’s cursing you for ruining
the entire plan. Do you want me to try one more time? I know he’s cursing me again. You understand that really well. Ohh! God. You steal gold, eh? What the hell, bro!
You stole a bra as well? Into a family that is brutal
towards thieves… An involuntary thief is coming
as the son-in-law. No! I’ll not let him get married. I’ll have his leg chopped and
turn it into a plant. Ma’am… Ma’am… Your future son-in-law stole your
daughter’s belonging. What is it? He stole this. Her heart? I didn’t mean that. He stole
what’s on top of that heart. Affection… Ugh! These soap operas have
got you acting all emotional. Remove the syllable ‘Co’ from ‘Cobra’. So what? Remove the syllable ‘Ze’ from ’Zebra’. Right! He stole that only. Idiot! Sir, I saw son-in-law steal madam’s bra. Brother-in-law, haven’t you changed yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if
I stole a bracelet. But, what will I do with a bra?
– You should be knowing about that. What the hell just happened?
– Forgive me. I meant the future son-in-law. You should’ve told them that.
What’s the point in telling me now? Thank god, ma’am believed me.
He’ll be screwed. Why did you steal? I thought the color didn’t match, so… “I am shadowed all around” “With the trance of your love” “I am shadowed all around
With the trance of your love” “For the first time, I feel the essence of it” “Come to me and be filled within me” “My love…my love!” “Let us get romantic in love” “Come, my darling” “Let us get drowned in love this way” “I lost my senses with these stances” “I feel like heaven in your arms” “It is soothing” “I feel restless! I feel inebriated” “It becomes an obsession” “Get abolished…in me” “My love…my love!” “Let us get romantic in love” “Come, my darling” “Let us get drowned in love this way” “I lost my senses with these stances” [PHONE RINGING] Hello…
– Bro, why aren’t you answering my calls? It’s you?! Why’d you call? Mr. RP, it’s you? It’s nothing, sir.
Send your son to the lab for 2 weeks. I’ve to keep him under observation.
– Observation, huh? What for?
– To find a medicine… I used chemotherapy until recently. I’ll use nemotherapy now. He’s growing insane by day. I should get rid of him somehow. He’s not here. He’s not with you?
Where’d he go? Jail… Jail? What for? He wasn’t cured by your medicine. He committed a theft and ended up in jail. He’ll not be released for
another 6 months. How can I meet bro then? You also end up in jail somehow. Bro, forget about jail. I’d come
to the moon for you. Taste this. Stop showing off and tell me
why you’re throwing me a party. Because you’re our future son-in-law. So, shouldn’t you be respecting me? I stole the tiger nail recently
and you told father-in-law. So, the tiger nail…
– I only stole it. But I didn’t steal it on purpose. Whatever be the reason,
you stole it, right? What if ma’am found out about this?
– She’s a fool. I’ve stolen a lot of her stuff. I wonder why. She never thinks
I stole any of it. She thinks I treasured them with love. Forget that. I stole her bra recently. No one believed I was a thief.
– Even her mom didn’t believe it. She’s a bigger fool.
– Uh-huh? Everyone is the same.
They believe thieves only. So, are you confirming you’re a thief?
– Yes. Say it again. I’m the biggest thief out there.
– Once more, please… I’m the biggest thief out there. I’m a scoundrel. I have a truth to reveal about
the future son-in-law. What is it? You’re a fool. Please wait…
– Hey… What are you talking about?
– You’re a bigger fool. What are you talking about, huh? Go get your gun ready.
You have to shoot someone. Hey! Are you still drunk
from last night? I didn’t drink as much as you did. Stop this nonsense and come to the point. Sir, I had our future son-in-law get drunk.
– Idiot! How dare you make him drink alcohol? Listen to me completely. I did it on purpose and has him
reveal the truth. What truth? I’ll not tell you. I’ll show you. Ready? One… Two… Three… What happened? I dropped my phone somewhere. Idiot! You’re talking nonsense,
being drunk. I’ve been too lenient with him. You don’t let it bother you. Idiot! Ma’am… I’ll kill you! What did I tell you last night? You’re the biggest thief out there. Repeat it to yourself. [SINGING RANDOMLY] You can’t read, right?
Oh, you’re watching pictures. Whatever. I need 25,000 rupees. What? You don’t give me? You want me to interpret for you
but you’ll not pay me. I’m an interpretor for name’s sake
but my income is zero. I’ll not interpret for you anymore. What? You have too many people to do it? Mr. Venkatesh translate from English. Mr. Ranay translates from Marathi. Both of them together can’t interpret
your signs. Only I can do it. Gopi sir…! He’s asking why you came. They found out about you. What did they found out about you? Even your dad’s not here right now. What are you doing here, Gopi? Hey, what is he trying to say? He wants to reveal a truth
about your son-in-law. I’ll not ask you how much. But I’ll tell you. 50,000 rupees.
– Oh… What’s the truth? You know… He says he’s a man of kindness
and humanity. Oh… He says if Mother Teresa had a grandson, He would look like him. Why did he slap you? Gandhi asked us to show the second cheek
if we are slapped on the first. He says your son-in-law is such
a great personality. Do something. Why don’t you write down
things you want to say? What the hell is he going to write? He can’t read or write. Hey! Stop your nuisance. Because he’s a nice guy,
my granddaughter loved him. We’ve decided to get them married. We don’t need your certification. Please leave. Do you get it now? You need to pay your interpretors on time. Do you want me to tell them now? Uh-huh… It’s too late for you to give me
the money now. I’ll do it next time. Let’s go. You didn’t mention the account number. Which account do I give the cash from? Give it from whichever account you want.
I’ll not mind. Are you crazy? World always considered scientists
crazy, bro. Give me the money.
– Why should I give you? Turn the paper around and look. ‘I want one crore.’ ‘Otherwise, I’ll shoot you.’ Got it?
– Yeah. You want to start a shoot
if I give you one crore, right? Who’s the heroine?
– You bloody illiterate! You don’t know basic English.
Who the hell employed you in the bank? Recommendation candidate, huh? Sir, what’s your problem? Who the hell is this?
Trying to act like Trump, eh? Give him that receipt. ‘I want one crore.’ ‘Otherwise, I’ll shoot you.’ ‘Because, I have a gum.’ It’s not gum, you fool! It’s a gun. G-U-N… Gun!
– Why is it written like this then? That is how doctors write prescriptions. Excuse me, what’s the problem?
– Sir, please read what’s written here. ‘I have a gum.’
– It’s not gum. It’s gun. Read the last word. G-U-M… Gum! Gun!
– G-U-M… Gum! Hey, I wrote it.
Who’d know better? It’s gun.
We’re the ones reading it, sir. It’s gum. It’s gun.
– It’s gum. Gun!
– Gum. This is called a gun.
You better respect it. Show some respect! Why are you staring like that? Close this gate urgently
and call the cops. Why call the cops for one crore, sir? It’s a waste of talktime.
We’ll give you the money. Here you go, sir. It’s more than three crore.
Take it, sir. Because of people like you,
China is on a roll. Pakistan is daring to demand Kashmir.
Call the cops! You’ll shoot us if we call the cops.
– Are you this bank employees for real? Don’t you have any responsibility? Your bank is being robbed
and you are not bothered. Hey, baldy… Call the cops!
– I’ve got no talktime, sir. Hello, police station… Who committed the robbery?
– That’s me. Who is calling me then?
– That’s me too. So, did you commit the robbery
and call me? Yeah, I did, you fool! Arrest me
immediately and put me in jail. Jail is a waste of space for you. I’ll lock you up in the station. No! I’ll come only if you take me to jail.
– No one’s seeking your permission. Come! Please take me to jail. Listen to me. Greetings…
– Greetings… Greetings… Greetings… Who are you, sir? People say money brings you greatness. I was confused if I was a great man yet. You addressed me as sir. I’ve become a great man. You’d throw orders at me
when I was a maid. Even I’d consider you my God
and follow your orders. Didn’t you recognise me? It’s me. I was your maid… Anji… You must be wondering how Anji
afforded to come in a Benz. Anji has been through the worst… And the best. Why’d you come back?
– 25 years have passed by, sir. 25 years ago, you and your villagers
thrashed me and banished me. Since then, no matter what I do,
I’d be reminded of sandals. With that inspiration,
I opened a small footwear company. The day you kicked me out,
I wasn’t even wearing sandals. And now, half of the State population
is using my sandals. Including you too… 2020 model, sir… He must’ve got it with discount. For helping me conquer this range, I came here to do something for you
and the villagers. And I’ll do it. To show my gratitude, I’ll definitely
do something before I leave. Bye… Hey! Heat some water for me.
– Okay, sir. Hey! A maid can become a great man. But earning a few pounds
doesn’t make him great. Helping others along his way
makes him great. Understand that and try
to be a great man. Go! All of this is quite common in villages. Get ready. We’ll go for shopping. Come, brother-in-law… – Welcome, sir…
– Hi… This is the biggest shopping mall
in town. Oh… Do they have CC cameras around here? They also have spy cameras. Oh… So, it’s red alert then. Come, sir… These are the new arrivals. Dad… Bro, I’m cautious from my side. That is why I’m cautious from my side. Show us some sarees.
– Okay, sir. Sir, sarees section is to that side. Look at this. I think your dad can’t stay away
from you at all. I’m like Lord Krishna. He fears I’ll do something naughty. If I ever see you with a girl again,
I’ll do what I have to. Oh, my god! What kind of a twist is this? If she sees me, I’ll be in trouble big time. Let’s go this way.
– No! Hey, what is this?
I don’t like this dress. We didn’t come inside the trial room
to try the dress on. It’s to try out some romance. Hey! What’s wrong with you?
This is a shopping mall. Today’s romance is tomorrow’s memories. We’ll cherish them forever. No….are you crazy. Are you in this trial room? Nah. It’s not me. Who’s that girl with you? You come with me. I’ll tell you. Who’s that girl? How could she…? Who’s that girl? How could she…? Why do you care who I’m with? Never show me your face again.
– Whoa! Why are you telling my dialogue? Hello. Yes? Tell me how I can help you. He’s over there and you’re over here. You both look tensed. What’s the matter? Er… I came here to shop. I’m just looking for some toys. What all do they have? I thought only he was weird. But the whole family is insane. Damn it! Hi, Tanvi… Hi… What are you doing here? It’s my engagement. I came to shop. What? You’re getting engaged? Congrats!
– Thank you so much! Wish you good luck!
– Are they both friends? Damn it! Even a TV serial doesn’t have
so many twists. I was so tensed. When did I manage
to steal this watch? Where’s your would be? He must be somewhere around. Hey… if this girl tells Tanvi about us,
we’ll have our arms chopped off. What are you looking at? Let’s go. Something is wrong. If we stay here any longer,
something will be wrong with us. You get mom and come.
– Ok. Eighth wonder of the world is in our mall? What a miracle! Where are you taking me?
– Just come! Show me that. Hello, sir… You can’t go into the trial room
without clothes. Are your eyes cloaked by lust? Don’t you see I’m fully dressed? I didn’t mean the clothes you’re wearing.
I meant the clothes you’ll be buying. Is that so?’
– Hmmm. Is it okay now? Ugh! Where are you taking me?
– Let’s just go. Let’s go inside. Is this a shopping mall or a lodge? [PHONE RINGING] Hello…
– Where are you? I wanted to introduce you to my friend. She waited for you and just left. Did she leave?
– Yeah. Dad…
– What? She left. You can come out. For having a thief as my son,
I’m compelled to hide like a thief. I trusted you and gave you my watch. What’d you do? Do you want me
to file a police complaint? Hello… Don’t pretend. I know you’re going
to marry Tanvi. This is my would be. Sir, please don’t call the police. Hey, do you think I bought it
on the platform? It’s a Rolex watch. I have no choice. I have to file
a police complaint on you. There’s no other way.
– Please, sir… No! I found this watch in the trial room.
Is it yours? Yeah. This is my watch.
This is the one. Thank you, sir. Learn to follow orders carefully. Thank you, sir.
– It’s okay. Sir, you saved my life. You’re my God.
– Hey! It’s okay. No worries. It’s okay. No worries. Thank you, sir. You see that? You came to shop once and
his life was almost ruined. But you’re entering Tanvi’s life forever. If she finds out the truth and
hurts herself, you’re at fault. Cheating someone to fall in love
is a mistake. But cheating someone to get married
is a sin. If you really love her,
tell her the truth. What are you talking about? Things have come this far and
you want to tell the truth now? Yeah. You can tell her once
you get married. – Yes. It’s not right to cheat her
to get married. Hey! Everything is fair in love and war. Lying about it isn’t wrong and
you aren’t a thief by profession. Correct. But, there can’t be a single lie in love. I’ll tell her right now.
– Hey! Sit!Do you know what will happen
if the old man knows this? What will he do?
He’ll chop off my arms or legs. The worst he can do is kill me. Instead of torturing myself every day,
I better tell her the truth. Son, think about it again. Dad, I said I’ll tell Tanvi.
Not her grandpa. She loves me She’ll definitely understand me. Son!
– Son! Dear, what if she reacts badly? Don’t you know? We’ll be killed. You’ll be planted as roses
and me as guavas. Tanvi… What is it? I have to tell you something.
– Tell me. It is…
– It’s nothing, dear. We think you should get married
on the 31st. There’s no 31st in this month, uncle.
– There’s no 31st it seems. Let’s go. Ugh! You wait, dad. Tanvi…
– Hmm? Have you ever heard of the disorder
Kleptomania? No. What is it? It’s a weird disorder. Only one in a hundred thousand people
have it. People with that disorder… commit theft without their knowledge. Theft? What theft? He says it’s a disorder, grandpa. People with this disorder steal things
involuntarily. We should serve lunch to all of them
and chop their arms or legs. I expected this. I knew you’d take
such a decision. Why do you hate thieves
and theft so much? My wife died because of a thief. Me and my wife Brahmarambha fell in love. We went against our parents
and got married. I had a heart stroke once… My wife was going to mortgage
all her jewels to save me. On her way, a thief stole them. She couldn’t imagine a life without me. Out of misery, she took her own life. Without money and treatment, You were supposed to have a
remorseful death before aunt. My dad found out about my condition
and paid for my treatment. Oh, shit! Was his dad still alive back then? Tell me now. Who’s responsible for my wife’s death? Who else? Your wife… What? I mean… She should’ve waited
for a few more days. What? Your dad paid for the treatment
anyways. If the thief hadn’t stolen from her,
she would’ve been alive. My son would’ve had a mother. That is why I tracked the thief
and killed him. I’ve sown the guava plant
on his dead body. You planted his dead body
under the guava tree? Because the fruits were so sweet,
I’ve been eating them every day. Why are you telling my granddaughter
about that disorder? I mean… Just for passing time…
– No! You’re hiding something. Tell me. Actually…
– Tell me! You know…
– Tell me… A member of our family has this disorder. Who? Do you have it?
– Uh-huh… I do?! Before forming a relation with a family,
we need to know you well. What’s wrong now, dad?
– He has some disorder. He steals without his knowledge. Why didn’t you tell me about it? I mean… I don’t have the disorder, so… You should still tell her. When people say Surya Narayana’s son-in-law
is a thief’s son… Our family will be embarrassed. I didn’t know this was going to happen. Or else, I would’ve told you
in advance, father-in- Don’t call me father-in-law. This marriage will not happen. Dear… Dad… Dad… Think about it once. It’s not right
to cancel the wedding at this time. His father has the defect.
Not him, grandpa. Right. After marriage, we won’t be staying
with my parents anyways. Forget about post marriage. Your dad can’t stay in this house
hereafter. Why did this idiot come inside? Do something. Have his father work in the cattle shed
along with him. Let’s see if his disorder
will be cured with that. No. No! I’ll not do this kind of stuff. How do I clean this cow dung? Hey! What are you looking at?
Clean the cow dung. Selfie looks good with the car
rather than the owner. Uncle…! Uncle…! Whoa! You started talking, eh?
– No chance! He’s calling me uncle.
– He can only say that one word. You’ve earned crores over the years. But, your son still can’t speak. What is he trying to say, man? He says, ‘Why didn’t you come home directly?’ ‘You didn’t have to meet them
and make a challenge.’ ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ He’s calling you uncle. It’s okay if slippers slip. I’ll slap you
if your tongue slips. What’s his problem if I seek revenge
from that family? What would he tell you? Your son is in love with Surya Narayana’s
granddaughter. But she’s in love with someone else. She’s also engaged to that guy. But your son is still in love with her. How’d he manage to express
his love to her? He didn’t tell her. I only told her. She assumed I love her
and told me to get lost. Oh… It’s great then. Let’s get him married. I’m ready to kidnap her
and get you married. Yes… If you bang someone’s head with a stone,
the wound heals with time. But when you have a girl married
to a maniac like you… Her family has to go through pain
for their entire lives. With that, an amount of my revenge
will be sought. So, there’s a huge amount
to be sought yet. 25 years of revenge… And he’s a really great personality. Whatever we do has to be humungous. Oye! How are you, man?
– Hey Anji… It’s you?! You’ve changed a lot. Why isn’t he showing any respect, sir?
– Old friendship… Both of us were farm labours
once upon a time. Times have changed but
our friendship persisted. I heard you stitch slippers in the city.
– What the hell! I don’t stitch slippers. I’ve got a store. Whatever you name it,
they’re slippers after all. That’s right. You guys are in a world where Facebook
and passbook are the same. Scholars, I say! Whatever you tell me,
slippers proved to be lucky for you. Hey! Didn’t you have the luck
of wearing slippers yet? Here you go. Wear them. Take them. Here you go. Wear them. Go have fun. Go! What is this, sir? Why’d you give him
such costly slippers? Soon there’ll come a day when people bash
Surya Narayana with slippers. I know that for sure.
People need strong slippers to do that. So, I started the distribution with him. This is also a part of my revenge. This costume suits you really well, dad. Are you being sarcastic? Brother, where are you going? I’m bored of cleaning the cow dung.
I thought I’d relax. Oh… Why is he coming this way? I have to escape somehow. Hello… Yeah, coming… With the advent of cell phones,
even villagers have changed a lot. It’s not called change.
It’s called as escape. He saw me and ran away? Why? My dad looks like a clever journalist.
Did he look like a terrorist to that guy? Forget about all that.
Look at that poster. The man in this photo is a thief. He has a disorder that makes
him steal involuntarily. So, beware of him.
Your well wisher Surya Narayana… Why are you staring continuously? What’s up with this? It’s your impression written
by my father-in-law. This isn’t just my impression.
It’s a disgrace to my image. It’s all my karma. Oh, my god! It’s him! Hey! Come here. Why are you running away? What do you have for my dad to steal? Right… Ask him that. Hey! You just have a loincloth and
an underwear with holes. It’s not even of his size.
What do you fear he’ll steal from you? My mug… Your mug?! My great grandfather used this mug.
My grandfather did too. My father used this and
I’m using it as well. Even my son has been using it. This mug is our family’s prestige. ‘Hundred years of legacy’ mug… Go! Have you seen him before? Okay. You want the bomb and Raju. I want the girl and her
grandfather’s stature. At the wedding celebrations tomorrow,
I’ll plan to spoil his godly image. “The auspicious day is here…
The auspicious moment is here” “Very lovely like Ram and Sita!
Look at this couple” “The auspicious day is here…
The auspicious moment is here” “Very lovely like Ram and Sita!
Look at this couple” “Confluence of two hearts are
bonded in love” “Both of them start falling in love again” “Bonding of life is this bond of marriage” “They became one in relation today” “My life has become yours from today” “My every day is for you and
every night as well” “My happiness is all about you
and you are my everything” “You are my everything” “Look at this couple,
they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Confluence of two hearts are
bonded in love” “Both of them start falling in love again” “I got everything that I wished for” “This is the day to meet your dear ones” “Wedding! This is the day of wedding” “It is surrounded with glee” “Turn around and dance to
celebrate the joy” “The journey of new life starts today” “It starts today” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Confluence of two hearts are
bonded in love” “Both of them start falling in love again” “Bonding of life is this bond of marriage” “They became one in relation today” “My life has become yours from today” “My every day is for you and
every night as well” “My happiness is all about you and
you are my everything” “You are my everything” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” “Look at this couple, they are so lovely” “God has turned them into a couple” So, I would like to announce
to the village… Mr. Surya Narayana has asked everyone
to gather at the temple. Once upon a time,
there was God. Jewels were lost in his temple. Only the trustee has the keys
to the temple. Who will be held responsible
for that theft? The priest?
– Oh, no! It’d be a sin. I would never do that. Who else could it be? Devotees who visited his place
with the jewels? Poor people! They can only donate
but never steal. When it’s none of them… Those jewels… This godly man must’ve stolen
God’s jewels. What are you talking about? How could you suspect him?
– Yeah. What’s wrong in what he just asked? He has been treasuring the jewels
since generations. Who could’ve taken them?
– Yeah. We are suspicious about you. You better tell us where the jewels are. He’s been passing verdicts like a
Supreme Court Judge all this while. And now he’s mum like a henchman
at the Municipal Court. Sir… Will you tell us where the jewels are? Or will you be subjected
to the punishment? Just like you said it… Who will be subjected to the bashing
with slippers? Because the temple keys were lost
at my place… I will only bear the punishment. He didn’t steal the jewels… The man who stole the jewels… It’s me. Raju! What are you talking about? Sorry, Tanvi. My dad doesn’t have kleptomania. I do. At first it was involuntary. But now, it has become a habit. You didn’t just degrade our family
but the entire village. A guy like you doesn’t deserve
to be our maid… Sir, wait! Don’t hurt my son. We’ll find the jewels and return
them in 2 days. Forgive us. Uncle, let him go. I’m requesting you. Because you called me your uncle,
I let him go. Take your son and get out of here
right away. Thi is the first time that someone
robbed our school. If you askhim to buy something
he will steal it and bring. ‘It’s a disorder.’ ‘I’ll slap you tight if you speak crap.’ Let me go, mom. I might steal your jewellery as well. What are you talking about? I’m your mother. Why, mom? Why is this happening to me alone? I’m not your father… I’ve been your friend since
you were born. Since 25 years, I’ve known when
and how my son steals stuff. Don’t pretend. What are you saying, dear?
– What? To uphold their family’s stature,
you took the blame. Have you thought about yourself
at least for once? I’m not unfamiliar with committing theft. You’re not unfamiliar with
enduring me. They believe life is all about
respect, dad. When they’re losing their respect, their lives wouldn’t survive. Coming to Tanvi… She has to know the truth someday. I’ve cheated her hiding it all this while. This lie… Must be repentance for my betrayal. But… Knowing she wouldn’t be in
my life anymore… What do they know about
my sweetheart? Let’s leave, dad. [PHONE RINGING] Whose phone is this? It must be Anji’s. Bro, hello… This is deaf Sathi speaking. I got the jewels and the old man’s
son-in-law captured. What do you want me to do with them? Where are you? I’m at our rice mill. Hey! You came to steal the temple keys
and kidnapped me only. If my father-in-law knows about this,
he’ll chop you into pieces. It’s not a toy pistol and
he’s not a mad man. You’ll be dead if he shoots it. Wasn’t that your dialogue? Come on… Move… He seems way too smart. Tie him up!
– I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you! Let me go!
– What is he saying? He’s saying he’ll kill all of us.
– Let me go! Damn! I lost my machine. Bro… Bro…where are you going? He’s here. Who is he? Your friend? He’s only his problem. Your brother-in-law? What is he saying? I don’t get a word. Even I didn’t get a word he said. He’s not his brother-in-law.
He came here to murder him. Go kill him! He looks handsome.
Your sister is lucky. My sister isn’t lucky… We are unlucky for hiring
a deaf goon like you. He’s deaf anyways.
You go and smack him down. Sorry, sir.
– Why? Our brother is our leader.
We’ll follow his orders. Hello, bro… Subtitles please… He says he’ll kill you. He wants to know
what your last wish is. Give me that gun. You’re no God to shower boons. Just shoot him. It’s lunchtime. Stop! Is that the way he walks or
is he coming in slow motion? Stop! This isn’t a wedding scene to stop
with your shout. It’s a fight scene. I’m not an artiste to say the dialogue
according to the situation. I’m a scientist.
– I don’t think you’re either of them. Hey! Doctor Sima here. I hate routine
and love variety. I’m in love with risk. Bro, you don’t worry… I’m here. Here, I brought it. Hey! Even I didn’t understand.
Wait, I’ll tell you. No, dude. I can’t risk it now. You’ll gain nothing in life without
the risk factor. Listen to me. Please…
– No, dude. No! Please listen to me for once. Please…
– No, dude. No! What the hell! Hey! Yes! I made it! What happened, dude? Like many inventions were by accident… I found a new disorder trying
to cure yours. I did it! Alien hand syndrome! His hand will not listen to him anymore.
– He can’t speak anyways. Why isn’t your hand in control? We have many guys for the
mischievous stuff. Let’s go, guys. Hey! You don’t worry, dude. I’ve got our patients to thrash them.
– Patients, ah? Look over there.
– [SONGS PLAYING] I’m Nani, the man. Yes… I’m ready to kill or die for neatness. I’m not just Raja. I’m Raja, the great! I’m not blind. I’m trained. Welcome to my India. Who’s manly enough to fight
with this phenomenon? Come on! Let’s fight! First night? You shouldn’t arrange flowers
for the first night. Precautions. Because of guys like you,
India’s population is increasing. By the way, that reminds me. How come China’s population
increased so rapidly? It doesn’t look like he came here
for a fight. Looks more like he’s here for
the first night. Hey, stop! Yuck! Look at that rod. Clean it neatly with soap and surf.
Only then will I fight you. Yuck! I wonder when you last brushed
your teeth. Throw that rod away. Hold this. Apply soap… Clean it. We’ll fight then. How will he be useful to us? Hey, that’s not how you brush teeth. Damn! No matter how hard I brush,
the pan stains aren’t going away. That is why you shouldn’t eat pan. Yuck! He’s bleeding and this man
thinks it’s pan. Hey! Stop! Stop! Doctor…
– Yes… What are the expressions
on rowdies faces? They’re confused between hitting you
and getting smacked. Oh… It’s beating time.
– No. It’s cleaning time. It’s Indian Standard Time. No. It’s my bad time. If we don’t fire right away,
it’s closing time. Then it’s fighting time. How could you hit your brother-in-law?
He had his sister marry you. You should sit down and discuss
the family problems. Damn! He hit me! Hey, baby… My sweetheart… This guy is very clean.
I want to fight with him. Oh… You want me to clean it? One second, sir…
– Why’d you give him the gun? Sir gave me the gun.
– Oh… Your hand is not under your control. Hey! Move aside, guys! Are you guys watching a show?
Just smack him down! You fools! Look for my hearing aid. Since I’ve lost it, I can’t hear a thing. Hey! Have you seen it anywhere? How dare you hit me? Hey! What’s gotten into you? 2 crores you asked for…
Give me the bomb. Please don’t mind.
His hand is not under his control. Oh shit. It’s dusty. Hey! Why are you making it damp?
It’s a bomb! Before birth, womb as to be clean.
After death, tomb has to be clean. For a good blast, bomb has to be clean. You idiot Give me that. It’s dangerous if I stay with them. They’ll kill me along with him. Thank god! I found it on time. I can hear everything they’re
talking about. My bladder seems to be full.
I’ll go take a leak. Hey, idiot! What’s wrong with you? Where are you going? I’m going to take a leak. There are no public toilets until
5 kilometres from here. Where will you piss, huh?
Right here… I’ll aim at the wall. Shame! Because of guys like you,
we have Godse instead of Gandhis. Hey… How is this even related
to that? It is related. There’s joy where there’s fragrance. There are pigs like you
where there’s gutter. Hey… Hey, my bladder is full.
Please don’t bother me. Let me go take a leak.
– Raja! He’s coming at you. You need to enter my province
before you go anywhere. You can’t see, right?
– I can’t see but I can do hear you. I’m not blind. I’m trained. Bro, give our payment and we’ll leave. Why are you hitting me
when I ask for payment? You can pay me less if you want. I’m so worried.
I don’t know where to piss. Hey! That’s a bomb. Doctor, how does it look? We’ll be dead if it blasts. You go. Bomb! Oh, no! Bomb. Hello… What? Ramgopal Varma’s new web series? With costume or without? How many episodes?
– Bro, the bomb…! Hey! You better give us the bomb! Is it your bomb?
Is your name written on it? Who the hell would write their
name on a bomb? – Yes, right. Why don’t people write their names
on bombs? Have you got a pen? Hey! We’ve got no time.
Give these 2 crores to your boss. Give us the bomb. That reminds me. I’ve to tell you
something about time management. Why did they leave? Sorry, boss. Sorry… He’s the thief, isn’t he? It’s him, bro. Bro, the bomb?
– I have it. Let’s go. Whose bag is it?
– Which bag? This bag…
– Oh… Sorry, doctor. Someone asked me to give you
these 2 crores. Bye… Who gave it? Wow! So… So, Nobel Prize organization gave
the money, recognizing my talent. I achieved my aim! Doctor Sima here… Where’s my Raju? Hey, Gopi! What’s wrong? Let me tell you.
– You wait. I’ll tell you. What happened was… His men came
to our house last night to steal. Because I saw them, they captured me
in their storage area. Raju came there on time
and saved me. Anji planned to steal the jewels
and degrade you. Yeah. He only did all of this. Hey, you’re also on their side?!
– He repeated his mistake. You know what to do with him. You degraded a godly man. Smack him, everyone! Stop! Stop! Don’t hit me. No! Forgive me, son. Thanks for saving our family’s respect. You don’t have to thank me, sir. Sorry, for what happened. Bro, where should we go? CM meeting is held 50 kilometres
away from here. At least 10,000 people will be there. [PHONE BUZZING] Where’d I get this from? [WEDDING CHANTS] Sir, the holy thread is missing. The groom is an extraordinary man. Dad, you’re not doing it right. Come on!
Why don’t you do it? Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law… I have good news for you. What? Are you selling the cattle? We called a doctor from the city
to cure your disorder. Oh, darn! It’s him?! Doctor Sima here. Doctor…
– Yeah? Where’s the patient?
Here you go. Bro, you’re the patient? Funny! I prepared an injection for you. Where were you gone?
– Do you know each other already? What the hell! He’s my patient since he was born. Since the disorder was born… Why isn’t he cured yet? It’s not viral fever to cure
with medicine. It’s kleptomania. A costly disease…
– Whoa! Brother, we’re curing it this time. We’re going to rock it.
Come, I’ll give you the injection. This is Sima new one. Brother, show me your hand. I asked you to show your hand.
Why is your dad showing his hand? You come aside for a moment.
Hey, leave me! I’ve to give you the injection.
Why is your dad showing his hand? My dad has got my disorder now, sir. It’s not a contagious disease. It’s weird disorder. Kleptomania… According to Einstein biological theorem… When did Einstein pursue biology? didn’t mean Albert Einstein, sir.
Robert Einstein… His son… He wasn’t even married.
– Adopted. Really? You don’t know the outside world,
being in the lab all the time. What did he say? A disease or disorder related
to human body… Can easily be transferred to generations
through genes. Genes, ah? You’d get your dad’s genes.
How would your dad get yours? It is possible, sir. That is why
his theory suggests. Really? It’s all so confusing. Okay. Who should I give the injection to?
– My dad… I’ll be cured if he is. Did Einstein say that?
– Yeah. This is all because of you. Inject him!
Hey! Is this what you told him? Just for 5 minutes, dad…
It’s just a random chemical.

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