RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

RT Podcast: Ep. 464 – Gus Finally Loses It

Yeah, hey everyone welcome to this new podcast this week brought to you by me undies ProFlowers and tracker, I’m Gus I’m Brandon. Hi. I’m Becca a Barbara, and I’m Gus You like cinnamon you don’t like the couch, right? I I’m farmers either, but I feel like whenever Bernie’s not here I need to I need to take the the Bernie chair step up ya need to step up step your game up I hosted podcast now so I Take the place of Bernie I was I was on always open this week you were kitty cat Zachary banks to be more specific kitty cat you were a witch We were the Sanderson sisters we did a hocus pocus T Vanessa Seems to not want to mention that for some reason And we wanted us to be Thackery Binx, but only as cat version yeah, of course Little little kitty how many talks are you a big hocus-pocus fan becca I was as a child. It’s probably been 15 years since I last saw it, I mean I really like that movie. What about you Brandon? Isomer the zombie being super creepy like I’m not I’m not afraid of zombies like dumb zombies I’m afraid of smart zombies that had like the whole smart zombie like a guy who was dead, but cognitively is just you know example the Guy in hocus-pocus yeah that they brought back yeah, he’s scary. It’s like just a dead dude. It’s a good, dude Yeah, but it’s just no I’m just saying like it’s still creepy like I think there was also one in Scrooge the movies cruise with Bill Murray the the Marley character Again like rotting like things coming out of his face like looks dead But it’s like cognitively where it’s that’s terrifying. Yeah, okay, so like the the ghouls can follow But I mean video games, I don’t I don’t find it scary why I Don’t know because I just I I’d never get Immersed to the point where it feels real I’ll get startled like your number Duke Nukem 3d Or you’re just like running around all of a sudden that green mouth is on your face I’ll get startled but not like completely terrified so that’s your example Duke Nukem 3d of like being like Stark Immersion for video games no no no I’m just saying of being startled in something like you just seem like the mouse like I don’t You remember, but it’s like and then you see it. It’s like. Oh, that’s all good like see look look at that. That’s terrifying That’s from Scrooged. Oh He looks pretty hip Sorry, it’s the sunglasses. Are you more afraid of fast zombies or slow zombies no really Freddy zombies Just sentient zombies, yeah What’s scarier a fast sentient zombie or a slow sentient zombie? Know the fast ones and they do that thing to where They can they can almost like teleport, but it’s kind of weird you want to call it that like like I’m talking to you Right now, and if you’re whatever. You kind of call those call it a smart zombie, and then I turn around I’m like whatever and then I look either standing right here that scares Ya, but it is for that type of zombie, it’s a shock factor I don’t if it so means that close to you either way. It’s eating you. It’s not gonna like feel like wait wait We’re not finished Behind you but dog dumb zombie it’s like being attacked by an animal like a dog Which it sucks? I’m like oh, no my face is being eaten. I guess I beg but My arm like it was eating my arm my arm face, but that wouldn’t be good Like I’m saying like it’s like you’re a dog attack, but I’d be terrified terrified of of a supernatural creature like that That’s just you know its brains intact and you can do that thing where it zips around so fast Yeah, not fat not run fast, but being able to just traverse space Without and it’s not a zombie ability. I don’t know Have you have you seen it employs this mechanical or anything But you’ve seen stuff like that like I think the the ring girl, would you call that a go yes? Spirit she has some kind of like form like a physical form still a ghost Slimer left actual ectoplasm on places That’s a physical form so giving any form. That’s not alive is a zombie No I mean if it if it’s If the thing looks like it came from a grave if it looks like it’s been rotting in the ground then that to me is a zombie but I feel like colloquially when we say zombie we think stupid or Zombies and not like the zombie that you see in hocus pocus oh This is ironic Oh this photo so I there was I was helping For zombies I was hoping paula was something and they were supposed to help me with zombie makeup, but they all left notice who Paula and her friends, okay, okay, and one of them was good with zombie makeup But he had to leave and they were like okay We need you in zombie makeup in like 10 minutes And I had no idea what I was doing so I just kept grabbing stuff and putting it on my face like I did a whole layer of just like grey and then like red and Does that look like a zombie absolutely really? Huh? Universe I think that is what zombie makeup is though You’re just taking a bunch of different colors and texture and just slapping it on your skin Someone said I just looked like I was in a horrible car accident You look like you’re like some kind of like jungle commando. Yeah, see like a check of our Probably doesn’t help that yeah. Yeah, it was a soldier who was killed but Like a burn victim, that’s my that’s my regular nose Has white and red on the news actually a big part of why I put so much on was because someone started and they Didn’t know they’re doing either. That was my wife, and she was like well They told us to put like black around the eyes, so she’s putting black around the eyes But she kind of started going too far and I was like oh my god This is starting to look really bad, so then I just covered my entire face with grey Get rid of it, and then I was like alright. Let’s find some red throw red on there So that’s my life. That’s branding zombie Halloween costume recipe yeah to toriel Yeah, just keep throwing stuff on your face So I learned a cool fact the other day. Do you know where the term Saved by the Bell comes from I? Was associated with school, I guess something to do with like the bell ringing the end of some type of battle thing no my guess was a church bell like coming for the executioner now saved yeah, it is I guess from the 1716 hundreds so many people were being buried alive that they started actually putting Bells like strings tied to people’s fingers and toes in coffins tied to a bell so if they woke up and started moving it would ring the bell and then the Like graveyard attendant would come and why why not wait another couple hours before burying them Yeah, that’s that’s my fear getting buried alive and dying that way cuz it’s such a slow gruesome process Yeah, I guess you just die of dehydration. I know you’re probably suffocate suffocate with our modern coffins for sure. Yeah well No, you wouldn’t suffocate over the course of like a dare a couple. Yeah. Yeah the coffin doesn’t have much space in it Yeah, I have no idea. I guess the comics on. I don’t know I would imagine it Would you would suffocate a lot clearer if you were going to at all but I guess Kill Bill with the yeah? She was do isn’t she having to concern for breath Yeah, it’s very real any other yeah, Quinton Keane is known for his realism if a trapped if a trap person consumes half a liter of oxygen per minute It would take almost five and a half hours before all the oxygen in a coffin was consumed Honestly that’s longer than I thought really Like three hours, maybe but I was thinking Thank You Internet, and thank you, that’s in my Google search history Now you’re prepared if you ever get buried alive you five and half hours start my timer You’re like yeah, this sucks you see Google is releasing their own version of a Alexa device and they gave it to some reviewer I Don’t know anything. Yeah, when did it really like that year ago? No? And they sent it home with reviewers to test and The people who had it maybe not all of them at least a select few went in their Google account their computer and found that the device had been listening to them and Like recording their conversation like without the key without the key words oh, I saw a video. I don’t know if it’s true or not But I saw a video someone posted on YouTube where he claims that he proved his phone Facebook on his phone was listening to him all the time and then displaying targeted ads based on conversations. He had like stuff He wasn’t searching for but he would say stuff, and then it would show up in ads in His Facebook app do you have a say Siri enabled on your phone? Yeah? I do I do I evil that no I trust the reason I trusted is because Apple doesn’t their business model doesn’t involve selling ads like Google does Hmm. I just don’t care like I don’t care something’s listening to me. I’m not doing anything illegal Yeah, but a lot of people who murder people aren’t planning to just kind of happen Seems like that’s a common argument pitfall like I I Default to that too, but then it’s just this whole larger debate of privacy no bar, but don’t make that thing my point makes complete Very confused though. What do you mean by that because like a lot of you know what you would call like murder or manslaughter However, it eventually gets classified. It’s not premeditated Right so onerous people listening know like I think second-degree murder second-degree murder isn’t necessarily premeditated first-degree is Do you remember the first murder you did Brendan? I’m going down. I’m not going down like that I Go down with my hey Siri option on because it’s convenient if I go down because of that oh this convenient What do you like I feel like the only thing I use it for is car. No. It’s terrible in my car Fucking bullshit I Only use it for setting timers and for converting between different formats like I have to see milliliters guys my home device thing Google Dude, I don’t like them. Oh, I love I love deco. Yeah. We’ve an echo heavy home I remember like the first time you talked about it you first giving Alexa turn off the lights some commands you did it at my house No, you did you Feel like I’m in the future Yeah, so I like it so much the other speaking of like things listen angry speakers the other day I was at home actually I had I left my house in the morning to go get coffee and Esther was at the house by herself and She said that she heard me come home, and then I left. I was like I know that didn’t happen We have a security camera outside, so we looked at it and the delivery person a delivery person to come by and dropped off a package and He was listening to the podcast and it was right at the moment. I was doing a Dollar Shave Club read. Oh my god Yeah, I was like that is so weird really weird So three boys heard my voice outside Do you have your name on your deliveries? to your house of course Who doesn’t I think that’s how do you not have your name on delivery you can have like maybe if you use Esther’s maiden name or something I think if the name of the address like the person who owns the place is not properly on the Mailing address. I think sometimes some mail doesn’t deliver It depends on the mailman or the delivery place. Yeah well So Amazon lost his service. Oh, and I know it’s an Austin. I think it’s called Amazon key. Well. I don’t know So basically it’s like and it’s nice. They package this entire system, and I’m getting a house. I’ve had been piecemealing stuff but you get a new lock for your for your house where you can program custom codes, and you can open it remotely and a camera that you can I guess point put in the Inside your house point at the front door and then that syncs with your Amazon account and your delivery drivers will get temporary access They get five minutes five minutes so can come in your home put your packages down and get out. Yeah And it’s the whole thing’s recorded and logged. Yeah, but it just seems like such a weird concept like someone’s like hmm You’re afraid of getting your packages stolen, so let’s give someone Uninhibited access to your home. Yeah, it’s it’s it’s like putting a bell above a grave. Yes There’s got to be a different solution that makes more sense make an Amazon Locker For a house or something where they don’t have to go in your home. I don’t know like we’ve given people so many opportunities to like volunteer their own privacy at Information this to me feels different like I can see a lot of people doing it like I would love conversation you Can’t do it I Love to hear a conversation with like maybe two people who are retired from the NSA who would talk about how difficult it was to pry information from people and Then now with social media or Facebook whatever you want to call all those sites people are volunteering so much information about themselves That you know spy agencies used to have to work really hard to get like it’s amazing how much We’re putting out there about where we’re at Remember like when I started using the internet people didn’t use their first names or anything, right? Yeah Don’t use your real name on like chat sites or anything like don’t trust strangers that you meet on the Internet And now people’s like Twitter handles Facebook names like first last name sometimes ever like their freakin neighborhood. They’re listed. It’s crazy What’s gonna be like when somebody who grew up? During this era runs for president And it’s like you find a file of all this crap you. Here’s the search history of this person like it’ll Be like the new The new how most presidential most presidential candidates release their tax returns, it’ll be like google search history Mine would be is this cancer for like everything On leg cancer question mark Always tells you it’s cancer. Yeah, well. It’s just like oh it could be like Swollen lymph nodes for example the first time I ever had those I looked it up, and it’s just like oh it could be like a cold like allergies Pula cancer. I’m like. Oh, it’s definitely It’s that one like it can’t be anything else except cancer It’s not cancer. I’m good. Yeah. No, it’s uh the Internet is not good for uh for medical things Like medicine is still one of those things That’s so crazy like there’s so many variables, and that’s why doctors had to spend you know so much time in school But I would love if we could get to a point where There was like a reliable Now once a search and diagnostic engine that could help you figure out what it is They do it Watson was being used for for a while I’m like it was basically like a flowchart for doctors to use And I don’t know whatever it’s been a while heard about Watson yeah, or even like virtual doctor visits in computer jeopardy I Which I think he could maybe see becoming more of a reality? At least with the military and people overseas Like being able to either build some apparatus for a doctor or even a surgeon with some kind of electronic or mechanical Component to be able to you know Address people medically on the on the field yeah, I just gotta worry about like lag here. Yeah, yeah Yeah, or I mean. I mean even if it’s Something that’s consumer based from a long time from now like just in your house the little VR. Machine is like a little camera. Yeah Like all right spread your cheeks Oh In your apartment yeah, I was terrified cuz I’ve been travelling like crazy the last couple months Which apparently makes you very prone to getting bedbugs because they could be in hotel rooms And you take any steps to try to prevent that when you travel. I will now that I’m more conscious about it Yeah making sure that I do my laundry the second you get there making sure you inspect your Luggage and everything else if you put your luggage like In a tiled area or like on the on the stand so it’s not in contact with the ground. Oh really Yeah, didn’t realize that was the thing yeah, anyway you thought yeah Because I woke up I had been traveling a lot and I got home and I went to sleep woke up the next day and had three Red welts on myself, and I had no idea what they were from and they were itchy they didn’t look like mosquito bites I later found out they were mosquito bites because there was a mosquito trapped inside my house help me I was with you when you discovered the bites in your pants. Yep it was recently and so I of course like took all the sheets off my bed wash it in like super hot water and dry didn’t super high heat like to Tell you to do. I looked around everything because they could be hiding in different places I looked through everything that I had brought with me on the trips the last couple months I couldn’t find a thing couldn’t find any like they’ll tell you to look for like blood splatters of bugs and and Skin or whatever the shedding from the bugs and like all this couldn’t find a single thing so I later discovered It was luckily a mosquito. Yeah, not bad bugs They have like a really fun silly name But they’re they’re huge problem like if you find you have bad bugs in your malady they tell you to like get rid of your furniture So it’s like yeah an extreme thing if you have an infestation of like hundreds of thousands of them maybe you want to start looking into a Exterminator, but if you have just a couple of ways to get rid of them, yeah But then be spread you gotta you gotta Yeah, you gotta take care of them kill them hide your on that chair not on this couch, right? My goodness Mike in the audio booth sent me a link. Have you ever seen that guy who? Modded a bigmouth Billy bass so that it was his Alexa Oh my god, so whenever Alexa talks the bass light comes out, and it’s mouse starts moving. It’s so awesome and and then that made me think about Another thing I saw where a guy was really into the video game Forza Motorsport, which is like a racing game so he Created a mod so that he could use his Lamborghini as a controller for the game Yeah, he put like a projector on the top of his lab Rajini And it hooked up sensors to a steering wheel so that he could Physically sit in his car and move the wheel and it would drive a virtual representation of his car in the video game. That’s crazy With a lot of disposable income drive a Lamborghini Yeah, I’d be worried like I’d accidentally hit the gas cuz he’d have to turn on the car for closed garage The garage door was open. I remember paying attention to that but he created all like first-person POV style People have way too much time on their hands. That’s awesome You killed a Lamborghini if she’s got plenty of time yeah, you’re right, honey Got this better use out of a car that expensive Yeah, I guess you can use it, and it doesn’t like use gas. It doesn’t wear your tires down It’s like you could driving your car, but you’re not But you’re not actually feeling the drive of the car like did it does have like a rumble pack in it. I don’t think so That’s insane, you know I thought Yeah, because I’m it’s essentially just like a high-tech version of what you already seen in the arcades because they have those things right It’s just way more expensive. Yeah I saw something really cool, Austin just opened up this really nice library and the way that they explained it is Because I think a lot of people when they heard about were like we don’t need a library 2017 But it’s like more of a what does the library in 2017 look like and they had a lot of stuff geared specifically for kids and one thing was a place where anybody could come up And demo of VR system. I think they had the PlayStation system, and it’s one of those things where I think we’re so We’re around this technology a lot like at this company And this culture like we might take it for granted that we’ve had access to this but like most people don’t All right, so to be able to see like technology like that made. You know available for a lot of people seems super super cool Running check out area 2 or anyone can come in you can check out a 3d printer, or what does that mean? I think I don’t know if it’s free, but it has public access like there’s a 3d printing lab Time on it mm-hmm don’t they have like a like a multi-million dollar tree on the top of that building I Mean, there’s what they call a garden. It didn’t seem like good oak tree like some huge tree That’s in the middle at the garden and on the roof no murder. They have a few million dollars They have a lot of really cool solar panels like super fancy It’s like that many solar panels it probably flower powers like one light Back into reading huh? I’m trying to get back into reading I used to read a lot when I was like in high school and stuff like that mostly for school and book reports and all that stuff but uh Now I’m excited about this library. It’s like I could read at the library or something very just comforting about a library Yeah, I never go to libraries when they’re available to me, but now that this one’s oh, yeah It’s really cool Thomas It’s in the Si hombre home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s basically like right next to the creek And then you go over to like the old top or the old water treatment plan, but yeah, it’s cool it’s cool to see a city like Stoll investing in something and Being able to give a lot of people access to the stuff that I think we take it or you know we take for granted You know because it’s just it’s so cool I’m gonna read this here Reminder when this episode of received podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers poof hours recently sent us a beautiful bouquet And we’re all impressed well, I’m impressed by how fresh it stays over such a long period of time you see it’s right there ProFlowers has the perfect gift for anyone excited about fall a long-lasting bouquet in their favorite fall colors their best-selling cinnamon cider roses are a great option for birthday anniversary or any fall Occasion or ago was one of the classics like 100 autumn blooms or a dozen autumn roses you can’t lose because no matter which bouquet You send our listeners get 20% off any ProFlowers unique bouquet of twenty nine dollars or more to get 20% off all Bouquets of twenty nine dollars or more go to ProFlowers calm and use code teeth at checkout that’s proflowers.com and code teeth Te eth thank you ProFlowers response to the podcast and for sending us some flowers everybody likes getting flowers I’d love to get well ours someday. What’s it? You see the flowers you want to source? I’ll give me What I want a flower give a like a flower yeah all of these flowers here It’s super pretty No, it’s just not blocking you see it’s still there gorgeous. I mean me ask you something is it flower related So, this is a while ago But I think it’s a first podcast. We’ve done since then I was that like a place that’s Super busy in the morning cuz like everybody goes there for breakfast And I was super annoyed by the people who were just staying at the bar Just like drinking and not doing anything and I remember tweeting about it, and then you were like pretty hardcore in the other direction yeah So there’s a basically Place in Austin that is mostly known for breakfasts I think called snooze Like and there, it’s very busy like most of the time the wait is about like an hour or an hour I have Saturday or Sunday Yeah, like Sunday morning And we usually go in and we just try to get the first come first serve at the bar and then so we’re just kind of like hovering just kind of like looking at people and People I mean eat your meal at the pace in which you want to eat it mm-hmm You know don’t feel like you have to shovel it, but when you’re done You’re not like you’re not at a social bar. You’re not like you know at a cool Midtown bar you’re out of place of of Food and so just finish your drink and go hang out somewhere else because other people want to eat. Okay, okay? This is his tweet From September 3rd at 12 o 6 p.m.. I remember the to you It’s infuriating to see people just drinking at the counter in a very busy restaurant while people are waiting to eat Oh, sorry. It was a restaurant This is not a bar well there at the counter with all the liquor behind it. That’s a bar. Let me say this Policy of the establishment that is for eating and not Call them right now exists we would all like can we call them, I don’t know if they’re open sir They’re upset that they’re selling a higher profit margin item in liquor instead of making you fucking pancake no high turnover That’s what they want they want turnover. That’s where they make their business You didn’t say that this was a breakfast slash lunch place, and I initially thought this was a dinner restaurant I’m like why wouldn’t anyone just fucking hang out at the bar. That’s like totally. They’re entitled to that knowing that it is smooth I see your point no more because snus has a horrible weight And they’re going to probably end up losing customers if they don’t cycle through Snooze I would say has a counter But it’s not it closes at 2:00 p.m.. It’s not a drinking establishment. Yeah The hell out of mimosas they do on the other hand the bar Technically, that’s like if it’s free it could be a table, but it’s first and foremost a bar bar Does that mean the its? primary use as a bar if you were there if you want to go drink that is where your spot is supposed to be if You want to go eat you’re supposed to sit at a table if there are spots available at the bar And you want to eat there like you would you be okay sitting at the bar eating it most people would say sure some people know okay does it change your mind if the establishment if the rule in the Truant restaurante ray Ron mr.. Durant Is is that you have to eat in order to sit at them That’s fine, that’s the rule then you heard say well, then then forget it I’m still I’m still going out there and still saying even if it’s not and it’s if it’s that busy Then you should get out and let someone else eat if you’ve already paid. Yes, I agree. Don’t dilly-dally Yes, finish your drinks. Don’t rush through it But yeah, don’t do it. It. Also is the counterpart of their seating queue like waitlist, or is it? Yeah, okay, yeah That’s what we do. We can’t wait in that line, so we’re just got we just kind of like hover I don’t like super awkward, but it’s just like sitting there. Just like waiting and like don’t go there I favor stated I favor smooth news is amazing news is alright. It is also not worth the wait There’s a nothing is worth that way There’s a lot of very good brunch and breakfast spots in Austin it’s I’m a big french toast guy And they had French I don’t know man. I don’t know if you could find better french toast There’s a new I ordered three different types of french toast when I’m there snoozes like famous for their french toast something in there Benedict and their bar didn’t have our policies. They don’t have waffles though right. I don’t think so What was the rare you can’t find a good waffle in this town dude? There’s this place in Seattle It is called sweet iron waffles. Oh no if y’all have ever been there’s a few around town best waffle I’ve ever had in my life. It’s incredible like they have sweet or savory ones. I had one was like prosciutto and creme fraiche I’ve had that amazing yeah But no um a lot of good french toast all over the city Uh where you don’t have to wait an hour jeez I don’t know after this lets you you you tell me these places you know everyone in Austin loves waiting in lines We always talk about it, Joey. Did you see a line people people here when they see a line? They go get in it? I love that a lot of places have this system now Where you give your phone number, and they just text you when a tables ready? So you can go fuck off and like walk around do something else in the city if you need to and then just come back There like start making your way back Table for you, I went to that conveyor belt On Friday an hour and a half. I worth it. I went I know it’s not well. I went like a 6 p.m. On a Friday, and it was a two and a half hour. Well. That’s crazy. I got my family all rallied We drove across town like it’s like a 20-minute drive for us and got there like good prime dinner time now I know was my bad. I thought was a little early If you wanna be I would say 5:00 p.m. For dinner or like 11:00 11:15 for lunch if you want to beat the rap. It’s not worth that way. It’s worth maybe a 15 to 20 minute wait the nice thing though when they’re like an hour and a half way I agree to two hours insane I think we went was an hour and a half the nice thing about that is okay That is long enough where we can just leave and go do something else no I’m not I walked a Blackstar co-op across the street yeah, and go drink over there People waiting for No, but that place is cool because I’ve been to a conveyor belt sushi place before and I expected the same thing you just see Like one little slow conveyor belt, but I’m I said some gimmicks, man They have some cool stuff because there’s like a there’s a second floor Conveyor belt where you can order something specific like something like an actual item exactly what you want and Whenever they prepare it they put it on that conveyor belt, and it zips right to you Yeah, it’s awesome And you dump your plates in like this little like slide And it congratulate you as you eat what I like They have those little pots for the plates like every other conveyor belt sushi place I’ve ever been to is just a plate of sushi Rolling around and this one has a little lid when you lift it it can’t be unlifted so you know someone fucked with your food right and They I think everything has a timer on it right. It is saying. It’s individually tracked when it enters into their rotation It’s genius. They have a gamification thing there. It’s like. Oh yeah It makes you eat so much more than it’s every 15 plates you get like a 2 cent toy. I’m like yeah And we do every time yes, I Don’t know whoever came up with that. It’s Mack right? Yeah. It’s it’s not the best sushi in the world, but it’s fun It’s an experience yeah, and somehow whenever I go there. I always get placed at the end of whatever conveyor belt I’m near oh, no we always are just like empty empty You order everything direct pretty much Doing first night was fun I do have beef if you order things that come in on the second conveyer belt if you order the high ticket items those plates Don’t count they don’t fit Do you can order sushi up there as well yeah? Anything that’s bigger the desserts don’t count Yeah, which is weird cuz they cost more so it’s like this should be double the plate. Yeah, seriously Yeah, but doesn’t count because it doesn’t count toward your plank count Yeah, great policy every every restaurants to do that just get in line before you even get there well There’s this app called no wait that. I am a big fan of Kirby Lane uses it some others do where you can get in line from your home, okay? Yeah, wait and so I always I’m like okay 30-minute wait tells you to wooden to arrive to check-in so we know exactly when to leave our house the first time the first place I saw that Technology was the DMV and I was like Congrats government I mean completely bust the whole what do you dig my life to go to the DMV? Barry’s you get in line like when it’s like But we already does heading our way go ahead and get in line and good luck What’s your wait time do this online before you go? Yeah, and you put in your phone number, and then it’ll text you first thing like oh you know This is the official number And then you can text like a update or something like that and it’ll tell you oh there are ten people ahead of you There are five people ahead of you and tell you like what time to get there so you just kind of like you know strut in and you have to strut in or yeah, you have to That’s what I do to whenever. I’m like I do my Global Entry now mmm strut strut passed everybody. I don’t know what the fuck I was doing before I had TSA PreCheck I was saying idiot not to get it sooner is insane It’s like night and day so Michael has it and I almost always travel with him So I’ve gotten by it with not getting it for myself as always Last time we flew together my entire family six deep they all had TSA PreCheck I did not and they kicked my ass out. Sorry schmuck Yeah It makes a big difference Especially if you travel a lot like you said you’ve been doing I mean it really saves time You don’t worry about the line. Just having to take shit out of your bag. Yeah, the next step Did you find it for that other service that I use clear clear where you show your ID you just like? Do like a fingerprint scan and then you just walk right through you they cut you to the front of the line, yeah? I’ve seen people get cutting into clear not at every Airport right no, but they’ve got it at Austin, San Francisco LAX Yeah, I guess Austin. LA. Okay, the big – uh. I don’t know about JFK we check you a lot I used to So it doesn’t matter if it’s there. Yeah, I I haven’t traveled for roosterteeth once since I came here I used to travel probably two weeks out of the month at my old job And I haven’t been on a single trip since I’ve been here sucker. Yeah, I know I miss my miles It’s a it’s a racket man. They get you looped into that and then you uh You know you miss it, or you can’t get out. Yeah Smart, did you see that uh? It’s something. I was tweeting about earlier this morning that controversy about How the Apple and the Google? Emojis for cheeseburgers are different, okay? So it’s Andrew was asking us what our opinion was but he didn’t provide any context, and I didn’t care no Boy So you haven’t seen it You know okay? so How different are they let me see if I can let me see if I can find it and show you or if you guys Can find it if you can bring it up. Is there some kind of international standard for emojis well Here’s somebody changing a letter and the alphabet So what’s oh? He’s on the bottom versus cheese under the eye minute tomato wait these are these are all wrong, right? They’re both wrong But one is more wrong than the other the Google one has the cheese on the bun between the bun and the hamburger patty That’s where it should be but on top that’s someone who worked at Burger King I could tell you exactly where the cheese should be where should I be so if you have it open the top? Bun has mayo lettuce two tomatoes other there, and then it goes cheese patty and Then wait no Just build it from the bottom up bottom up on the Left Google in the right honey patty cheese pickles with a swirl of ketchup two tomatoes lettuce But see I go bottom, bun Patty cheese lettuce tomato Toplin mmm I feel like the lettuce is a foundation for the tomato though the thing that they teach you at Burger King You uh you put the lettuce on the top? bun and then the two tomatoes so that you hold the two tomatoes to flip it Wow Maybe the thing of trying not to get sued like how can we make a fucked up hamburger? Pickle on top like all Canadian hamburgers, it’s it’s for little pickles It’s like little circles. I tweeted about that and someone looped in I guess like a Chef from mcdonald’s like someone who’s like she lists on their website, and he replied simply with a picture of the big mac Which has the cheese under the patty but no tomato no tomato though. Mcdonald’s doesn’t like tomatoes I Never realized that they put the cheese yeah That’s like probably the most popular am burger – does the big mac only have one slice of cheese big mac Also, only looks like it s one slice of cheese And where the the verge did an article also where they compared every difference in every hamburger emoji Manufacturer out there, and I mean none of them are really right, I guess They’re all close like LG is probably the closest one to what I would eat I bet you like it We make fun of it I’m sure these articles did say no well like I think a part of Apple strategy to get people to update their operate their iPhones or Okay, release new emojis People will update their iPhones if you release new emojis Yeah, I’ve been there done that because then you can finger Yeah, if you’re texting with someone, and then you get that little square And you’re like what the fuck did they text I need to update so you gotta get to get on that bitmoji Thank you for all that you’ve done with you you bitmoji the other day, I know out of irony so it starts that’s how I started and There’s always a bit moji for that like it really they’ve covered through the gauntlet And we look at what’s a bitmoji versus just an emoji oh damn dude. Let me show you You you’ve seen like all the stupid little uh Like a little like got like gusts replica Yeah, cartoon figure so that’s a bit you build your person and then the bitmoji app has situations for your person ETA When you showing up, and then you context a good thing you know what’s crazy is I’m sure they’re working on it already like integration with the new iPhone X so Italy news. I’m sorry. Thank you iPhone 10 It’ll use the infrared camera the motion track camera and you can I thought it was called iPhone x10. I trust Gus. I don’t just like OS 10 is not OS X Is it was an X. Oh yes? interesting I’ve never once called it OS 10 it’s always – Yeah the speaking of that did you see that? Girl whose father works at Apple released a hands-on iPhone 10 video last week. No she went with her dad to work Filmed on the Apple Campus in the in like the cafe Took her dad’s or her dad gave her his iPhone 10, which isn’t out yet, and like she filmed it she filmed herself using it and then uploaded like a hands-on video to YouTube and then Her dad got fired. Oh oh Did you order one? I’m sorry to say I did Michael did – so did I damn? Yeah, I’m waiting. I’m pissed because I’m at 128 gig gal, and they got rid of that. Yeah, me, too I had to go to 256 Yeah, so what are the options now? Which is an enormous gap like I used like consistently like 65 gigs. I was just too much I said that what was the lowest like 16 I think four wasn’t there. I think I used to have it No All the time and Gavin who has like always the highest gig phone who stores like everything he’s ever taken ever on his phone I’m the same way. It’s like take video like for like an hour. I’m like. How are you fitting that on your phone? He’s like wife x amount of gigs like shit. I ate cakes in my phone one video I did deliberating to just have all the space you need well. Now you have even more of it you know we kept talking about like Google announced the Pixel to Bernie I Keppel talking about like let’s just switch Let’s get off the ecosystem But I actually had something happen at r-tx London that made me realize how? Fucked I am and how stuck in the Apple ecosystem I am We were sitting there And I was telling someone a story about when I had gone to MCM London like back in 2011 And I was like oh wait here. I have a video of it I pulled up my phone and scrolled back like oh here. It is and I played them a video from like 6 years ago I was like that’s my real eyes like oh if I switched to Android. I wouldn’t have that video anymore like yes Why not I know where it is It is incredible it indexes everything and it’s search is so powerful you can type in like glasses Now bring up pictures of everyone. Can you link your iPhone photo library with you automatically syncs? Did you want me feel more comfortable in Fernie 1,200 bucks if Bernie converted with you No, you guys. It’s like one of those things No no Gavin we’re trying to bully me into it I don’t want a fragment my my ecosystem like I feel like if I switched out of the iPhone system I would need to stop using a Mac because that was the other thing we said I mean it’s it’s really it works too altogether Yeah, I never like if I get text during the day, and I’m at work. I’d never have to touch my phone because It sucks like a lot of people are into date. Yeah gosh. I don’t know man. I just like Apple Because it’s not an information company. That’s why companies like Google or any other company that makes their money off of information That’s what I don’t trust. That’s like the Bond villain from like the Roger Moore era Apple just wants to sell you phones and shit They don’t want to know your search history because they’re not selling ads to cater to yours They don’t scan your email for so you think They’re okay. There’s like this conspiracy, and I’m sure you guys have heard about it Where whenever there’s a new iPhone that comes out? There’s something in the the software update that makes older phones Slower or like batteries die quicker or just not function as well do you think that’s true I saw a website that did a Very thorough test of this and they took a phone and they ran benchmarking on it with like every version of iOS They could and the benchmark never changed the CPU everything still performed exactly the same interesting I think it’s just you know the technology just gets better and it in the phones and like the third-party software adapts to those capabilities So if older hardware’s using it like I mean if you’re still using a laptop from you know an old laptop And you keep updating your software. It’s gonna get slower. Cuz it just can’t keep up like the standard state change Yeah I think that’s what it is and then like ventually you get to a point where you have updated so many times that your phone Just has this epic breadcrumb trail of Like a clean with my new phone. I’m not importing any of my shit did that I got a while it’s been like six years since I did I gotta have my really plugged in all the time because if Something is killing my battery and it’s driving me crazy Have you checked them? Yeah some of it, I’ve got to keep on I don’t know man. I like having my text messages from 10 years ago really yeah Have you ever read them? It’s so tedious to scroll up and also the search and messages sucks ass, it’s pointless it’ll like come up in the search field, but then you want to tap it and see the context or More comfortable Yeah I let go that. I only keep him for a year clear him out Yeah, I am a digital hoarder. Yeah, I feel like I’m one of the people that were Spieth with the biggest Gmail boxes I Have I think I want to see I have like 45 gigs of email? How can you tell you? Female and I’ve got a fresh start, so I I’m small but Yeah, I use I just Save all of that like I’ve got from when I would like plan What? There’s a miss a new bitmoji feature there’s popped up. There’s a there’s like old old Travel that. I planned like from I’m looking at 2011 right here, and it’s like I don’t need that There’s no there’s no reason every. Oh look at that, but I still got it it is fine And you know you invited me to Gmail you gave me an insight went and Michael is so pissed off that I joined Gmail before him because he’s lying so early I joined still really and I was like. I don’t know dude. I bet I joined earlier. I got it back He was like I think he did it when they open it up to like military troops or something And I was like I don’t know Gus knew someone that had Invites, and so I got mine from his and we looked and sho’nuff. I beat him by like a week Looks like the ultimate cash date like nerd caches Yeah influence like oh, I signed up for it before before you even heard about it like how people are with comedians Oh, I was into that comedian like or bands or anything. Yeah, people are dumb. 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That’s Mandy’s comm roosterteeth Check it out. It’s the only underwear I wear How can you see Quinn where you signed up when you signed up for your gmail account I just went back to my very first message gotcha it took a while does Juno still exist Dedicated ISP email client was it not it had a dedicated dial-up number I remember supporting that at the call center like you know people jeez I Used taught me I still use hotmail. I think a lot of people still use hot. I use taught me But Patrick says it still exists. I didn’t sign in it was good so long without signing in I log in in my June ok oh I find like it’s weird when When Businesses like you see like a local business driving around town like earlier I saw a van for like window cleaners right a local awesome business all there’s clean windows and they’ve got like their business name Their phone number and their email address and their email address was something something at yahoo.com was like yeah one who uses Yahoo Yeah, – when I have like your if you’re a business why not have your own custom We don’t have one of those people for a sponsor say doing it’s not even a perfect Segway damn. We don’t What I want they have their own domain or like their own like van anything why is it Yahoo is very crazy Yeah, not Google Yahoo has the worst email. I had to shop around for a pony rental recently I have a three-year-old child as of today happy birthday Clem You like found a three year old Yes, yes his name’s Brandon. Oh Ouch, but one of the websites I went to their email address was at AOL, and I was like this isn’t gonna I seen some people with an AOL address crazy. What are you doing? I helped someone the other day and his email address was at a mom I bet that’s gonna Oh, is that going away? Is that email for was going away longer theme? Yeah rest in peace ma’am I’m really sad about name Did you not use a him because you were Canadian I did, but I used other things as well I used MSN Messenger I used I CQ back in the day like Oh yep That was the sound oh and yet like a number instead of a username He’s seven nine one seven nine four oh, I remember mine. Holy shit my NATO 3/6. Oh yeah Okay, well, maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention to mine I don’t remember mine, but uh no I had aim but I mainly got it to talk to people at roosterteeth actually I guess I was talking a Bernie and Gus when I was a Community member that’s where Bernie offered me a job at roosterteeth was on AIM. Yeah when I started that was the official corporate communication I remember for a while people would print their ICQ number like on their business cards They’re like a way to contact them. It was a play on words for I seek you. Yes. Yeah, okay, that’s what I thought My first aim account that I used I was a die-hard I CQ user and Like Bernie and Jeff and some other guys really liked to aim and they kept trying to convince me to use aim So I finally signed up for an aim account and the first name account. I signed up for was I wish this was ICQ I remember And I use that just so if you like we should be talking and I seek you to know what we’re talking on aim oh My god, I remember that I need to sign into a him before he completely shuts down Just go through all the old screen names and my buddy list and just take a walk I’m in a place to still sign into that I Know you’re like a web client, okay? Oh, yeah, I’m sure they still have I can download the actual look if I could find mine my offer Bernie She doesn’t save all that shit while you can so there was this girl. I liked I was like if I changed my Name to something that makes me I don’t know seem not likable like not sensitive hard to find the word like huge in her mind like associated with that and So and but then like it became a problem whenever I tell other people my like the name Wait wait wait Barbara if I reached across this what it would look like No go back to the start of Brian go back to the side of Brandon the brand in That’s why I asked you to get it for me Sorry we’re having a little fight over here. It’s fine. All right so the screen name I picked its name enough animal so can you just like take a guess of what animal I would Garfield’s No like an actual animal like what okay? So what how old were you I? Was in probably early high school, so like Tyrannosaurus No, no 15 year old brain monkey. What animal? Do you think is cool? Not cool, like I thought like this girl would think that I’m is it a mammal cute Oh, no if I give you if I answer that it’ll give it away Platypus I’m gonna. There’s so many mammals. No so you all know if I told you what it was you went to something cute. Yes Oh, so it’s not a mammal. It’s nah Okay, um I would say like bird turtle. No what is it. Tell us koala bear that is the fucking mammal? I thought that’s a marsupial oh Yeah marsupials are subsets of mammals I said that platypi Platypuses aren’t mammals. Well that makes sense I never said why it would be a different genius just cuz the yeah that makes way more sense They make milk or uh yeah our platypus the only mammals that lay eggs. I think there’s one more ok kidnap, baby I’m gonna kitten is a mammal I think that’s in the same genus as the Platypus Thunder kid It was a bird actually podcast we get all your science information. It’s not definitely not a bird is it It lays eggs, but doesn’t see oh yes, it is a mammal and it lays eggs. They go a kid No, you got it. All right You gotta be a kid named yeah Yeah, it was not too. Cool to tell like random people oh, yeah, my screen name is koala bear Just feel free to text me anytime And things did not work out Yeah, and so full of chlamydia The koala bears do oh right like that Uh not the Backstreet Boy one of the boy bands got chlamydia and that koala bear wait what like oh? What’s the British? direction one direction yeah, I was like one of the guys from One Direction got chlamydia no no no he held a koala bear and People speculated that he might have gotten something from them come on I thought he got through many and blamed it on the corner foetus of him with the koala bear, and that’s when people started saying I gotta say when I went on I went to Australia after that happen And I held a koala and it’s like this cool moment It’s like you’re holding a cual and it got a nice picture out of it every fucking comment was like you’ve chlamydia now Yeah, we just didn’t like move on from this joke what do you think like if some rich, dude like? cheated on his girlfriend Got chlamydia for it and was like how am I gonna cover this up, Google, Australia? Hold this koala bear perfect cover, or he could you know like take medication might be yeah? Yeah, but I mean if she got it You sneak the pill into her soup every day It’ll be a marsupial oh Here’s what you do you clear it out, and then by the time she discovers her chlamydia and Approaches you about it. You’re like I don’t have chlamydia if you have chlamydia where the fuck do you get it from that’s evil No also excuse, I thank you another Can I think it has happened, but the odds are pretty low very low yeah? But wait like so isn’t a thing of guys. Don’t usually show symptoms of Chlamydia girls Don’t usually show symptoms of gonorrhea. It’s been a while like I went at UT You do better than we diversity of Texas you’re in Austin like they as soon as you get there They ingrained that you are gonna get all the venereal diseases all of them all at the same time Every moment so they like you end up learning way too much about this the one where you get Schenker’s What are Shanker? I mean shakers are google image search is it like she knows. It’s CH ancr HPV or herpes no no I think it’s gonorrhea. Eh what CH ANC aren’t you I learned about this in health A little like pus pockets bunch of people with little knives that are like coming at your door like little Shanker’s Primary stage of syphilis syphilis okay, couldn’t we get rid of? Like so the Vanaras we can cure right, gonorrhea and chlamydia syphilis The h-bomb we can so let’s say those three HPV HIV either one oh shoot Those are where I was thinking herpes or that yeah anything viral Yeah, I guess yeah. They have a vaccination game really an HIV there’s also Medication as well that you can take that’s preventive so you saw know in the World Series right like how? I think someone hit a home run somewhere and ever in the world’s getting a free taco from Taco Bell Dola base Okay, okay. That’s the promotion right we spend a lot of money if we did the same thing except with Medication for venereal diseases everybody at the world at the same time take this medication Don’t have sex for ten days. We would eradicate the disease ten days. Yeah, it’s like today’s Good-looking everyone in the world to take a pill every one in the country us good luck getting everyone in the u.s. to get to taking Them Good luck good Nats we into the World Series, it’s it’s I Grew up a really big baseball fan. I grew up a really big Astros fan You go your drive to Houston and watch Astros games, and it’s been cool It was cool to see them in the World Series up until the point that dude does the racist Yuli something I completely missed this you Liguria yeah, he hit a home run And the Dodgers pitcher was is half Japanese and half No, no yeah, and then he so the guy who hit the home run went to the dugout and then like Mao stood Cheney talk which is like Spanish like little Chinese, man He’s Japanese come on woof. Yeah The league decided to punish him by giving him a five game suspension Next season not during the world yeah, okay, when it counts man. I think it flew under the radar because I think the Innovation the next night at the Astros game at his home game Yeah, I think I think it kind of flew under the radar cuz the Japanese pitcher He kind of just said well, that’s kind of unfortunate I’m sure he’s a you know an okay guy taking the high ground yeah, let’s let’s move on and then I Just kind of with everything else going on in the world high road. No one really any really get picked up Yeah, I guess that yeah. There’s so much shit going on right now. It’s easy to miss yeah It was a hot day on the new yahhh, Japanese an Iranian descent Interesting that’s interesting Yeah, now you care a little more, huh? Yeah, sorry is just an expression. Oh wait. No one you guys were you guys I think the the the scandal. I kind of Overtook that was the owner of the Houston Texans football team using an expression You heard um inmates taken over the asylum mm-hmm when he was having this private Meeting with like other owners and a few other people talking about what’s been going on in football? He used a version of that phrase except. He said inmates taking over the prison wait what? He described like he used a an expression to describe the relationship with the players on his team He said the lawyers kneeling during the national anthem is like the inmates running the prison okay. I get that you didn’t fight. Sorry Thank you guys for news. I’m here back in the area so that kind of like took the kind of took like the Space in all of the website. That’s gonna cover racism in sports Houston again, huh Houston again? Yeah? I mean There’s a really diverse City. Yeah, it is really versus it’s actually a pretty a relatively liberal City You know it’s constantly blue in every way It’s just what every city in Texas is I guess most cities in the country are its what we don’t understand It’s not really a red state blue state thing. It’s mostly urban versus rural To fish red fish blue fish but man Speaking of Texas I saw a map who was this it was Some website Halloween Express they did a survey where they mapped The most liked and the least liked Halloween candy for every state in the United States so awesome, okay, so I guess I texted you I guess for Texas my most liked Halloween candy You I’m gonna read you a list of Candies yeah, okay, this is the least appreciated overall from all of the states where I’m gonna read to you And then you guess which ones, Texas okay licorice One two three four five six seven eight nine ten or twelve licorice jawbreakers Pixy Stix almond joy Tootsie Roll Raisinets atomic fireballs Hot Tamales candy corn dots whoppers Necco wafers Licorice jawbreakers Pixy Stix almond joy Tootsie Roll Raisinets atomic fireballs hot tamales candy corn dots whoppers Necco wafers hot tamales licorice uh jaw breakers jaw breakers Goo and Barbara. I knew it wouldn’t be hot tamales because Texans like spicy stuff yeah Actually, yeah, that was a stupid culprit. I’m surprised almond joy was on that list like almond joy Yes almond joy is not liked in Florida or Massachusetts. Oh really I guess a northern state bad You want you want to guess the most appreciated candy for Texas for Texas still I’ll read you eight okay? Reese’s peanut butter cups Snickers sour patch kids Butterfinger Kit Kat nerds almond joy Twix, dude snicker Twist I’m gonna go with Butterfinger. It’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup In almost every state in the Candy they also broke it down by the most appreciated by generation and the least appreciated Overall also by generation. I like I don’t even know it appreciated Baby boomers Generation X and millenials every generation appreciates Reese’s peanut butter cups the most oh It’s been my favorite since like the a gypped The least appreciated Baby Boomers hate jawbreakers and Gen X and Millennials say candy corn the most Don’t like seek it out but Like eating sugar wax. Yeah, I like wax. I like I like Twizzlers. I like waxy candy Mmm. I’m not a fan of like licorice like Twizzlers and stuff hate licorice, but One time I ate so many I threw up what’s the difference between Twizzlers and licorice licorice is I like them. What’s the spice? That’s in like what get like a nice yeah Whatever’s on Jagermeister, but it’s not just red licorice twisters. Oh They taste like strawberry though Really yeah, it’s all licorice licorice like black licorice I Feel like that’s what licorice like that taste that’s what licorice is yeah, I think anything else would be like licorice Flavor jellybeans the more we say licorice some more I’m acknowledging that it’s a very weird word. I’m not liquor, but I’m licorice licorice There’s only one candy That’s on both the most appreciated and least appreciated list Almond Joy oh man joy, I was gonna say it’s most appreciated in Wait is that a mistake there’s three most appreciated in Idaho, and one of them’s all enjoy KitKat and Twix cat like the most popular junket. Did you see that video? I’ve never seen your face like that before Gus some youtubers put out a video I Think was today. Just yesterday yesterday was like how to make your own KitKat at home. Oh except. It’s like this big Okay, it’s fucking massive. How do you make the wafers? That’s uh? Oh damn? Yeah, it’s huge um so the prep time for our cook times thirty minutes and Not worth it. Yeah. It’s it’s a lot of work, and it’s huge, but it was I thought it was really cool It looks really fucking good too when they like a birthday cake or something gimmicky how much how many minutes? Just an hour and a half total. Oh, it’s not that bad. If you’re making something that big It looks fucking amazing It’s like I think a little too much chocolate though. I just like the little wafers I like scrape the chocolate off and peel apart. Oh my god yours Give me the chocolate okay For me all right, that’s my favorite pot orange starburst, I’m not a fan. Yeah, who is anyone Merrill and I are gonna be star west friend starburst friends are better whispers. I like them what the orange ones Yeah, I don’t think there’s any flavor starburst can’t get nothin man Or just I got a big bag of starbursts Halloween candy and every pack is fucking orange There’s like two. I only I only like pink and maybe sometimes red Yeah, you ever get the gist Reds. Have you seen that you can buy just the red ones? I don’t like starbursts that much to buy that I Like weird candy. I don’t really like chocolate. I like a like a gummy fruity s’more for me like airheads. I love airheads Oh, that’s like. It’s too sticky Laffy Taffy. No, okay, that’s that’s too sticky Is there now and later is the one I used to eat all the time yeah, that’s realize like pull your filling out stickiness Yeah, I should be careful. I just got fillings. Well. Yeah, not a good time right before before Halloween nope Good timing on my part. Yeah, apparently it fill it like if you need if you have cavities and need filling So there’s nothing to do like has a little bit to do but not necessarily completely in correlation to how much you brush and take Care of your teeth people sometimes just have soft teeth that are more prone to cavities what my dentist it Also has to do with how much saliva your mouth produced. Yeah acidic it is mmm Yeah, so I am very prone to cavities I have to get three of them filled with My dentist did his best to scared the hell out of me cuz he’s been trying to get me to get a mouth guard Forever and he’s just like your teeth are just gone You’re gonna have her teeth yeah apparently I grind my teeth He’s like there used you see this and he just showed me like he’s a little like me x-rays like you have You have like half your teeth. Oh my god It was like 400 bucks does that mean so I try to get the work on Amazon where you like mold yourself Because it really does not I got a night guard. I have like TMJ issues. I clinch in my sleep I don’t grind luckily, but I don’t remember it being that much yeah, they’re like you see you see how you’re the top of your teeth are all red and veiny the nose, I’m like and it’s just like I Whenever I eat me it has to be like rare so I have like a well-done steak My body is just Not if your teeth are like you what you should have does that mean when you grind them that you’ve swallowed half of your teeth Oh, dude. Must write like I have little growth going on in my body right now. You wanna keep your teeth out think about that Right I can have a dream about my teeth falling out tonight because of this conversation I hate those dreams. I’ve only had one Where my teeth fell out yeah? Yeah actually Did swallow a tooth when I was young it fell out no Yeah Did your parents ever do anything crazy to help get teeth like loose teeth out of your mouth so kind of like my dad was The tooth fuller mm-hmm, and he would just yank it out hidden care, but one time he was away he’s in the army and so he’s gone for a really long time, and it was up to my mom and We tried the door not like tying a string to the door and slamming it and it didn’t work She took me the dentist and headed like professionally pulled she couldn’t handle it I was like chasing her around asleep hanging by remember when and where you were when you lost your first tooth. Oh No, I don’t I do I was watching Titanic That’s so funny What was it my first tooth, but it’s one of my teeth. I lost watching Titanic. I was like watching my living room I was like 98 99 yeah, I remember yeah See were you like fidgeting or just like moving? I was just going like this like playing it with with my tongue And it was like in a really like scary scene and my tongue like jolted and just went And popped the tooth right out of my mouth II I’ll forever remember that your tooth will go on No, it actually won’t it’s gone forever anyone grew in so actually won’t go on Yeah, no. I can’t remember. I mean I like Barbra Probably remember my first four teeth I lost or so, but I lost all my teeth by the time. I was like eight Damn, yeah, I have a mature mouth I got my wisdom teeth when I was 12 and they fit I still have them you still have your wasn’t yeah I think it all for out there all impacted. Oh damn. Yep. You ever was born without him Oh, I’m fucking more evolved than you monsters. I feel like a mutant that’s common in Hispanic people is it I I could be making this up I feel like I’ve read that don’t you also have like a really good like your dentist was like surprised at how good your teeth Yeah, I’d never go to the dentist. What’s the explanation for why you didn’t grow wisdom teeth because I was born without them It’s just there’s no There’s no day like why that would have a pollution right that’s I’m evolution happening, but you’re but I’m not gonna. Have a kid so Evolution works those genes just didn’t activate, but that’s not I mean evolution Your body is like Would be very things if I had like a hundred kids. If not having wisdom teeth enabled me to have a ton of kids Yeah, or the people who did like somehow didn’t survive Because I don’t know if they got effect over their mouth got all fucked up, but I don’t know I don’t I don’t think you could just don’t explenation it is I Mean think about it before modern dentistry and impacted wisdom tooth could kill you So people with shitty wisdom teeth probably died off. Yeah It would be an advantage. Do you like my dumb comment where he said it’s evolution I said, but you’re older than us Happens on a very small scale However reading a stat in the 90s about People more people being born with extra digits on their hands the keyboards like we’re typing more and so Anyone just grow a feature Matt yeah But I mean they’re also removing them when it happened so probably your choice is to be careful about saying they could put on Wikipedia Humans have sharper canine teeth right and now they tend to grow in a little bit Not as sharp because if we don’t use them for there’s a lot of variation airing with one. It’s really interesting like Louis ears. Oh my god This is really grounded Steve. Oh, I’m sorry. Well. Yeah you you have a very very evolved canines say that yes Mostly my but No brainy talk about your like a but a lot, I know so I won’t go into it again Are you girl, oh, it’s bad, I don’t I could give a shit. What kind of Baha I Don’t care. What kind of fun. Yeah, I don’t like guys well It’s just a practical matter that you’re it’s harder to get your pants to stay up I admire a guy with a nice butt sure But it’s not like yeah like in the danger things season opener some girls so check out a but dudes But I was like I’ve never been like mmm look at I have a ham steak Oh, well, then we poco a kit harington’s blood from Game of Thrones. That was a whole thing People about it very prominent scene. I think it’s because there’s there’s rarely an instance during sex where you see it guys But gets to flex yeah, he’s just walking away going in bathroom anyway Or like if there’s a mirror or something nearby we could see it, but otherwise it’s like Tim always you’re always focused on the front part of this of the body, yeah Those always sensitive about my butt so if I when I walked away my just like you know robot first Really, don’t worry about that. No. I don’t give shits about butts you hear that here. Goodbye some do some don’t Mm-hmm hopefully if you’re with someone who cares about you, they won’t judge you ya know They just laugh. That’s the difference the people who love The room she won’t know that I have a weird but Other weird stuff going on yeah notice your butt Brandon Exactly now. You will like you notice his teeth oh my god Gus is very mild canines sue I grind also. Yeah you do I like mildly pointy yeah, yeah, but Michaels family has they’re very pronounced canines and Clementine has them too. She’s a little vampire vampire give you a story about how I guess some dentists in Japan will Turn a canine if you request it like it’s considered over you There if you have like a canine, that’s like twisted a little bit or turned Like imperfect how weird so like people who are performers will have like Cosmetic dentistry done to like twist one of their canines just a bit so it’s not Totally symmetrical second trend you are they are so far ahead there you go to the dentist to fuck your teeth up I don’t know if they add a gap or rather They just don’t get it fixed when they have like been like gap right in the middle because look at gate model thing Yeah, it’s like a palette thing too right like your palate is actually has a ridge in it. Yes is that? It’s like endearing I guess for sure I used to work with had the cutest little gap Yeah, some people could pull it off some people not so much. Yeah, maybe fix it I found a New York Times article about That I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making that up, but yeah in Japan they do they Have their straight teeth did you see circuit girl who went blind after letting her good lord Wow? Um interesting girl who went blind after letting her boyfriend tattoo her eyeball? Oh my god, what? She was getting it tattooed like purple I think and it just like immediately bled out like her whole eye all the whites of it turned purple And is this the thing that people do was just an idea that he had like is it an icon Do you that he had he like pestered her to do it and be as elaborate and then he immediately broke up with her See if you can find this article. It’s like a month. I see it right here. It’s on the Huffington Post she’s purple tears yeah, it’s the pictures of Break was up with somebody You can’t break up with somebody after like that’s at least months you have to stay with them. They’re more there’s another one Thanks putting it it’ll be Putting a needle in an eyeball exactly whatever Go well, and yes, I know laser. Eye surgery put a laser in an eyeball like a doctor doing it. That’s a procedure proven that it works all that yada, yada when they Portrait on Twitter wants to say hey, we like butts stop telling lies I’m just not a butt guy mm-hmm when they did my LASIK they Weren’t telling me. What was going on like the only thing that I heard while they were actually doing the procedure was office gossip and They tell me that I was gonna go blind temporarily So always thought in my vision like goes away, and I start freaking out and all I could hear them Talk about is like you know Betsy and what she’s actually doing today. Oh my god It’s terrifying like you losing your sight like that’s a huge thing like imagine living the rest of your life. That’s tough I had LASIK done like did you everything went black when they put that vacuum on your eye is that one yeah? They have the little like suck like if you didn’t get like egg Because I think that’s what they started doing before I think they took a razor blade and like slice Oh, yeah, they would do the dual like radial keratotomy laser Yeah, it’s weird. They you feel your eye peeling Patrick. Just sent me a link I Guess there’s a procedure you can get done for about ten thousand dollars. You can have the colors of your eye changed Is it like an actual like injection? It’s not like CRISPR No, no, no this is if you’re already alive. No they’re like some kind of procedure not a genetic altering the cosmetic It’s a lot of shades of oh no there’s different colors. I thought it was all Gray’s at first. It’s just Yeah, Wow IED we live in the future, maybe I wish there were a way to permanently change your hair color I Would save so much money. Yeah, cuz you you dye it black right? Yeah. I have a standing appointment every six weeks Wow My roots tonight. It’s bad. What’s your natural color blonde? It’s like dirty blanket. Ashy blonde. Yeah, you can probably see that just surprised me every time you mentioned that cuz like I’ve only known you as a Like before we’re seeing before and after right now. Yeah, oh My god, that’s pretty convincing Well, yeah, they changed it. I mean pretty color contacts exist Pretty crazy you guys ever watched Star Trek next generation. Yeah, so obviously you know we talk about Actors having to wear shit the wharf you know how to put on the Klingon thing every episode mm-hmm for obvious reasons it makes sense Klingon Apparently the actress who played count Played Troy how to put on black contacts in every scene for every episode for seven years, and it’s like Nobody noticed that Yeah, nobody was noticing yeah, yeah like it’s like that’s like Oh, this is what Betazoids look like they have these eyes, and she’s like alright And I think other Betazoid started appearing in the show and not wearing shit, and she was like what the fuck I never noticed yeah, I watched that show. I never know she had black eyes and a wig that would bait That’s Betazoid hair. I figured that was a wig out kind of big hair. I thought it was like the 80s That show was predominately in the nineties Split have now I’m gonna read something you look up what years of next generation around when in mind everyone this episode of the podcast is also brought To you by tracker we’re all looking for something for some it’s love for some its purpose or unforgettable experiences But for most it’s just your keys Eight years ago tracker changed everything when they released their first tracking device and now they’ve done it again with the all new tracker pixel What tracker pixel you’ll never have to worry about loosing your things again tracker pixel is the lightest Bluetooth tracking device on the market Place tracker pixel on whatever you tend to lose keys your wallet even your cat It’s small enough to fit anywhere When you misplace an item that has a tracker pixel attached use your smartphone and a 90 decibel Alert will help you find it in Seconds it even has two powerful LED light, so you can find anything even in the dark lose your phone Just press the button on your tracker pixel and your phone rings even if it’s on silent You can even locate your item if it’s miles away because every tracker user is part of the largest crowd locate network in the world trackers 30 day money-back guarantee means you truly have nothing to lose go to the tracker comm Slash rooster and get 20% off any order That’s the tracker comm I’m gonna spell that out th e TR ACK our comm slash rooster for 20% off Its the tracker comm slash rooster. Thanks for sponsoring this episode of the rich cheese podcast uh when did a Next generation air it was 87 94 so a little bit more a little bit more in the 90s I have to say I don’t point this out apparently every Betazoid besides Her troy’s mother wore black contacts and That was played by that a character was played by the creator of Star Trek’s wife So I’m sure she was just like no. I’m not gonna do that because like um I think Michael Dorn had to go through four hours of makeup Every day for that show to put on the Klingon thing and then a lot of episodes All he’s doing is standing in the back so you seem in a wide shot And he’d say I recommend torpedo like quantum photon torpedoes and Picard to be like no and that’s it It’s like imagine having to do that like go through that everyday in a show. That’s so ensemble based. Yeah Yeah, I’m sure he was like hoping that he’s either not in an episode or the episodes about him Yeah, like you don’t want to be like you’re in one and a half scenes Yeah, we have your shoulder, but we’re gonna have to or just for K. You know just in case we’re gonna have to see that Get anything on mm-hmm Yeah Yeah, it’s tough, but I mean it’s like some actors. They just like make a career out of it like Andy Serkis God knows how much time he spent in makeup and then none Fuckin idiot fuck god dammit. No that’s great. No more. Sorry. I guess who say the the actress in Avatar She’s saying a lot of stuff like that damn it though Warwick Davis Work Davis hey he spent a lot of time in hair and makeup the guy from in guardians the galaxy who played the big blue Dave Bautista Yeah Yes Work it is funny because in Harry Potter he played two characters, but one of the characters Looked like an elf like in the film a guy. No no the the professor Like looked like a weird al’ and I imagine those like an intense amount of makeup and then another Director came a nurse like this is stupid. You know look different You know just look like a guy yeah, and I’m sure it’s just like oh my god Thank you cuz like that amount of makeup. I’m sure he complained enough like alright. Let’s make his life easier Yeah, just make this look legit We’re just gonna like hold out mm-hmm. Yeah, when we did the the Follette immersion I had you know to do that make up for I think it’s like three hours. Yeah, let’s suck I can imagine like you say working on a TV show giant slice of pizza I just in the bathroom for a couple hours, so don’t feel too bad in that building. That’s full of asbestos Oh, yeah, I was in the hall watching shoot. Yep We filmed a bunch of blood tests in that building too and every other casting crew had like Those masks on the whole time not you not us because we have makeup on and we have to like you know Get ready to do takes after take like even if we have a break in between. It’s just like alright cover your mouth I guess for a few seconds. Yeah, those buildings aren’t inhabited because there’s like condemned by the city Yeah, we spend like 12 hours in there, so We all are yeah slowly So I have an app on my phone You know I’m obsessed with planes and travel, and I’ve got an app that I can track like any airplane That’s flying in the world I can see it if I see a plane in the sky, you can enter like an augmented reality mode Where you point your camera at it? And you like this app it is a free app Wow and you can get an S Premium features you can pay for but it’s free and you can see like what flight it is and it tells you like its altitude and stuff I Found out it has a setting never knew it had the other day where you can get an alert like a push notification Anytime any plane in the world declares an emergency So yeah, I was oh shit, I am definitely doing this yeah, so now my Not it’s not a ton But once or twice a day my phone will buzz like you know flight so and suddenly key click on it go to flight Yes, you can see like planes turning around or diverting the airport’s and then I was watching one yesterday There’s like outside of Philadelphia. It’s like oh this American Eagle flight took off in Philadelphia. They declared an emergency They’re turning back around and then it like disappeared off the map. I was like What just happened where did that? I was like googling in news I wasn’t finding anything so I went to a different website like I went to a web site my laptop And I found it was like oh it landed ok You know worried about you hook up your phone when you’re actually flying the Wi-Fi Sometimes you know worried about doing that and then getting an alert Like I wouldn’t be surprised if like they have to technically declare an emergency, but they keep You’ll be able to tell like if you turn a weird way or so What are the majority of the emergencies cause he doesn’t say I? Guess I could listen to like the tower communication if I was really into it, but I don’t go that far I’m sure you’ve been at this website the database of the black box recording oh yeah every plane crash yeah, yeah pretty insane Yeah, some of the last lines are exactly what you think oh fuck. Yeah, or like oh my god the worst one is Is that a mountain or something like that there’s something like a mountain? What about iceberg right ahead? There was a the worst one is well one of the worst ones is that Air France 447? Where it’s like one of the last things is there like are we crashing like are we the one? Yeah, now which is the two plane collision that happened on the runway? That was like I think it’s the most fatal place, yeah Yeah, I listen to that one And they’re like no you’re not clear for takeoff clear like Freaking out yeah, that’s terrifying yeah Well if it makes you feel any better They implemented a lot of systems to avoid that kind of thing ever there’s no ground radar back then Foggy the scary thing though is like as soon as they come up with a new system They’re like great now. We can have more planes take off and land so every time the system gets better It correlates with efficiency, which they take better advantage of by still having more planes. It’s like your phone analogy Yeah, the hardware is old, but you’re upgrading the software on it. Yeah except My phone’s not gonna crash in a field somewhere actually like I’m a might so um Do you use the calculator on your phone dude in fear yeah? I do so there’s a curtain bug I guess with the last version of the Apple OS iOS where It animates that whenever you press a button right like a little light pops up, but have you heard about this now? Okay, real fast on your calculator type 1 plus 2 Plus 3 and tell me what it says as fast as you can One plus two plus three. Yeah, gotta find the calculator because I don’t remember All right one plus two plus three. Yeah, okay? Oh? What So why there is 23 there’s an animation that occurs? When you do any calculation, and it takes so long to react that It glitches out if you do it real slow. You’ll get the right answer so that makes me afraid there, we go of like specifically That could crack like that could do some huge dam like that could crash a plane because like there’s a lot of calculations that go into when there’s a Dedicated system that’s been testing anybody’s using the eye, and they’re not using an iPhone you never know What Airport? There Was a flight in Canada the metric the big another symmetric to Imperial and They forgot and they put they didn’t put enough fuel in the plane and it ran out of fuel. Yep exactly Landed the guy the pilot was like an avid ultralight gliding Pilot so glided the plane down and landed it That’s amazing like Something happening your plane is very scary, but talent a lot But the pilots are really talented mm-hmm and especially with not just like the technical skill, but being able to stay in control the situation It that’s why I think watching that show air disasters made me a much better flier I felt a lot better except for the guys that don’t understand then They’re falling or the dudes that we’re all trying to change the light bulb and crash the plane Actually, I don’t know it’s all whorehouse. It’s all bad the end results terrible. Yeah every time Now I don’t get nervous about that stuff anymore, but I think it’s fascinating yes like a complex system There’s so many variables to it And there’s so many like safety checks and and things that I still get scared over there As much as I fly now, I still get scared every time I see a scare during takeoff Really landings more scary for me. No No, well, you’re gonna crash on a landing if something else is wrong with the plane very rarely Hey does something happen only on landing. It’s usually someone the pilots don’t brake correctly Really those are only that’s really the only thing like run onto the runway Rare Fine if you’re like that the plane It’s going the right direction when you’re like when you’re landing you’re already at a slower speed and you’re anticipating coming in for a landing You’re accelerating with a fuel tanker with a full tank of gas It’s like fire. It’s also heavier You can’t immediately necessarily land, and I think the way to think about is like a plane is not a flying machine It’s not meant to fly it is not a bird that flaps its wings like nicly. It is a flying machine Well what I’m trying to say is that? Not natural what I’m trying to say is that in order to get it in the air it takes like a way that you? manipulates the structure of the plane so The amount of things that can go wrong and the likelihood that something going wrong during takeoff is going to crash the plane is higher than in any other part of the Other part of the flight especially if you have a problem during takeoff Is more likely to be related to a stall or cause a stall and people don’t survive stalls because it’s like a belly flop Mm-hmm like I’ve said this before people make fun of me like if my planes going down and it’s going the right direction and not you know Falling like stalling. I feel pretty good about surviving Further wreck you can survive a stall at cruising altitude I don’t know. I’ve never seen someone so survive us the parts can recover from a stall if they have enough. I’ll recover Yes, what I mean is dumb like actually hit the ground. Yeah, hit the ground I mean Yeah, if you hit the ground hit the ground But you can hit the ground when you’re actually you’re more Your trajectory is more your landing be nose-down in a stall like if once you lose enough Lift you go down your nose goes down It’s not necessarily belly flopped either way you’re fucked No, agree. I’m just I’m not the point anymore. I’m agreeing with you. Yes. I’m just trying to explain okay It’s a little more complicated than what you’re saying. Well. I don’t agree with that. Yes. I’m sure it is I agree I agree I’m no no you’re Just a couple friends who are hanging out again? Yeah, no just be terrified during takeoff Okay, sure I’ll be terrified sure for the whole time. Yes. Thank you How about don’t be afraid lots of people fly every day. They’re good. Yeah, it’s more dangerous to drive in a car. Yeah I think the last the last fatality we had for a US based airliner Was it was like a month after the September 11th attacks? It was like a plane crashed in Queens, but since then I don’t think there’s been a no. No they’re definitely happen American Airlines Delta There have to top my head. I can tell you about the that continental flight that stalled in upstate, New York Okay it was Colgate There’s like a subcontractors United Express or Continental Express well I felt better before no it’s definitely happened You’re just not thinking about me because it’ll haven’t been around for a while so that’s still had to have been Yeah, a long time ago. Yeah Continental. I think they finished a merger with United like five years ago. I think this happened in oh six want to say Something like that the pilots thought that they were iced and they weren’t Thanks all right anyway, that’s kind of a I want to end But that’s kind of a depressing note to end on is there something I got here. Do you see the video of that guy who? He posted on Instagram He would wait He would go to meals with people and he’d wait for them to like they were like him to take a photo of their meal And he would mow shit like at the last second And then he uploaded like a compilation to Instagram of him just like destroying other people’s People taking photo of their foods But I just like how much joy he takes in destroying these other people’s moment Yep, that Lonely Island video where he punches people when they take a bite of food yeah he put he punches a Bon Jovi in that too right yeah Those Foo Fighters. That’s it yeah I Thought you would appreciate me saying I was wrong and you a nine yeah, I’m not wrong about those things alright Let’s wrap this up. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you guys next time

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