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– [Calvin Coolidge]
Expenses of the governments of this country, the stupendous sum of about seven billion
500 million dollars, we get 700 million dollars, is needed by the national government, and the remainder by local governments. Such a sum is difficult to comprehend. It represents all the pay
of five million wage earners receiving five dollars a day,
working 300 days in the year. If the government should add
100 million dollars of expense, it would represent four day, to comprehend. It represents all the pay
of five million wage earners receiving five dollars a day,
working 300 days in the year. If the government should add
100 million dollars of expense, it would represent four days more work of these wage earners. These are some. – [Guard One] You boys in a hurry? – No. Engine’s got a miss in it. – Sounds good to me. – Yeah well, must have
some rust in the car, it hasn’t been run much since winter. – Say uh, you boys
wouldn’t happen to have any firearms or booze, do ya? – No, those are illegal. – [Guard One] You want to
come out and pop the trunk, so we can take a looksie? – No. – [Guard One] What do you mean no? – Well, what’s not to get? It’s two simple letters, an N, an O, put together they spell. (firing) (crashing) (thrilling music) (laughing) – That was hilarious. He looked like a damn turtle
on his back trying to get up. Man, this the last time
we can do it this way. – Well, it’s too close for me. It ain’t over yet, get that
damn baggage packed up. – [Don] Put in the fan if you have to. – [Vic] I am. – Shoulda stole the faster car. – Oh stolen’s such an ugly word, I’d prefer borrow. – Wish they would have
just taken that bribe, it would have been so much easier. – You just get them damn spikes out, we can get ’em off our asses. – Can’t wait to try these. – [Vic] You’re gonna get the chance. (firing) Whoa! – Son of a bitch, they’re shooting at us. – Yeah, but don’t they know
they could hurt somebody? Alright, don’t dump ’em yet. Wait ’til we get to
that turn point bridge. – [Don] Alright. – Alright, you ready? – [Don] Uhuh. – [Vic] Alright, now. (clinking) (laughing) (hissing) (crashing)
Oh shit. (whirring) – [Both] Oh shit. – [Don] What are we gonna do? – [Vic] Come on. Come on. We gotta jump. – I can’t swim. – You’re almost 30 and you can’t swim? – No. (yelling) (splashing) (yelling) (guns firing) – [Vic] Fuck you feds! (laughing) (groaning) (laughing)
– You crazy son of a bitch. – Whew. Ah hell Don, think of it this way. We’re sitting here looking
at beautiful blue skies. Instead of five years in a glass at Walla Walla Penitentiary. Not to mention that 10,000 dollar fine. – Shit, I’d rather a drowned. – Yeah, me too. That’s why we had to jump. – Jump? Some crazy fucker pushed me. (laughing) – Is that what you’re
gonna tell old Saint Peter when we get up to them pearly gates? Your old buddy Vic pushed you? – Shit, I was fixing to tell somebody, but I doubt very seriously
it was Saint Peter. I’d be talking to. – Actually I’m starting
to think about you. You’re a bad influence. – Yeah, right. Hey we better get going. That fat guard wasn’t looking
too good last time I saw him, I think we might have killed him. – We didn’t do it. – Nothing is ever your fault, is it? – Hey it ain’t our fault he
can’t drive on four flat tires. – Are we playing by any rules here? – Sure we are. Vic’s rule number one, rules are for pipe smoking dog walkers who don’t like to have any fun in life. – You call this fun? – Hell yeah. – This is only fun if we
make a bunch of money, and we live through it to spend it. You know it’s 30 miles to
Colville, we better get going. They’re gonna have the
dogs after us, alright. We better get going. – Ah shit, I lost my shoes on the jump. – [Don] Yeah me too, let’s move. – [Vic] See if we can
find a car on the way. (knocking) – Come. Sit. I hear you boys had a
close call the other day. – Yeah. Yeah, it wasn’t good. Not good at all. Guards, they got a real
good look at us both. – Not to mention your car. They’ll be coming for damn sure now. – Well, you don’t have
to worry about that. We borrowed it from some poor bastard on our way through Colville. But um, we can’t take that route anymore. – No. – Not to mention that cop, he might not make it. We need to come up with
something better, quicker, that’s gonna take some planning. And then we’re gonna need
to find something else to haul the stuff in. – They wouldn’t take a bribe? – No, we tried that. – [Don] You know if you
hadn’t been so impatient. – They already made us. Twas our third time through that week. – Let me tell you what
I’m up against boys. There’s a mining convention next week. There’ll be a lot of tycoons in town. Like Kellogg, Comstock,
half a dozen others. Then of course we have the rich boys. There’s Zalibach and Werehauyser. Now these two control half of the timber on the west coast. They drop a thousand dollars a night each while they’re in town in
my speakeasy, I like that. I want to keep them happy. I want to keep them coming back, spending their money in my speak. Now these boys, they’re used to having the best available at all times. Now that includes whiskey and rum, the best whiskey and the best rum. Not that gasoline shit
that Tiny is manufacturing up on the side of the hill. (scoffing) Now, I need you two to tell me how you’re going to fix this so that we will be very
happy and much richer by this time next week. I think this business
meeting is over boys. – Wait, we can’t–
– Come up with something soon. – We can’t drive it down, but maybe we can bring it down by mules. – (scoffing) I’m not
dealing with no damn mules. You’re bad enough as it is. – Dear god, you two sound
like you’re in love. – If you can guarantee
us five dollars a bottle on our next run, we’ll have your booze, and
we’ll have it here on time. – And how do you propose to do that? – Fly it in. – Fly it in? (laughing) – Fly it in? Oh, that’s brilliant. That is absolutely brilliant. I suppose we should just
get wings and sprout ’em and flap ’em and go across
the border that way, huh? – There’s the old Stearman
for sale at Felts Field. We’ll go check it out tomorrow. If we can round it up
we’ll get it up in the air, the next day, we will have
your booze Mr. Davenport. You have my word on it. – You’ve got your five dollars a bottle. I have a question. When did you learn to fly? – You don’t have to worry about my flying. It’s a done deal then? – Done. Good luck. – [Don] You can’t fly. – Sure I can. A little. – Oh shit, I’d love to see the day you can fly a damn airplane. – You will, tomorrow. – Boys, the door closes on the way out. – [Don] Just because Nick had
you flying around on the wing at a county fair upside down, does not mean that you know how to fly. – Sure it does. Look he’s taught me a little bit. Just ’cause he don’t fly anymore doesn’t mean he can’t
give us some pointers. – Yeah that’s great, as
long as you’ll listen. – You know, we can make
a pile of dough real fast if you learn how to fly,
we can get two planes. – Let’s see how one works first. – Look, there’s three speaks in this burg. We can supply ’em all. – They’re talking about
repealing prohibition. Then what’ll we do? – Start a stillery. There’s one over on Vinegar
Flats for real cheap. You know, we just have to make
enough money real fast. – And if this little
brainstorm of yours works. – Oh it will, we’ll fly real low along the
river all the way to Canada. On the way back we could
even buzz the guard towers. (laughing) – Hey man, we’re supposed
to be keeping a low profile. Louie was right, if we’re too
flashy we’ll get caught quick. – Yeah well, Louie’s
just worried about Louie. – Yeah, we can count on one thing, if we get caught he
will not know our names. We should head on down to Slack Alice’s to see what she’ll pay. – You know that’s not a bad idea. – [Don] Yeah. – Only trouble is can’t see
Alice without seeing her sister. – Shit. – [Vic] She is sweet on you. – How could I forget about that one. – [Vic] But you know what they say, any old port in the storm will do. – [Don] I would rather ride
out in Noah’s little storm through a rowboat than
pull in to that port. (slamming) – [Vic] Hurry up man, I think. Hurry up Don, I think they’re waking up. – [Don] You got it all wired up up there? – [Vic] Yeah, go, go, go. – [Don] Alright, let’s go. (engine starting) (dog barking) (country music) (sputtering) – Ah hell, I think we ran out of gas. – Shoulda checked that before
we decided to steal this one. – We’ll just go steal another one. – Let’s go get some gas. But you’re siphoning it. – What? Get out there and push. – [Don] I’m not pushing a stolen car down the road.
– It’s not stolen, it’s borrowed, now get out there and push. – [Don] Terrible idea. – Just push it, let’s get some gas. (rumbling) – Pretty nice Buick. Think it might be time to
take it off the market. – Yeah, we’ll grab it on the way out. – Absolutely. (clanging) – Oh it’s you guys. Ain’t seen you boys for a spell. – Yeah, we’ve been busy. – So I’ve heard. – Alice up there? – Yeah. – I suppose Kate is too? – Oh yeah, she’s all keyed
up for you Donny boy. – Shit. – Tiny is too, so be careful. – [Vic] Alright. Ring us up, okay? – Alright. (creaking) – Well, well, well, what
brings you boys slumming? – [Vic] Oh Don here got a little lonesome. – Kate, come see who we got at our door. – [Kate] Oh. – Damn it, do you have to. – Come on now, be a sport. It’s nice to bat our eyes
on some good looking guys for a change. – Sure is. – Well we got a little
proposition for you dames. – Mh mh, why don’t you come on in? – [Vic] Nah, this is business. – Ah damn, business before pleasure. – [Don] There’ll be none of that. – Now Don’s just a little shy. (piano music) ♫ I got a craving for you ♫ Can’t seem to satisfy it – [Alice] Can I buy you boys a drink? – Oh no, allow us. Don, where you going girly? Four glasses please. Now we’re gonna have this for sale soon. Thought you might be interested. – See what you boys got here. – [Vic] Give it a taste. – Mh, that’s pretty
good, how much you want? – Seven bucks. – You’re killing me. Don’t you know I don’t have
the high polluting clientele that Louie’s got? Let’s try six. – Hey Leo, try this. You know if you had better booze, you might have a better
class of riff raff. (laughing) – Leo here’ll drink anything. ♫ I couldn’t help but cry ♫ So now I miss you daily ♫ All I do is sit and sigh (crashing) (laughing) Pour me another one, yeah ’cause that’s how I want my customers. – Well hell that’s 151 proof. Think about it this way, you can water it down and be
like pennies for a nickel. – Yeah, like you won’t? – No, I supply you with goods. Do with it what you will. – Seven it is then. Chowmein, come clean this mess up. – Mr. Leo. Mr. Leo, Mr. Leo. You kill Mr. Leo again! Hire someone sing. (yelling) (dramatic thrilling music) – [Don] Good pour. – See you all in a couple days. – Sounds good. (sighing) – Guys wouldn’t be trying to
tattle your molasses down here, would ya? – [Vic] Nah, we’re just
here having a drink with the lovely ladies. – Okay well, this is my town and uh, it’s not big enough for all of us. – [Vic] I think we’re alright. We’d hate to see you have to scram. – Oh I won’t be going anywhere boys. – Hey now, now boys. We don’t have funny business in here. – Yeah, we don’t need
– Boys. – [Kate] To damage the goods. – We’ll go ‘head and see you out. – It’s still here. No, no, no, Don. Let’s borrow this one. – [Don] Yeah, let’s
liberate this fine machine. (engine starting) – [Vic] Woowee, sure is
pretty, ain’t she Don? – [Don] Looks to be pretty
much top of the line. – Oh excuse me boys. This plane isn’t for sale right now. I’ve got work to do on her. I would like you to look at
that one right on down there. We could make a sweet deal if you were to have a look at that one. – Why that one? – Well I’m busy with this one.
– Aw, she’s alright, she’s alright, let’s take a look at her. (whimsical music) Well Don, what do you think? – [Don] I don’t know man. – Sounds good, let’s go
see how much he wants. Alright, how much do you want? – 2500 and not a penny less. – I’ll tell you what, we’ll give you 1700, deal? – Aw god, you guys are crazy. I had two offers last week for 2000. This old gal is worth three. I’m making you a deal at 25. If I was to fly this plane down to Pasco, I could get three easy. – Why don’t you fly it down to Pasco then? – Well I’ll tell you why. – Sure you will. – Last year I flew down to
Pasco and I came in a little low and I hooked the tail
skid on the telephone line at the end of the runway. I got out, I had to pull
20 feet of wire off of it. I’m really kind of
scared to go back there. I’ll tell ya boys, ’cause I like you so much
I’ll let you make payments. – Oh yeah? – Yeah, a thousand now and a
thousand five minutes from now. And you boys have got
yourself a sweet deal. – Oh hell Gabby, don’t go out and hurt yourself there. Tell you what, we’ll take her. But we’d like to take
her out for a spin first. – Yeah, sure, you boys done much flying? – Yeah, actually kinda. – Kinda? – Well maybe I ought to go with you. – No, no, no, no we’ll be fine. If you just get that old crane
running, we’ll do the rest. – Give us a hand. – Switch on. – [Gabby] Wait, wait,
haven’t you ever started a round engine before? – No, I’ve only flown an Eagle Rock. – [Gabby] You have to pull it through or you’ll bend a rod, sure as hell. – Alright, sorry. – [Gabby] Okay, switch on. – Switch on. – Switch on. (whimsical music) (whirring) (whirring) – You stupid sons of bitches. – Whewhehehew. Whew. You alright Don? – Soon as you get me
out of this damn thing. – Whew. See, told you I could fly. (whimsical music) Nick. – Yeah I guess so, let’s go see what he has
to say about this plane. – You bought that off that old coot, huh? – Yup. Said he just had it overhauled, if you believe anything
he has to say, that is. – Yeah but I think he did it himself, and that may or may not be a good thing. – Yeah well. We’re gonna take it up for
a little job to Colville. – Need fuel? – Yeah, and a puke pail. – Or somebody standing
out on the wings and flap. I don’t know Don, you up for that? – You can kiss my ass Vic. – He didn’t think too
much of his first flight. – Well, some can be more
exciting than others, that’s for sure. – He thinks he’s a pilot, being as you flew him around
a few times on the wing. – You remember the time we flew the plane under the bridge with
them fisherman on top? (laughing) – Yeah, it took us three hours to get all that fishing
gear off the plane. – Well this is all very reassuring. – Well, stop by anytime
if I can be of any help. (whirring) Boy just like his daddy. (dramatic music) (whirring) (honking) – You can just put it in the elevator. (clinking) – That’s all of it, right? – Yup. – Send us a little closer to hell. – 10. Makes 130. – Should be enough to
get us into a card game? – [Don] Mhm. – Make it 150. Is that all you can carry in
that little plane of yours? – Well, no. – Well then who are you selling it to? – Slack Alice. She’s giving us eight dollars a bottle. – God damn it! I’ll give you 7.50, and
I want every delivery for the next two weeks. – Eight. – Eight. Eight? That is robbery. – Well then none. I already have another buyer. – Alright Vic, alright. Don’t be hasty. Look, I need that booze. I’ve got a big convention
and I am running short. Those boys, they love their rum. – Make it eight then. (sighing) – Okay, but I want you to promise that I get every delivery
for the next two weeks. Is that a deal? – Sure Louie, you got a deal. – That’s Mr. Davenport to you. – Okay, so we best get going then huh? Damn, it looks like rain. – Yeah. I think we should just
go scare up a card game, what do you think? – There’s fish in there to catch. Let’s do it. – Alright. (honking) Open up. Come on, we were just in
there, let us back in. – Password? (honking) Not without the password. (dogs barking) (laughing) Give me a minute. – [Vic] Open up! – [Guard] What’s the password? – Come on man, let us in. (laughing) Mother. Mother fucking load, now open up. – [Guard] We got fish to catch. (soft classical music)
(faint chatting) – You mind if we going you gents? – No, not at all. Might change the luck. – [Player] Yeah, deal me out. – [Vic] Vic Hansen. – [Don] Don Collier. – [Host] Noah Kellogg. Eddie Werehauyser. – Good to meet you. – [Kellogg] Mr. Comstock. – Oh damn Don. How are we gonna split up
a silver mine, a gold mine, and a lumber mill? – [Kellogg] What do you
got to lose their rooster? – He’s no rooster, I’d
call him more a sparrow. – [Werehauyser] Oh, how’s that? – ‘Cause he’s full of shit
and he chirps all day. – No, no, he’s right. All I got is an old airplane. – Really? I’ve always wanted to go up
in one of those contraptions. – [Vic] Oh yeah? Yeah, I’ll take you up for
a spin around the patch. – I don’t believe this man
appears to be suicidal. (laughing) – Let’s just play cards. – What can I get for you sir? – I’ll have a shot of rum, thanks. Thank you. – No problem. – Comstock. – Nay. – You know that man over there? – [Comstock] No can’t says I do. – He said he was the vice
president of Anaconda Mining. – That’s bullshit. He looks more like a G
man than a miner to me. I think that son of a
bunker here last June when the government was
inspecting up there. – Yeah, well I’d hate to lose this joint. We’d all end up at Alice’s. – That would be terrible. (chuckling) – Ask David, he’s around here somewhere. Louie here. – Yeah, we just came from his office. – I think I’ll sit this one out. – Yeah, just as cards get hot you bug out. – Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I’ll have this fine young
lady sit down for me. – [Liz] Oh, oh no, I may lose. – Hey, that’s all your worried about? Don’t. There’s plenty more where that comes from. I’m taking it out of the
ground by the train load every day. Here, you sit down and keep my seat warm. Might even be a little
something in it for you to keep. Here. Now these guys won’t even know I’m gone. – [Comstock] Well, she
is easier on the eyes. (knocking) – Come. – Sir, Mr. Kellogg wishes
to have a word with you. – It’s okay, please have him come in. – Louie. – Noah, you’re looking well as always. – Yourself as well. – Thank you. – Is there something I can do for you? – Yeah. Your place has built itself up
to be quite a little business since the last time I was here. – Thank you. – That might be short lived, unless you do something
about the government agent that somehow snuck inside. – What, what are you talking about Noah? What? Where? Can you point him out to me? – The bartender said he
claims to be connected with the Anaconda Mine Company. You can check that out for yourself. The owner’s a guy named Marcus Daily. He’s seated over there with the cigar. Gentleman far to the left here. Gentleman is the guy down at
the end of the bar, black coat. – Thank you Noah. I’ll talk to Mr. Daily
you’ll be here, I presume. Rick. – [Rick] Yes sir. – Please. – [Rick] Yes sir. – Take Mr. Kellogg, give him
anything he needs at the bar. – [Rick] Will do sir. – Thank you Rick. (soft classical music)
(faint chatting) – Evening gentlemen. Louie Davenport. I’m the proprietor of this establishment. Mr. Daily, may I speak to you in private for one moment sir? – Sure thing Mr. Davenport. What can I do for you? – The gentleman at the end
of the bar, black coat. You recognize him, he
says he works for you? – Never seen him before. Certainly doesn’t work for me. Has kind of a clean cop
look, don’t you think? – My thought exactly. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Daily. Get back to your game and
have a wonderful evening. – I will, thanks Louie. – If you need anything,
please don’t hesitate to ask. How is everything Rick? – [Rick] Oh very well sir. – Good, good. Excuse me sir, I’d like to
speak to you in my office. – [Agent] Why? – Because you’ve entered
my club uninvited, and you’re not whom you purport to be. – [Agent] I’m with the Anaconda. – That’s part of the problem, sir. I’ve spoken to the owner of the Anaconda. And he says you don’t, and
intend to agree with him. So, would you like to follow me or do I need to get assistance? (dramatic music) Sit down. – In that case, I’m Agent Bachman. And I’ve been watching
your little club here for quite some time. You might have to speak to
my superiors about that, if you know what I mean? – Sit the fuck down! (scuffling) Now. That was a much more truthful answer. So, what will it take for you to forget about our little club? – 20%. – 20%? That’s very decent. So let’s see, 20% for you, 20% for the chief of police,
20% to keep my boys happy. Oh, then we have the distributors. So let me see, next time
somebody comes in here and asks me for 20%, I
should just give it to ’em. (slamming)
Fuck you, and fuck your police chief! – I’ve been watching your flight boys. They might have to go down to. Down with ya. (thudding) – You’re not gonna say a lot if the speaking parts are missing. Now, we don’t have a lot of time.
(gurgling) What are you going to tell your superiors? I can’t hear you. What are you going to tell your superiors? Damn. I don’t think we’re ever gonna know what he was gonna tell his superiors. – [Hans] What do you want
to do with the body boss? – Take him over to Meddle Road. Cut off his fucking head
and throw him on the tracks. Put his head in a mail bag. Give it to Vic. Tell him to drop in the river
on his next fucking trip up to Canada, and get this hunk of shit out of my office before
he spoils my new rug. – [Hans] Alright. – So what you’re saying is, we’ll clean the fuel out of the tank, and we’ll just fill her up. – Yeah, I mean we can carry twice as much without the weight of
all those damn bottles. – Sounds good to me. – Louie wants you to
drop this in the river. (thudding) Next trip. – Damn, what is it? – Maybe it’s best that you don’t know, or you can ask Louie yourself. – Well what is it? – [Don] I don’t know, let’s find out. Holy shit. – What is it? – [Don] It’s that guy
from the other night. – Oh! (gagging) Oh, it stinks. Oh. Damn it Louie. Damn it! – [Don] Jesus. (knocking) – Yeah? What is it Rick? – We’re running out of rum
and whiskey Mr. Davenport. – I know, the boys are bringing
in another load tonight, we’ll be fine. – Oh okay, got you boss. Oh Tiny wants to see you too. – What the fuck does he want? – With him, who knows. – Alright. Send him in. Oh and by the way Rick, can you make sure that that
new shipment of glasses we got from Seattle is cleaned and ready for this evening? – Yes sir. – And can you send Hans up. – Will do sir. – What do you want Tiny? – [Tiny] I think you know. Doors have been way down lately. I’d like to know what
the hell is going on. – It’s like this. You see the rich clientele that
I have in my establishment, they like good booze. Not that gasoline shit that you’re brewing up there on the hill. So we’ve been flying the
good stuff in from Canada. Simple as that. – [Tiny] Well let me tell you, it ain’t as simple as that Louie. The cops still gotta get paid, and my boss in Chicago
still wants his money. – You got a problem,
haven’t you there Tiny? But it ain’t my problem. (slamming) – Well maybe it’ll get to be your problem when the shipments stop
coming down from Canada and I got to charge you double
to make up for my losses. – What makes you think you
can come into my office and tell me what to do? I don’t need your cheap
shit gasoline Tiny. Now get your ass out of
my office you little fuck before I tell Hans to teach
you how to fucking fly. Hans! – [Hans] This midget bothering you boss? – Who you calling a midget
you fucking overgrown gorilla. – Prepare for your first flight. – Oh fuck. (crashing) You son of a bitch. Fuck you. – [Hans] Now flap the stubby wings. Hey, that’s better. – Really don’t think we
should have done that. He has connections with Chicago. I don’t think Tiny is
gonna take that too well. (whirring) (thudding)
(splashing) (whimsical music) – Good evening boys. You know I grew up with your families. Been to your houses. Sat at your tables, shared bread with you. And I want to let you know, you boys have really got
my butt in a predicament over all this booze here. And I don’t like it. (spitting) What’s more, the feds
now are looking to me for some answers on that missing officer who was snooping around. I am not used to this kind of scrutiny. They did find his body yesterday though. Over in Hillyard. It was a real mess after
the 905 ran over him. But they haven’t been
able to find his head. Now you boys wouldn’t know
anything about that, would you? – No, sir. – Well I’m here to tell you. The rumor is the feds are
now taking bribes from Tiny. So the heat is gonna turn way up on this little rum business of yours that seems to arrive from heaven. (clinking) – Well I’m sure that this will help keep ’em off our asses now, won’t it? – For a while. But just for a while. One of you boys cut yourself? – No, we picked up a pig for
our barbecue this weekend. (scoffing) (sighing) – You know that asshole might
have been over our house for dinner a couple times, but he sure as hell was
never invited by us. – Still a pain in the ass. – Hey you remember that one time he arrested us for driving
that old motorcycle through the pool hall? We were just a little drunk. – A little drunk? Yeah, yeah you couldn’t hit the backdoor. – Oh I hit it. – Oh yeah, I remember, I got
the scars to prove it too. I guess that’s why this
is all illegal now, huh? – Hey I was fine until you
decided to try to fall off. – I only decided to try to fall off because you decided to try
and take a table with us. (laughing) We were safer in lockup that night. – Yeah. He’s still an asshole. Come on, let’s go get the truck. (whirring) (grand music) (soft music) – Another 200 for
dropping off that parcel. – You know, I don’t know what it was, but it left a bloodstain in
my hangar that the chief saw. Don’t involve us in your dirty work. – You already are. (clinking) Look, I’m running a little short on booze. I need you to make another run. – Problem is we can’t
carry as much as we want. The bottles are heavy. – I’ve got an idea that might fix that. – Well spit it out. – I was thinking–
– Look, you two work out the details. But be careful. The feds have been sniffing around, and that asshole chief, he’s
starting to be a real problem. Just watch your backs okay,
that’s all I’m saying. – Told you he was an asshole. Yeah, we saw him earlier. We had to give him a case
of rum to keep him happy. – He asked about that fed
that got run over on Hillyard. – What did you tell him? – Can’t talk about something
we don’t know anything about. – Good, that’s very good. So. You gave him a case of rum? With what I’m paying him,
he should be very happy. – Yeah well I still wouldn’t trust him. – Look, I want you to
do another run tomorrow. – Getting a little pushy, aren’t you? We’ll fly when we want to. – Okay, I’m just worried
that I might run out. Now get the fuck out of my office and let me listen to my music. (soft whimsical music) – Suppose if we cleaned
out that upper fuel tank and jutst filled it with run. Just run our fuel out of the bottom tank. – No, cause as you the
gas out of the other tank it’s gonna throw the
center of gravity off. You’re gonna hit the ground
like a ton of turnips. – Hm, well we can haul twice as much rum if we could just figure this out. – Oh it’ll work, ’til you boys start
putting vodka and whiskey and everything else in this damn thing – That’s just the name of the game. We’re gonna go to jail
for a little or a lot. – You can try it. If it kills you I’m a be the first one to say I told you so. – I like to save the brass, if it kills me I’ll be
the first one to say damn, that old Nick sure knew
what he was talking about. – [Don] I don’t suppose I have
any say in this, now do I? – No Don, you make too much sense. – Let’s give it a shot. (whirring) Howdy. Bet you weren’t expecting us
back so soon, now were you? – Well you sure are a thirsty lot. Business must be pretty good, eh? – It sure is. So good we can barely handle it. We’re gonna need a whole barrel. – Where you gonna put it all? – In the fuel tank. – Oh dear. I hope you boys don’t outsmart yourselves. – I wouldn’t worry
about that one too much. (whirring) (whimsical music) – I’m revenue agent Marshan, and I’m gonna inspect your plane. – Revenue agent, by what authority? – By authority of the
United States government, that’s whose authority. I suspect you two of
violating the Volstead Act. I mean, you’ve got this
nice looking plane here and you’re supposed to be
working for the railroads, but I don’t really see you two doing much. – Well mister revenue agent,
you got any proof of that. Well damn Don, that thing sure was pretty. You must have spent a
lot of time polishing it. – Yeah, okay. I’ve been looking through your log books. You guys have been spending a lot of time up in Colville. I’d just like to know
what your business is. – Well, see, my mom lives up
there and she’s real sick. – Colville is mighty close to Canada. It takes the two of you to
look out for your mother? – [Vic] Well see, if you had
met my mother you would know. – It’s gas, and it’s full sir. – [Vic] Of course it is, we just went up to Colville and back. (chuckling) – Damn, and I thought that was the plane we were looking for. – Well hell, why don’t you just tell us what you’re looking for. You know, maybe we can help. – Rum, mister. Illegal booze. – I’m sorry we couldn’t
have been more help. I guess it’s just not your lucky day. Now if you don’t mind, quit
wasting our fucking time. Sure would like to put
the old lady back to bed. – Yeah well, I’m gonna take off for now. But you two have not seen the last of me. I’ll be around. – Oh I hope so, this has been a pleasure. – Feds. – Bye chief. Oh look at that, Doolittle’s in town. Louie’s gonna be hot for tonight. – Jimmy always was good for business. Who’s that he’s got with him? – Hell if I know. But she sure is lumpy
in all the right places. Come on, let’s go. (knocking) – Come. Well, how’d it go boys? – Good, real good. Brought in over 10 cases. – Good. – You know Louie. Chief came in to pay us a
visit, and he’s still out there. He’s not a happy guy. You know you might want to have him over for one of your drinks,
if you know what I mean. We got a real good thing going on here, and can’t have him going back on our deal. – You’re right. We do have a real good
thing going on here. You know when those miners left they were one happy bunch. I’m gonna need another delivery tomorrow. By tomorrow night this
place will be packed with rip roaring cowboys, and you know how much
they like their whiskey. Then we got the fly boys
coming in for the races, and well, we know that they’re
such refined gentlemen. – No, that’s not a problem. But, we might need a little help with some more bottling. – What? What happened to the last
two girls I sent you? I didn’t see them for two days. (chuckling) – Hey, bottling is hard work Louie. They’re probably catching
up on some sleep. – Right, sleep. You know what, I’m gonna try
to keep Tiny off your neck, and then I’ll try to
sidetrack the feds, okay. – I think you’re right about Tiny, I think he’s gonna be really upset about our deal with Alice. – As I’ve said before boys, I think you are going to start a war. And you know damn well that I’ve had Tiny thrown out of here once. – Really wish I was there to see that. – No, you don’t. Wasn’t pretty. (dramatic music) – There she is. Who’s that girl? That lady right there with the olive skin in the white beret. She came in with Doolittle’s guy. Is she one of Doolittle’s girls? (chuckling) – Her? (clearing throat) She’s Whirlwind Billy, the owner of the Wild West Show, daughter. She’s here doing promotions on the air races with Doolittle. – Oh no. I’ve seen this look before. Never ends well. – I want to meet her. – Why do you want to go
and do a thing like that? She’s just gonna break your little heart. (whispering) – Sure you will, I’ll
believe that when I see it. You know, there’s not talking
to him when he gets like this. (chuckling) – Oh boys, boys, boys. Come on. I’ll take you down and introduce you. (chatting) Come on. I’ll introduce you. Doolittle, Kitt, ladies. I hope you’re finding everything
in my club to your liking. – Well, well, look what
the cat dragged in. Yeah speaking of the dead rodents, I see you’re still living up
to your nickname, Doolittle. – Good, that’s what I like to hear, friendly conversation. – Hansen, are you really gonna enter that old crate of yours in the races? – [Vic] No, I feel real bad
about making a grown man cry. – Kitt, I’d like to introduce
you to an associate of mine. This is Vic Hansen, and
his partner, Don Collier. Gentlemen, I have the
pleasure of introducing Ms. Kitt Hawkins. – What an unusual name
for such a lovely lady. – Why thank you. Hansen. You know I went to
school with a Vic Hansen for a short time. – Ah, my name is Vic, but I went to school on
a little bump in the road halfway to Colville, Hidden Valley. – So did I for the first two years. You know my name is really Ann Smith. – Wow. I’ll be damned. – Yes you will be. You were always pulling on my pigtails. – I was always trying
to get your attention. – Well you did then and you are now. – It finally worked. – So what is it you do Vic? – I’m a pilot. It’s Mrs. Hawkings, right? – Yes, but I’m not married. I had to change my name for the stage. I mean, wouldn’t you, if your name was Ann Smith. – Hell yes I would if
my name was Ann Smith, I would have been beaten a lot. (laughing) – Well a pilot, huh?
– Mhm. – So do you live here? – Yeah, yup. I’d love to take you up sometime. Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow morning? – Yeah, I’d like that. – Um Vic, I’m sorry they’ll be
a little busy tomorrow, Kitt. Boys have a little errand
to run for me tonight. I have an idea. Why don’t you all come to my invitation a big ball I’m throwing
tomorrow night at the hotel. – That’s a great idea. Kitt, you gonna be available tomorrow? – Yeah, yeah that sounds wonderful. – Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow. – [Kitt] Alright. – Do you want to drag a hoof? – Yeah, sure. (clinking) – Hello, lo, lo, lo. Hello. It’s great to be back in my old home town. Even though it is for just a short while. Now, would you like to hear
something from my new album, I’ve Got a Girl?
(cheering) I’ll take that as a yes. Now, think you can
remember the way it goes? – [Pianist] Hell yeah, I
can even play it backwards. – Alright, you play it backwards and I’ll sing it forward,
and we’ll see where we land. (clinking) (soft music) ♫ In the city ♫ After dark ♫ There’s a place – You know, he has a great set of pipes. – She sure does. – He’s talking about Bate, you idiot. ♫ Feels so right ♫ Dancing through
(rumbling) Maybe we should get out of this damn game. – Yeah? Can we afford that? How much we got in cash? – Damn if I know, but feels like my mattress
is about two feet thicker. – Well what else are we gonna do if we’re not doing this? – I don’t know, go to Mexico or Cuba, somewhere soft. Start a distillery. This damn prohibition can’t last forever. – Shit, we’re being followed. – I can’t really see, but
it looks like fucking Tiny. – Louie’s right, it’s gonna get hot. – Let’s get out of here man, step on it. Let’s get this show on the road. – Kind of late for you two fly boys to be taking off, ain’t it? – It’s my mother, she’s
taking a turn for the worse. – Oh yeah, that’s the one that
lives up in Colville, right? – That’s the only one I got. How many do you got? – You two are really some
great comedians, ain’t ya? – I am. He’s a straight man. Well mister revenue agent, hate to be rude but we
really gotta get going. Come on, help me up. (whirring) – Hey Joe, how’s that woman of yours. – [Tiny #1 Man] Yeah. – Shit, how’s your mother? – [Tiny #1 Man] Better than most. – Tiny up there? Listen, I don’t need this shit alright. We can shoot you down tonight. Just let me go up the
damn mountain, alright. Oh. Damn. (dramatic music) (fire crackling) Tiny. Haven’t seen you around a lot, so I figured I come out and see how your little shit ass is doing. – You know if you’re
out here for some dough we ain’t got any. This is the first time
we started the still up in over a week. – You know, that’s not my concern. My concern is collecting the fee. – The fee? Why don’t you collect your fucking fee off of those two rumrunners that are working my territory and they’re stealing my business. You know if you bastards
would arrest those two, we might all be back at the dough. You know another thing, the boss has been
wondering what’s going on, maybe if I told him that you cops weren’t doing your job, then we’d see what your
fee looks like, huh? – Yeah, well we’ve had trouble
catching them with the goods. Maybe you can do something about that, but that doesn’t matter. What I’m concerned about is our fee. Those fly boys took off
sometime after dark, they should be back around midnight. I think tonight’s a good
night for a snipe hunt. Not much of a moon and all,
but that’s not what matters. What matters is that we get
our money and we get it soon. Or you’re not gonna like
the next time I visit. – God damn. When this batch is done shut her down. Get your guns boys, we’re going to town. Those son of a bitches have pissed me off. – Alright. – Yahoo, let’s go get ’em! – Time we did something. – [Man In Tan Hat] About god damn time. – [Tiny] Alright, you
two guys go over there. We’ll be over here. And when those son of a
bitches come over us to land, we’re gonna let ’em have it. Down right here. (rustling) (whimsical music) Here they come boys. (guns firing) Give me that rifle. (whirring)
(guns firing) – Got my leg. – [Tiny] I think I got ’em boys. – Put her down. – Hey boss, who the hell was that, tipping ’em off with the light? – I don’t know, let’s go
down there and find out. What the fuck are you doing out here? – Snipe hunt, looks like it works, I’ve caught a worthless piece of shit. – [Tiny] You son of a bitch. Get him boys. (whirring) (crashing) (hissing) (booming) (groaning) – Don. Don. Oh shit. Oh. Don, Don. Hey, somebody! Somebody help! Don, Don! Somebody help! Hey, Don. Somebody! Anyone, help! (soft music) ♫ There’s nothing I couldn’t do ♫ And nothing I wouldn’t – Ah. Ms. Hawkins. Kitt, you look ravishing. My god, you are beautiful. – Thank you. What a wonderful hotel you have. Have you seen Vic? – Oh, oh I’m so sorry my dear. Nobody told you. Vic’s plane crashed yesterday. – What? Is he okay, is he alive? – Yes, yes he’s alive. He’s a little bruised, but
other than that he’s fine. It was (whispering) – Well where is he? – He’s in the Deaconess Hospital. – Can you take me there? – [Davenport] Of course. – Can we go right away? – Of course, of course. Hans. Would you please have my driver
take Kitt to the hospital. – Of course. – Thank you. – Thank you. (soft music) (chatting) Hey. – Damn, I thought an angel
came to take me away. – Oh, one has. – Yes, I believe she has. (groaning) – Well, looks like all the
important parts are in tact. How’s Don? – He’s in pretty bad shape. (sighing) Lost a lot of blood. The doctors, doctors say they may not be able to save his leg. Bullet shattered his knee real bad. – Bullet? – We were shot down. – Who would do that? And why? – Oh, you see. Don and I, we haven’t really been flying for fun, we’ve been running some
booze up in Canada. Seems that the natives aren’t
really too excited about that. We ruffled enough feathers and put a pretty big target on our back. – Well, guess you couldn’t
exactly call the cops in a situation like that. – No, not to mention local police have brought in
a couple of federal agents and, they’re all on the pay roll
of some big galoot named Tiny. We can’t go anywhere, especially in the condition Don is in. Getting killed comes to
mind if we do anything. – Will you let me help? – How? We’re in this way too deep. – I can fly. (laughing) Stop that, it hurts too much. – What? I can drive a car, I can even work on it. – I’m sure you can.
– Why can’t I fly with you? – Besides, why would you want to? I thought you were Doolittle’s girl. – I’m no one’s girl. My mother left when I was
seven, I never knew why. My father passed away after
being kicked by a horse. I was 10. Billy took me in and, raised
me like I was his own. I’ve never met anyone like you. So when I heard what happened I got this feeling in my stomach, I thought I’d never see you again. Don’t leave me out here
just flapping in the wind like other people have done. I can’t take any more heartache. Jimmy would just be here
today and gone tomorrow. – Alright miss, if Mr.
Hansen’s going home tomorrow he needs to get some rest. – Will you come get me tomorrow. – Of course. What time? – [Nurse] Doctor comes in at 10. – Okay, I’ll see you at 10. – Kitt. Sorry about the ballroom at Louie’s. – It’s okay, I’m just glad you’re alright. – At least your feet won’t hurt tomorrow. – What? You didn’t want to dance with me? You, you can dance, right? – I don’t know if I’ve ever tried sober. – Come on now, time to get. (whimsical music) – [Vic] Don, you got some visitors bud. – Nick? You look like hell. What happened to you. – That fucking Tiny and his gorillas caught me at the end of the runway. – That was you? With the light? – Yeah I was working
late, seen ’em come in, grabbed a light and went down there. – Thanks man. Doctor said I get to keep my leg. They don’t have to hack it off. But, my eye is gone. Nothing they can do to save it. – [Vic] I’m sorry buddy. Looks like your flying days are over. – What am I gonna do now? Not much work for a one eyed guy. – [Vic] We always talked
about starting a distillery. – Well. Can’t let me drag you down like that. – Well, maybe my dad
can find you something. – Thank. He work in installs? Thanks, but no thanks. – [Vic] I’m gonna go look at a speed in the upper head Coeur d’Alene tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find. – You go that plane. I’ll be up there in two weeks, you watch. – [Vic] You’ll always be my partner, but I don’t think you can fly. You’ve got no depth perception. – Why not, it’d be no
different than flying with you. – Well, let’s take my plane tomorrow. – How is it that you have a plane? – Well it’s not mine, it’s my dad’s. I do a couple stunts
at the wild west show, draws a crowd. – You sure it’s the plane? – You must be on drugs. – [Vic] Get a good night’s rest. – I’ll be out soon man. – [Vic] We know. – Come get me. – [Vic] We know. – Alright. – [Nick] Goodbye buddy. – Love you guys. (phone dialing) – Hello. Could I have Fairview 335 please. Thank you. Hello? Yes, is Vic Hansen there please. Oh, I see. Ah yes could you tell
him that Louie Davenport wishes to speak to him
as soon as possible. Thank you so much. (knocking) – You wanted to see me? – Yeah Vic, you’re
looking well, can you sit? Heard you boys took a nasty spill. – Yeah, I’m alright, but Don, he took it real hard. Lost an eye. It’s gonna take some time,
but he’s coming around. He’s still alive anyway. – Glad to see you both made it. Look Vic, I’m just about
out of rum and whiskey. When do you think you’ll be well enough to be up flying again? – You’re about out, huh? – Yeah, out of everything. – Well I got a new plane,
we would like to try it out. – We? What Don’s out of hospital already? – No, training a new pilot. (chuckling) – Who would be dumb enough to go up and train as a pilot with you, Vic? – Kitt, she’s not dumb. She’s just adventurous
enough to try something new. Besides, it’s not hard spending time with her. We’ve tried to go out a couple days. – I’m gonna be out of
everything tomorrow night. I want you to do a run tonight Vic. – Be careful Louie, you’re
gonna piss me off again. – I need the booze Vic. – Alright. Nine clams then. I got to pay for a new plane. – You know, we had a real good thing going until you decided to get greedy. – We done here? – Yeah. (dramatic music) (clinking) – Tiny. – I see you’ve taken up
with those bastards now. – They have good booze,
my customers like it. (thudding) (crashing) Don’t act like that in here. That’s gonna cost you a hundred
dollars, get out of here. – You best enjoy it. ‘Cause that’s the last you’re gonna see. – And don’t go doing anything stupid now. (whimsical thrilling music) (rumbling) (whirring) (whirring) (whirring) (groaning) – Holy shit. Hey. – [Vic] What happened? – [Kitt] You alright? – My head’s killing me. – We were hit by lightening. – By lightening? – Yeah. – Strange thing happened
while we were up there. After we were hit, whole plane slid up. Stayed that way for a few minutes. – That seemed almost fire. – Whatever it was, sure was neat. – Oh I’m so glad that you were concerned about our wellbeing. – I figured, if we’re going down, might as well have fun with it. – Oh my god, look at
the hole in the plane. Can’t believe we got out of there. – Yeah. It’s a good thing I was with you. – Thank you. (dramatic music) (splashing) – [Davenport] Thank you for that Vic. By the way, how’s that
little girl of yours turning out as pilot? – Oh, damned good. You know we were hit by
lightening last night. If it wasn’t for her I
would have been laid out in some field somewhere,
because I was knocked out cold. – [Davenport] You okay? – Yeah, I am now, but I had a hell of headache. – [Davenport] Speaking of aches, that one in our ass was
outside the cub last night. He said that he’s going to get you and me, so I’m warning you, we both better watch our backs. – Knock knock, can I come in. – [Davenport] Yes. – Hey. – [Davenport] Vic was just filling me in on your adventure of last night. (laughing) When can you have the plane ready? You know the races are this weekend. – Oh, we’ll have her stitched up and back in the air in no time. – Yeah. – [Davenport] Good. I have a lot of money riding on that. – Nick. – [Nick] Good as new. – [Vic] Ah, thank you. Sorry I wasn’t much good
with this hurt wing. – I didn’t notice any difference. – Well Kitt, ready to go
up, take it for a spin? – [Kitt] Yup. – You guys have fun. – [Kitt] Thanks. – Thanks buddy. (soft music) (whirring) Thank god it stopped raining. – Wow. See, you had a plan right. – Oh yeah. Been wanting to bring you here for weeks. This is one of my favorite spots. – [Kitt] Well I’m glad
you did, it’s beautiful. – Come on, get under, it’s
starting to rain again. – Geeze, good god Houdini. You got anything else in that bag? – Oh yeah. You’re the most important part. Thanks for coming. – Thank you. He keeps me in line or
else I just wing out, out of control. – And Nick? – Nick, Nick’s an old friend of my dad’s. He’s like a second father to me. You know he still does some flying, but his health’s not too good. – Well, sounds like you need something to keep you under control. – Yes, I do. It’s getting late. – Yeah.
– Shall we see if we get this old wreck to take us home? – Yeah. Thanks for pulling on my pigtails. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t. (whirring) (sawing) – Where’s that fucking Frankie? – He’s in Chicago, doing a job for AL. – Oh fuck. Who else do we got as a dropper? – Big Foot Bob. – Nah, he’s too sloppy. I need somebody that
can jimmy an aircraft. – I know just the guy. He thinks he was an ace in the war. He’s got a steel plate in his head. Mh, he’s not all there, but he
knows his way around a plane. – Can you get him? – I thought we solved
that problem already boss. – No, we got a lot of ’em, but there’s a dame on this now. – Ah. (clinking) Hey boss, this is Ace,
the guy I told you about. – So you can make an airplane crash? – [Ace] Can I make an airplane crash, what a question. – Moron, I’m not used to asking question. And having a person I’m speaking to make me sound stupid. – [Ace] Alright, sorry. – Let’s try this again. I need this plane to crash this weekend and I want it to look like an accident. Can you do that? – Yeah, I can do that. – Good, now we’re getting somewhere. Al’s coming out here, and I want this fucking mess cleaned up before he gets here, or he’ll send Nitty, with
some Chicago thunder, and we’ll be lucky if all
he does is kneecap us all. – Who is Al? And what the fuck is a nitty? – Capone, you idiot. And I guarantee you, you
do not want to meet Nitty. Damn, I got to be the
one to pull your head. – [Don] Kitt. – Hey, Don. My gosh, it’s so nice to see you out. – Mh. It’s good to be out of that damn hospital. – [Kitt] You gonna fly with me? – No, my arm isn’t really
feeling all that good. Besides, it’s your promotion and I really should stay
around with the old gent, make sure he doesn’t run into anything. – [Kitt] Alright. I’ll see you when I get back. – Bye, have fun. (whirring) Don, Don, there she is. – Sure can fly. – [Vic] What’s this? – Looks like a bolt in the safety wire. – Hey kid. – Yeah? – Where’d you get this? – That man over there
told me to give it to you. – [Vic] What man? – That man. (dramatic music) (whirring) (exploding) (soft music) – Annie, Annie, Annie. – Oh I hate you Vic Hansen. (rapid breathing) – What proof do you have that it was Tiny? (slamming) What’s this? – It’s the nut in safety wire that hold the control cable on. – Little son of a bitch. I told you he was dangerous. I just didn’t think he’d
go after your girlfriend. – Yeah, well. I was supposed to be on that plane. I don’t know how he
knew it, but he knew it. – Look, I hope you’re not
gonna do anything stupid. – I’ve been dreaming up this little surprise for that little midget ever since he shot us down,
and those two G men too. It’s about time that little operation he’s got up in Mount Spokane goes up in smoke, if you know what I mean. – That still is like a little thorthop on the side of that mountain. Just how do you expect to get to it? – By air. Wouldn’t be a problem, would it? – No, it wouldn’t. No. I think I know just a little too much about what you do in your spare time Vic. – How is it that you got
a plane for sale so soon? – Well I sell things. – Things? – Yeah, things. You got something you want sold, I can find a buyer for you. Why just last week I was going on down to–
– Alright, alright, I’ve already heard your line of BS. How much do you want for the plane? – You’re not one to fly it
before you buy it, are you? – Maybe. – Oh, I can’t watch. – Well then close your eyes then. I’m gonna take it for a
little spin around the patch. Don’t you worry Gabby, I’m
not gonna crash your plane. – Just don’t do any of those
there hoopty doos, okay? Oh did I tell you, this one’s got one of those
newfangled radidioes in it. – You mean radio? – That’s what I said. You must have had trouble in school, huh? (thrilling music) – Go prop me up. (whirring) – Hey boys. – Hey Nick. – We need to figure out how to mount a machine gun on the plane. – I guess the question is where you gon’ get a fucking machine gun? – Well, those national
guard boys next door, they just got a brand new one, and maybe, just maybe, we got
the old one collecting dust. Besides, a little bit of rum might just cloud their judgment enough to make anything seem logical. – What are we still doing
standing around here? Let’s go visit the neighbors. – Get in the car. – I ain’t riding in the stolen car. – Ah, it’s not stolen, it’s borrowed. – I ain’t riding in a borrowed car. – We’re gonna put it back. – Alright well then, well then just tell us how
do we mount it on the plane? Where can we mount on the plane? – Actually you can put
it on top of the wing. You can stand in the
seat, shoot it from there, like you used to do. – Yeah, just like old times. You fly, I’ll shoot. – Hell no, this is your
harebrained idea, not mine. – I’ll do it. I’ll fly the damn plane. – [Vic] No, you can’t fly, you won’t be able to see how close we are. – Just tell me when to
pull up on the radio. We need to serve up some payback. – You know, that just might work. – Well it’s not gon’ be that easy. – Sure it is. – No, it ain’t. (whirring) Nick said to put the gun on the wing. – [Don] On top of the wing. – [Vic] On top of the wing. – [Don] How are you gonna reach
the gun on top of the wing with that windshield there? – I didn’t think about that. Hell, we’re just gonna
have to take it out. – [Don] Alright. (whirring) – [Tiny] Fuck it’s those rumrunners. – Okay, bring us around. – [Tiny] The fuck is that. Coming ’round again. Come on boys. – [Vic] Little closer. Almost there. (guns firing) (machine gun firing) Oh shit. (guns firing) Little closer. – [Don] Is that close enough? – Yeah, right there. (firing) – Get that fire out.
– Come around again boy. (groaning) (gun cocking) (firing) (exploding) – [Tiny] Fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. (exploding) (thrilling music) (whirring) – You check the water and the oil, oh and don’t forget
about the windshield sir. – Get ’em? – I fear the still has been destroyed. – Whatever will we do? – I’d get the hell out of here. And in a hurry. You can see the fire from town. – Yeah, I know. We got at least three or
four of them, if not more. – Well you’re gonna have
to change your identity. ‘Cause them feds and them Chicago boys gonna be looking all over hell
and Washington for you guys. – Tell them boys we said thanks. – [Nick] Where you going? I don’t know, let’s see. Heads, Kentucky. Tails, Tennessee. (whirring) (whirring) (guitar music) (humming) ♫ All those years I drank ’em down ♫ All those years wild and free ♫ Then the revenue would come ♫ And shut it all down ♫ Falstead done got the best of me ♫ Now my hands is shaking ♫ My lid is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My heart is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My liver quaking ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ My hands are shaking ♫ My lid is aching ♫ Snakes are crawling over me ♫ Get me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ No more booze ♫ I’m gonna get mean oh lord ♫ Get me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ One more night of gasoline ♫ Give me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ Falstead is killing me ♫ Give me a drink ♫ I can’t get clean ♫ One more night ♫ No more walking the street – [Singer] Somebody
get me a goddamn drink.

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