RuPaul’s hilarious advice for good chat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

RuPaul’s hilarious advice for good chat | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

In that clip of
Catherine the Great, she… She utters one of my favourite lines
that works all the time, I say it all the time, I love
saying I’ll be the judge of that. It works in everything. You know,
you can say it for everything. When the waiter says, walk this way.
I’ll be the judge of that. I love it.
And there are a lot of those. I think I said it
earlier today to someone but I always love to say, thanks
for the warning. You know? It works. These are lines that… And I tell the kids on our show,
if you don’t know what to say, at least have 10 things
you can say, like, for small talk, you can have a list of
10 things to say that work in every situation always. Always. My favourite, my all-time
favourite one is, um, uh, is…, um… Uh, uh. Here, it’s coming.
It’s coming. LAUGHTER I got it. You’re going to love this. It is… It is… Um, uh, uh… Yeah, I lost it. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE I don’t know. You will end up
saying it tonight. I will say it. You will say it. Oh, yeah. I’m going to say it!
I am going to say it. Now, talking…
Oh, here it is, I got it. Oh! Oh! LAUGHTER I don’t see how that…
HE STUTTERS LAUGHTER Ask me a question,
ask me any question. OK, so you grew up in Louisiana? I don’t see
how that’s any of your business. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE It works every time. Every single time. It is funny. A lot of times, now, I have to
say to the person, I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding,
because no-one ever expects it. So, the takeaway here, I don’t see
how that’s any of your business, I’ll be the judge of that, and
what was my other one? I said it. I have a short memory. Um… Oh, thanks for the warning. Oh, yeah, thanks for the warning.
Thanks for the warning. Lucille Ball used to have one that
if she was having a dinner party and somebody went to the loo, when they came back in,
she’d go, “Tell it to her face!” LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Oh, God, I’m going to use that!
I love that! We can use that when your next
guest comes on. Oh, yes! Tell him! Tell him! Tell him! Oh! It’s good pedigree, as well.
Good pedigree. I love that. It’s good pedigree.

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  1. Pity that you queue for hours and preferential front seat location is given to some groups of people who arrive only 30min in advance. Check my video posted earlier on today (click on Show more with info about my experience) about this show that is going to be shown today on BBC1. I do not think I will ever go again to these shows as the preferential seat 'treatment' is something I witnessed some 2 years ago during a Jonathan Ross filming in the same studio in White City, London. Apparently some people are better than us, the majority queuing for hours.

  2. Oh my giddy aunt ! 🤣🤣. No normal people ? …..It’s very very very unfunny desperate, socially engineered tv from the pervs at the bbc 👍

  3. That Lucille Ball line just nudged its way to RuPauls #1…. I do like it though. My own favorite line is 'don't tell me what to do'🥰

  4. So Graham Norton defends his ludicrously high salary, well no surprise there then. Another essentially talentless Irishman with the gift of the gab rather like the late Terry Wogan. What is it about the British that seem to adore mouthy Irishmen with no real talent? I just dont' understand it. Well I wont be contributing to his salary anymore because I wont be watching any live television from now on.
    If people like him are what the BBC thinks we should watch, forget it!

  5. These kind of answers are great to use on my students. Please help me collect more of those all- purpose – answers 🤣

  6. I dated my husband for ten years before we got married and NO ONE ever asked him when were we going to finally get married, they only asked me. I got tired of being asked so I would reply, “we aren’t sure it will work out yet. Ask me in another ten years” with a complete straight face. No one knew if I was joking or not. We’ve been together for twenty five years now ( 10 years dating, 15 years married) and I’m still not sure it will work out.

  7. I have one of my own that I like to do, and it really catches people off guard. When your'e in a social setting and come up to a group of people having a conversation, you interject saying…"What did you say about me?!" The look on people's faces are priceless. Makes me laugh every time. You can also do it if you are involved with a group of just 2 people having a conversation.

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