RWD FWD | Award Winning Short Film

RWD FWD | Award Winning Short Film

You ready? Do you want a drink? What! What are you gonna do now huh! Just go slow. You’ll be okay. [knocking] Open the door! Open the fucking door! Take a seat opposite Jason. So, you know I’m Kim, and this is my colleague, Mike. hi We’ve been asked to facilitate today Firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking part in the restorative justice process. We’ve spoken to you, both, individually about the incident and… For my part, I’d like to invite you to share how you’ve been affected by it. I think this is a great place to start Also, I’d like to remind you of the ground rules to ensure this meeting goes safely and respectfully Do you remember what we discussed? Yeah Alex Yeah Good. So Jason. Can you explain your part in it? Tell us what you think happened and how you became involved. You see babe? You see I told you. I knew they’re gonna kill him off first. No… But why are the black characters always the first to go huh? shut up always [ringing] [knocking] [ringing continues] [knocking] Open the door! I know you’re in there! Open the door now! Shut up It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s fine, it’s fine. Open the fucking door! I was coming home from work. Bad day and uh… I got a call to say that they were together in his house so I just flew round there [ringing] Hey you! Open the door! [ringing] I know you’re both in there together. Open the fucking door! [Alex’s phone] [reassuring self] [Charlie’s phone] Al huh? huh? Shit You know what. I’ll deal with it. Okay. I’ll deal with it. Just wait here. Yeah? Hey yo Jay! What’s going on man? Hey what? You don’t answer your phones, no? What you mean you lot? It’s just me inside, bro Look, I–I left my phone on the side Just-just calm down init You gonna come downstairs! about calm down… Jay, just look, just relax man Don’t tell me what to do. Just come downstairs innit. Why you still waiting there? Are you deaf? Come downstairs! Alright, Alright, I heard you man. It’s cool. It’s cool. Alright? Just give me two minutes. Look I’ll, I’ll just go downstairs and sort it, yeah. You don’t have to go down Al! No no no no. I have to, I have to, okay? No, I have to okay Look, look, look just trust me, please. Okay? Trust me, yeah? Yo, Jay No, where is she? Look man, why don’t we just, let’s just– well let’s just let’s just, where is she innit? Look, I’m trying to tell you Jay. Just, just listen to me What, you trying to stick up for your little girlfriend now yeah? Are you mad? Aye thats wifey you got up in the yard you know?! You’re gonna disrespect me? No, no look. You guys haven’t been together for the best part of three months Jay. Oh you’ve been counting, yeah? It’s not like that man It’s not like that. Listen to me. Listen to me. Look how long have I known you for? How long have I known you for man? Come on. Look, look, look, look We were, we were kissing up c’mon–look, look, look, look I was there with your mom. I was there at the hospital with your mom. How many years–how many years man? Get off him Jay! How would you feel if your best friend was fucking your girl? Bro. You broke up with her. Yeah, you broke her heart. Alex, it’s not your turn. But he, he said it’s– Alex, Alex. Jay is telling his story. Okay? You’ll have a chance to respond soon. Like I messed up I know. But she was my world. And you knew that. Jay, Jay, Jay Jay I’m your friend man, I’m your friend man Jay listen to me, man. Talk to me, man. I’m your friend man. It’s not like that man. It’s not like that. Jay look–look at me man. Talk to me. No! Talk to me, Jay. C’mon No! What? What? You two been planning to have a family yeah? You leave me! No, no, no just go back inside, please! Get back inside you little slag Who you calling slag you asshole! Charlie please! Get back inside please! Al could teach you what it’s like to be a real man. Oh, shut up. Fuck you Jay, Jay, Jay, just calm down, look Aye swear down?! Jay, Jay. Look at me man, look at me Alright, what should I do to your man now innit? What, is it weapons now yeah? I said is it weapons now, yeah? Well come on then big man, let’s go! Are you drunk!? C’mon! I’m drunk, yes I’m drunk! C’mon, c’mon man! C’mon! Whoa! Do you need a timeout? Huh? You wanna fuck around, huh? What are you gonna do now huh? You lil traitor I’m so glad I fucked your little sister What? Listen um.. Jay, uh… Look I’m… Um… I need– I need to go Jay Just give us five minutes Sure How you feeling Alex? You want a break? Nah, I’m good Okay So what do you think needs to happen? You’re gonna be alright, babe I know what I have to do, but it just doesn’t make it any easier. Every time I walked past that spot, I just imagine him lying there. I think What if I killed him? Don’t torture yourself. Yea seeing him will be hard, but you can make this right, and then we can put it all behind us and move on. Yeah it’s just… He’s my best friend. I feel as though I need to um… apologize It’s good Jay I just… You’re doing really well Alex. You both are. look, um… You know… that I just… want to say um Like I–I just want to say that… I’m so sorry man. I’m so sorry man. I don’t… Yeah, no one. I know! Look, I’ve been reliving the whole thing for months now. I’m sorry, bro It’s just if you knew what I was going through. standing where I can move forward With my mom’s illness and–and, and all that work stressing it and then splitting up with Charlie You was all I had I’m sorry man. I’m, I’m sorry… [Music]

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  1. It was day time when he started chasing after him and he caught him at like 11pm 😂 how long was he chasing him???

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