S/O Krishnamurthy (Sathamanam Bhavati) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sharwanand, Anupama |Satish Vegesna

My father, grandfather and myself
had long left this village. Our story begins at KrishnaMurthy’s
house in this village. This house used to be a joint family. But slowly the family separated. These are KrishnaMurthy’s children. They have settled abroad after studies. In this house now lives KrishnaMurthy
along with his beloved wife, Janaki. Listen! Here is your coffee. Leave it there. I’ll get it. Come quickly or you’ll complain it’s cold. Here. Make curry using milk. Listen up. Tell me. Only 20days until the festival starts. Hahaha! The festival will
also be gone after 20days. (singing) Ask the children to come
at least this Sankranthi. I keep working but I feel they are around. I miss them a lot. I can’t even sleep. How long should I remain sad?
Please invite them. Why is this banana plant like this? Ohhoo! I was talking about the kids… Hey! Call him over. I’ll ask him. What is this?! I am talking about the
kids and you are discussing plants! Beause these plants are
better than our kids. They stay with us and
give whatever we want. Hahaha! Look there. It was planted only
2months ago but is already bearing fruit. Whereas our kids don’t
even want to meet us. But they are busy there. Let them stay as busy as they want to be. Look! Here it’s just us both
for each other. That’s it. Yes, I know. We are made for each other. Now tell me if you calling them or not. Why do you insist on
inviting them over and over? They are not guests but our kids. I have been calling them for years now.
Do they ever come? I cannot call them anymore. Fine! If you don’t call them
here, I will go to them. Leaving me alone? Not when you have your plants, farms
and friends from the village. You won’t be alone. Really! Leaving me for ‘them’? Why not? I left my mom, dad
for you after our wedding. Nobody was above you then. Now I need my kids. If you don’t call them here,
I will go there for them. That’s it. Banwari! Oh Banwari! This is Banwari Lal. But everybody in
the village call him Ghadbadi Lal. Yes, sister-in-law. I’m coming. Oh! Who put this ladder here? Can you not walk carefully? You mess around and I pay the price. Sorry! I wasn’t watchful in hurry. I hope you are not hurt.
– I’m hurt. Sister-in-law, have you called? I want to go to the kids. Go quickly and… Ok. Where are you going? You asked me to go. You never let me finish! I want to meet the kids. So
go, get me a flight ticket. Why are you asking a guy who can’t even
buy a bus ticket for a flight ticket? Keep quiet! What’s the hurry though? He is not calling the kids here,
so I shall go there to them. If that’s the case, Brother
will send you himself. But if he doesn’t want to
send, can’t I go by myself? Bharati! Bharati! What is it! Dad has mailed. So what? Why stress? Something seems serious. (phone ringing) Hello! Hello dad. This is Ravi. Tell me, son. I read your mail and wanted to talk to you. Hmm We can only talk over phone.
Not resolve issues! Can you visit us or not? Yes dad. I am coming. Ok. Your elder son is coming for Sankranti. Now that Ravi is coming, cancel
your USA plan sister-in-law. What about my son in Canada? (siren) See! I don’t want to lose
a penny in my business. Except the money, everything
is secondary to me. Quit my company if that’s a problem. What happened darling? Nothing. Just work stress. Hello brother. Hey, Kalyan! Did you get dad’s mail? Yes, I did. What’s up with him? Why such a decision for his age? I have no idea. (phone ringing) Hello dad. Hi, Kalyan. How are you? I am good. Coming to India soon. OK. The younger son seems to be coming too. Sister-in-law! Your Canada
trip is cancelled too. Only my daughter in Australia
needs to update us. Kishore! Kishore! Yeah, tell me! We have to go to India next week. Book the tickets now. Is there some problem? Dad is divorcing mom. What? Yes. Dad wants a divorce from mom. Now? Why?! I don’t know. Dad mailed that he is
firm on this decision. He wants one of us to take care of
her or he’s sending her to a Home. Maybe we should call him. It’s difficult to convince
my dad even in person. Talking on phone is pointless. We have to go there. Then Nitya too has to go with us. Nitya! Nitya! Get up. What is it, mom? We’re going to India next week. India? What for? To meet your grandparents. I cant, mom. I have project work. Nothing doing. You either
finish it or postpone it. But we have to go. Ok mom. One condition. If I am not comfortable there,
then I return immediately. Ok. Greetings to everybody. Greetings to everybody for
the Sankranti festival. What! You ought to say greetings
for Sankranti celebrations. Can’t even speak our language well. Why do you stress? I speak just fine. Yeah whatever. Why do you get so mad at Shruti? She can’t get even a single line right. Yeah right. She’d be an actress if
she was any good with her lines. Actress? This one? Hey! Won’t these festivities
be a live telecast? You haven’t paid your cable
bills and yet such queries. Why are you paying for the 2nd
cable connection you got? What do you mean? Well you got another connection. He is talking about the
one I got for my office. Nothing to be worried about. You crazy!
Bringing this up in front of her! Pay your bills or your live
telecast will go to her. Ok. I’ll pay you by this evening. Ok. Let’s see…live telecast and all. Yes. I got the dialogues now. Shut up with your dialogues.
– Dialogues are my life. Leave that. Let’s go attend to Sir. Greetings sir. Greetings. The festivities happening are
so grand because of you. That’s not true.
Just ample blessings from God. What can we do for God other than praying? Where is Raju? In the temple. Should I call him?
– Yeah. (priest chanting) Oh I finally found you. Why though? Lord Krishna is really great. How so? – Don’t you know
he had 16,000 girlfriends?! So? No matter how I try, Padma
doesn’t reciprocate. You can’t do anything to impress a girl. Only when a girl is impressed
can you do anything. Bro! Looks like she is impressed with you. Only when she smiles do we know that. Bro! She is smiling. Then that’s a problem. Come here. What’s up with
all the blushing, Anjali? I have something to tell you. Sure. Tell me. I found a job with 90K pay. Very good. Congratulations! But my family wants me married. If you are ok with it then… I am ok but it’s not good if
you quit your job for it. Why would I quit when you can
relocate with me to Hyderabad?! Oh really! No way I leave
this place to go with you. My service to God! My service to my good uncle. This is what my life is made for. What say! Very true.
– Son, Uncle is asking for you. Coming. I could go with you to
Hyderabad if you’d like. Get lost, useless! Yes, uncle. Raju, give him money for all the expenses. How much would you need? Govinda! Govinda! It smells delicious in here. Looks like aunty will
feed me to death today. Listen, Paravti. Tie this up tight. Pack it tight enough so ants don’t invade.
– Ok. Wow aunty! What is so much for? Planning to open a confectionary, is it? Your brother and sisters are
visiting us after so long. This is the least I can do. Hmm. I am very tired. Can you fix me coffee? Ok. Be here and watch for ants. Wow. Laddoos from Tirupati. Prasad
from Annapurna. Coffee made by you. Nothing can beat these. Raju! Come here. Yes, uncle. Shanti called. They are arriving tomorrow. Go pick them up from Rajahmundry. Sure uncle. Shanti is also coming tomorrow. There is a lot of work to get done. Save this for later. Let’s go. Listen son. Wake up. What is it aunt?
– Wake up please. Where do you think the plane
Shanti is coming in reached? If it’s a bus we’d know what city. If it’s a train we’d know which station. But a plane? How would we
know where it is at now? She will reach Rajahmundry
tomorrow, that’s for sure. Right! Go get some sleep now. Raju! Hey Raju! Looks like the clock is running slow. Just because everybody is coming,
the clock won’t go slow. It is working just fine. You waited all these years. Can you not wait for few more hours? All these years I didn’t even
know whether they were coming. Now that I know, every
second feels like a decade. Well, they are coming! Get some rest. Wake up. Wake up.
It’s time you go pick up Shanti. You always oversleep. Get ready and get going. ♪ I set to go on a journey towards
where the sun rises from. ♪ ♪ The nature is not just spread in
4 directions but inviting too. ♪ ♪ The farms are lush and blossoming. ♪ ♪ The mountain tops
have clouds gathering. ♪ ♪ How lovely the sky
looks with all the blue ♪ ♪ It makes them her very
own whoever may come ♪ ♪ More gorgeous than any heaven can become
True magic of a natural avenue ♪ ♪ It is not just beautiful ♪ ♪ But the weather is blissful ♪ ♪ Morning sun is such a sight
Living here is a delight ♪ ♪ All those that return
when the home calls ♪ ♪ Expect happiness pulsating ♪ ♪ Remember this farming land
You cherished this green grand ♪ ♪ This is the village of joy
With abundance of happiness deploy ♪ ♪ Joining our hands to the almighty to pray
Counting our blessings everyday each day ♪ ♪ The fascinating childhood we had
With lovely friends so glad ♪ ♪ Where else would there
be such a sublime beauty ♪ ♪ Near and dear all a winsome symmetry
The swing that was up so high ♪ ♪ For only those who aimed the sky ♪ ♪ Closing our eyes to be a bringer ♪ ♪ The game was never about the winner ♪ ♪ Lived for the laughter ♪ ♪ Childhood memories are everything
but banter Happiness is the only vibe ♪ ♪ Cheerfulness is our tribe ♪ ♪ This place give contentment
And the payoff too is merriment ♪ ♪ Love is the language spoken here ♪ ♪ Everybody is to adhere ♪ ♪ Spreading it from here to there
Cause love is to share ♪ ♪ Love has different forms ♪ ♪ Not necessarily any norms ♪ ♪ That is how there’s
heaven on earth here ♪ ♪ Colors of cheer and
glee is the atmosphere ♪ ♪ Full of manners and non fictional culture
Family values and true love conjure ♪ ♪ Look at how guests are worshiped
God does come in all forms it’s believed ♪ Bro! What do you think about
airing the cock fight on tv? We might have to spend two nights in jail. Don’t come up with such bad ideas. Listen! Isn’t that Badri? Yeah. Hey Bandri! Come here. He looks just the same. Going to your village? I am going there forever. Told you to quit your job in
the city and get work here. What about your girlfriend in the city? That was long ago. It’s better to trust these silly serials
than to trust friendship through computers. First she stares. Then she smiles.
Then makes me spend on her. I am ruined spending for her. That’s why I am leaving. And your girlfriend? What girlfriend! She has destroyed me completely. Harassing me all the time. I gave her my pincode since she asked. She then asked my bank pin. I made a mistake by giving it to her. She swiped to its full limit. That’s why it’s said you should trust
in your friends and not strangers. Help me too the way you
helped the others please. Let’s see after the festival. Coconuts picked! Ha! You look exactly like
a coconut vendor today. Looking good. We had to go Rajamundry. What for? For shopping cause I have a date.
Did you forget? Got too busy with relatives at home? Noway. Relatives are like the birds in the sky.
They come and go. Friends are like the sky. Always there. Let’s go now. Raju! When are you back? Be back in a jiffy. Grandpa! Look at these pictures. What pictures?
– Photos… Who are they? My friends Katy, Richa.
– Uncle, coconuts are here. Let me know if you need anything else. Nitya wants to go sightseeing. Please show her around.
– Sure uncle. You know milk is a must for strength… Hey! What are you standing here for? Waiting for Raju to go to Rajahmundry. I can’t go guys. Something came up. Why cancel your plans for me, son? Your friends have been counting on you.
You should go with them. Friends are like leaves,
they fall off the trees. Family is like the tree, always there. You guys should go. Come uncle. Looks like uncle has given him some work. Let’s go to Rajahmundry another time. Hey! Nice painting. It’s not a painting. It’s called ‘rangoli’. Ok Hey Subbhu! Subbhu! What’s pattern is this? I am making rangoli right in
front of my beautiful house. How do you like it? You call this rangoli? Look at the beautiful flowers in it. Where are the flowers here? Oh! I forgot. I will make some right now. Raju! I want to learn this. Subbhu! Would you teach Nitya please? Sure. I will teach her
anything you ask me to. Teach her anything? Do you
even know who she is? Who is this girl by the way? My aunt’s daughter. Greetings ma’am. Such a relief to know that. What do you mean? Somebody who owns an iphone
wouldn’t steal a China phone. What sense does it make? Iphone is an iphone. China
phone is a China phone. Correct? Let’s go.
– Hahaha Stop waving and do your rangoli now. Hi. How are you, son? Who is this girl? She is a distant relative. Oh! The one from Australia… When’s the good news? What does she mean? She wants to eat ‘kheer’. Oh! You want to eat kheer?! I’ll bring for you. Hello uncle. Is the farm good this season? Yes, son. Uncle keeps thinking of you.
You should visit him. Sure, I will. Are these people your family? No.Why? You address everybody as
your uncle and aunt?! It’s uncomfortable to call
the elderly by their names. Calling them uncle and
aunt makes them my own. Relations and emotions
are everything in here. Very nice. Hey! Farming with a bike?
– Yeah. Interesting. Who’s this? Nitya. She’s family.
– Hi. Your bike seems quite interesting. Raju should get full credit
for it since he built it. Really? Hahaha.. He built a lot to make farmers’ job easier.
Not just this. He is very smart. Really? Very surprising. Appreciate your talent Raju. Oh sorry! You don’t
understand English, do you? Raju is a quite creative and talented. His innovations have been
helping the farmers a lot. You speak English? I got my Masters Degree from
Chicago State University. You studied there and came back to this? Why? Is it wrong to get into
farming after studying abroad? That’s not what I meant… Raju recommended I come back. Now I make more money
than I did in the city. Thanks to him, I am happy. That’s great. Let’s go? Bye.
– Let’s meet later. Nitya! Give me your camera and walk. How can I? Just catwalk on it. No big deal. Come easy. Hahaha I did it. This is the picture from our Europe trip. Granny, do you have a facebook account? What account is that? Oh God! Too bad you don’t
even know what facebook is! Too bad. Don’t talk to granny like that. My friend is calling. Hi, Shiny. How are you? I am fine. What about you? I am fine. Are you comfortable there? The weather is hard to adjust to.
Everything else is okay. Ok. Wait a minute. Let me show you my grandma. Say hi granny. Haa. Not ha granny. Say hi. Hi. Let me introduce my grandpa. Grandpa! That’s my friend, Shiny. Hi grandpa. Thank you. I’ll get back to you later. Now feed me, granny. Shanti, this trip seems unnecessary. I don’t see any problem here. Both mom and dad seem pretty happy. I’ll talk to mom and find out. What are you doing? Milking the cows. Want some? Very fresh. No.No.Nooooo. Wait up. Atleast try some.
– Mom! What is he giving you? Milk. Have this fresh milk. I want packaged milk. Not this milk. How absurd! This is the same milk that
goes into your carton. No way. I don’t want this milk. No, I don’t want this.
– Then don’t, Stupid boy. He’s funny! Mom, any problem between you two? He is very stubborn and
has a mind of his own. Aunt, coffee please.
– What really happened? Good morning. Good morning. First, break this up for me. You want ‘me’ to do this? Why? Won’t you? Hmm. Fine. I will.
Where’s my coffee? I am making. Go on. Shanti, your brothers
are coming in two days. Please put your ego aside and talk to them. You are telling me that? Just because I rejected his friend
and married somebody I liked, he stopped talking to me. You should ask him to talk to me. Alright listen. Atleast
don’t throw a fit at him. Good morning, Raju. Good morning! What are you doing? Smashing soapnuts. What is that? Soapnut is a natural
shampoo from years ago. Really? I want to try it too. Not like that. You got to hold it by piece
and then hammer on it. Oh no. It’s broken. What happened, Raju?
Are you hurt? No. I am not hurt. I just wanted some attention. Are you out of your mind? You know how worried you got us? What happened? Nothing, uncle. Let’s go from here. Oh no. It’s bleeding. Does it hurt?
– No. Not really. If it’s bleeding and hurting you
so much, why didn’t you tell them? Unlike happiness, sadness is not
something you share with everybody. It will only sadden them for nothing. They came running because
they heard me screaming. Imagine the ruckus if they saw me bleeding. You go get Raju while I finish my smoke. You should quit smoking! Only smokers will understand that
the last drag is always the best. Come on. Quit it. No. I won’t. Now go get him. Fine. Don’t quit. What’s up? Where are you off to? Going to meet a girl. Meet a girl? Then get going. Why are you held up here? I’m trying to. But I am burning inside. I can see that. Go before she runs away. I will chase the girl if
she runs from me, uncle. Raju! I am off to the farm. Ok uncle. Get him some ‘burnol’. Burnol? For what? I am burnt here bro! Thank god you didn’t burn your crotch. That would be life changing. Let’s leave and discuss this later. Nitya also wants to go with us.
I’ll get her. – Okay. It’s not even your wedding. So much of pomp for just meeting a girl? It’s Sonu bhai and I need my entourage. Record everything from the entry to exit. Worry not. I will shoot your
private time with her too. Idiot! Who wants that? The camera is unnecessary
right now as well. Hi. I am Nitya. Groom’s friend. Come here. How adorable he is. Oh noo! That’s a great face you are making now. I am in pain and you think
my face looks great now? What you can do with your face
is everything in photography! Would you like to talk to my daughter? Get me married to her. That’s all. I would like to talk. Let’s go in. Hey go. I don’t want to get married to him, dad. Why did the girl reject him? She had to reject me. She did. Why though? Looks like he’s hiding something… Shut up! Why don’t you tell us? It’s good, whatever happened. I record your every move.
Even from the bedroom today. You recorded that too? You asked me not to miss anything. How could you? I shut the door.
– But the window was open. Here take a look. Everybody is out… Why are you standing away?
Please come closer. Much closer. I am shy. I am not. You shouldn’t be either.
Come next to me. (click click click) What are these selfies for? I am sharing these on my group chats
so my friends rate us as a couple. I am sure they will like us. I want accurate voting on this. Check out the high
definition videos I make. Shut up. Don’t rub salt on his wounds. He should instead be happy not worried. Agreed. Imagine the embarrassment if she
put up your ugly face on the internet! Selecting a husband should be
a private affair not public. Very true. Hey! Why are those clay
pots tied onto those trees? To extract ‘toddy’ What’s toddy? It’s milk from the trees. What! Never heard of that! It’s like milk for the adults. Exactly. Adult’s milk?! I want to know what it is.
Let’s go and see. Come Raju. Errr sure. Raju, you built this machine?! Yeah. Makes it easier
to collect the extract. Oh my god. This is awesome.
Unbelievable. Happy now? Thank you so much. Raju! Raju! Raju! What is it Subbhu?! Straight up coming home and asking for him. Raju called me here. What for? To teach Rangoli. Teach Rangoli? Hi Subbhu! Did you call her here? Yeah of course. To teach Rangoli to Nitya. Your aunt could teach her, couldn’t she? Yeah but… So right. Raju! Along side your mom,
there’s aunt and her mom too. Why invite my fiancé when
any of them could help? Because these two are same age.
They would bond better. That’s true. Your brother is coming so… You come with me.
Let’s go. Hey! Pee Pee! Come here. Where are you off to? To watch my fiancé teach Rangoli. Tell me the truth. Just making sure Raju and my
fiancé are not fooling around. You don’t expect Raju to do that! This is the case of losing
my footwear at a temple. So I am going to save my own. Sure. Subbhu crushes on Raju.
Fine. Go. You coming?
– No. You go. Connect the dots and make
long lines like this… Shanti, she reminds me of
you when you were a child. Hahaha… Hey Subbha Lakshmi! Also teach her how
to decorate the rangoli for Sankranthi. Sure! What is Sankranthi? ♪ Rangoli! Rangoli! ♪ ♪ It’s a song of love this Rangoli ♪ ♪ Hailing Goddess Lakshmi with Rangoli ♪ ♪ Earth sings a song of joy
Decorated with Rangoli ♪ ♪ With flowers and colours around
Sing the song of Rangoli ♪ ♪ Rangoli! Rangoli! ♪ ♪ It’s a song of love this Rangoli ♪ ♪ Hailing Goddess Lakshmi with Rangoli ♪ Hi kids. Welcome home! Great having you all.
– Your room is this way. And your room is that way. Okay mom. Come. Come. Your face is lit up with happiness. Everybody is here on uncle’s invite. He always looks out for me. He doesn’t deny anything I ask. I am really happy with my kids arriving. How’s your business? Good dad. Heard your started a new company? Yes, a very profitable one too. The journey must be tiresome. Go get some rest now. Dad about the mail you sent… Divorce after all these years?! Divorce only means separation
of husband and wife. You know Satyanarayana uncle, right?
– Yeah. He now stays with his son in Bangalore and
his wife with his daughter in London. Separated at an age when they
need each other the most. Love has come to that. God
knows what’s more to come for. Dad but… But what? Do you want to head back
before or after separation? Actually dad…
– Hold on. Dad! We shall wait it out.
– Ok. We’ll talk later. Hello! Excuse me. How may I help you? Is there treadmill here? Only heard of rice mill and oil mill.
What is a treadmill? It’s an exercise machine for walking… Sir! Yeah. Please help ma’am out.
I don’t understand her. What would you need? Is there a treadmill or cycle to exercise? Cycling?! What cycle is this? Cycling on this for
10-15mins is good enough. That’s way too long.
Give me a hand. Thanks. Child! Looking into it like a bioscope for what? Trying to figure out how it pumps water. From underground. Where from underground? Let me show you. Pumping like this. Why is the flow not continuous? Pump continuously for that. Understand. Here… Give you anything else? Here, son. Made your favorite ‘laddoo’. What! Taking calls at the table?!
Give that to me and eat your food. Mom! Why did you cook so much food? How is this a lot bro? You haven’t seen anything yet.
Wait for what she has in the days to come. Wow! Hey Nitya! Let me help you out. Zoom the video. Zoom some more. You okay?
– What a sight! What are you guys up to? Clicking pictures. Delete them. Pictures are to be saved not deleted. She clicked pictures of the views
she liked. I clicked what I liked. Delete the pictures and
apologize to the girl. I am neither going to apologize
to her nor delete the pictures. What are you going to do about it? Oh yeah?! How very heroic of you! Oh! I am scared with your boxing skills. Try something new, bro. We are 5 against you! How can you get by this? This is his village. He assumes
everybody will fight for him. He wouldn’t be so courageous
had it been my village. You think this place gives me strength? You live 30 mins away from here. Take another 30 mins
to get your squad here. It’s 11am now. Let’s meet
12pm in your village. Is that cool? How necessary is this energy drink to you? All physical activities like
fighting require energy. Can we not have this fight later at 5pm? It’s not a party to
plan for in the evening. It’s a fight! What’s the time? 12:05pm bro! He’s a no show.
It’s past 5mins the time he gave us. Let’s not waste more time waiting for him. We can’t consider punctuality
for a fight now, can we? Where would he be coming from though? Sreenu! He is at your house. What! My house? Your laddoos are quite delicious,
the way my aunt makes. What are you doing in here? Up! Get up! Mom! What did he say?! He has lied about anything he’s told you. I don’t have any pictures of this girl! There you go. You asked the reason I was here, aunty.
This is why. I told you, your son would answer that.
And he did. Meaning… You disclosed it yourself.
I said nothing. You asked me to try
something new, didn’t you? He refused to apologize to the girl after
getting her pictures without permission. Threatened to fight me in his village. It doesn’t matter whose territory
it is when you are at fault. Delete them now.
– I will. I could straighten him right there but
it’d be public embarrassment to you. My family is visiting us after many years. I cannot tolerate if they are mistreated. If I blew this up, it would upset
uncle and I didn’t want that. You are right, son. His friends are a bad influence. I apologize on his behalf. Aunty, don’t. It’s not your fault. Hey! Don’t humiliate your family like this. Still waiting for you to apologize. Sorry. We shall make a move now. I’m impressed, honey. Whatt! I’m impressed, honey! Honey? That’s what you mean to me now. You taught me to call people
by what they mean to you. Just posters everywhere! Yeah, of course. Earlier such news would reach our homes. Now everything necessary or unnecessary
is public out on these posters. What about that house?
Reminds you of your first love, Sudha? How can I forget her? First love right? What is this you are doing? Spreading bed sheets. This is my sari not a bed sheet. Told you not to buy saris
that look like bed sheets. You bought me this. Do you expect the neighbors
to buy you saris if not me? Granny! You told my dad bed time stories
when he was young, isn’t it? Yeah. Can you tell us too? There used to live a king and a queen… Granny! Why don’t you narrate in English? I don’t speak English. Mom! Brother is on call. Coming in a minute, mom. Thank you. Hi, son. How are you? Uncle, Shivram is here. Greetings Sir.
– Is everything okay with you? I am here to return
the money I owe you. So late in the night? I made 70k out of the material sold. Here it is. No worries. Hand it to him. Here. Thank you. Is this Indian currency? Yes. How much? It’s about 1000$, 70k in Indian currency. Why did the old man pay our grandpa? Because they till our land. Okay! Is this a day’s return? No. For six months. Only 1000$ for six months? Can’t make more than that in this village. Too bad! Hey! Come here. Come here. Is this what you teach the kids? Teach your kids more of
emotions and less of economics. Look son. Farming is not a job. It’s a way of life. Ok. Great. You guys must be busy with your
coconut and cable tv businesses. Not just busy but happy too! What’s the difference? Earning more than what you need is busy. Earning what you actually
need is happiness. If the business is booming,
when do you plan to marry? What’s so funny? Nitya! Tell me. Look here to find out… – Stop it. Made
such a joke out of my wedding plans! Sit down quietly. Do families still go to approve the match? Doesn’t everybody choose
for themselves these days? Oh yeah? In love with anybody yet? He fell in love one too many times. Nobody fell for him though. Many a girls are after him. He doesn’t entertain anybody. Really?
– Not really. Are you guys exchanging love stories? Just casual talk. He has none. And will never have the one like yours. Dad! Uncle has a love story, is it? Of course. No. No.
– You have to tell us… come on… go on… He is just lying. He is disorderly but doesn’t lie. You have to tell us. You can’t get away with this.
– Get the truth out of him. You have to tell us… Say… come on… tell us please… Get the camera ready for him. Let me get going from here. This was during my college days. I was walking to my friend’s. There was thunder in the sky. It started to rain. I wasn’t exactly getting drenched…
– Hold on, uncle. Give us a minute to picture
you in this story. I looked just like him. Like him.
– Ditto. Ok. How do we know what the girl was like? Picture anybody you’d like. ♪ Two hearts meet ♪ ♪ And a love story begins ♪ ♪ You have come and flowers bloom ♪ ♪ Filling life with fragrance ♪ ♪ I have become Romeo ♪ ♪ And life has become difficult
to live without you ♪ ♪ Two hearts meet ♪ ♪ And a love story begins ♪ ♪ You have come and flowers bloom ♪ ♪ Filling life with fragrance ♪ ♪ My heart flutters
Just to look at you ♪ ♪ When you look at me smiling
My whole life smiles along ♪ ♪ Wherever you walk day and night
I shall sprinkle flowers on your path ♪ ♪ Why just my heart ♪ ♪ I shall offer the whole world to you ♪ ♪ Your innocent face
Gives solace to my heart ♪ ♪ Two hearts meet ♪ ♪ And a love story begins ♪ ♪ You have come and flowers bloom ♪ ♪ Filling life with fragrance ♪ ♪ La la la la la la… ♪ ♪ Let me offer my beaten heart
In a letter to you ♪ ♪ Or how can I speak out
The tantrums of love? ♪ ♪ Whenever I see you
I feel at peace ♪ ♪ Whenever you come close
I am filled with passion ♪ ♪ This sweet story of Our two little
hearts Sums up the emotions right now ♪ ♪ Two hearts meet ♪ ♪ And a love story begins ♪ ♪ You have come and flowers bloom ♪ ♪ Filling life with fragrance ♪ ♪ I have become Romeo ♪ ♪ And life has become difficult
to live without you ♪ How did you not ever talk to the
girl you were in love with? We didn’t have the kind of
liberty you guys have now. I was madly in love with her
but could never express. I got married to someone after that. Didn’t you miss her? I missed her so much. I ran into her at the river crossing but
still couldn’t declare my love for her. Everybody is given a heart to love but nothing
fills your heart like the first love. I am a great example. Nitya! What are you up to? Everybody is waiting to go to the temple. Coming. Dad! Where’s mom? Mom? He’s forgotten! My phone’s buzzing somewhere… where… Hello! Wasn’t I supposed to come
with you on the bike? What? Listen up! Hold on! I assumed you sat already. Give me your name and
star sign for prayers. Ravi Varma. Vashisht gothra. Star…Pushyami. Bharati… Vashisht gothra. Star…Pubba. Kalyan… Vashisht gotra. Star…Chitra. Ramya. Vashisht gothra. Star…Uttharabhadra. Nitya. Dhanunjaya gothra. Star…Swathi. Shanti. Dhanunjaya gothra. Star…Arundhati. Kishore. Gamdhagani gothra. Star Swati. How do you know all our details, Raju? He learnt from them. Aunt keeps track of all the
important days in your life. Of course. It’s basic to know
these details about my kids. No big deal. Ma’am, let’s offer special prayers
on this beautiful reunion. Sure. Please come up with a date. It’s been long since we all
came together to this temple.. What! Oh no! Grandpa! Have you sprained your ankle? Nothing at all. I am fine. Let’s get you up… Oh no! Ok. Get up slowly. Doctor, please be ready. I am sending Raju to get you. Raju, bring the doctor home. Ok. Don’t know what bad omen struck you. Your foot is so swollen. You should be careful on the stairs. This could have been worse. I blame myself for this. All because I proposed to go to the temple. I wish I was hurt and not you. Oh my, I forgot. Bring medicine.
– I’ll bring. Mom! I don’t understand. You are stressing so
much over dad’s sprain. How could you think of
living away from him? You never leave him alone. Why does dad want to divorce you? What! Divorce who? Why would I stay away from him? Banwari, take the kids inside. Go kids. You go too. Nitya! Everybody! Let’s go in. Let’s go. Let’s go. What’s this, mom? Dad mailed us about divorcing you
which is why we all are here. Dad! Doesn’t mom know? So you lied to have us over? No. He didn’t lie. Then who lied? He can never leave me. So I have to leave him. Isn’t that true? Do you agree or not? After all these years I
get hurt when he does. Decide on who I should stay
with after my divorce. You are stressing so
much over dad’s sprain. How could you think of
living away from him? Listen! Why don’t you talk uncle
out of this divorce? How do I advise someone who
never needs any advice? If he has come to a decision,
it is after a profound thought. I left my mom, dad for
you after our wedding. Nobody was above you then. Now I need my kids. If you don’t call them here,
I will go there for them. That’s it. Aunt, coffee for me. Thank you. It tastes different today. New things lead to different tastes. Not enough sugar probably. Bro! Dad can sort this out with mom. Why isn’t he trying? If he did, it wouldn’t come to this. What do we do now? Convince them, bro! But how? Just like how you convinced
them on you going to the USA. Just like how you convinced to get
married to the guy you loved. If you can convince them for you, why
can’t you convince them for themselves? Honey! Where do you learn all this from? What do you mean? About your advice on
convincing our grandparents… I learnt it from a girl. You learn from girls too? Why not?
Do you want to learn? What’s with this new attire? Be a Roman when in Rome. I have to adapt if I wish to stay. Stay here? Can’t say that. Hey bro! Your pics are so funny. These pictures… err… what… Hey Nitya! Wait. Hand me those pictures. Hello. Yeah, say. Bro! Are you busy? Tell me what it is. I just cracked my first ad film.
Wanted to share with you. I am close to Venkat’s house.
You should come. Ok. Coming. Hey! Nitya! Give me those pictures. Looks like something is cooking. Rehearsals were good. Now I
want perfect action too. Great. Here comes bro. You started off with ad films already.
You shall get into films quite soon. As soon as I find a producer that is. Right? Let’s start this shoot now. Action! I see the love in your eyes for me. Only my heart knows how much I love you. Cut! Cut! Cut! Look at the person these
lines are written for. Ready! His face doesn’t inspire any feelings. What drama!
You were fine during the rehearsals. Hey, Raju! Hey VP! Where are you going?
– I don’t know. VP? VP means very powerful. It’s used both negatively and positively. Oh! Understood. Bro! Bro! You should do it. No way. I can’t act. Come. Let’s do this. Zoom it. I can see how much love you have for me. I can feel how much love you have for me. I can’t put my love for you in words. How does it matter? I can still understand. Why did you bring me here at this hour? Look there. This is… Sudha. Right? Yes, brother. Why did you bring her here? Talk to her and feel better from the regret
that you gave up on her without trying. So… Sudha… I never asked
him… to bring you here… You never tried to talk from 25yrs ago. You probably don’t know I am married. You surprised uncle quite well, honey. She too seemed quite
excited in meeting bro. She is great. Just like
this thing called love. What does your husband do? He was a banker when we got married. I don’t know what he’s up to now. What do you mean? He got transferred to Delhi
in a month after the wedding. He was going to write to me as
soon as he found a home for us. He probably still haven’t found one. I don’t wait anymore. I’m sorry! What for? The man I loved didn’t marry me. My husband wasn’t the man to love me. What do you do now? I take care of orphans. What is this? Kheer! Don’t you love it? You still remember my favorite things! I can’t forget the favourite
things of the man I love. I am really excited, honey. We have lovers seated upstairs. We are here downstairs… What downstairs? Nothing. Come on. Shoot. Bro! We’ve come too far. Should
we turn the boat around? Sure. Turn around. Ok, bro. I’ll get going. Bye. Bye. Hey! Yes? Get all the materials down
from the trunk and arrange. Where’s the trolley? Where’s the trolley? Sir, you are leaving the trolley behind… I left the trolley at the farm I guess. Got to take the tractor back to fetch it. Thank god, you are a farmer. If you were in railways, you
would bring the train on road. How dare you to make fun of me. You are brainless! Yeah. I will take that… You don’t know who you talking to?
Have no respect for anybody? Take a piece of my mind. Uncle! VP uncle! If this is how you lose it at people then… Oh wait…. Go inside. I’ll talk to him. Dad! She says my blood pressure is gone up.
Am I sick? She called you VP. Very powerful. Oh is it? I’ll show my power around… Krishna! Oh Krishna! Your house is lightened
up with all your kids. Aren’t you, Kalyan, the youngest? I am your uncle. It’s been so long.
– It’s been many a years. How are you, Shanti? I am good, uncle. Is this your daughter? She’s so pretty. Should I find her a groom? No, uncle. We want to find
somebody in Australia. Somebody from here may not suit her. Sure. You will find better ones there. Raju! Everybody is in all praise of you. You are very helpful I hear. Your uncle taught you great manners. What a sudden surprise! I had to talk to you and
they had to meet you. So here we are. Is everything okay? Yes, everything is alright. Bro! Why not? Meeting you for the festival. Take a seat. Thank you for putting sense into our heads
and strengthening our relationship. What happened with them? It’s barely a year since you married
and want a divorce already? We have too many differences.
She doesn’t gel with me. Do you? He makes it so difficult for me. It’s for our good that we separate. Hmm. Are you at least happy with your job? I compromise a lot in
order not to get sacked. How about you? Liking the city life? It’s ok. I adjust to what
is different from here. Hmmm. Good. Adapting is necessary.
It is in fact the key. It’s easier to get a job over another.
Same with a house too. Compromising on certain things
is life won’t ruin you. However you will be ruined if you
don’t know where to compromise. Facing the challenges is all
the wedding rituals are about. No man is complete without a woman. Actions matter over words. Try and work things out before such
decisions. Separation isn’t the solution. Look at them now! How happy they are! He is uniting people yet
breaking up with mom. Isn’t the doctor allowed to fall sick?! Doesn’t the priest who prays for
all have problems of his own?! No coffee for Krishna? He quit. Sister brought his favourite laddoos. Ok. Get blessings from them
for I will be an uncle soon. Please come here. Next to each other. Blessings from a couple like you
shall keep them strong throughout. Touch their feet. Bless you with kids and happiness always! Blessings from a couple like you
shall keep them strong throughout. Touch their feet. Shanti! Shanti! Hahaha. Shanti… could you come in for a bit… Ravi? Yes, mom! Tell me. Let it be. What’s this Mohan? Can you
not manage without me? I can only return when the
issue here is solved. Sister in law, what are you heading
in for when everybody is out here? Everybody is busy. It makes no
difference to them what I do. Hello. Listen to me. Spoke to Mohan
right now regarding the project… Honey, going out? Yeah. Can I go with you? Sure. Greetings to everybody from Ananthpur. Today’s satisfying news being… It’s ‘important news’ and
not satisfying news. When are you going to get better… Why are you yelling? Ask her to get better at her
job or get someone better. Or even better, replace me. What is this girl? I am trying…
– Ok she’s trying… You shoot. Be nice to me or I’ll break your camera. What brings you here bro? You could have just sent for me! I have a request. Anything for you. Please disconnect the
cable at home for 4 days. What!! That could cause me so much trouble. Yeah. I know. Everybody is visiting us after so long. Instead of spending time with each other,
they are glued to tv and their phones. You plan to shut me down! Everybody is interested in the emotions displayed
on that box rather than their own people. So only for 4 days disconnect the cables. Just like how a groom looks forward
to see his bride at the wedding, Cable operators long for extra ads
during festivals because it’s money. Take that money from me. You built me. I can’t do that. Then disconnect, bro! Ok. I can help with the cables but
what about the phone network? I could help with weakening the signals. How? Satellite communication
is one of my subjects. Repeat please. Satellite communication. You know right?
– Hmmm. Then that will be taken care of. This is to bring to your notice that
there will be no cable for 4 days. No cable? No cable? Why?? The eclipse covered the satellite. Is it a celestial body
like the sun or moon? Satellites are much above these bodies.
An eclipse caught it. So no channels on tv for 4days. Is it really true? Yeah, why? I will fall behind with the daily shows. That’s won’t kill, will it? No but I can’t pass a day
without watching fashion tv. You guys have ruined us younger generation! What are you sad about? I am bored with no tv.
What to do? Watch me baby. Coming to catch you. What are you looking at? Hey Anil! Yes uncle. Go get grandpa.
– Ok. Grandpa! Grandpa!
Uncle is calling you. What happened? Never had a meeting like
this in a long time. We used to meet every evening, remember? Now we just sit in front
of our tvs all the time. (Chit Chat) Raju, did you ask for the album or milk? Album, dad. Album?! Our plan’s working great so far, honey. Hmmm. What an old album! Mom and dad’s wedding album. When was this? I don’t remember that. Mom, remember this picture
when Shanti was sick. Shaved her to the scalp in Tirupati. Hahaha. Mom and dad didn’t tonsure. Look here… look at this… Hahaha. Mom, look at how you used to feed us all. We miss those days so bad. Days gone by are the best! Shri, take charge of the kids. All the kids sit in the jeep. Honey, how do I look? Pretty good. Can I go with you?
– Yeah. Come along. Why are you tensed? Nothing to worry. What happened uncle? She couldn’t call Siddhu for 2 days now. She is worried for her son. Worry not. Everything
will be fine in 2 days. Let’s go, Nitya. Hey, Nitya. Yeah, mom. Where are you headed to? Granny is in this car. Sit with her.
– No, mom… I’m getting on Raju’s bike. I like bike rides. But… Let her go. Let the kids be. You go. Thank you, grandma. Honey, good to go? Yeah.
– Raju, start the bike. Let’s go.
– Yes uncle. You sit in the car. Why are you sitting on the
bike even before I started? So you don’t forget and leave
me behind like you always do. Yeah, great. Keep reminding me… Raju, show the kids around the fun fair. You guys come with us. Yeah… Be alert at this fair… Bro! When did you guys come? Just now. Nitya, how do you like this fair?
– Interesting. Honey, can we take that ride? What are the odds that your
rooster will win today? The odds are always in my favour.
My rooster is a winner. Such confidence? Yes. Cause I feed him the best. Oh! You tied to my finger?
It is to go on your rooster. What if I cut myself? Let it go. Let it go. Hehehe.
– What if I hurt myself? Who would take me to the hospital? Ssshh… Why keep quiet?
Everybody should know what you did. Why won’t you dance to such good music? Idiot! You should encourage artists
like me instead of yelling. This is not good. Uncle… Why are you annoying her? Annoying her? I am only blowing this toy just like your
kids are playing with these balloons. What is wrong with that?
– Have some manners. Don’t irritate the kids. How is this fair? Whatever your kids do this right. Whatever I do seems to be wrong. What did I even do? Did I touch you? Just blew it like this! Hey! Such a petty thing you
caught my collar for. Something you won’t be spared for. You have some guts to try
that on my brother-in-law! You… Uncle! Daddy! He was messing with Shri and
raised his hand on brother-in-law. Bro! I had no idea this was your family. Sorry, sister. Sorry, brother.
Please forgive me. Let’s move… Brother! Thank you! That’s unnecessary in family. We might have our differences but no
outsider is allowed to disrespect my family. Just because we don’t talk, it doesn’t
make you any less of a family. This is amazing. Don’t suppress but express
the love in your heart well. Keep smiling always. Mom and uncle are not at cold war anymore.
Everybody is happy. I have something to say… Yeah! How to pass time with no network… Not here. There! Where? I… You… I… would…
– You… Bro! Bro! I’ve been looking for you. What are you up to? Plucking leaves. What for? To feed the cows. Everybody is gathered in the hall.
You are asked to come there. Is everybody there?
– Yes. I’m coming. Hmm. You were saying… I… Yeah you…
– Bro! Come quickly. Coming. Get away from me. I can’t tell you with all this disturbance. I will tell you later. Brothers and sisters! Greetings to everybody! A hearty welcome to you all. I should start shooting I think… Let me finish with the announcement. We are doing an activity
with some dubbed films. You have to reenact a scene. Can I have this kid help me
choose who to start with?! It would be whoever this balloon goes to. Throw the balloon. First up, Ravi Sir. You and… you and… you all… and you too. Everybody in the village…
will be taken care of. Bro! Super actor. Because we really love you… But we cannot wait any longer…we cannot. Forgive us if possible or
punish us if you must. Please don’t forget our
existence for God’s sake. I request you with all my heart. Call dad, Gautam. I want to talk to him right now. I miss him. Help is not really help till
you know when and who to help. Next scene presented by
Junior NTR, Kalyan Babu. I will cut you into pieces
if you harass another girl. Next is.. Me!
– I’m listening. Tell me… You listening…? Yeah…? Come to me right now. Ok. Coming. Where do we get the food from? All we do is fight without
putting our education to use. We both need to calm down. Marriage happens only once in life. It’s a union of two hearts. Am I not right? Next up are my friends Badri and Subbhu. Are you going to serve me tea
straight into my mouth now? Where are you going?
– Going to get you a saucer… So you want me to hold this up like
the Olympic torch till you return? No. Give it to me. Ary you irritated on me?
– Me? Or else me? Next up are my lovely
friends, Raju and Nitya. I sent Indumathi’s daughter’s card to USA
without anybody noticing. Just for your Janaki. Really? Yes. I long to see happiness in your eyes. I sent the wedding card out there myself. You did this for me? This makes me so happy. I can’t ask you for anything else. Nothing. Nothing at all… Oh man! There’s still no network. I’m so unaware of what’s happening there.
And here too. What happened? We are trying to unite mom and
dad, something they don’t want. We should go instead of wasting time. Father-in-law said we should
discuss this after the festival. We should wait it out. Shanti! Shanti! You asked me to fix a date
for Ram-Sita offerings. Tomorrow is a great day.
Let me know if you are okay with it. Yeah. Why not? We can do it tomorrow as you say. We can’t do it tomorrow…
– It’s ok aunt. Hello Pandit ji. Greetings.
– Greetings. What’s happening? Aunty wanted to do special offerings
to Ram-Sita at the temple. Tomorrow is an auspicious day. So we should go ahead with it tomorrow. God doesn’t need our consent! Maybe it’s God’s will
to have you two do it. Sure. Go ahead. Pandit ji. You can start with the work. Uncle, please invite
everybody in the village. You get the flowers and the dais ready.
– It will be done. Fast! Aunty! You so much wanted this
Ram-Sita wedding to take place, right? It will be a splendid celebration. ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are my very world ♪ ♪ You are my God, you are my everything ♪ ♪ You are the love of my life ♪ ♪ You are the hope, you are the support ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are the companion for many lives ♪ ♪ You are the wick in my lamp ♪ ♪ You are the friend for a life time ♪ ♪ You are my every breath ♪ ♪ You are my every hope ♪ ♪ Not for just this moment ♪ ♪ But you are the love at every moment ♪ ♪ You are my lover ♪ ♪ You are my focus ♪ ♪ In joy and sorrow ♪ ♪ You are with me ♪ ♪ And you are the most handsome… ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ I love you from my heart ♪ ♪ I want to stay in your heart ♪ ♪ I want a life-long bond with you ♪ ♪ I shall tell you this moment ♪ ♪ I shall fulfill all your dreams ♪ ♪ Let me follow whichever
path you lead me on ♪ ♪ Feeling your love and passion ♪ ♪ Finding your care and attention ♪ ♪ This heart’s relation with you ♪
♪ Is the truest ♪ ♪ And we shall hold it up for seven lives ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ Give this money to the catering guys.
– Ok bro! I’ll put henna later
in the evening for you. Really? I haven’t tried. You tried it before right? Let’s do it together… Don’t just stare at her. Go
tell her how much you love her. Just waiting for the right time.
– What? Dad?! I knew it from the start. You two are not so discreet. It’s not what you think… Get them chairs aside… Oh really! You have to come to
me to talk about your marriage! Everything was so well
organized, mother-in-law. It was such a sight to see. Hey, Nitya! Yeah mom. Mom, she said she would fly back
if she didn’t like it here. She seems very comfortable
and happy here now. I had no idea what this place was like. I obviously love it now. What are your thoughts now? I want to stay here forever. What’s up brother! Why am I called here this early morning? I will tell you. Hey! You are here too. I brought her here. She is in love with you. But she’s still unable to tell you that. I know you love her too. Brother!
Such jokes this morning! Joke? Me? You think I am in love with her? She is extended family.
I had to comfort her. That’s all. We both are not even compatible. What Nitya?! Spending a couple of
days together doesn’t make us lovers. But I thought you really like her…
– It’s not that. You can’t convince me in
your favor over this. Nitya! I am sorry if I behaved
in any way that came up to this. Nitya! Tell me the truth. Don’t you love her? I do… with all my heart. Then? Not everything about love is in
our control. Especially winning it… Meaning? Raju, Nitya is not in love with you. This is only infatuation! Anything new excites her. She likes everything around here. Listen to me. You only know her for 10days. I have known her for 20years. You are a great guy. Very sensitive and caring. Helpful and thoughtful too. But don’t pin your hopes on her. It is only going to hurt you. It will hurt me too. How can I hurt you? Not a chance. Whatever state of mind you came here in… You will only go back happy. You are quite understanding. I didn’t expect that from you, Raju. It is not love, if it is blind. I don’t want to do this against my family. I shall talk to Shanti. You don’t worry. I will convince the family. It’s easier to convince myself than
to convince everybody around me. You sure will convince
yourself out of this. What about Nitya? It’s unfair to her. You were once in love with Sudha but
you both lead different lives now. Everybody has a heart to bear love but not
all are privileged for a lasting first love. This is not on the cards for me. Hi, Nitya! I saw that you wipe out others’ sorrows. But I also know you cause sorrow. I’m impressed, Raju. You don’t call him honey anymore?
Since when? Honey is a forgotten name
and I won’t use it anymore. It doesn’t matter what I call him now. Bye. What is this, boy? Why is she talking weird? I wish I spoke to her
before Shanti spoke to you. I should have acted fast. But I was
never disorderly with your love. Uncle! Sister! Brother! Aunty! You know what this is? The documents mom and dad sent
to the lawyer for divorce. I was clear from the beginning.
They don’t want to stay together. We are just wasting our time here. Nobody heard me out. See for yourselves. I’m left with nothing to say. Hear me out… I have been. All this while. What are you looking at? Go pack the bags. Listen to me.
– Listen to what? Why? You asked us to help them bond. Were we any successful? Isn’t that what we want?
Them together? They were happy all the time until this. Who said we were happy? We are not happy. We had no choice. We were happy when you were born. We were happy while you were growing up.
But not now. I haven’t seen her laugh in so long. It’s only her fake smile.
Not with happiness. She stands alive in front of you. She sold her soul to you guys. She serves me food and reminds me that
the curry is her elder son’s favourite. When she sees kids running after the ice
cream man, it reminds her of younger son. Any girl that comes home for henna, makes
her think of you and your henna obsession. Everyday… Every minute.
You are all that she thinks of. You guys never show up. What do I do? She was so sad since you weren’t visiting. That would sadden me.
What could I do? She was with me all this time. Let her stay with you from now on. As long as she remains my wife,
she won’t leave me and go. That’s why I had to do all this. Let her have the pleasure
of staying with her kids. Take her please. You have nothing to say to dad? What can I say to that, son! We have seen a lot of phases in my marriage
but we never speak against each other. Today because of you all, I
have grown so distant from him. You are to blame. At least I know it is not out of
anger he wants to divorce me. He loves me a lot. He just can’t see me sad. He wants me to be happy with my kids. You are saying the same! How are we at fault for this? We moved away with your permission. You were happy with our achievements. Listen up! Parents are happy for their kids who
succeed in life and live their dreams. But at what cost? At the cost of forgetting us! Please, Dad! We send pictures on whatsapp and video
call since we can’t be with you in person. Looking at the food doesn’t fill
your stomach. You need to eat it. It’s not that we don’t wish to.
We have very busy schedules. Daughter-in-law! Remember how worried you were when you
couldn’t talk to your son for 2days? We nurtured you with such love and kindness.
These aren’t the days I live to see. Imagine how your kids would treat you. Parent should welcome their children
with happiness… not sadness. Come spend holidays with us so we can
spend the rest of the year happy. But we can only hope and anticipate
because you don’t show up. This is a very bad state
for any parent to be in. We lost our headmaster Prakash Rao. His children didn’t come down from abroad. Shouldn’t the man go with
proper service of cremation? Like an orphan, he was carried
to the ground and laid to rest. The priest, yesterday, blessed
us with 100 years to live. Why extend our lives when
we are barely living?! It’s only a blessing if you are spending
it happily with your near and dear. What is the point of life in such despair?! Dad! We wish to come to you too but… No time of course. The weather changes every 3months! You can give extra hours to
what already consumes you. But not a couple of days in
year to us still alive for you. I will only survive for another 5-10years. If you visit us even once a year that will
only make rest of our lives colorful. I hope it’s not too much to ask. Mom! Sorry, Dad! We didn’t realize how far we
drifted away only just from your lives. Mom’d be so worried if we
came back late from school. She waited longer than she should
for me to return from Australia. Please forgive me for hurting you so much. I thought I made you proud
winning at everything. Today I know I lost at being a good son.
Sorry dad! All parents dream to live
together with their children. We will too. You shouldn’t
be separated for this. Please! Please take back the notice. Uncle doesn’t know about it. I sent that notice. Hope you haven’t lost it, son! Why did you do that? So their kids know exactly
what they are going through. You stopped talking to each other. I couldn’t tolerate that. I had to act on it. Never did I see tears in your eyes. Except that one day at the river. I couldn’t stand it. Everybody comes to you with problems. Who do you go to? I could see you were dying inside. That’s why I had to do this. My apologies! Uncle and aunty aren’t
asking much from you. Only a little happiness. That will eventually spread to all of us. While uplifting everybody around you,
why are you dwelling in sadness? I am not sad. Are you not heart-broken? Why did you deny being in love with Nitya? The love from my family is more
important than the love I have for her. I’d like to ask what you know about him. My precious nephew. You guys run after money and material. He finds happiness in people. He is not immediate family
but wishes so well for you. His heart is bigger than you think. You will never find a better son-in-law. I got married to who I was in love
with but was blind to your love. Sorry, Raju. Would you marry my daughter, Nitya? Are you happy with this? Who says I love him? If he loved me, he could tell me. He never did. So what! He shall declare his love now…
Go on. Say it… Would you call me honey, please? Yes. I will. Here you go. Let’s get the date fixed right away…
– No. No. Hold on. Don’t hurry. I know when and where to get them married. Sankranthi celebrations
have begun in Ananthpur. Mr. ShriKrishna Murthy and his family were at great
joy for coming together on this auspicious day. Greetings Sir. Greetings everybody. Greetings! Dad! How come you are here? He said everybody was home
celebrating Sankrathi. I didn’t want to be left out. So here we are. Festivals are for
families to come together. It’s great to have reunions like these. Please come. Hey! Hey! Everybody come and have
a look at my Rangoli. Where is the Rangoli? Sir, I think it’s him who did this. Hey! Who left this drum in the way? Move it …you guys. Move it. Father-in-law! Dad, when’s Holi? In 3 months. We shall come again soon. Brother! You in?
– Yes. Of course. Are you really coming back in 3months? Yes. Sure. Then maybe I should stay back here. Lots of things to learn. Let her stay with me. We shall get a wedding date
by the time you return. If you don’t already spend your holidays and festive
season with your families, you should start to. Festivals are meant for
gathering and spreading love. Take time out for the real things in life. Make sure your friends and
families are always happy. ♪ I set to go on a journey towards
where the sun rises from. ♪ ♪ The nature is not just spread in
4 directions but inviting too. ♪ ♪ The farms are lush and blossoming. ♪ ♪ The mountain tops
have clouds gathering. ♪ ♪ How lovely the sky
looks with all the blue ♪ ♪ It makes them her very
own whoever may come ♪ ♪ More gorgeous than any heaven can become
True magic of a natural avenue ♪ ♪ It is not just beautiful ♪ ♪ But the weather is blissful ♪ ♪ Morning sun is such a sight
Living here is a delight ♪ ♪ All those that return
when the home calls ♪ ♪ Expect happiness pulsating ♪ ♪ Remember this farming land
You cherished this green grand ♪ ♪ This is the village of joy
With abundance of happiness deploy ♪ ♪ Joining our hands to the almighty to pray
Counting our blessings everyday each day ♪ ♪ The fascinating childhood we had
With lovely friends so glad ♪ ♪ Where else would there
be such a sublime beauty ♪ ♪ Near and dear all a winsome symmetry
The swing that was up so high ♪ ♪ For only those who aimed the sky ♪ ♪ Closing our eyes to be a bringer ♪ ♪ The game was never about the winner ♪ ♪ Lived for the laughter ♪ ♪ Childhood memories are everything
but banter Happiness is the only vibe ♪ ♪ Cheerfulness is our tribe ♪ ♪ This place give contentment
And the payoff too is merriment ♪ ♪ Love is the language spoken here ♪ ♪ Everybody is to adhere ♪ ♪ Spreading it from here to there
Cause love is to share ♪ ♪ Love has different forms ♪ ♪ Not necessarily any norms ♪ ♪ That is how there’s
heaven on earth here ♪ ♪ Colors of cheer and
glee is the atmosphere ♪ ♪ Full of manners and non fictional culture
Family values and true love conjure ♪ ♪ Look at how guests are worshiped
God does come in all forms it’s believed ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ I love you from my heart ♪ ♪ I want to stay in your heart ♪ ♪ I want a life-long bond with you ♪ ♪ I shall tell you this moment ♪ ♪ I shall fulfill all your dreams ♪ ♪ Let me follow whichever
path you lead me on ♪ ♪ Feeling your love and passion ♪ ♪ Finding your care and attention ♪ ♪ This heart’s relation with you ♪
♪ Is the truest ♪ ♪ And we shall hold it up for seven lives ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪ ♪ You are in my body, you are in my soul ♪

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