Saaho Movie Decoded | Detailed analysis ~ Contains Spoilers | EngLish Subtitles | Thyview

Saaho Movie Decoded | Detailed analysis ~ Contains Spoilers | EngLish Subtitles | Thyview

Hello guys welcome to Thyview.. By this time, I believe everyone would have watched Saaho. If anyone else who haven’t watched the film, this video is not for you. Go to the theatre and watch the film and please comeback. Cause, this video is full of spoilers.. Final Spoiler Alert! An interesting issue is going on in social media for the past few days. For the people who have got disappointed while watching it for the first time, and while they’ve watched it for the second time, they actually started appreciating Sujeeth, including myself. Sujeeth and the team of saaho took extreme care in the detailing part. Right from the beginning, he tried giving hints of what he wants to explain. I could understand this only after watching it for the second time, as i could know the twists on beforehand and I coild connect the dots. So, when we thought of making this video, we came across very interesting articles on internet. So, we added our observations with the information given in the article and made this video. So let’s start the breakdown. We see three different groups in the film. Saaho team, devraj team and the cops David, Vishwank/Iqbal, Lal are in Saaho’s team Prince, Kalki, Shinde, Alex are on Devraj side; Cops like Ashok, Evelyn, Goswami, are neutral. And however Amrutha is on Saaho’s side. Title Cards: 20 Years ago Prithviraj was an underworld don of Waaji city And Roy was most trusted person. As Prithvi Raj grows old, he handed the complete empire to Roy rather than to his son Devraj. Then Roy started Roy group of Industries, Gold, fuel, illegal export and import business. He continues to be successful and the most trusted person was Ibrahim(lal). One day Devraj burns down Carana village as they didn’t vacate the place. And this was a black day to Roy. He decides to change the illegal business to legal. His plan was to start a Hydro Electric project for villagers in Mumbai. But, India’s External Affairs minister opposes Roy, cause it is was not a good decision if we allow Roy and his complete gang to India. But blackmailing him, Roy gets his approval. After the approval, while transferring 2L crs to mumbai, we can see the firing occurs. At the same time Roy was killed in the car accident. Till here, we see it in the title cards, but at the end we see him talking to his son, saaho. As Saaho was in call he could identify Devraj’s voice and he realizes that this was not an accident, it was a murder. (Devaraj made this attack). Shinde misses his antique lighter in this crime scene. With this lighter, Saaho gets to know that even shinde is involved in this. And the money which got burnt in the previous was actually stolen by Devaraj and he burns the ship, convincing everyone by saying the complete money is lost in the accident. Now Saaho has two things to do, he should kill Devraj and take revenge and next was, he should steal the money and start Hydroelectric project as it was his father’s wish. After stealing the money Devaraj becomes even more powerful. He managed to hide the money on the top floor of his building. Saaho and Ibrahim tries to steal the money again. They needed an heir to stop Devaraj. As everyone knows that Roy had a secret son. But no one knows where and how he was. So, Ibrahim son Iqbal is introduced as Roy’s son in the name of Vishwak. Here, sujeeth reveals the first clue, In the Board meeting he makes it clear that he would sit on the throne only after the murderer is found and the money is recovered. After he says that he knows about the 2L crs, we see two faces on the screen; kalki and prince are tensed. Kalki asks “how can we get that huge money?” Vishwak takes Lal-kalki near the locker and creates a fake story. Roy has hidden a lot of money in the locker, but the key to open the locker is black box, which is in India. They know that Kalki would inform Devraj. When Ibrahim says that he would go, kalki manages to say some reason and she goes to India. And this is what vishwak wants. Cause, when kalki sees the black box, Devaraj gets to know and he becomes greedy, so he asks her to check the black box. Meanwhile Saaho identifies the guns’ seller(Alex) who supplied the weapon, which is used in murder of his father. In the introduction scene, many people might think, there are unnecessary scenes going on (Animals, body builders) because, in this introduction scene, we see Alex is being hanged by the goons, as he was the main reason for the loss in their illegal business. (they show panther and python in the scene). After Saaho rescues Alex, he gets to know the information about the sellers and kills them. In the introduction scene of Shraddha, she handles this case in which saaho is the culprit, that’s the reason, saaho interprets the scene perfectly. Later to attain an image of smart thief, saaho does robberies in the city. After, IG gets to know about this, he appoints an undercover officer, Ashok Chakravarthy. In the introduction scene of Neil, they show us upside down, and slowly the angles rotate. Here, the angles represent our perception of his character. We see neil in reverse, as in the police is seen as a thief. The shot used for this purpose. Saaho chooses David(Hacker) from the department to accomplish his mission. David hacks Ashok’s profile and he repalces Saaho’s pictures and details in place of Ashok’s . Here, the dialogue by David is absolutely in sync. His life is completely off the record. Saaho grows up without knowing to anyone. Even Shinde says ” though if we create our own fake record also, we might not have these many”. The word Fake is more important. Saaho reports to Shinde, with Amritha and Goswami in his team and they start the investigation process. Parallel, David works officially with Neil. David plays a fake video of Neil and portrays him as a thief. The important scene that we need to observe here is, Amritha checks the footage and she founds nothing suspicious in it. As the footage is fake, there are chances for her to identify it. Saaho tries to distract her by foosball game. Though she wants to go, Saaho insists her and makes her to play the game. Goswami says that this is a cheap clue. Immediately Saaho breaks the bottle and Goswami becomes silent. As Saaho, everyone gets fixed with the clue. After everyone gets convinced that Neil is a thief, David calls him to the coffee shop to reveal a lead about the case. David says that, the next day thief would come to Armani club. This is one of the brilliant scene in the film. Neil orders coffee for himself, and writes the name of the club on the paper and takes it with him. After watching the footage Goswami says that the coffee shop is right the next building. So, everyone goes over there, but Saaho stops David. As he could assist Neil to get out from the location. He hacks all the cameras and deletes the data. Amrutha decodes the word Armani and thinks of the next plan. {Waiter: Coffee, Ashok!} Meanwhile Saaho collects Neil’s coffee We think it’s a mind game of the theif, but its completely opposite. The very next scene Saaho and his team goes to the club for the sake of Neil. Amritha drinks and she forgets about the mission Meanwhile Saaho meets Neil. Saaho tells about his plan (black box) and he says that he would steal it. Neil could have immediately caught him. But he couldn’t prove that he is the thief. Saaho explains this logic in the next scene. Neil thinks that he should catch him during the robbery, so he leaves Saaho. Next day Shinde scolds Amritha for being reckless, but Saaho interrupts and says that he met Neil but reversing the characters. He reveals the information about black box. So now black box isn’t a secret but everyone gets to know about it The moment Saaho says about the black box, Shinde’s lighter doesn’t work. After Shinde takes Saaho to his cabin and shows him the lighter and says that he lost the other half of the lighter And Saaho has that part. Saaho asks him that whether he could see it, and confirms it. In this scene we see Shinde talking about something but we can see only Saaho’s eyes on the screen with vengeance and says he will not leave anyone We think that this might be in shinde’s point of view or may be Saaho as cop’s point of view. But while watching it for the second time, it is very clear that this dialogue is meant to Shinde All of a sudden back ground music also changes. Here he should make sure that Devraj believes about the black box So saaho makes Kalki and Shinde believe in it. He makes sure that everyone follows the black box So Devaraj’s attention is diverted towards the thief who is going to rob the black box, so Neil with the help of David, he shortlists the passengers list of the flight and identifies kalki is gonna come to india. Even Amritha gets to know the same information. Both of them follow kalki. Kalki lands and collects the black box If Kalki goes to Waji city and opens the locker with the help of black box, she gets to know that this is a bluff, and everything would go in vain. So, they plan to make a fake attack on her. When she calls Vishwank, he asks Kalki to be patient. And he says that snipers would take care of her. Attack is actually planned by Saaho and Vishwak And also, he says to hide the Black box. So, Kalki gets to know that it is important. Even after saaho’s warning Amritha gets out of the car to save Kalki, as the attack is completely fake he says her so. When they attack shraddha, saaho enters to save Shraddha and kalki gets away. Here, for Kalki’s escape, Saaho saves Amritha. So, that she can’t catch her. But Amritha places a tracker on kalki’s car and she with her team finds the location of the black box. Even though, it is Proved that saaho is even smarter than her, he praises her presence of mind She gets impressed and gifts him a ring Meanwhile Devraj tries to kill Vishwank, But he survives. When he revolts and start firing, Ibrahim involves and cools him saying him to think like Roy’s son (Another clue). Audience get convinced that Vishwank is the real son. But Ibrahim says that think like Saaho (Roy’s son). Similarly, we have it in Baahubali, think like Amarendra baahubali, we think it is the same scene, but context is completely different Here, we see when Ibrahim and Iqbal(Vishwank) meet for the first time, we see eye contact, to prove that they both are father and son. Meanwhile Amritha and team will be ready to catch Neil and same goes with Neil and his team (including David). On the day of robbery, when Neil enters the locker he sees, all the lockers are empty. Amritha and team covers the building to arrest Neil and his team who are actually undercover officers. While Neil escapes through the back door, he doesn’t understand why cops are arresting them. However, he is an undercover cop, so he couldn’t reveal his name and he follows David as David misleads him. Shraddha says to Saaho that Neil got escaped. Saaho says her to follow plan B which is to shoot Neil. Saaho burns all the photos and indicates the escape time. One of the Undercover cops calls IG and informs him. IG calls Shinde and asks why they are arresting Ashok. Shinde gets confused and asks for Ashok’s pic. IG sends neil picture. Shinde understands that he has been fooled and goes to inform his team. Saaho follows the chase and makes Neil’s car to be crashed on the opposite side of the bridge to save David. The moment Neil comes out of the car he tries to shoot saaho. Then Amritha shoots on the Neil’s leg. Shinde arrives and says to Amritha that Neil is the real Ashok Chakravarthy. Next, that BGM, Prabhas’s swag. Then, David and Saaho escapes through the car. David calls Prabhas as Ashok then he says “Call me Saaho..” When the team introduced Neil poster they created a fake name Jai. . If they reveal his name as Ashok the complete twist would have been revealed. And there’s a tagline on his poster “the end doesn’t answer everything”. By the end of the movie we won’t be able to answer all the questions that we have. . But second time we get all the answers. In the first half, sujeeth planted each and every clue perfectly. We get to know Prabhas was the thief in many points. “Thief is always one step ahead; Saying that he was the thief” and many more so far saaho’s plan goes correct. Everyone believes in the fake locker. The key related to the locker (black box) is with saaho. And the attention of everyone is diverted towards saaho. Till then, shraddha looks up to him as a hero, but from then, she sees him as a villain. Saaho stays in place where saaho places the ring. So Amritha follows follows him. At the same time, Vishwank explains about the tracking system of the black box to Kalki. He asks to retrieve the box without missing it. When David was in conversation with Saaho, saaho gets a call from iqbal. David asks who’s that. As we didn’t know that iqbal was Vishwank for the first time we don’t get any doubt in that scene. Kalki share the location to Devraj. So, prince gang comes to attack. And also, Ibrahim gang comes to save saaho. And the most famous fight scene between Amritha and Saaho, we see the dialogue, (“Fans, Die Hard Fans”, leaves no one, they kill everyone). I felt this dialogue was not about the villains, but it was about his supporters (My Imagination). After this scene, the narration is straight forward for 15 to 20mins. Confrontaion between the villians, Saaho shows all the places in Baby won’t you tell me song and again she starts loving him. At the same time, Devraj shoots Amritha and then they plan all these robbery work, Trucks and its replacement, and by the end of this chase sequence, Ibrahim saves Amritha. In return to black box Saaho asks to save Amritha, and they saves her. I felt one point crazy, saaho must ask vishwak to rob in the house, that means Devraj must have leverage. And at the same time, attacks happen, so he makes her to come back. As Devraj team tries to track her, saaho makes her to stay with him. If shraddha is not besides, devraj cannot complete with help of saaho. He thinks that he could save her and leaves amritha near devraj. T his is just our interpretation. And the next truck chase. Wonderfully executed. The lyrics in background song of this scene are very important, Bang Bang: ” hit you like a force when you draw near, you wont see me coming.. bangbang i’m in motion.. the hunt is on, true aim is clear , my prey I’ll be coming .bangbang i’m in motion. the hunt is on, noose is clear , you won’t see it coming. The complete movie theme is in this BGM. That’s how brilliantly they have planned it. Vishwank says board meeting and says to take care of the locker. Kalki takes an opportunity. She kills the guards and opens the locker with the help of black box. As devraj knows about the locker, he asks to bring saaho so as to kill him. Cut, Amritha chases alex. Cut, Neil and Vishwank discusses about the robberies. When devraj comes to kill saaho, twist will be revealed along with the characters. Saaho – Son of Roy. After watching the pics, kalki gets asthma and dies. Amritha gets to know and even neil gets to know that saaho is the true heir. All the robberies are hoax. Here, Neil asks the meaning of box. Vishwak: Sometimes the prince comes as a soldier to save his kingdom. Here, the twist that iqbal is the son of Ibrahim is revealed. When Devraj gets know the twists, the canara people raise the logo. Roy group symbol proudly stands again. And Iqbal says the slokha from Bhagavad Gita. The meaning of this sloka is: “Sthitapragnyasya kaa bhaaṣhaa samaadhisthasya keshava
Sthitadheeh kim Prabhasheta kimaaseetha vrajeta kim” They used this sloka in movie, which means…
Arjuna asks Lord krishna, particularly in second line, “How an enlightened person talks? How he sits? & How he walks?” That’s been shown in Hero’s character!
SIDDHANTH NANDAN SAAHO. He gives the Remaining part of lighter to Shinde and kills him. Saaho fulfills his father’s wish. He provides electricity to all villages in mumbai. and then saaho and amritha gets together. In First half Saaho reads a book, saying that “The Boy kissed the Girl and Lived Happily ever after”. And at the end, it happens the same. They show us someone pointing gun towards him. Hinting to the sequel. So, these are things we’ve observed. Actually, when watched for the second third time, the respect towards Sujeeth was gradually increasing. What we felt was, all the twists and the climax should have replaced in the second part, Audience could have ample amount of time to revisit and think and may be everyone would identify all these while watching it for the first time, and if at all these twists would have been revealed in the second half and maybe it would better if the story prolongs. But what ever done is done. If you get know anything else, do comment in the comment section below. If you like this video, please subscribe to Thyview and click the bell icon for more updates. Signing off Team Thyview.

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