SABATON – Great War (Official Music Video)

SABATON – Great War (Official Music Video)

Where dead men lies I’m paralyzed My brother’s eyes are gone And he shall be buried here Nameless marks his grave Mother home, get a telegram and shed a tear of grief Mud and blood, in foreign land, trying to understand Where is this greatness I’ve been told? This is the lies that we’ve been sold Is this a worthy sacrifice? Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars I’m standing here, I’m full of fear, with bodies at my feet Over there in the other trench Bullets wear my name Lead ahead as the captain said and show them no remorse Who am I to understand What have I become? I do my duties, pay the price I’ll do the worthy sacrifice I know my deeds are not in vain Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars And feet by feet We pay the price of a mile here Though men are falling, we see heroes rise We face the heat As we are fighting until the dawn So follow me and we will write our own history Great War And I cannot take more Great Tour I keep on marching on I play the great score There will be no encore Great War The war to end all wars

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  2. I think it would be great if Sabaton create a song about the attack on Mayura Palace in Lombok in 1894. Where Dutch forces got brutally ambushed in the middle of the night by the forces from the Kingdom of Karangasem. The Dutch forces armed with Beaumonts were completely massacred by the Balinese armed with Martini-Henrys.

  3. Попрвляйтесь после аварии. Все русские фаны с вами. Увидимся на концертах, когда сможете!

  4. Концовка просто бомба жаль что я не понимаю текст но песня и так совершенна

  5. Ægte og ærlige er hva de står for, ægte glade for deres Fan's !! Så heldig at nogen lige holdt hånden over Sabaton, i deres ulykke… Tak….

  6. This war start because Gavrilo Princip kill Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Austria attack Serbia from Bosnia and lose first attack. Austro-hungarian empire over 50 millions peoples vs Serbia 4,5 millions and lose battle on Drina .

  7. I discovered a lot of heroes by their songs. SABATON is 💞.
    Why did I not discover this band earlier? I only discovered their Carolus Rex in nightcore version.

  8. Чехи празднуют "освободителей"!!! Мой дед въехал в Прагу когда их немцы душили. Чмошники, имейте совесть признать кто вас освободил.

  9. 0:17 … zakaz kurzenia… i chuj, nie pogadasz z Pepikami… jak zajarasz, to zaraz pokutę 1000 koron przyjebią…

  10. I love this song. It gives me shivers everytime I listen to it. Thanks for teaching us about the great sacrifices that the soldiers of the world made either british, german, american, czech and more. Keep up the good work and thank you. Good thoughts from Romania.

  11. Me and my father are typical finnish men. Hate Sweden, cus they always beat us at hockey But, one day i discover Sabaton. I listen it like 3 months=proceeds to play their songs whenever is possible. Play THIS song to dad. after this, dad is fine with swedish=conclusion, Sabaton helped me (and especially) my dad to take liking on Swedish ppl by this song 😀

  12. WW2 D-DAY
    Private: Sir, why are we fighting this War?
    Commander: To free Europe from the Nazis private

    Private: Sir why are we fighting this war!?

  13. Прагу, и Чехословакию мои сороди освобождали.
    Мне обидно.
    Мы, затягивая пояса вас вернули, на урровень такой, где вы не были ниуода.

  14. I umiješa se u toa ne mikro struje tko je karizmatičniji netko je za Teslu jače strje a ne 50 autonomnih kompjutera hoću 20 mil dolara Bille Gatesu jer sam i ja lijevak koji se ne ističe pa izračunaj i treba toga pa novca jer se ništa i ne radi a ne moždarenje 12 godina pa školstvo ti napustio ja završio…i namrgodi se sve je to zdravo sjediti ima toga da se jelo a ne naočale pa WC pa i mržnja živaca ane moždarenje 12 godina pa izračunaj i piše se o svačemu ane 200 000 ljudi šta ću razvoditi pa analiziraj topologije MATRIX world ka Isus uzelo se ovce ne muči se pametne ljude iskreno tko je i gluplji pa živci isticanja šta ćeš ostaviti iza sebe PCjeve Tito ostavio oružje…

  15. Почему парад в Чехии проводят американцы, если ее освобождал СССР?

  16. "Where is this greatness I've been told?

    This is the lies that we've been sold"

    Basically, the entire human history in just two verses.

  17. The 2nd renaissance of the West.
    From a band whos country is almost lost to the stupidity of the 21st Century.
    Long live the West.
    Long live Freedom.
    Long live the boot that holds the tyrants face in the dirt.
    We are Brothers and Sisters in arms.
    We are the only future this planet can accept.

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