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  1. It's an undeniable fact that is as blatant as the sun, this system that we are living in is not in favor of all beings on Earth. Personally I don't agree with this current system, never did, this system doesn't benefit everyone in this household called Earth; ain't that right? A household should provide for EVERY ONE and not only a few? For those who still favor this extremely detrimental system, I dare them to roam this Earth, experience and visit EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY ON EARTH, and still say that this system works. That's the thing, for us, especially Americans, we can lounge in the comforts of our "homes" making our "money", playing our "Playstation 4's" not even thinking about the state of the world that we're in, because we are "comfortable", living our "comfortable" lives in this Matrix. This is what Charles meant by separation, we lost connection, the majority of us don't even want to give the light of day to these issues, what we believe to be our reality is not even so much a reality, the cars we buy, the "food" we eat, the money we use, heck, when did humanity get so oblivious and complacent?

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  3. I don't think we are at the end of growth. Though perhaps the nature of growth will change. Wealth is measured in 'money' rather than physical objects. As virtual systems (apps, software, social media, virtual reality space) have money value, their increase and development creates growth even though their physical presence may be limited. Energy will be required to power them, but that will come for some years yet. 

  4. I found this presentation very shallow, naive and pointless.
    Money itself is simply the means of exchange, and is no barrier to new ideas or giving.
    The guy quickly skipped over the idea of debt as money, not explaining that this is a perversion that's only been practiced in the last 45 years. Prior to which there was a lot more stability in the financial system.
    Having an economy based on "sharing" or other wishful thinking ideas have been repeatedly tried and have always failed.
    I really wish these videos had more practical ideas and less emotive music & imagery.

  5. what drives humans on such a grand scale to create such a lack of need of each other? of this separation?

  6. This guy is so far off it isn't even funny. If you want to live a life of low consumption, one that is close to nature. If you prefer to spend your time not working but living simply with friends and family, by all means go ahead. However don't buy into this stuff. He places a few seemingly obvious facts and builds all sorts of arguments around assuming those facts are true, however they are not true. Nothing of what he says about the money system for example is remotely true.

  7. If anyone knows who Edo, quoted at the beginning of this piece, is.. I would be grateful to be informed. Thank-you in advance…

  8. I could not stomach the money economics class I took to fulfill a requirement. After watching this excellent film I know what I was longing for was to study a type of economy that made more compassionate sense for all — the Gift Economy in which one gains status by giving away excess to those in need. That is an economy based on the truth of what it means to be human. The money economy is an illusion based on a lie told by those it most serves.

  9. So, for all interested, I suggest reading Structure of World History by Kojin Karatani. In it, Mr. Karatani examines world history through the lense of modes of exchange between communities/individuals. Mode of exchange A is the gift exchange, B is essentially the state, C is capitalism and D is a return of mode of exchange A but at a higher level. It's a good read, if a bit dry at times…
    Btw I do not want a fully gift based economy and/or society… Gift exchange based societies weren't all peaches and roses. They were in constant warfare with their neighbouring communities (unless an exchange was established) and had no authority to stop things like vendettas (vendettas=type of a gift exchange).

  10. Set up big gardens for homeless people and reconnect them to nature!? WTF. Aren't they subjected to nature on a daily basis. Did you mean set up "homes" for homeless people… tehehe

  11. I've been reading a book about China called The Age Of Ambition. It documents the ubiquity of the gift community in China, although it is portrayed very badly: as corruption. This video romanticizes gift communities, but what is the difference between a gift and a bribe? Definitely got me thinking!

  12. Great Film! If you understood, enjoyed and agreed with this film. I highly recommend checking out and Supporting "The Venus Project. ( Jam on!

  13. la traduction en français comporte un ENORME contresens.. quand il dit "we did not earned" our life,the air etc, il ne veut pas dire "nous n'avons pas mérité" mais nous n'avons pas travaillé pour obtenir notre vie, l'air que nous respirons etc, nous l'avons eue gratuitement, c'est un don, et bien sûr il n'est pas question de 'mérite" comme si nous en étions indignes.. merci de corriger les sous titres à la minute 5:24 et suivantes.. sinon je partage totalement ces idées que j'ai également reçues d'un être d'un autre plan de conscience en pleine lumière.

  14. Two things he said:Life is a gift and we need an economy based on truth.An economy based on truth does not need to be created. It has been created already by the same creator that gave us life.The reason humans are in the state we are in is we inherently will not accept the fact that we are not the arbiters of truth.As long as there are humans who will not submit to truth, corruption will exist in the system and it will fail.Money is not the root of all evil. Humans are.It was once said "There is nothing new under the sun." Like a dead end in a maze, this utopian path has been tried and failed so many times.One thing you will never hear from someone advocating a different system…the plan for those that don't fall in line.

  15. Thank you Charles for your insights and deeply thought provoking questioning into a powerful topic "money". I am aligned for the greater part with what you say, and feel that humanity must evolve past a defunct scarcity based traditional monetary system. I am doing all I can to teach people how to re-orient their relationship with money in a more conscious and life affirmative way.

  16. WOW! I am thankful to Facebook memories, that brought me back here.. Profound.. and one of the hardest things for us to do.. given, as he says, we've been encultured into separation. We can say 'we are all one' but acting as if..WOW! That's a journey for us all.. tiny step by tiny step

  17. A gift economy would advance our civilization at lightning speeds. Incentives will be placed on the objectives that benefit the greater good. The positive ripple effects of this are MONUMENTAL. It will surely happen in our lifetime.That's if we don't blow the planet up before it happens.

  18. Wow Sacred Economics, super interesting. This short film speaks to my soul!! I truly believe that this current generation is more awake than ever so hopefully we can turn this nightmare back around

  19. It appears that the writer of the narrative had some exposure to the native North American culture, as outside the Mississippian slave-takers, most tribal cultures perceived that trading goods was essentially mutual gift-giving, and established a bond of relationship (not in its present sense of mere interaction, but of actual familial relationship).
    This is the natural bonding in our brains, and the source of gratitude, which is not divorced from the emotion we name as love.

    Shocked by the deadly urban images in this film, I come fromm a far more inclusive rural environment. The film and its focus on dissociated admiration or environment is a rpduct of the extreme gulf between morden humans (and of any previous human society in any habitat saturated enough to cause anonymity and failure to recognizes something basic to our and all other animals' nature:
    The universe individuates.

    Some species or individual is sacred because it is itself, vulnerable and mortal. All our emotional responses stem from this individuation.
    We cannot profess to "love" nature" or imaginary spirits or gods, but only that individual or group of varying individuals making up the community we perceive through our senses.
    Community is a word defined in ecology as ALL living organisms in qn ecosystem. I mean the word always in this sense, as exclusion to only humans is not substantially different that the false economic exteriorization alluded to in the film.

    A few weeks ago, I transplanted two Sitka Spruces trying to reclaim their rightful forest, which is cut out constantly by humans to create domestic gardens or entombing through cementing over , to facilitate artificial aesthetics somehow become aberrant from nature.
    While doing so, I was rushed by the elder woman "owning" the property, and took the straightest seedling too quickly without enough of its root-covering soil, which science only recently found to NECESSARILY contain commensal or symbiotic fungi.
    I replanted these wild natives, and now find one to have died, the healthy straight one I had hoped would penetrate the canopy of introduced alien hardwood species here in a yard which still holds some redwoods and another important successional species or two, only two blocks distant from the wild forest ravaged by 160 years of logging. I still know the resident bear, and from time to time follow traces of her offspring, dispossessed by the constant termite-like "development" of increasing human populations.
    I know her as an individual, and since she first vocalized her distress, she began also to recognize me, slipping silently away for at least four generations of her offspring's lives, teaching them that the best practice with humans was avoidance. I constantly worry that her offspring will be killed, as I both found traces of their death, and heard the bragging of urban types who have moved here, about gunning down two at a time.

    This comment was stimulated by the domestic indoor ferns behind the narrator, which parallel the ferns I have brushed by the thousands in the untracked (by humans) wild riparian and cloud-rainforests extending for most of the length of the US and Canadian Pacific coasts.
    I had to chime in, as I understand well that one cannot truly love and treasure a forest without loving a single tree, or bears without sharing their huckleberries, the land without greeting the familiar deer who you know by their individual antlers of the year or slight coloring variations.
    THIS is where industrial and even agriculturalist societies have become dissociated from their own lives and the life around them.

    You still, like the isolated child in the film, CAN restore relationship within your mind, merely by spending a little time recognizing that that insect, that blade of grass, that raven, is an individual, just like yourself. You cannot fully experience until you do, you cannot treasure and love any other completely unless you recognize that they are ultimately individual, bound to others by relationship of cells and trading of carbon and oxygen.
    Spirit and breath in all languages I have found, have entirely to do with that trade, that oxygen for CO2 and its reverse, that melting of one following its life, into others. This is also the basis for familiarity, feeling a part of the land, water coming and going through oneself as it does through all others, becoming someone else, just as it became you for a while.

    This is never seen in urban environments, this intimacy, this source of all love, religious ideas, prayers.
    Our neurons are perhaps the most persistent of our cells, retaining our senses and sense of self. Identity, persistence throughout a lifespan normal to the species, and change, are the visible motivations of life. Symbolic representations must never be so complex that they hide the basic functioning of our constant communications through senses, neurons, cells, all reporting that we are exchanging the components of our life with others – in that way they are recognizably ourselves, if only for a breath; this also means that we are part of them, in their inviolate individuality, as precious as our own.

  20. THANK YOU CHARLES, & YOUR COMMUNICATION COLLABORATORS … for openly sharing the gifts of your insights & for your humilfity. It's refreshingly inspiring to beleive that human healing, clear thinking & our conscious actions can draw on ancient experiences of human & non-human communities.
    This is also similar to epi-genetics ideas of creating a healing space, by acknowledging our inter-connectedness within our ecosystems & social systems, including by actively demonstrating our gratitude attitude … for the many healthy aspects of functional communities, social connections, & ecosystem services that have too often been relied upon in enhancing our lives, too often without actively seeking to maintain & enhance the vitality of these healthy living beings & systems.

  21. As much as I like a lot of the things Charles states and I imagine he's probably very friendly in person… I don't know if he understands how important it is for people in general to have at least the bottom 2 rungs of Maslow's hierarchy of needs taken care to even have the capacity to worry about these large scale, long term, societal and global issues Charles speaks about. For many people, probably most people, these forces of trying to survive, getting your basic needs taken care of, and taking care of a family are treated as a higher priority, when all the money and marbles are on the line, than trying to behave ethically and morally and finding spiritual meaning. I'm not saying ethics and spirituality aren't important, but to speak about global crises with a strong focus on ethics and spirituality while not really acknowledging how most people need their basic needs taken care of to even have the capacity to worry about these issues, is I think a hole I see in many of Charles' lectures and arguments. At the end of the day, ultimately the biggest factor that dictates how stable, peaceful, and healthy a society is depends on the level of abundance compared to scarcity the society provides to its population, and how much the population perceives and feels they are living in abundance as opposed to scarcity. Charles integrating this important piece into his work would I think very possibly improve it, as great as it is already 🙂

  22. This sounds great. All of you can gain unlimited status in your Communist Utopia. All you have to do is get out your checkbooks and make out large checks to me. This is a win win situation for both of us. You get status and I get rich. Thanks. I wish you would have taken Karl Marx's ideas and twisted them into this fantasy a little bit sooner.

  23. There is definitely something wrong with a "capitalist" system. It needs to be transcended so we can elevate humanity to a "gift" economy. No one should be privately appropriating the resources of planet earth. It belongs to humanity and posterity. Sharing is caring. Malama Honua.

  24. This is sooo good. Has anyone read any of his books? I love reading/listening to highly conscious people … somehow helps me to grow more conscious.

  25. How wonderful that someone so articulate can vocalise  and visualise (so effectively) all my greatest fears and uncertainties about where we are heading.  But he doesn't stop there.  He also provide some hope in the inevitability that this is part of our development as a species, and is like the bad behaviour we might have indulged in as youngsters, only to learn our lessons and find more acceptable ways of taking care of ourselves.  Lets hope, as a species we are ca0able of making that transition.  I look forward to the steps in our journey away from capitalism.

  26. Change is NOT what ya get when ya break a Dollar .. Change is what ya get when a dollar doesn't Break You.. js

  27. yeh brother, well done! So glad i found this video. I am in many gifting circles which are growing like crazy and will enjoy showing this video to them. Thankyou

  28. Magnificent clip, I watch this every day to lead my Community down the path of the triple bottom line…People, Planet, Profit! My entire world shifted when I moved my business and life into back to the ancient roots of a gifting economy.

  29. Cette vidéo est incroyable !!!! Elle nous remet totalement en question et change notre vision du monde. Je suis choqué. Merci à vous

  30. I really like the idea of gifting but a true gift has no strings attached and contains its own reward. I heard Charles say something about giving back. There's a problem with that because feeling obligated to repay a gift turns a gift into a trade and that puts us right back where we started.
    When we give a gift, we want it to go to some good use and so we naturally gauge how the gift will be used and or appreciated. If someone is going to leave the gift out in the sun and rain to be taken back by the forces of nature, neglected and unappreciated then it is very hard to find the energy to produce the gift in the first place.
    When we give, as Charles said, it sets up the desire in the hearts of those we give to, to be wiling and to desire to give to us too but not in return but rather in the same spirit.
    I'd love to hear some thoughts on this point. Thank you.

  31. i think there is a better way of continuing with money – since we need it in exchange for basic necessities and stuff. We can all use a-money. First, learn to gently clip your thumb and index finger together when u buy something, give the a-money in good gesture (at point of 'paying', u must softly release the thumb and index like a "mama mia" generosity), simultaneously, you smile and say, "thank you, here is $158. 67 ..(etc)" and the recipient's role is as simple, just smile and say, " I got it – thank you, see you again,"

    I betcha that if everyone – each one of us do this – the a-money system will indeed work. However, as long as there is one person that does not use it – it will not work. (Note: a-money = 'air-money')

  32. This film is such a gift to humanity! Thank you for presenting this wisdom in such a concise and understandable format.

  33. One reason this film is not going viral is because I have been trying for 15 minutes to get it to post on my Facebook page and it is not posting. I even entered the address to share with people on Facebook and it was erased.

  34. I am so torn on this. First, my sympathies lie with what i believe are desired outcomes shared with the author. The author however quite obviously already decided what his desired paths were to those outcomes. I so much prefer he put that intellect to work understanding the underlying human needs, what actually works in shared human endeavors, and subsequently test assumptions on how we get to a better human race.

    Or at least one that manages to survive long enough to get off the planet before it is done with us.

    Money is evil? Maybe — but why is it evil? If we do not know this then simply doing away with money will never solve the problems. New methods of control will arise from the chaos. Other methods of control will still exist. Then, as it has been since history was recorded and i suspect before, those that had power previously (and still live) will mostly still have it after.

    I really am caught up too by this beautiful mind full of love for his fellow humans. I wish i had it in me to respond with equal love to deliver this message: It is important for us to grow past "if i were king for a day" musings. 6 years on i'm most interested to see what was accomplished since this was first produced.

  35. Eisenstein talks a whole lot about a fabricated sacred economy. The only information that's relatively smart about Eisenstein's ideology is that his last name, via etymology, can be linked to Einstein.

  36. dear Charles! you inspire me deeply. yet i don't know where my travel will lead. I would like to spread your message to my family and friends and colleagues and people in Vienna. like becoming an ambassador of interbeing in Austria. this idea came to me yesterday. however, I never spoke in public about my believes. i am scared to talk in front of an audience. but i will find a way to spread your message – which i know so deeply is true!
    i would love to make all people i know read your book which i read in german at the moment. I am love and i can contribute in acts of love! you give me hope 🙂 a beautiful world as my heart knows of is possible!

    with love and gratitude for your work

  37. He's collected a lot of common ideas for how the current system fails us without mentioning ideas for how to actually replace what isn't working now with something better, without losing what does work. People leveraging the leading edge of industrial society (internet, electricity, computers, refrigeration, grocery stores, et cetera) to offer a Messianic better-way often rely on their listeners not noticing this.

    Nor has he addressed why past attempts or plans haven't succeeded. Or the elephant in the room, that people who write and speak like him sometimes end up endorsing violence and becoming a variation of the evil they fight. Since he's not addressing up front these and other big gaps between theory and actuality, the kindest assupmtion I can make about this is that it's an ad for his book and maybe a seminar attended mostly by people using their dad or husband's money to come learn why the money he's being paid for speaking is tainted…unconscious message: you can absolve yourself by giving more of it to him.

    On the other hand he comes across as way more stable than the Zeitgeist producer.

  38. Outstanding documentary. Outstanding mind. We each have a responsibility to bring this to fruition. What will YOU do today toward that?

  39. I've just bought Sacred Economics after watching Charles on Russell Brand's Under the Skin. I cannot wait to read it! Also, Clara Roberts-Oss is featured in this video: what a coincidence! She's my go-to Yoga guru on Gaia!

  40. This sooo gets at it. We are waking to this reality, may we create real wealth that comes from love! I'm feeling grateful to find this kind of wisdom. Shared to Secret Mermaid Stuff page!

  41. Too many of these ideas are terrible. Like seriously looked into why interest rates exist? The fact he calls it usury shows he is merely reacting with emotion.

    Nothing is free in this universe. If a man goes into an empty forest and builds a house, he didnt get it for free. He worked for it. Thats the point of money, to track the balance of effort and demand.

    If anyone wants to gift me a house, I will take it.

  42. What happens if social policies were now transformed to focus on meeting basic human developmental needs so that we all attain a level of altruism? No need to fear poverty, homelessness, crime, violence, war because we knew that our human developmental needs could all be be met if we focused on nurturing our human potential rather than enslaving ourselves to money and commodification? Since the beginnings of our human origins, we've had the exact same basic human developmental needs, but the technology did not exist to easily fulfill those needs. Intense competition was means of survival, especially as our collective human ancestors found themselves migrating out of East Africa into extreme environs — caught up in extreme survival of surviving in deserts or if migrating north, during the Ice Age …. The time has come for our culture to break out of addictive cycles and gain a collective understanding of meeting, healing and resolving our human developmental needs: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. and Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Development

  43. wow, give me the whole day to let this sink in and redefine my whole life's measure of success…thanks for opening my eyes.

  44. It's one thing to advocate change. It's another thing to advocate balance. The shift to seek balance instead of any form of external source of recognition will only be sustainable through moderate effort.

  45. Even economic system and money SHOULD AND MUST BE BASED ON "GIFT" SYSTEM!

    Making a legal tender through credit by debt is against the law of the universe!

    It goes against the law of attraction! You cannot demand in advance more (base + DEBT) than you actually "serve"!

    It is truly hypocritical that UBI (universal basic income) should be derived from state's taxes, which has no real control over money created and issued!

    That is still scarcity based and is just utterly depraved that such basic thing which belongs to every individual relies on state "limited and borrowed budget!

    Even name, Universal Basic Income is incorrect and wrong! It should be named Universal Basic Capital which belongs to every individual!

    UBC is issued by State Treasury (Central banks!) with no obligation to every individual by the denomination of 90% of set amount of legal tender, while keeping only 10% for future investment, private and/or state!

    As silly as it sounds, money is already created and issued in quite a similar way, the caveat is … that nearly all money is funneled into high finance and commercial banks which is then lend to states by fractional reserve system. The process that only dilutes money value in the end and also submit nations and states in economic slavery.

  46. the funny part is that even when you realize you are in a rotten business, you are trapped by years of conditioning and its impossible to get out without lighting a very large fire to what you hold dear; its like in eastern philosophy material objects have a soul, a power, a message of some sort, though in the global (western world), an object is just a dead lifeless thing; so why is so difficult to ridd ourselves of all these things?
    anyway, the crash will come and the weak and unlucky will suffer, till then give what you can

  47. you are the first person to say things I have been thinking over the last few years. there is an old teaching the love of money is the root of all evil.  this is key knowledge. I encourage you to keep moving forward and continue your inspired meditations it takes to have these thoughts put in words.  words are spiritual. I would love to meet you and talk in person sometime. it is hard to find people who will talk about these things.  I think it is because most people love money.

  48. Korrekt tolle Infos ☘
    Kennst du den Film Wunder der Lebenskraft, E-motion oder Heal?
    kann ich wirklich empfehlen ☘

  49. Money is innately built so that it does not work. It is society‘s agreement on what is valuable, not what is actually valuable. They system is based on scarcity and seperation which is not an expression of the deeper reality. Maybe the current money system will fall apart so that change can occur. Now we are just pretending that it is working. The normal of the 90s is not coming back. That will be a possibiliy to create totally new different things. Holistic will be the new mainstream. Money is currently created as debt. Everybody is always competetive about „not enough money“ which must be growing forever. Endless growth isnt possible. We live in this monetized world and we feel alone and desire relatedness. And I agree about the possibilities in and from the new paradigm which seem impossible from the old one. I love this video! Very clear language.

  50. This is all so abstract. It sounds nice but where can I find more detail and supporting facts to more completely describe what he's saying.

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