Sagaptham Tamil Full Movie

Sagaptham Tamil Full Movie

“Oh black cuckoo bird,
I’m going to organize a concert.” Let us start the game.
– You go and stand there. Draw the circle nicely. “Oh black cuckoo bird,
I’m going to organize a concert.” As soon as Saga comes first
I’ll go to Kozhi Nadar’s hotel.. .. and eat meat dosa. God! – I’m such a big man sitting,
are you hitting me with Tipcat? Wait. I’m coming, black kids.
– Brother, by mistake we hit you. Please, brother.
– Include me also in the game. Brother,
these are games played by kids. Hey, I’m also of your age only.
By drinking Horlicks I grew taller. Brother, please! – Please! – Include
me in game; else I’ll prick your eyes. They are begging you.
Give it, brother. He has snatched it from me. Are you going to include me or not? Go away, brother. Else in
anger I’ll tell you to get lost. Will you be of the size of Tipcat? Are you talking to me disrespectfully? I and my friend Saga
are Tipcat champions. The oval shaped wood hit by him are
there scattered all over the village. Are you talking to me? Whatever you say we
won’t include you. You hit. Rascal! Let Saga come. I’ll tell him to hit
the oval shaped wood on your mouth. See this. Toads! Saga is here.
Look at our chapter. Brother… brother.
– Is he not asking? Give it to him. Brother… brother,
don’t hit with force. Everyone have luck between 1 to 9. Saga, for you only hundred is lucky. You won’t leave without
hitting hundred. Will anyone be able to hit 100?
He is saying just like that. 68, 69, 70. He might hit 100.
– 92…96, 97, 98, 99. 100… Saga!
– Hey, where is that brother? For the sake of Tipcat
why did you jump in ghost well? Saga, what will I tell your father? God! Is my Tipcat gone?
– Only bubbles are coming. Instead of Saga statue is coming out. All of you come running. Our Saga
has found the missing Murugar statue. We have found the Murugar statue. Saga, you have made a grand entry. Muruga, did you go
missing by getting angry? All of you pray. As the statue had
gone missing the temple.. ..festival was getting postponed. It is true. Due to uncertainty
we were losing faith on God. Saga proved to us that God is there. It was God’s decision that he should
reenter the temple because of Saga. Isn’t that true, son? Rather than to go to a place
where good is taking place.. ..that good must take
place only due to us. This is what my father says often. Now only his word has come true. His virtue and your blessings
will take me forward in life. The way Murugar is his father’s God.
Saga is our God Murugar. Celebrate on behalf of both the Gods. “This village is proud of you. From
now happiness will grow due to you.” “Come forward, dear.
From here victory is in our hand.” “This is the age of
stamping running snake.” “On asking help this heart will melt.” “Everything is there in our blood.” “From all the directions
you progress.” “God will protect us.” “You’ll be given
everything in abundance.” “Adade… Adade…” “Adadadadade… Hey!” “This village is proud of you. From
now happiness will grow due to you.” “Come forward, dear.
From here victory is in our hand.” “On seeing,
you look like a small boy.” “But there is no fear.” “On seeing uncontrollable
act the crowd is sure to get shaken.” “On the chariot street
you get united with the light.” “Everything will get
fulfilled by itself.” “Happiness will spread all around.” “In this village coarse
grass has not been grown.” “In this soil only
warriors were born.” “You can enquire outside.” “Where there is spear
there is victory.” “The brave warrior is sure
to be there to safeguard us.” “Vetrivel, Saktivel, Shanmughavel.” “This village is proud of you. From
now happiness will grow due to you.” “Come forward, dear.
From here victory is in our hand.” “The air will start
to blow on our side.” “Time has come for celebration.” “There is bundle
of happiness in heart.” “Beat the drums will full force.” “Velan is coming
around as procession.” “There is flower fragrance
all over the street.” “We are as fast as a lightening.” “If you remain one among others.” “You can grow like a mountain.” “Where there is spear
there is victory.” “The brave warrior is sure
to be there to safeguard us.” “Vetrivel, Saktivel, Shanmughavel.” “This village is proud of you. From
now happiness will grow due to you.” “Come forward, dear.
From here victory is in our hand.” Father… – Are you ready?
– Bless me. Happy birthday dear.
Bless you. Shall we go to the temple? You and mother proceed.
I’ll follow you. I know where you are going. You go. I’ll come, father. – You come.
– Come soon. – I’ll come, mother. Uncle, how are you?
– Bless you. Why are you taking blessing from me? Isn’t today your birthday?
Yesterday itself Saga told me.. .. that tomorrow is Sneha’s birthday. As I’m getting old I forgot.
Did you go to the temple? Now also I have come
to the temple only, uncle. You are talking like a learned woman. Have sweet. Take it. Come… come.
I think you wooed father too much. Did you see that?
– I saw it. In this happiness he is
sure to feel no hunger at all. Let his hunger remain in a side. Why didn’t you come and wish me? You are not a bigshot
to come there and wish. Let me see by your next birthday
whether you become a bigshot. Let us see. Take this sweet. I got up early morning
and cooked with my own hands.. ..this sweet by adding ghee,
cashewnuts and badam. Everyone in this world is
sure to make sweet like this only. You are talking as
if this is something new. Everyone in the world
is sure to make sweet. But their sweet will feel
sweet only for the tongue. But my sweet is sure to
make your inner heart sweet. Is it so? Let me see. You eat first.
– Happy birthday. Is there anyone at home?
– Lakshmi, someone is calling. Who is it?
– Come out. – Sir, is it you? Madam, will you come out only
if I shout from outside like a beggar? I was busy inside.
– Is this Mysore palace? There is no place to even
keep a broom. Are you making me wait? Why will I make you wait, sir?
If you had not helped, my.. ..husband won’t have been
able to go to foreign at all. He went to foreign country
and made me stand on street. Do I deserve this?
– Don’t get angry, sir. There is no information from his side.
Take pity on me. In what way should I take pity on you? Do you want me to write off the debt?
– God! I- Look here.
I don’t know what respect is. I’m talking decently
just because you are a lady. Uncle, what did you
pray to the “Nandhi”? We must not tell our prayer outside.
– Tell me. I won’t come true.
– Why would it not come true? Except that I should be yours
what else could you have prayed? Tell me, uncle.
Am I not telling the truth? You can ask this “Nandhi”
whether it is true or not. Nandhi God, I’ll light
lamp for you on Pradhosham day. I’ll garland you with Bael leaves. Whatever my uncle prayed to
you I’ll pray the same thing to you. Make it come true. Saga, take me for
a movie tonight. – Okay. I feel so happy. It is a unique happiness
to set my foot on this village soil. There is no place to equal the nature’s
beauty of this native place of mine. Hey, someone is kidnapping
your uncle’s daughter. Help me.
– Go and save her fast. Help me! Help me!
– Go fast. Go… go. Uncle, save me.
Come fast. Uncle, save me. Uncle, save me.
Come fast. Uncle, save me. Why are you driving so slowly?
Go fast. – Be quiet. – Go. What happened? – There is no petrol.
– Is there no petrol? How to chase them? Come,
let us run and follow. – Okay, come. A car is standing here. Get in fast.
– Who are you? God! Brother, drive fast.
We have to catch that car. Go fast. Brother!
– Who are you? We are in a hurry. Why are you disturbing? Get down. Whom are you asking to
get down from his own car? Please, sir.
It is an urgent matter. Please, sir. Nephew, are you unable
to recognize me? Look here. Hey, this is our Manoharsamy.
– Yes. When did you come?
– You are the same. Papaya uncle,
we thought you were in Malaysia. Let us talk about it later on.
First we must catch them. It looks like a girl. – It
is his lover. Be quiet. – Is it so? I’ll catch them.
You bite them with your poison teeth. I’ll finish them in one bite. Go fast. – Hey, are they kidnapping
her or you are kidnapping me? Wig man,
how can anyone kidnap this face? Oh, No! Uncle. No. Hey, who are you? – Uncle, please.
– Why did you kidnap her? Don’t hit them.
It is not their mistake. I only told them to kidnap me. – What?
Did you ask them to kidnap you? Yes. My friends teased me
saying that you don’t love me at all. To make sure whether I’m there in
your heart I told them to kidnap me. Who else other than you
will be there in my heart? To know this she made them kidnap her. Steering has got broken.
Rear side is gone. Wheels have got damaged, sir.
Mirrors have got broken down. Owner will scold me, sir.
Give me Rs 10,000 immediately, sir. After a long time
I came to the village. Why are you making me
spend money here, crazy guy? Uncle, you are giving it
for your mother land. Give it. How many people you
must have betrayed? Give it. He is advising another person to pay. “My salute to mother land.
– Aaha.” “My salute to mother land.
– Oho.” Sing the next line, uncle.
– Won’t he have sung if h had known? He is Malaysian uncle.
– He is too naughty. Nephew, I’ll sing the next line.
– No need, uncle. If you sing,
it’ll sound like jackal is growling. Already our Jimmy has left the city.
– Is it so? I like your honesty.
You are speaking responsibly. Saga, our uncle is talking
Malay language so nicely. It is English. – Is it English?
Uncle, do you know English? Yes. I don’t know. Brother, you said you
are bored of seeing our face. For your sake we have brought
him fresh from Malaysia. The face of you all
is better than this. – Hey! Sit down, uncle.
Why are you getting tensed like this? We must not come to a place
where there is no respect. Don’t get angry, uncle. – He has
made the animal inside me sleep. If this had been Malaysia- – Would
you have got drunk and become flat? Don’t feel bad too much.
– Take this. To me.
– They’ll give. Wait. Take it. Cheers! – Cheers!
– This is Malaysian style. Mahalinga, everything is
getting changed in this world. But you are still the same.
Before I left this village you… …made a tea for me.
Without any milk, sugar or decoction. You made something like a tea,
wretched. Have you not changed at all?
– You have still not paid for that tea. Atleast for this tea you pay.
– Virtueless, uncle. Do you deserve this?
Shut up and drink. Fool, he is insulting me, nephew.
– Don’t get angry. Saga, it is enough if there
is one like you in each house. No need. It is enough if
there is one like you in a village. We can start a branch in all the places
and turn India as a spiritual country. What did I do now?
I took you yo “Kandan Karunai” movie. Is that a mistake?
– Yes. It is a mistake. At the age of getting excited by eating
monitor lizard curry and betel leaf.. made me see
“Kandan Karunai” movie. If we had gone to the next theatre, we
could have seen Maya’s movie happily. You spoilt everything. Go, man. Let us see the poster
for 10 minutes and come. Come. We can see later on. – Go, man. I’m already irritated. Only if I do something thrilling,
I’ll be able to sleep at night. So- – So? It is a long time since I stole egg. No need. Let us go. – Hey, you
don’t know the taste of stolen egg. Come…come. Hurray! – Hey, it is stolen egg.
– No, it is chicken egg. Let us eat one each.
Take it. – I don’t want it. – Eat it. I don’t want it. – If you don’t eat,
I’ll have stomach pain. Hold it fast. There is a special happiness
in eating stolen egg, Saga. This is that wretched
Kuruvamma’s house. God! Is it Kuruvamma’s house? She is going to put us to shame.
– Saga, escape. What will I say? How’ll I say? None of
the old saying will work out any more. I won’t give up.
– Kuruvamma, why have you collected.. ..people in front
of my house and shouting? If we say that ghost resides in Goddess
temple, even that Goddess might believe. But will anyone believe if
you say that ghost is residing.. this Kuruvamma’s house?
But it is residing. Not only that. It stole the
hen which was incubating the egg. Hey, we stole only the egg.
She is saying as hen. This is like a thief
getting electrocuted. I won’t leave the
one who stole my hen. It must have been a sick hen.
So it must have died early. Leave it, sister.
– How can I leave? It is my husband’s property. You didn’t shout so much
when your husband ran away. Why are you shouting
so much for the missing hen? I won’t leave the
one who stole my hen. Hi! – Are you back from Malaysia? Brother… brother.
– How are you? I’m fine.
When did you come from foreign? It is only two days since I came. How is Sinnarasu?
– It is 4 years since he went. I have no information from him. It is more than 2 years
since he even talked to me. Is it so? He must be busy in work. That is why he may not have talked. This time as soon as I go to Malaysia
I’ll make Sinnarasu talk to you. Do not worry. Be brave.
– Please ask him to contact me. Surely I’ll tell him. This brother
is there. Do not worry. Be brave. This Kuruvamma is so wretched. My ear drums got damaged. Marudu, do you have the habit
of walking in sleep at night? I think it is a disease to even sleep.
Am I sleeping at night? Why are you asking this to me? Yesterday you said that
egg is very tasty. – So? Saying that the chicken
which layed the egg must be.. ..more tasty did you eat it without
my knowledge after 2 o’clock at night? You are not suspecting a friend.
You are suspecting your friendship. Just because I made you eat
the egg forcibly, don’t talk badly. Saga, if I had gone and
eaten the chicken at 2 o’clock I.. ..won’t have gone alone.
I would have taken you. Because you are a
partner in whatever I do. Saying like this you are managing. God! – You have hit someone.
He is screaming. – Yes. Let us go and see.
– Come…come. Who are you?
What are you doing here? Can’t you see?
I’m herding the chicken. Idiot! I have seen people
herding goat and cow. You look like a wooden rat.
How can you herd chicken in thorn bush? This chicken has got disease.
I’ll graze only here. Is it so? Come with me. In this
orchard there are many thorn bushes. You come there and herd your chicken. Wait. The masala must be ready.
I have to go. Masala! Hey, if I hit you’ll get
wounded on head and blood will pour out. Saga, he has only stolen
Kuruvamma’s chicken. I didn’t do by myself.
I was told to do so. – Were you told? Yes. – Who told you to do so?
– The one who prepared the masala. Again he is talking about masala.
– Come and show the person. We have caught the thief. Come. Come. All of you come.
– It is here only. Stop. Stop. Hey, don’t run away.
Why did you ask us to stop here? Coming to another village
you are catching chicken. Are you not ashamed? – Hello! What
is shameful about stealing chicken? That is my job. On giving
order I’ll come. – What is this? On giving order will you come?
– Yes. I have heard about hired gang.
You are a chicken gang. Who gave you order? Those who are sitting there
as a gang only gave me order. It looks like girls. God! Your uncle is here.
Hide it. Hide it. – Hello! Keep your panchayat at a later time. I have to get another order.
Leave me. – Catch him. He has escaped.
– Hey, I’ll deal with you later on. Saga, let us catch them. Come. Saga, I think this is Davani dance. Come this side.
– Left. What a dance? Holding petticoat why are
you playing snake and ladder? Nothing like that.
What are you doing at the girls place? Are you girls?
– We know your tricky acts. I think these young chickens
are hiding something. Saga, that girl is building house.
Enter and see. Hey, move away. Look at this. What is this? Wearing
goggles you are eating chicken. Did you come here
to eat stolen chicken? Come. I’ll get you caught
by the villagers. Come, get up. Uncle. – Are you their head?
What is this new habit? Leave me. It is paining. Like stolen mango thinking that stolen
chicken will be tasty we cooked it. You make your uncle also eat. Then
only he’ll be a partner in this theft. We won’t get caught.
– What secret are you talking? Uncle, open your mouth.
– What am I asking and- Listen to me. – Saga,
stolen chicken is extremely tasty. This chicken is very tasty.
– I don’t want it. Listen to me, uncle.
– Cooked chicken and this.. .. teenage chicken both are very good. Hey! Hey! “The cuckoo is calling up.” “In the locked heart
it is inserting the key.” “Hey fresh chicken,
hot vapor is coming out.” “In the orchard in a narrow
gap something is taking place.” “In desire I long to
give kiss on your cheek.” “Hey beauty… you are stunning me.” “Hey, parrot… you
are getting me excited.” “The cuckoo is calling up.” “In the locked heart
it is inserting the key.” “Hey fresh chicken,
hot vapor is coming out.” “I’ll over power the growling tiger.” “Seeing you once I go crazy.” “I’ll tell all the desires
that are in my heart.” “Everything is
according to your wish.” “Secret love is crossing the limit.” “It is flowing crossing the border.” “The heart loves
you seeking your kiss.” “My shame is giving way
desiring to become yours.” “She is my girl.
Enjoy as much as you want.” “If I give you a kiss, don’t scream.” “Pour the honey on your lips over me.” “The cuckoo is calling up.” “In the locked heart
it is inserting the key.” “Hey fresh chicken,
hot vapor is coming out.” “Don’t roam around in arrogance.” “My aunt’s daughter,
give up this stealing habit.” “The kiss given by you is not enough,
my uncle’s son.” “No need for this fear. Give it up.” “I’ll surely win in Tipcat.” “After saying I’ll hit.” “Dear…
seeing your look I’m suffering.” “I’ll catch hold of the cock.” “I’ll go around having fun.” “By getting caught in your
hand inside orchard I’m suffering.” “What to say… You have
mesmerized me, dear.” “I have come to scoop you up slowly.” “The cuckoo is calling up.” “In the locked heart
it is inserting the key.” “Hey fresh chicken,
hot vapor is coming out.” “In the orchard in a narrow
gap something is taking place.” “In the locked heart
it is inserting the key.” “Hey fresh chicken,
hot vapor is coming out.” What a nice smell! Why are you getting scared? The door was locked. I only opened and entered inside. Because no one should say that
I entered an open house like a dog. That is the reason. I feel bad to come and
stand in your door step. It looks as if I’m
borrowing money from you. Okay, what happened? I have no information from him. What do you mean by information? Is it whether he is alive or dead? Sir! Why are you talking like this? You are always saying that you
got no letter or phone call from him. I’ll pay back your money somehow. You keep saying as money.
Who’ll pay the interest? Taking pity on you I’m
ready to give up the interest. My wife will ask why
I’m giving up the interest. Is it because you are my mistress? Even if I promise thousand times,
my wife won’t believe me. Rather than earning bad
name without having mistress… …I thought why not earn
bad name by keeping a mistress. Now I just sat on this cot. In the place where I sat
it won’t take me long to lie down. Shall I lie down? What happened, dear? What is there to happen newly? Either when I ask for
job they say there is no job. Else they call me and then say no. The day cultivation left
this soil my life also got over. You don’t worry. God test
only those who are dear to him. How much ever we pray
to God he is only a stone. Don’t curse God.
Now what do you plan to do? There is an agency which
sends people to foreign countries. There are lots of jobs in Malaysia. They said they’ll get me a job there. One or two years if I work hard,
we can pay off all our debts. If it works out,
we can cross the poverty. How much it’ll cost to go there? Including passport and other
things they say it’ll cost 3 lakhs. 3 lakhs! Where will
we go for that much money? Why should you worry when I’m there? I lend money to even strangers. Will I say no to you?
How much money do you need? Tell me without hesitating.
How much do you need? 3 lakhs. – Is that all?
Durai, give 3 lakhs. – Okay. You removed all our
hardships in one word. Sinnarasu, this bench, cot and bureau. All this will make
a house look crowded. Only a lighted lamp
can make a house fulfilling. That light has been lit
in your house by Goddess Lakshmi. Enjoy. – It looks like an exhibition.
Look at this, Saga. You have set it up like
an English movie, uncle. Uncle, what is the cost
of this bottle? – Only Rs 5000. 5000! Why is the brandy so less, uncle? That is nothing.
– What is he doing? You pour soda and mix it like this.
– Enough. Enough. Now it’ll be okay. “Praise the brandy.” You are drinking the
way cow drinks water. I’ll teach you how to
drink like an Englishman. Okay, uncle.
– Mix ice. – Okay. We must sip slowly and
drink till that melts fully. It looks horrible.
Should we drink like a pig? Crazy guy, you have no style.
– Correct… correct. You- Crazy guy, if any foreigner
from top sees me drinking… …with you, that’s all.
I’ll lose my prestige. Who’ll see you here, uncle?
– Look on top. One flight after
the other is passing by. Uncle, I’ll on your
head with the bottle. Are you trying to deceive
me because I’m drinking? How can the foreigner
see you from the flight? He’ll peek from the window and see. In darkness how can he see you? They’ll put on the light and see.
– Super. Uncle, you are really intelligent. Saga, say cheers.
– Cheers! – Uncle. – Cheers! – Wow! Wow! I feel proud of you, uncle. Seeing
you I also want to go to Malaysia. Why do you say like this?
I have my own flight. Power airlines.
– What? Power airlines? If you find an idiot you’ll say that.. ..Thirukural was wrote
by Thirupachi director. This drunkard is blabbering
after getting drunk. Yes, uncle.
– Is he saying this? While coming to Malaysia
you bring this card. – Okay, uncle. This is my address.
On coming there if you say as Power- Will they hit with slipper?
– Be quiet. You are always teasing him. On seeing him in airlines he’ll be
hit with broken slipper. – Yes, yes. You come, nephew. It’ll take you.
He is a useless fellow. I’m not finished. Saga. – What? – The only use
of this tea stall to our village… …is, our village wooden
rats eat only his Bonda. I’ll pour this hot water on your face.
– You pour the tea. Who’ll pay for that? Uncle is going. He is leaving
without stopping. Uncle. Uncle. Why are you going without
stopping? – Uncle! Uncle. Uncle.
– Uncle stop. – Stop. I’m calling out to you. Why
are you hiding your face and going? I must not show my face.
I have prayed to God. It’ll become a curse
if you pray to God, uncle. Do I look like a mad guy?
– Who said that you look like one? Why are you teasing, uncle?
– Why will I tease him? He is the God who taught
us how to consume liquor. Do you remember what
you did to this God yesterday? Why is the glass so small, uncle? This is what is called
as Dagila, nephew. It is so small.
You are calling it as Shakila. It is not Shakila. It is Dagila.
Do you know how to drink this? First take lemon and
rub like this. – Then? All salt and drink it in one gulp. Why are you still unmarried, uncle? For a quarter will
anyone buy a wine shop? He is talking like a philosopher. I won’t take him even nearby Malaysia. He’ll mix and give Dagila. Take it. Give one on his cheek.
– Hey, take him away. – Enough. Did I hit this Lord
Anjineyar like face? Did your face become
like this due to that? Sorry, uncle. Due to the stuff that
I had yesterday I lost my balance. I don’t want your friendship at all.
– No, uncle. – Uncle! Show us a path and go, uncle.
– What more can I do? Take me also to Malaysia with you.
– Malaysia? Yes, uncle. Crossing forest and hills
we Tamilians went in search of scent. We have come legacy. By crossing
mountains we’ll get rid of poverty. Why are you talking wrongly in Tamil? Uncle, I promise on the
house that you are building. I promise on the mother
that you are going to marry. Sorry. I promise on the aunty. I’ll be a faithful person to you. Don’t keep anything in heart, uncle. Forgive his mistakes.
– Okay, we’ll go. Saga, monkey uncle has accepted. Nephew, why are you crying?
– How can I remain without crying? What happened to you? – Boys of this
age itself don’t maintain friendship. Without seeing age bar
you remained so friendly with us. I’m not that old.
– Uncle, you were not only a friend. You were like a
paternal younger uncle. You were like a paternal elder uncle Remaining as a grand
father you showed path to us. I’ll break your teeth, rascal.
Whom are you calling as grand father? You look very grand uncle.
He meant only that. Isn’t it? Not only that, Saga.
His dress looks like the one that.. ..the priest in the
church of ours wear. – Yes. Before leaving you give
something as your memento. What should I give you, uncle?
Shall I give you a kiss? Uncle, your teeth might
spread poison in my body. Give something, uncle.
– Don’t take anything. Uncle… uncle. We have mosquito problem
at home, uncle. – Mosquito problem! Hey! – Spray well.
– Fool, this is body spray. Is it something to wear in bra?
The ladies of our village won’t wear. Crazy, it is something to be
sprayed on our body. It is like scent. Is it to make the body smell nicely?
Give it to me. Then you give this, uncle.
– Wild fellow, why are you like this? On wearing this cool
air will pass through. On getting air will
you be able to fly? Give this to me, uncle.
Uncle, give this book to me. I’ll write my tea accounts in this.
– Scoundrel! This is my passport. Only if I have
this I’ll be able to fly to Malaysia. Only if I go,
you both will be able to come there. Yes. You reach there safely
and take us also to Malaysia. What is the matter?
Is there stone in food? No, father.
– We can wait for food. But food should never
wait for us. You eat, Slowly… slowly. Drink this water. You don’t know how to
hide anything from father. Whatever it is, you tell me. – I want
to go to Malaysia, father. – Malaysia! Lakshmi’s husband Sinnarasu went.
Is it to that country? Yes, father.
– What is the need for that? What will you do in a new country?
Who is there? Our Mannarsamy uncle is there. He is a manager there in a big hotel. He said he’ll get me a job there. Else he said he’ll get
me a job somewhere else. Rather than to do a big job here,
I can earn.. ..more by doing a
small job there, father. Within 6 months or one
year all our hardship will end. I have understood.
You are bored of father’s cooking. You are fed up of
seeing father’s face. Everyone in village says.. ..that I have nothing to
worry as my father is there for me. Do you know how happy
I feel hearing that, father? Same way shouldn’t I show
that I’m there for my father? You have only said
that for some distance we.. ..must walk holding
the hand of another person. After that we must give
hand to another person. You have said like that, father. I don’t understand.
– Haven’t you understood? The time to help others
have come, father. Eat this. I was told that if I mix
tender coconut in liquor and drink, the heat in my body will subside. Instead of that it is shooting up. I think only I must find the medicine
that will reduce the heat in my body. Lakshmi, why are you going this side? If you go this way,
you’ll reach home soon. Isn’t it? You want to reach home soon. Isn’t it? Get inside the jeep.
I’ll drop you home early. Come. No need. – Till now whatever
I wished I have done. I don’t like this dilly dallying.
You don’t know whether.. ..Sinnarasu will return or not. Only if he comes,
you can live as his wife. Else you remain as his widow.
I have no problem. Shall I tell you one thing? You
need not remain even as my mistress. It is enough if only
once you sleep with me. How much ever biryani
we might have eaten we.. ..feel like tasting
biryani of all the hotels. Lakshmi, I’m crazy about you. Look here. I have taken
money from you only for interest. I have not pledged my life to you.
Try to maintain your respect. Who wants your respect?
– Leave me. – One time you say yes. Leave me. Leave me.
– Leave her. Let us talk it out. You go. Leave. – Wait a bit.
Sister, you leave. – Hey! Listen to me.
– Thanks a lot. – Wait a minute. Hey! – Wait a bit.
– Sister? Are you my brother-in-law? Then you are my new brother-in-law. Do you know what happened here? You are not grown
up to understand that. She’ll escape. I’ll finish
one job and come. You wait. Leave it, brother.
We’ll deal with him later on. I remained patient because
I was in intoxication. Else I would have
killed him there itself. He is our village boy.
He is sure to get trapped. Where will he escape?
– I’ll surely get him. I’ll get him. She looks as if she is made of butter. He let go off her from my trap. Okay. After this no one
should talk about this. Fill petrol. Say sorry to brother. “Sorry” is a word which
is hated by my whole generation. Your eyes and sight looks familiar. Looking at you, I don’t
think you fought just like that. I feel as if you fought to kill them.
Get up. Get up. Why did you beat him?
– Sir, I am telling you. I am not supposed
to grow my moustache. Else they will remove
the sari of passerby ladies. They will sit together
and have drinks. Sir! Guys like them want to provoke
at least four people every day. There is no security
for people like us. What’s your age?
Before that, have you become a rogue? Due to your attack, if someone die,
who is answerable to their family? Ask sorry to him. Sir! I came for justice
thinking that it’s police station. But you are talking like
a church priest. Hit him well. Tell me the truth
what happened exactly. If you say so,
I will consider it as your statement. Else, his statement
will be considered as FIR. Is it so? – Tell me. Sir! Please don’t beat him.
My son didn’t create any problem. He is a good guy only.
Please leave him, Sir! Ask him to say what happened. Is it a prayer for me to interrogate
the innocent people in station? Sir! My son is going
to foreign country. If there is case filed upon him,
he won’t be able to go. Sir! Being an elder,
you are falling on my feet. Tell him to speak.
He stands like a statue. He is not at all
speaking anything. See. Son! Tell him what had happened. I am saying from the
moment I reached here. But you are not at all listening.
Did I watch the incident simply? I am the victim of this incident.
Who has to say instead of me? I will say, Inspector! I will say. Inspector! You did all the mistakes.
Then, are you pinpointing him? Even if we ask, no one will help. In the midst of those kind of people,
your father will come.. ..and help without asking. I saw that same attitude upon you. If you didn’t save my life,
I would have hanged. What are you saying, Sister?
– I would have hanged. Wipe your tears. Don’t cry. Saga! – Dad! – You said you need
to enquire about going to foreign. Did you enquire? – I enquired, Dad! If I apply for passport now,
I might get it within 45 days. If we have to get it earlier,
there is a term called ‘Tatkal’. We can take through that. If there is something like that,
why don’t you get it soon? Okay. What will be the cost for that? Nothing, Father!
It will cost just 5000Rs. But those who give me a job, they
are asking one lakh as commission. It will be good if
I get around two lakhs. Now only, you said one lakh.
Again, you are asking two lakhs. Not that, Father! Like how you are there for me,
only I remain for Marudu. Good to hear. The parents are not supposed to say
that their children is good hearted. But I say that you are a good fellow. Depending upon the direction
of sunlight, we get the shade. Either the shade will be
in front of us or at the back of us. But only the friend
will come till the end. You are not going alone.
You are going with the company. I a happy to hear that.
You need not worry. I will arrange for money. Dad! – Ah!
– What are you searching for? I am searching the fate.
– You mean astro chart. Those who don’t believe hard work
will only depend upon the astro chart. My father used to say this. I kept the tax receipt somewhere else. Ah! I was searching only for this.
I got it. The agricultural land
is so infertile without water. But the tax is getting
increased day by day. We are having tough time
to prove that it’s our land. Go and give this
will in Marvadi’s shop. Marvadi’s shop? For what? Surveyor said that he will
mark the number. For that only. I feel somewhat… –
Go and give him. Take it. Brother! – Come.
Come. – Greetings! – Greetings! Sister! – I heard that
you are going to Malaysia. – Yes. Take your seat. I will bring coffee. No need of that.
Are you not fond of us? Why should I remain
indifferent to you? Then what? Is it enough just
by saying that you are our relatives.. ..and we are your relatives?
We must show it outside. Even a small baby
will show it by crying. But you are not at all showing it out. What is it? We heard that you
are asking for money here and there. It’s not my intention that
I must help you only when you ask. I didn’t know.
That’s why, I didn’t come. When we came to know, we are here. Nothing like that. We are fine only. Selling the property and
eating with it is a great problem. I thank God that he didn’t
keep me in that position. But the business got down little bit. You think that you should
not disturb the relatives. We think that we should
not lose the touch with you all. Brother! You should not roam
around here and there for money. Due to you only, we got married. Today, we are fine. I am not asking
you to give a chance to help you. We ask you to give a
chance to show our gratitude. Let it be. – Say okay for it. First, you get the will. – It’s okay. You get it.
– Give it. Give it. – It’s okay. Then, why are you calling
us as your relatives? Take it. You come.
– He is always like this. – Come. Are you happy, Parvati? It’s
good that you came at the right time. Else, he would have sold it. Come, Sir! How are you?
Are you fine? – I am fine. I am fine. He is our relative. – Greetings!
– He wants to go to Malaysia. Is it? – Passport, Visa.
Then everything. Kindly verify whatever is needed. You said that he is your relative. Then, what’s the
need for verification? Then, your daughter? Is she studying
B.Sc. Agri? That too second year? What a memory! – Have you
got the same landline number? 8014100012222298. – What is this, Sir? You are talking like a genius. I will finish the verification and
come. You keep talking. – Okay. Okay. Oh, Uncle!
You said it’s a telephone number. But you are saying these many digits? Son! That’s not phone number.
That’s his bank account number. Only if we give what they want,
we will get what we want. I got it.
I got the passport. – Did you get it? Saga! I feel so happy for you.
I am unable to believe. Here, even the officer is not ready
to include my name in voter’s list. My grandma neglected to
include my name in visiting card. But now, I got a passport on my name. Still, my photo face is improper. It would have been better if there
is Sachin Tendulkar’s photo in this. Hey! You can’t go there then.
Only, he can go. Oh! No. No. No. Hey! You see there.
Look at him. Look at him. Hi! What nonsense is this? Who is this?
Going out in this costume? I think he is going to
play drama in next village. Hey! You see there.
Look at him. Look at him. Be careful. Else that
devil will catch hold of you. Saga! Wearing this dress,
there is a special look. I think today there
is a fine breeze, right? I don’t think so. I think I alone feel so. What is this? We are unable
to tolerate your nonsense. Is he a Panchayat board head?
Talking to us like this? Hey! – Hey! Run away from here. Else, I will make a dog bite you. I am keeping quiet since
that dog might die by biting you. Look at their faces.
– See. He has come. What, Elder? You always roam around with girls.
Now, did you leave them? What place is this?
Everyone is looking at us. Who are they?
– The useless fellows of our town. How much? – Hey!
Will the tea given by him cost 1000Rs? Just give ten rupees. “The bus stand will look great”. Give the balance. There is someone else photo
instead of Gandhi in this. This is original Malaysian currency. Do you know the value of this? 200Rs. You give this Malaysian
currency in Malaysia. Why are you giving it here? Hey! You non sense
country brute of the owner! Do you have sense? He is insulting
Malaysian currency note. Give him just ordinary
Indian currency note. Does the donkey knows the
smell of camphor? – Take it. What nonsense stupid idiotic
country useless fellow! ‘Lalalalala…’ Hey! Did you forget that
you didn’t wear panties? – Oh! Before going to Malaysia,
they are showing off like this. I wonder how they will show
off after they come back. God! The father is hugging
his child not due to anger. They want their child
not to fall down. Take it. It’s the sacrament
of our family God. Keep it with you. That God will remain with you. Mother, Father, Teacher and God.
Everyone is separate. But for me, you are everything. Only to work and earn well,
you got the desire to go to foreign. It’s God’s decision. You go and come. Everything will happen for good. Sister! – Ah!
Come, Saga! Take your seat. How are you, Sister?
– I remain. Tomorrow night,
I am going to Malaysia. Before going,
I thought that I will inform you. Are you going to Malaysia? – Yes. I am very happy.
I am very happy. Do you know why? You are going to my husband’s place. Please go there and meet him.
Make him to speak with me. I will make him speak with you. Without him, I am having tough time.
– Don’t cry, Sister! I am suffering without seeing him. Don’t cry, Sister! I will make him talk with you. Okay. You go and come safely. Okay, Sister! I will take leave.
– Go safely and come. Careful. I will take leave. The years passed by so soon. When I married your sister,
I talked to you by looking down. Now, I am speaking by looking ahead. What is this? The parent’s eye
will only fall upon the child first. She won’t allow me to speak. Saga! At what time the flight is? The flight will take off at 9. We are
supposed to be there three hours before. So, we must take leave soon. Have a safe trip, Son-in-law!
– Okay, Uncle! Dear! Dear! Dear! Is it true? Are you going to foreign tomorrow? You are going without informing me. I came to meet you in house.
But only Uncle and Aunty were there. If you go to Malaysia,
how will I remain alone? Every day, we kept on mingling. Then, when will I talk to you? About what, should we talk?
– Our marriage. I was born only to marry you. Did you really love me? After reaching there, don’t forget me. I will give you something
by which you won’t forget me. What are you going to give?
– Didn’t you understand still? I will take leave. – Hey, come. I think you will even
say bye to the walls. O dear people! Don’t feel
bad that we are taking leave. I will get you all
Malaysian chocolates. If anyone of you attain age,
please let me know. Bye! Bye! Please stop. Please stop. Please stop. Hey, what? You came now only. Give that to them. Brother!
Keep this as gift on our behalf. What is there inside? Go to Malaysia and open the gift. If you have wrapped up your old panties,
I will hit you all from there. No, Brother!
Please don’t forget us. – We won’t. Bye! Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!
– Bye! Please don’t go. Don’t go.
At least, you listen to what I say. My son Sinnarasu
disobeyed me and left. I am feeling so bad.
Please don’t go. Don’t go. There are steps everywhere. Come. Come. Let’s jump in correct way. Wow! The airport looks so big.
How will the place be then? It’s bigger than Goddess
temple ground. – Yes. Hey! How did they
construct this ceiling? It’s similar to constructing a tent.
– Uh! How do you know? Saga! Saga!
There is a camera in your phone. Try to click my pose with that.
Please! – Wait. Wow! It’s nice to pose
with this kind of girl. I have decided to marry such
a girl before leaving Malaysia. What a feeling! Captain. Captain.
From this moment,
we will have good time. From this moment,
we will have good time. From this moment,
we will have good time.
Hey, Saga!
As we desired, we reached Malaysia. Hey, Saga!
As we desired, we reached Malaysia. Hey, Saga!
As we desired, we reached Malaysia.
You are under arrest.
– Why are you catching us? You are under arrest.
– Why are you catching us? Hey, Saga! What is this?
– Sir! What mistake did we commit? From this moment,
we will have good time. You are under arrest.
– Why are you catching us? Hey, Saga! What is this?
– Sir! What mistake did we commit? Check their bag.
– What is this? Instrument? Did we get caught due to this?
This is very sharp. Labang guy bhavan!
Good evening! – Good evening, Sir! We got an information that a big
Chinese delegate is coming tomorrow. An, we have to tighten the
security in this whole airport. Okay, Sir! – Okay?
– Okay. – Please. Tell me. Did the child left to school? He is speaking Tamil. Is his fever get reduced? He
might pester that he want ice cream. Sir! Are you a Tamil guy? When you said that you will come soon,
I understood. Hey! Keep quiet.
– Sir! They are doubting us. Since we brought Tipcat,
they are doubting us. Please come and check. Please, Sir! My grandma sent food items.
Please come. Where did you keep them?
Show me. Show me. O my God! This is nothing
but a traditional game in India. We used to play in Indian villages. Tell them about India.
– How will we believe what they say? Like this only, this fellow
is not at all believing what we say. This is not dangerous.
You don’t worry about it. I will vouch for it. Check their papers
and treat them as normal passengers. Okay? – Okay, Sir!
– Thank you! Sir! Sir! Why are you taking this?
Please give. – Take it. Hi! – Good morning!
– Good morning, Madam! Is there any appointment for me? Yes. They are waiting
for you over there. My name is Ajmal Malik Kher.
We are Indian Muslims. Till date, I collected wealth
and property only for my daughter. Now I decided that
she should get married. I found a groom also.
I enquired about him. I think everything is fine. Still if I find out about the groom.. ..through your detective agency,
I will be happy. It’s my daughter’s life. Don’t worry, Sir! You trust
our detective agency. I will see. I will finish this
task within two days. Here is his photo, Madam! – Okay. Ah! – Boss!
I am Jogen speaking. – Tell me. That family is coming
out from this detective agency. You follow them and
inform me wherever they go. Okay, Boss! – Okay. Pay attention to the western wing. We will focus on northern wing. They will take care of the rest.
Okay? – Yes, Sir! – Take care. Bye! Keep quiet, Marudu!
You are one… Hey! Who is it? Hey, Tipcat!
– Sir! You? – Get up.
– Hey! – Get up. You are that Tipcat.
– Let’s go soon. Didn’t you go out still?
– Sir! Won’t we go out or what? No one came to take us.
– What did the officers say? Only the passport is original.
The work permit is duplicate. Did they check in computer? Sir! We checked it in front
of God before coming here. Hey!
– You also please check and see. Not only me. Whoever checks
in computer, the result will be same. Got it? You came here by
trusting upon the wrong agent. That’s why your work
permit is duplicate. Did you give them more money?
– Will you give us? Now, what are you going to do?
Will you go back? Yes, Sir! Please send us back. I will give you whatever my
grandma gave me. – Hey! You keep quiet. Sir! My uncle stays here. Uncle! – Yes.
Our shovel uncle is here only. What? – His mouth looks like shovel.
That’s why we call him like that. In a 5 star hotel he is in this job. If I drop you in this address,
will you go? – Sure, sir. If you inform him, he’ll pick us up. Sir, thanks a lot for helping us.
The money for taxi- We’ll never forget this help of yours.
– You go and sit. Driver, drop them in this hotel.
Okay? – Yes, sir. Such a big building!
– Careful. You’ll get a sprain. Saga, I think there
are lots of mestry. That is why this place
is filled with buildings. I feel they have build every floor
separately and then stuck them together. They could have build
the whole building.. ….by making it lie down on
floor and then made it stand erect. This seems to be a good idea.
Let us try it out in our village. Driver, if you see any kid,
stop the car. Why? – Uncle said that all children of
Malaysia will be able to tell the address. I thought I’ll ask them. – We
can’t get his address from children. We have to ask only some donkey. From Malaysia he has
brought us to our village. It is a 5 star hotel.
– 5 star. 5 star hotel. I’m going on telling
him but he is not listening. Saga, from Malaysia he
has brought us to Mannarkudi. Hey, fatso! Which is this place? This is not Malaysia.
I think they have cheated us. He has kept our luggage on the road.
– Is it so? This is the hotel you told about. Is this a 5 star hotel?
– Go, man. – Hey, stop. He is going away.
Has he left us? – Hold this. Move away.
Cap wearing brother! – Brother! Call the manager.
– Manager? – Okay, you call Manmadan. Manmadan! – Why is he getting
surprised hearing everything? – Yes. Are you new to this job?
See this. Manmadan. The general manager
of this hotel. – Who? Is it him? – Him!
Being a labour how can you talk.. .. disrespectfully about your boss? I’m the owner of this hotel.
– Is he the boss? Then who is he, sir? – He’ll be
picking in the backyard. Go and see. Will he be picking?
Then is he not a big shot here? What are you doing here? I’m caught. Trusting you I took money
from lender and came here to work. You pointed us to a wrong agent. Nephew, I know that he is a fraud. But I didn’t know that
he is such a big fraud. So you knew about him before itself. In village you came and said
that you are a 5 star hotel manager. I believed that.
But showing us a small liquor bottle.. said this is Shakila
and I’ll teach you how to drink this. I’ll hit you. – That was better.
He said he had his own airlines. That too Power airlines. Not only me. In this whole world
no one will digest this. Saga, the pan in the
stove will be still hot. This is not enough for him.
We must make him sit on the stove. Are you cheating
everyone like this only? Nephew, forgive me.
I didn’t get any other idea. People like us who work in foreign
go to home town only once in awhile. That is the day of Diwali to us. When we come there no one asks us
how we are and what we do for living. As soon as we come
they ask what we got. What to do? In false prestige
we get from here shampoo.. ..soap and perfume
and give that to them. We borrow money here to but all that. To pay off those loans
we work here day and night. But everyone think that people
in foreign are living happily. It is not like that. You have come trusting me.
In future I won’t deceive you at all. Do you have that idea too?
– Listen to me. There is a guy here
who got me this job. I’ll tell him about you
and get you a job somehow. You go and meet him. He is- I need your bio data.
You make good coffee. So you go to the hotel near
Majid palace and prepare coffee there. Is it okay? Don’t worry
about anything. – Thank you. Isn’t he that guy? – He is
the one about whom uncle told us. He looks like one
who sells potato in Ooty. He looks peculiar. Saga, only after
coming here I came to.. ..know that Mammotty uncle is a fraud. On seeing him itself
we can say that he is a fraud. We are sure to get duped.
– The one who has seen ghost.. sure to get scared of even dog. He doesn’t look like that. There are
so many standing around him for job. Can you push well?
I’m not talking about pushing women. You must push trolley in airport.
You go. Go. Thank you. – Don’t forget this help. In that building you have
to tie rod in the 10th floor. You do that. – Okay. Thank you. Contact me in my phone number. Okay. You look like a Chinese.
Are you related to Jackie Chang? What job should I give you?
You do one thing. First go and get some coffee. Till then
I’ll think and then let you know. Go. Give money.
– Hey, this is one way traffic. First you get coffee.
Then we’ll see. Go. Don’t scratch your head. Go. Who is scratching me like a tiger?
Who are you? Mammotty uncle sent us to you.
– Oh Mammotty! Last time when he came for
shooting he asked me for shovel. Have you come to
give- – It is not him. We are talking about Manmadhan uncle. Manmadhan! He is senior
to me in Malaysia. – Senior? Tiger, don’t mistake
my asking you this. He is a big fraud. You are
calling yourself as his friend. He has done back biting
about me while mixing for parota. What do you want? – Get us a good job. In short you want money
in hand sitting in one place. Not a bad idea.
Okay. – Have you got permit? Morning itself we ate parota. – Hello! They’ll make you turn around
and hit you on your back. Then you won’t be able
to have bath without shirt. Remember that. – Tiger, we have
come to Malaysia with all permits. You just get us a job. – The minute I
saw you I thought of getting you a job. Jesus has sent this gift for me.
Commission is confirmed. Save my name and both
of you work properly. What is the job? – In kitchen.
– What is the job in kitchen? Will anyone give you
clerk job in kitchen? They’ll give you only mixing job. Go inside and grind batter. – Tiger,
I feel this job will be very tough. You said it’ll be an easy job. Is it very difficult to
go to kitchen and get a table? This will be a tough job.
– They have no chance of coming up. Welcome. You had asked
for two good boys for the hotel. Yes. – I have got two honest boys. It is only these boys
who turned an ordinary.. ..hotel in Chennai as Taj hotel. They only made the Meridian
hotel as Lee Meridian. Where is Lee hotel?
– It is next to Bruce Lee’s house. Okay, okay. – Be quiet. You pay them well. – I’ll see to it.
– What did you tell him? I told him in Malay to pay you well. Brother, it is easy to ask question. But it is very difficult
to answer that. Without asking question go inside. Thanks a lot.
– Thanks, sir. We’ll have chicken biryani.
– 4 plates of chicken biryani. It is over.
– Madam, chicken biryani is over. Then mutton biryani.
– Mutton biryani? – Yes. 4 plates of mutton biryani.
– Over, over. What hotel are you running? – Whatever
we order they say it is not there. Everything is empty.
What is happening inside? Instead of earning well.
You have taken beating and come. Do you think it is right? – Tiger it
is a long time since we ate tasty food. Our tongue asked whether
you want to have good food or die. That is why in a light
manner… – Did you eat little bit? By seeing you I can
say how heavily you ate. Go this way and do pickpocket. Government will take
you back to Madurai. Good bye! What is this Tiger?
– Tiger. On senior’s saying we
came to you trusting you. You are leaving us on the
middle of the road and going. What job can I get you? Don’t you know
how badly they have beaten you up? Tiger, we did like
that by mistake. Please. Help us, Tiger. – Please. – Okay.
In future work properly. – Okay. Don’t do any mischief.
– Okay. – Tiger, remember this much. In a short time frame- – I’ll
learn to do murder keeping you only. Wait. I’ll make soup of you and drink. I have been roaming around
Kolalampur in search of a job for you. Now my brain has got totally confused. I have not searched for
a job like this for anyone. I don’t want our Tamilians to suffer. Then you give us money.
– Brothers, remain alert. Tiger, why have you brought us here? Will anyone get collector job for you? I got you a cook job.
But you spoilt that. Now this is washing job.
– Washing? – Yes. In Malaysia first
a person must was a car. Owner will keep watching
from inside in camera. I have told him about you.
Wash the car properly. Tiger, you are insulting us too much. I don’t consult these
kinds of words at all. What is he doing? – Hold this tube.
With this you wash the car. Hold it. Hello! Hello! My daughter
and son-in-law are going out. Get this car ready for them soon.
– Okay, sir. Just because he is the owner of the
car, will he threaten us like this? His face is not good. Move away. Please be seated. Why is he showing off so
much in front of the girl, buddy? Either the car must be
new or the girl must be new. I feel car is better than the girl.
What do you think? Yes… yes.
– They might listen to us. Sir! Your daughter looks like an angel.
Don’t mistake me. – Okay, come. Okay. Fine. – I thought
it must be a young girl of Rs 30. She looks like a mother. See how she is
maintaining the body at this age also. Shut up and do your job.
– I’ll call you- So many cars are there
in this bungalow only for this.. ..old lady to go to
beauty parlour and gym. The owner of this house
spends more money on this.. ..old lady than on this house.
He must be a real mad fellow. God! He heard us. God! If I get you job,
you get me beaten. I got you a job of only washing car.
Why did you comment on the aunty? Tiger, I myself will
set dogs on you again. Don’t call her as aunty.
She is mother. – Shut up. It is you who create problem.
But it is me who gets beaten. That hotel owner was
much better than this. This fellow set dogs after
me and made them bite me. What answer am I
going to tell my wife? Tell her that dog bit you.
– After this there is no.. .. connection between you and me. You can go. – Let me see who
gives you a job in this Malaysia. For God’s sake before your
visa gets over don’t finish me. Let me see what you do.
Let me see how you get a job. I’m going to see. I have to take
injection for dog bite around my naval. You have only got to answer
for each of my injection. I’ll deal with you later on.
Is this a way to punish a man? Hi!
– Hi! That’s okay. Yes.
Sir, this is my investigation summary. These are the pictures of
the places where I followed him. Sir, he is 100% a gentleman.
There is no problem. You can fix the engagement.
No problem. Thanks a lot.
– Thank you. – Okay. Did you talk? – I have talked.
– He did prayer to the.. ..Murugar statue that we found. There in village they are
doing prayer to that Murugar. Here they are doing
prayer to this Murugar. “Praise the lord.” It is only this office.
– It is superb. – Be patient. Don’t be in a hurry. – Okay. Yes. – Madam,
is walk in interview going on here? Yes, sir. – This is the place.
We have come to the right office. Come.
– Come on. Sir, from how long are you waiting? Will they give salary advance? – Sshh… He is also threatening us. You came for interview. Right? She is asking for bio data.
– No, madam. – We have not brought it. Go inside.
– They are calling us. Come. This is detective agency. Lot of
intelligence is required to work here. He is asking for something
that is not there with us. Question No.1.
How much is this? – 5, sir. How much is this? – Saga, let me tell.
– Okay. – 10, sir. Fool! If this is 5, this is also 5. I’ll ask you a question
which you’ll understand easily. What is it, sir? Are you
going to ask where your pant is? Shut up.
– Daddy! Daddy! – Yes. I told you not to come here.
What are you doing here? Go. Go to your room. Take your tablets. So sorry, gentlemen.
Sorry for the delay. My father got mentally disturbed
in an investigation case. Is he only like this
or you are also like this? What are you talking?
In investigation field this is usual. Is it natural to become mental?
Crazy madam born to a crazy fellow. We are leaving.
We don’t want your job. What are you talking?
– Go, madam. You come. Greetings to all of you.
We are here for an important matter. I have been getting many complaints. In this area a man is roaming
behind one after another.. girls in different disguises. He has had love marriage with all
those girls and then betrayed them. He has stolen all the jewels
and money from their house. We have to stop this. That area is in your control.
What action have you taken till now? To get rid of our hardship
we thought of coming to.. ..Malaysia in search of livelihood. Uncle cheated us like this.
Due to me you are also suffering. Why are you saying that
I’m suffering due to you? If you suffer, won’t I feel bad? I was not interested about coming to Malaysia.
I wanted to remain with you. Now we both are
suffering without food. Saga, is this biryani smell
coming because I’m hungry.. ..or is it coming really?
– It is actually coming. If biryani aroma is coming, it
is sure to be a Muslim marriage house. Let us go and eat.
– How can we go to a stranger’s house? That Bhai’s daughter is related to me. While coming she told me that
I should surely come for the marriage. Seeing you no one can make
out that you are a policeman. You look like a real Muslim. Greetings! Hello! Saga,
this is the girl I’m going to marry. Greetings.
Your hand is very soft. – Be quiet. All the relatives are here.
Why haven’t they started feeding? Sister, where is the kitchen? Greetings. Take your seat.
This is Sheikh Abdullah. Greetings. Hello! Hello!
– I doubt only those two of them. Leaving me there
what are you doing here? I’m just trying to take.
This is Bhai house marriage. We must also behave like Muslims. Let them cook biryani. See what I do. Sir, see there. – I think
you’ll point me out yourself. Greetings.
– Greetings. – Can you only do? Greetings!
– Idiot. Before eating biryani
mutton has come on your mouth. Why are you so late?
– So many people there- I don’t know when they’ll
open the biryani pan. You sit and take rest. I’m going to just come back here. Open the shop. Hi! Are you not those
who came for interview? What are you doing here?
– We came to attend marriage. From which side
relation you have come? Are you boy’s party or girl’s party?
– Grandfather’s side. Why are you going on questioning us? I’m from girl’s side. It is only due
to me that this engagement is going on. They were here only.
Where did they go? Go and search them. Thank you. Sir, see there. Charu, everything is going on well. No one has any doubt over me. Soon the engagement will be over. According to my plan
all of us will escape easily. Listen to me. Within 10 minutes
time you come to Green field. Okay? Pack all the jewels and cash. The value must be in crores.
I’ll call you later on. You be alert. See you soon. Bye. Who are you? Why did you come here? Elders are waiting downstairs
to make you sit and do the customs. So I came to take you before
the auspicious time gets over. I have never seen you before this. This is the first time you are seeing
me. But I have seen you many times. What are you saying?
– In different places.. ..with different get
up are you deceiving girls? Now are you trying to
spoil this girl’s life? Rascal! He is the guy who married
many girls and spoilt their life. Come on. – I’m from police.
You have got hold of a big criminal. Thank you, Sir!
– Come. Let’s go. You won’t get biryani.
It’s for us. Parcel it. Congratulations! Congrats!
– Same to you. Both of you saved
my professional life. Thank you so much. – Yes. If this engagement has taken place,
it would have been a bad name for us. Thank you!
Thank you so much! – It’s okay. You have got the talent.
You don’t waste it. Why not we work together
as a team? Fine? Madam! We can’t work
together with a mad. We are hungry. If you had attended the interview.. would have known
about this profession. Now also, it’s not an issue.
You come tomorrow. Get the appointment order.
– Okay, Madam! Hey, Saga!
How did you find that he is a fraud? Due to that biryani, you went inside. But I went inside due to
that banner that was kept outside. I saw him for the first time in a
hotel where I went for job interview. That time, he remained with a girl. At that time,
I didn’t feel any doubt upon him. But his face got
registered in my mind. Next, we went for a car driver job.
There, I saw him. They said that he was their groom. I felt doubtful at that time. Today in engagement, he was the groom. He is not only a suspicious guy. But I found that he is a criminal. I saw the police who
was roaming around in mufti. That’s why, I made them to doubt
upon me by which they followed me. Then only, I caught hold
of him and handed him to police. Hey! You did a good job. Else, that
guy might have spoiled many girl’s life. Hey! I also remained with you.
I didn’t find anything. But you are very alert. Superb. This is the appointment
order for you both. From this moment onwards,
you belong to our family. Believing you,
I am giving a big task for you both. This is the time to prove your talent. This is the company bike key.
This will be useful for your work. “Come; come; son!
It’s the youth and not a lie”. “In the corner gap,
you come to my place”. “We are busy with our life;
there is no time for love”. “We are working as a team;
it’s not wrong”. “We have got numerous work;
come to play with us”. Hey, Saga! After joining this job,
we solved first two cases. Will we solve this third case also? At present, we could try only this. Shall we go there and see?
– We will go and see. Hey, stop. Stop. Hey! How long will we roam around? We saw the entire Malaysia. Listen. If we keep roaming
around like this, it won’t work out. You go this side.
I will go that side. Okay? Hey!
– Okay. How are you, guys?
– I will call you back. Good, Man! Throw. Give it. Come on. Switch your torch. Go. I am reporting. Okay. Fine. Let’s go. Where is it? Tell me. Where did you keep them?
– In the bonnet. Hello! Priya! When I came to find the missing
car, I found one drugs supply group. What are you saying?
Wow! What a surprise! Okay. Listen to me now. Hand over the drugs and those
criminals in nearby police station. Okay. – I will inform the
higher officials immediately. Go at once. Okay? – Okay. I greet everyone for being here. And I would like to thank our friends. This is the first time we have come
together to appreciate an outsider. This was a huge criminal gang
that remained competent against us. You all know that. This is the first time this
youngster within a short time.. ..caught hold of
that international gang. This is the first
time in world history. I met this guy for the first
time in airport few days back. He could stay in this
Malaysia for only 29 days. That was his condition at that time. A Tamil guy will
not come back unnoticed. He will make the others
turn back and see him. You have proved it, Saga!
So proud of you. Everyone gets a chance to achieve. But only those who utilize
the chance well can only succeed. He can also remain
as role model for others. This is not a simple matter
that all police officials.. ..are gathered here to appreciate you. It’s a great prestige. Considering your value,
you will be given MOU. Memorandum Of Understanding. Because of you,
there is a good relationship between.. ..detective agencies
and police officials. Hereafter, if there is any problem
for you or if you need any help.. can approach local
police station. They will help you. Because you deserve it, Saga! Saga, please! Thank you, Officers! Many youngsters are talented.
But only few people get the chance. Many people doesn’t get the chance. As Sir said,
I utilized the chance which I got. I think that this appreciation should
reach the person who appointed me. I would like to share this
prestigious moment with them. Go ahead, Saga! Priya! Please! “He is for me;
he is for me; he won me now”. “He is the one; he is the one;
eye to eye and hand to hand union”. “Like eyelid, he will unite with me”. “He sent his garland
to me as my garland”. “He won my feminity;
he is attractive to me”. “He is the fire in my heart;
he is the morning in midnight”. “He is for me;
he is for me; he won me now”. “He touched me slowly;
he died due to my sharp eyes”. “In my heart beat,
he becomes the tune”. “He becomes the
direction in my street”. “I am searching him
by closing my eyes”. “I am looking upon his face”. “I am uniting through my lips;
I a uniting through his fingers”. “When will he unite with me?
When will he search in my smell?” “He is for me;
he is for me; he won me now”. “Now only, he looks at my eyes;
he ask for my life at once”. “This is the first
day when I saw you”. “My whole heart was pulled by you”. “How are you hugging me?
You are saying the tactics”. “The desire to kiss you
thousand times is invoked in me”. “When will he unite with me?
When will he search in my smell?” “He is for me;
he is for me; he won me now”. “He is the one; he is the one;
eye to eye and hand to hand union”. “Like eyelid, he will unite with me”. “He sent his garland
to me as my garland”. “He won my feminity;
he is attractive to me”. “He is the fire in my heart;
he is the morning in midnight”. You know, Saga! I am very happy. You made me feel prestigious
in front of those police officials. It’s prestigious for me. It’s not just prestige.
It’s the truth. You not only made me feel proud. You made our entire team feel proud. Let me give you a
gift to make you proud. Gift? What are you going to give?
Give for me also. Take this car key. Hey, there are so many vehicles. Wait. I will find out. It might be this car.
– How could you say? This is an ordinary car
in the midst of all these cars. Will anyone gift you a new car? They will give only this kind of car.
– Okay. Open. What is this?
This key is not going inside. Did she cheat us? – Give. Hey! This is automatic key.
If you press it, sound will come. Press. Hey! The sound is coming
from that car. Come. Hey! This car? Will anyone gift this kind
of stylish car? – I don’t know. Look at the front part.
It’s so sleek like shining plate. Press. Let’s check.
Press. Is it opening? Ah! Yes. – Saga!
It opened. Come. Let’s sit inside. Come. It’s dark inside. Saga! Let’s press this button. Oh! The roof came off. What did you do? Does the car function like this? Start the car.
– I don’t know to drive. Cha! Get down. – I forgot
driving when I reached here. Hey! I feel as if I am
a king sitting in the ship. Keep quiet. Let’s go. All of you get this. Get this. Hey, Saga! See there.
He started his act in morning itself. Hey, Tiger! – Is it you? Hey, Tiger! Have you started cheating
others from the morning itself? Stop this work now itself. Hey! You stole this
car from someone else. Are you showing scene to me? Showing scene to others is what you do.
Nowadays, we do half of the police jobs. Even if you get disappeared,
we will have to find you out. You are speaking without
understanding the condition. Yesterday,
you both approached me for a job. You are speaking like this. For the last forty years,
I got job for 40 lakhs people. How will I speak then? What job did you get? They
are all begging for money in Malaysia. We are going straight.
If you want, we’ll give lift to you. We’ll drop you in that corner. Understand one thing. – What? Even if cow becomes slim,
its horn won’t become thin. In this same Malaysia I’ll
roam around in a bigger car than this. You are sure to ask lift from me. Mark this day in your diary.
This is a challenge. They are leaving without
hearing my punch dialogue. My thigh is paining due to slapping. Hi! – Welcome, sir. Congratulations. You are going to become a father. This is the scan report. Yes. I’m very happy.
This is the golden moment of my life. Thank you, doctor.
Thank you very much. Enjoy, sir. Come. So cute. Why are you so dull? Why did you leave me alone?
Do you know how much I missed you? I missed you too.
Shall I tell you one thing? Do you know the name of this island? The name of this island
is Pregnant Island. This is a special place for ladies. My long day wish was that
my baby should get formed.. such a divine place. Each minute that you stay here
you’ll inhale the divine air here. That will keep our baby healthy. That’ll be good for you and our baby. That is why I left you here.
My baby’s birth must be a history. All the babies that take birth
in this world will open their.. ..eyes in some corner of this world. But my baby will take birth in this
place of mine which I have bought. From the time we bought new car we
have not gone to Munishwaran temple. In this country there
is Munishwaran temple all over. I have a doubt. Do our people find
the temples here or they build them? The one who has money build them. The one without money discovers them. Valluvar used atleast 7 words. In just
4 words you gave such a good opinion. You are a Malaysian Valluvar. Hello! I had so much faith in you.
Won’t you mingle with good people? Do you always mingle with accused? With accused?
– Why are you looking at me? Be quiet. An accused is saying your name.
– Who is that, sir? Even if I cross sea and come,
Saturn seem to follow me. What did I do?
Did I loot or murder anyone? With a wire I just gave a lift.
Is this a big crime? For this they are enquiring
me in Chinese and Malayan language. I don’t know to which international
court they are going to take me. Why is this policeman staring at me? Will I get punished? Excuse me! Shall we take
a selfie please? – Yes. – Thank you. Inside jail they are making
me nervous and he is taking selfie. Tiger has been put in cage. You should
have been put in stray dog catching van. Why are you teasing me like this? My bad time.
So many enemies are getting created. Don’t talk not knowing my state. Only after seeing you
I have gained confidence. Confidence? Don’t be too smart.
What crime did you do? I didn’t do anything wrong. One day fine morning
I was drinking coke and going. “Small dear, cuckoo… cuckoo.” Brother, you seem to
be trying from a long time. I forgot my key at home.
It’ll take 3 hours to get that. There will be heavy
traffic jam. – Yes. That is why I was trying.
– Okay. Give it to me. I’ll open it for you.
– Can you open it? Why are you asking like this? In this country do you know the
area where Hanifa textiles is there? On losing key they’ll
call only me to open it. I only go and help
them in opening it. Without forgetting you
take my cell number. – Okay. If you lose key, give me a missed
call. I’ll come and open it for you. Thanks a lot, brother. – Okay. Thanks a lot, brother. – Okay. In future don’t forget the key. Okay? Brother, where are you going?
Step inside. Should I step in? You must flourish. Come inside, brother.
Wait for a minute. You must not act arrogant
that only this brother should.. the opening ceremony of the shop. Are you praying to God? Good thing. Pray well in front of the cash box. Then only your business will flourish. Brother, you also pray.
– I’ll also pray. Now you can go and take whatever
you want. It is my shop only. Can I take anything that I want?
– You can take. What affection! What affection! Brother, I have taken one “Tiger”. Tiger likes only a Tiger. Brother. What is it? – You continue to drink.
I’ll keep this box in the car and come. May I help you?
– No need. You be relaxed. Don’t lock me inside and go away. No, brother.
I’ll be back soon. – He is a good boy. Who are you?
– Who am I? Owner is outside. You go and ask him.
Come this side and do purchasing. I’m the owner.
I’ll call the police. – God! Did I open up the shop for a thief? Even if you do a good thing,
it ends in bad. It is your fate. What to do?
The one who stole has escaped. It is me who got caught. If it had been Tamil Nadu,
many of my relatives.. brother,
uncle and brother-in-law would have.. me released in bail. But here- Should I tell the truth?
I don’t know anyone in Malaysia. You are the only
two whom I know closely. You get me released in bail.
I’ll say that you are my family deity. No need for all that. Come out.
– They hit in a special manner. In their beating- – You
should be hit on your stomach. We’ll follow you. You go.
– My BP is shooting up. – Go, man. Saga, we are releasing
him for your sake. – Okay. Thank you, officers. Thank you. Sinnarasu brother. Are you unable to recognize me? I’m Chidambaram’s son Saga. – Brother. I myself have forgotten my face.
How did you recognize me? Seeing you in jail I got stunned. For just seeing me
you are saying this. If you hear the life that I led,
what will you say? Even crow and sparrow will
fly only to reach a destination. But I flew only to fall down. They gave me job saying
it is a big company. As soon as we reached there
they took away all our passports. Only after reaching
there I came to know.. ..that they are not
giving salary to anyone. They are making people
work there like slaves. Even if there were people to talk no
one can talk to another person easily. We can talk only in sign language. Because we were new for the
job unless they got full faith.. ..on us we were not included
in their main group. Taking us to medicine company
they’ll ask us to mix this and then. The smell of that is intolerable. By mixing so many medicines
my hands got affected. Unable to bear the suffering
and retaliate against them.. ..we planned to escape. Among those who escaped two
were shot in front of our eyes itself. With bullet wound when.. ..I was lying on the road
side the police which came there- Where is your passport? As I didn’t have a passport
they arrested me in suspicion case. No one who knows the
truth can come out of there. Like me many of our people
are trapped there and are suffering. They have lost their life. Saga, it is not a big
thing to have saved me alone. You must only save everyone there. Surely I’ll do something. Do you know it is so many
days since I saw this rice? Then won’t you eat?
– Hey! Be quiet. You eat well, brother. Brother, careful.
Careful. Drink this water. I think Lakshmi is thinking about me. Sister is always in your memory. Why didn’t you talk to her in phone? Only her memory is with me. I’m unable to talk to her, brother. I’m very eager to talk to her. Lakshmi, you have a
phone call from Malaysia. Hello! – Hello, Lakshmi! – Hubby. Lakshmi, it is me. – It is so
many years since I heard your voice. Why did you leave
me here alone to suffer? Lakshmi, I was busy in work here. I want to see your face.
Come soon. Come soon. Don’t cry, Lakshmi. Hello! Hello! Hello! My husband talked with me, brother. Did you talk to him? – I heard
his voice. – I’m happy for you. As promised Saga made
me talk to my husband. Hello! How are you, uncle?
Why are you not talking my call? Why are you not answering?
Can you hear what I’m saying? I can hear well. – In my
uncle’s phone who is this talking? Stop questioning me. Who are you? I’m Saga’s aunt’s daughter.
– I’m Saga’s girlfriend. Girlfriend!
I didn’t phone to talk to you. I want to talk to my uncle.
Give the phone to him. You might be his aunt’s daughter. But I’ll be the one who’ll marry him. Hey, I’m born to marry him.
– Only I’ll win. – Let us see. Let us see that too. Hey! Hey! Hey! “Hey, beauty… your kiss
is so sweet like sugar.” “You get me mesmerized.” “Hey, beauty… your kiss
is so sweet like sugar.” “You get me mesmerized.” “Hey, handsome… you make
me rotate like a wheel.” “You make me wait.” “You are a teenage virgin.” “There is nothing wrong
even if I touch you.” “I’m a small girl.
I have not done anything wrong.” “Come alone.
I’ll teach you. In that I’m smart. ” “I’ll give up my adamant nature.” “I’ll give concession.” “Whether I touch or leave
I have not given up the game.” “Hey, beauty… your kiss
is so sweet like sugar.” “You get me mesmerized.” “Hey, handsome…” “It is me… it is me who
has come in cupid’s generation.” “Hey dear… dear… you kept
your love in my eye liner.” “I scooped and brought as
the jasmine of the garden of desire.” “Will you come?” “Don’t try to charm
me and leave from here.” “Without riding or shaking
if deer dies, there is nothing wrong.” “Don’t jump around. The curse
of a lady won’t leave you alone.” “It won’t leave.” “Hey beauty…” “Loveable boy is standing.” “Like a candy baby is waiting.” “The chemistry between
them is sure to work.” “Waiting alone is not going to work.” “Go and enjoy between the ladies.” “Come and download the love in me.” “She is the one my baby.” “Sugar doll cute parrot.” “She gets me spinning.
Spinning like a yo yo.” “She is the one making me hot… hot.” “Aye ayeaye ayeayeaye
ayeayeaye ayeayeaye.” “Aye ayeaye ayeayeaye
ayeayeaye ayeayeaye.” “Aye ayeaye ayeayeaye
ayeayeaye ayeayeaye.” “It won’t leave.
True love will never go.” “It won’t end.
The fire like desire will never end.” “I climbed seven mountains.” “I crossed seven seas and came.” “Even if elephants hunger gets over,
it’ll come again and again.” “Hey, I didn’t live here
like a saint or philosopher.” “Don’t you know or understand…” “There is no one
around like lord Ram.” “Hey, beauty… your kiss
is so sweet like sugar.” “You get me mesmerized.” “Hey, handsome… you make
me rotate like a wheel.” “You make me wait.” “You are a teenage virgin.” “There is nothing wrong
even if I touch you.” “I’m a small girl.
I have not done anything wrong.” “Come alone.
I’ll teach you. In that I’m smart. ” “I’ll give up my adamant nature.” “I’ll give concession.” “Whether I touch or leave
I have not given up the game.” If that Mammoty uncle had helped us,
we would.. ..have been selling sundal
and samosa in this same park. He gave us up. That is
what turned around good for us. In this bad also that
fellow has gone a good to us. In this same park we
jumped that wall and came. Now that security is saluting
us and allowing us inside. Brother, it is all due
to my lucky face. – Nonsense. Saga! This is what
is called as dog brain. Whether it is our village or Malaysia,
dog seem.. catch anything.
Dog is taking away your Tipcat. Go, man. – Go…go. What medicine is this?
Why is it lying outside? Saga, did you get caught with
the dog and to get out of that.. ..have you called me for an idea? You are always joking.
I’m in danger. – What are you saying? Come soon to the Charas garden. Okay, okay. I’ll come. Hey, what? It’s me only. What are they doing? Hey, it’s going to rain.
Come on. Move. Move. What is it? Instead of burying
the dead body, they left it as it is. Hey! Don’t you think that
something is moving there? He is alive only. Hey, Saga! I am getting scared. They look like criminals.
Let us move, please! Don’t talk like a fool.
He is alive. How will we leave him and go? Come. Sir! Sir!
– Sir! Sir! – Sir! Sir! Hey, lift him.
– See this. The rain got stopped.
Come. Let’s go and bury the body. Hey, where is the dead body?
What’s going on here? Only we know this incident.
If Boss comes to know, he will kill us. Let’s bury this empty coffin. Hey! Rub well.
Then only, he will get up. Hey! He woke up. Sir! Nothing. Nothing. You relax. Who are you?
– Nothing. First, drink this tea. Am I alive? – Yes. You are alive. Have this, Sir! – Have this tea. Thinking that you are dead,
one group was trying to bury you. We only saved you
and brought you here. They didn’t bury me
thinking that I am dead. They only killed me. Who are they? What is the
relation between you and them? Why did they behave like that? Globemate Medical research center. I remained as panel
doctor of this group. I remained as medical supervisor also. When I met that company head… I take care of my worker’s health. If they remain healthy only,
I can expand my business. I feel glad to hear this. Instead of remaining
like corporate boss.. treat your
workers as your friends. Rather than money you are
giving importance to their health. I am really happy to hear this. I continued my research
in that center very happily. I took care of their
worker’s health also. Sir! Greetings, Sir!
My name is Sinnarasu. I saw you when you joined this work. To help people like us,
you have come. Looking at you,
I started trusting you. Sir! I don’t understand
what’s happening here. But whatever happens
is wrong which I could assure. They give us medicines and
ask us to rub the printed letters. They reseal the whole thing. We are not supposed
to question the reason. But you are a doctor.
Only you know about it. You… Sinnarasu!
Supervisor is searching you. Sir! Please check what it is. We all should get saved due to you. I trust you. Kindly find it out, Sir!
Find it quickly. Come. Come. When Sinnarasu informed me,
I got the doubt. I went and checked the medicines. I checked the chemicals
present in them. I got really shocked.
I came to know several matters. If people eat these medicines,
they will get cancer for sure. Not only that. I found that they
have the capacity to cause impotency. Very dangerous. Yes. If you eat them,
there will be impotency. Those who eat can’t
give birth to a child. If they desire to give birth to a child,
I have got medicines for that also. People must get my medicines
only in market. That’s business. Not only that. You would have noticed
expiry medicines in our factory. I will never waste
anything to earn money. Won’t your conscience prick?
How could you do all this? This is very unfair, Sir. Money. Money. You see, doctor! In this world, there are two
countries where population is more. You know that very well.
India and China. Especially India.
The population is growing higher. It’s too much. Only in India, people buy medicines
directly without doctor’s prescription. Here only,
my target is getting fulfilled. They eat the medicines
without checking the expiry date. You see. It’s business. I didn’t stop this formula just
with tablets, capsules and syrups. I am introducing my formula even in
things which people use in day-to-day life. Things like milk powder,
vegetables, fruits and everything. Like for example, a rotten apple. These rotten apples are sold
just by applying chemicals upon them. Many diseases will occur
by eating those apples. And, I am supplying medicines
to treat those diseases. My profit is basically higher
by selling those medicines. At a time, double benefit. Even if I remain here, there are
people in India who do this act for me. When I ask people to do this,
no one questioned me the reason. They just asked how much
they will get by doing this work. That much poverty remains
there which I utilized well. Anyway, they are
suffering due to poverty. Why are you playing with their lives? In this world,
the property of 48 poor countries.. ..remain with top three
rich persons in the world. I want to come as one
among those three people. That’s my ambition. In this world next to God,
lifesaving doctors are.. ..considered as another God by people. Desiring this job, I went
to America for my doctor studies. I earned gold medal
after which I came here. Thinking that it’s a good
research center, I joined here. At the end, you made me betray my job. No. For my business,
I need a legal medical tag. For that only, I appointed you. Get the salary that
I give and shut your mouth. I can’t remain quiet
by seeing all this. I am not the person
who kills my conscience. I will go to police and file
a complaint against your deeds. If anyone plans to oppose me,
I will kill them. I will kill them. Are you going to oppose me? You saw one aspect of my face. You are going to see
another aspect of my face. Kill him.
– Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! No… No. If I am alive now,
you are the reason for that. Brother! I bought all the things.
But the medical store. How come you are here?
Did they try to bury you also? Sir! If they try to bury you, does
it mean that they will bury everyone? He is known to us. Oh!
Have you bought everything properly? Brother! Didn’t I tell you
that a doctor helped me? – Yes. It’s him only. Due to Saga,
good thing happened to all of us. We shouldn’t spare them. Correct, Saga! You can do it. Till before,
we didn’t know anything about them. Now, doctor Sir and Sinnarasu
brother are there to guide us. We will make a proper plan. Come on. Move. Move. Go straight and turn right side. There is a lab where
chemicals can be used. Go carefully. Go left side.
Yes. Keep going. Keep going. Okay. Okay. Keep going. Sinnarasu!
You will have to guide him hereafter. Okay, Sir! The name of this place is ‘Ua’ cave. There is no connection with public. So, we are made to stay in this place. They will feed us
with only one bread each. They will transport all
of us to pharma factory via truck. The medicines prepared here will be
exported to other countries worldwide. Hey, guys! Come on. Who is that? Kill him. Hmm. Keep them in go-down. I want to see him. I am on my way. Let’s go. Welcome, young hero!
While coming, I was very angry. I was about to kill you at once. By looking at you, I realized
that I must confront you first. This is my empire. Only I
must decide the direction of air. Surpassing all that, you
entered which is not at all a joke. Come on. Tell me. Via whose network, you entered in? Which country do you belong to?
Tell me. I belong to a country where there is
a great impact due to your illegal acts. Oh! India? – Tamizhan. Tamizhan? I get lot of Tamizhans basically. Do you know something?
They come here by believing an agent. Those agents are my people. Those agents send them to
me and I will get their passports. I will send them to work along with
people with different mother tongue. They won’t be able
to speak with each other. Life long, they will work under me.
Am I not smart? You won’t get them hereafter. How could you oppose me? Who gave this courage to speak so? It’s not the courage given by someone. It’s the courage that’s already
mixed in my blood when I was born. Hey! What can you do to me? I came inside your empire so easily.
I can do anything here. Can’t you understand that?
I am going to put an end to your game. Not only you. Even if I desire,
I can’t put an end to this game. It’s because my network is big.
Very big. Even the sea waves might be stopped. But this business cannot be stopped. Laugh nicely.
The person who cry might laugh. The person who laughs might cry. All this happen at the same time. Do you think whoever
came here are tourists? For site seeing,
there are many places in our country. Family, poverty, elder sister’s
marriage, younger sister’s education. Looking after the elders,
to save the father. To pay interest for the amount,
to retrieve the land from debt. For these purposes only, they
do coolie work in their own lands. Thinking that just a yellow
nuptial thread is enough for women. These women send us here by pledging
their original nuptial chains. They sent us here by crying a lot. But you made them cry permanently. You must live happily
with your children. For that, do you want to kill
others by blocking their future? You are starving to become
rich out of many women’s suffering. What money do you need? Durham? INR? Dollar? Euro? You go. In every country,
there is black money kept hidden. Go there and grab them. You want to become the highest
account holder in Swiss bank. For that, you are playing
with many people’s lives. If you play in these
innocent people’s lives.. you think that
no one will question you? Paddy can be chopped in
the place where it is grown. The price for good and bad deeds
should be paid in the same birth. Now, I am telling you.
Storm will get stopped after its turn. Tsunami will get
stopped after its turn. The volcano gets stopped
after its eruption. The poor people who
got betrayed by you. Their sufferings will destroy
your life for generations together. Hey, stop. Coming to my place,
are you cursing me? You can’t harm me in any way.
Now, I am telling you. In tomorrow morning flight, my
drugs will get transported to India. Day after tomorrow,
it will get transported through ship. What will you do? You can never even… Hidden mike and camera. I want you to say the truth.
That’s why, I remained silent. You asked me through
what network I reached here. Your words got recorded
through this network. Do you think you can
catch me with this mike? The connection got cut. Check it out. You can’t do anything with this. Hey, fast. – Oh, God! Signal is gone. My business is taking
place through code number. 822263756. Even if you search in google, you
can’t find details about my business. Hey! See what happened.
It’s been so long. He is alone. I am getting scared.
– Wait. Shh… – You are talking
without knowing the seriousness. I told you that he is so powerful. I told you that he can’t
come back if he go there. I know this.
Hence, I told you not to go there. But one thing. We got the
recordings about his illegal deeds. We must save Saga somehow. You hand over this recorded
footage and arrest him. You are just a small boy.
Are you going to arrest me? Ah! Hey! Lift him and
put him inside dark room. Sir! Don’t worry.
I will call higher police authority. Please call him. Don’t waste the time. Hello! – Hello, Madam!
I am Priya speaking. We caught hold of
a huge criminal network. Our Saga only found out everything. But he is under trap now.
Please save him first. I understand. We have to
handle this matter very carefully. Only he can handle this task.
Indian embassy officer. Fearing his look,
half of the accused got surrendered. Remaining people got
surrendered due to his attack. I will send Mr. Deiveegan. Why did you guys remain so careless? By looking at you, I feel as
if I am seeing myself 25 years back. Instead of getting scared of danger,
I prefer to face that danger at least once. We came for work only.
Why should we get into this problem? Thinking like that,
you didn’t remain away and peep. Instead, you entered inside the trap. That’s the symbol of ambitious fellow. The goals of fellows like
you are similar to a huge sea. It can’t be bordered so easily. You started this war
against these criminals. You put an end to it.
God will remain with you. I will remain with him. Hey, guys!
Stay alert. Stay alert. He is coming. He is coming. Go. Go. Go. Attack. No. No. Please leave me. Wow! This is it. – Wow! It is good. – Nice. It’s
nice to do business with you. – Yes. Thank you! – Take care of yourself. Take care. – Bye! Bye! – Bye! Stop. Stop. What’s going on? Kill him. Bloody hell! Kill him. You made my place as cemetery. Come. Coming to my place,
are you trying to become hero? For that, intelligence is needed. Our Indian youths are
fond of foreign countries. Even Jawaharlal Nehru knew the
importance of India after going to England. These foreigners come
to India only for site seeing. Same way, we must come
to foreign just for site seeing. We should not come
to foreign for a job. Our birth place is like a
will document given by God to us. You should not come
to foreign thinking that.. ..there is no job according
to your qualification. We are ready to work anywhere. There will be a group
who will be there to cheat us. But unknowingly,
we get cheated when it comes to.. language,
new place and new country. While searching for money,
we should not lose our life. We need money only
for leading our lives. But our life can
never be money oriented. Those who came in search of money are
running around the court asking for bail. We are seeing all that. It’s the duty of the government
to get a job for us in our hometown. There are honest officials.. ..and politicians in our country
who is not involved in bribery. It’s your responsibility
to select people like them. I will do necessary arrangements
for you all to go back to India.

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