Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan | Bengali Movie Review by Aritra Banerjee | Film Companion Local

Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan | Bengali Movie Review by Aritra Banerjee | Film Companion Local

Welcome to Film Companion Local. I’m Aritra and now we will review
Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan Written by Sougata Basu,
Directed by Sayantan Ghoshal. We are shown in the film,
that Bimal and Kumar meets a petrol pump owner,
Bakashyam Dhar whose father Radheshyam Dhar
was a scientist. Many years back, he sited a
remote island in Thailand, which has a layer of a mythical
chemical compound named Red Mercury. This chemical could be a very effective
substitute to the gradually exhausting fossil fuel. Bimal and Kumar begin
their quest for this chemical. And during this quest, they come
across a doctor, Rubi Chatterjee. Rubi is also in search of
the same mythical compound which is necessary for her
to save the life of a child. So, they all venture out
together on this journey. The rest of the story is
about their quest for the red mercury And will they be able to
save the life of the little child? Now coming to
the positive points of this film I remember in Steven Speilberg’s Jaws,
since the mechanical shark was not working he did not show the
shark for the most part of Jaws and played with camera angle. A similar kind of approach
is employed by Sayantan Ghosal Because in the case of Bengali films,
the budget is very restricted And with that, it’s really difficult
to make such a VFX driven film He has told the story
in his own way, but has used
the VFX very tactfully. You will get to realize this
when you watch the film I don’t want to reveal it all
because that will be a spoiler! And he has managed to
keep the human emotions intact in the film. At any point in the film or
in any of the scenes, Technology doesn’t overpower
the storytelling or human emotions. This is another aspect,
which I liked. Now coming to the
second positive point, is the VFX team and the production team, i.e Surinder films
are to be appreciated Because generally, we see
the VFX driven Bengali films are made within 6-8months,
right from pre to post production And in the last six years, all such Bengali films
have promoted their budget largely But while we watched it,
the output was not justified And it left many of
the viewers disappointed. But this film has invested
more than one year for the VFX So the VFX we see in the film is much better
than the ones we saw in the teaser and the trailer. You will experience that for yourself. With so much time and
with so much restricted budget, they have been able to
achieve such output, Hats off to them! Now coming to the
third positive point, i.e. the performances Every actor acted very well
according to the theme of the film Be it Parambrata Chatterjee,
Koel Mallick, Gaurav Chakrabarty Or Kaushik Sen and Shantilal Mukherjee. Every one of them has
given good performances. Only I couldn’t digest
the fake accent of rajatava dutta. Now coming to the
negative part of the cinema, Firstly writing Though Sougata basu ‘s story
provides a lot of detailing and carries a
beautiful social message, and the film has been written
with a good intention Despite all these, the screenplay structure
that Sougata Basu has used here… is vividly similar to his previous works. For example, Jawker Dhan Part I and the web series, Dark Web,
all done by the same writer-director duo Like there will be a chase scene
where the bad guy will chase the good guy, then he will fire a gun
at the good guy And he falls off a cliff,
here it’s replaced by a river Later we find the good guy is alive. They have repeated this
pattern a lot in the film. There are many more scenes
which feels like a repetation. Like, even after the climax
one more twist will be revealed. So, the writing structure is very similar
and is not at all experimental. And the worst part about the writing is that
comedy has been incorporated into the screenplay The comedy element works in patches. Along with the writing,
the editing style is also similar to their previous works. The same dissolves, jump cuts If you watch all of
Sayantan Ghoshal and Sougata Basu’s work you will identify that
they have followed a similar style Particularly, the first half of the film
shows repetitions of their previous works and scenes If the writing was better
and there was a freshness to it, then the film would have gone
to a much higher level. Now coming to the final verdict This is not at all a bad film. But if this writer-director due are given
more flexibility and more budget Then in these VFX driven films
or adventure, treasure hunt genres they can take Bengali cinema
to a higher level. So that was it guys!
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  1. Tumi review deta jano na bujla. Movie baja motamuti vlo khub vlo ja kono ekta bolo. Basi vadao tumi. Ar kharap na khub vlo na ei sb jani bolo. Ek line ay vlo ki kharap ki motamuti sata bolta paro na. Tmr review khub confuse kora.

  2. I loved the entire movie..
    every bit of the film was fantastic..but the twist after the climax is very good to few people or can be disliked by few audience..that depends how they accept the film.
    Otherwise such kind of attempt was taken for the first time in Bengali everyone should support such a brilliant film.

  3. দাদা আপনাদের কাছে থেকে … আমার একটা প্রশ্নের উওর টা জানতে চাই … দয়া করে দেবেন আশা করছি ……
    আমার প্রশ্ন টা হলো … যত ভালোই সিনেমা হোক না কেনো … আপনারা তার ভুল ঠিক খুঁচিয়ে খুঁচিয়ে বের করেন … তাহলে আপনারা একটা গল্প লিখে সিনেমা করুন না … আমরা তাহলে সবাই মিলে গিয়ে সিনেমাটি গিয়ে দেখি সেটা কতোটা নিঁখুত । … ভালো সিনেমা কে ভালো আর খারাপ কে খারাপ বলতে শিখুন । ভুলভাল গেজিয়ে গেজিয়ে মানুষের কান মাথা ঝালাপালা করে দেবেন না । আপনাদের এই সব ভাট বকার কারনে বাংলা সিনেমার এই অবস্থা । একটা ইউটিউব চ্যানেল খুলে নিজের বড়ো বড়ো হনু মনে করে যা ইচ্ছে বলে যাচ্ছে একেবারে ।

  4. অখাদ্য সিনেমা। জঘন্য ভি এফ এক্স। হাস্যকর গল্প, কোনো মাথামুণ্ডু নেই গল্পের। কোয়েল মল্লিকের ন্যাকা ন্যাকা কান্না। ২ ঘন্টা পুরো অত্যাচার। তারপর শেষে আবার এলিএন। বাচ্চা দের হয়তো ভালো লাগবে কাঞ্চন এর কমেডির জন্য । সাধারণ দর্শক কেন ২০০ ৩০০ টাকা খরচা করে এই রকম জঘন্য সিনেমা দেখতে যাবে?

  5. SVF releases its films in other metro cities. In Mumbai some Bengali movies have got great views. Like Amazon Obhijaan, Ek je chilo raja, Gumnami. Other movies like cinemawala, byomkesh films also did pretty well. Disappointed that a movie like Sagardwipey didn't release here.

  6. Negatives don't matter since i have never watched their films before. So all together, they don't count in the negative genre. They are not marvel movies that almost everyone would know their work😆😆. That falls into your personal baggage while going for a movie

  7. Tumi toh bolechile world e 7ta main one line story achhe. Kono movie er baire noy. Abar era eki typer er film banachche bole obhijog?🙄

  8. বাংলা সিনেমার রিভিউ করতে এত ইংরেজি কপচান কেন? এটা কি একটা অসুখ? We don't want a bengali Roger Ebert here.

  9. মনে হচ্ছে তাড়াতাড়ি বলে বেরিয়ে যেতে পারলে বাঁচে

  10. poisa diye vfx vlo sobsomoy hoy na.kom budgeteo standard vfx hoy.eta ekta indie series jeta nammatro budget bollywood r koro jodi vlo content ke mon theke valobasho–

  11. First of all…Bimal and Kumar ,Hemendra Kumar Roy er Sristi 2 ti Unforgettable Characters of Bengali Adventure Fiction ,2017 e 'Jawker Dhan' chilo Sri Roy er Proti Tribute bola jete paare .Ebare 'Abar Jawker Dhan' or 'Suryanagari er Guptadhan' er moto Bimal Kumar kahini niye Movie Banano Jeto Kintu Ebar Directior Moulik Kahini Niye Ekta Chesta Korechen , Bangla Cinemay Edhoroner Special Effects,Location Etc te Kaaj Kore adventure dhormi movie Possible Hcche aaj Eta Onek Boro Bapar So Ei Prochesta tuku Sokoler (Jara Bangla literature & Cinema ke Valobasen) appreciate kora utchit.Aar amra to etobochor Western literary Characters like James Bond Etc (Comic Book Characters Niyeo Universe Toiri Hcche Porpor Movies Asche) Dekhe Elam Hollywood E,Kyek Bochor Dhore Bangla Cinema Industry r Limited Resources er mdhye Je Bangla Literary Kichu Gem Characters ke Firiye Anar Chesta Hocche Kharap Ki,Akhnkar Children rao Marvel Universe er Baire Januk Amader Feluda,Bimal Kumar ,Shankar,Kakababu ,Prof. Shonku der Katha ,Bangla Cinema aaro Unnoti korbe .

  12. I m on with destruction or degeneration of Bengali film industry ;
    India us diversified country with
    Various language with respective States and with that separate culture ;
    So although their can be " regional films industry " in India but still I think
    Other then south film industry and Hindi film industry all other industry should collapse within ;
    Obviously less will eventually bring down the quality of cinema ;
    I m against Bollywood only be coz it's prone to make content thats anti Hindu and anti Hindu culture ;
    And pro islamisation ;
    Although knowing whole stability of present India that 70 yrs ;
    Is only becoz Hindus are ok with
    Growth and expansion of minority community in their land ;
    This hardly any sensible community will allow ;
    Coz the more minority occupied the land and it's resources the more rapidly the core real habitats will loose their ground voice and power in that land ;
    Their is no or zero hypothetical in this thing ;
    It's practical world matter ;

  13. যেইভাবে মুখ নেরে হাত নেরে এক্সপ্রেশন দিয়ে রিভিউ করছো দেখে যেন মনে হচ্ছে সিনেমা নিয়ে তুমি অনেক গবেষণা করেছ । অনেক সিনেমা বানিয়ে একটা বড় মাপের ডিরেক্টর হয়ে গেছো 🤣🤣🤣🤣 তাই এখন আসছো এই সিনেমাগুলো রিভিউ করতে ।

  14. যখন প্রভাসের সাহো মুক্তি পেয়েছিল তখন hollywood এই ওই এইসব আলতুফালতু বকে review hocchilo। শেষে দেখা গেল as usual যতই দারুন সুপারস্টার মেগাস্টার হোক সিনেমার গল্প ভালো না হলে সিনেমা চলে না। প্রভাস ও তাই ডোবাল।

    কিন্তু একটা বাংলা সিনেমা এই পর্যায়ে চলে গেছে সেইটা দেখে খুঁত বের করতে হচ্ছে?? বাজেট ঠিক থাকলে আমাকে ডিরেক্টর করে দিক আমিও জয়ন্ত মানিক বিমল কুমার নিয়ে hollywood বানিয়ে দোব

  15. ১. খুব বাজে শুটিং। সায়ান্তন এখনো শেখেনি। সোনাগাছি ভয়ঙ্কর এর প্রোডাক্ট এর চে ভালো পারবেও না। একই প্রোডাক্ট সৌগত। অতএব….
    ২. ঘরের লোক দিয়ে বার বার অভিনয় করালেও, বাজেট বাঁচে, সিনেমা বাঁচে না।
    ৩. পাঞ্জাবি বাবুর অন্য ছক আছে। ভুলভাল কিছু সিনেমা বানিয়ে রেখে, গোছা ধরে OTT তে বেচে দেওয়ার। যার ফলে, খারাপ ছবি টানা বানিয়েই চলেছে। এটা বিজনেস। সিনেমা নয়। অবশ্য, বুদ্ধি আবার কবে হল…
    ৪. সায়ান্তন কে ওয়েব সিরিজ করতে দিয়ে হাত কামড়াচ্ছে। লাল বাজার টা এখন বাল বাজারে পরিণত। ১৫ দিনের re-shoot. অতএব লাভের গুড় পিঁপড়ের পেটে। সায়ণতন দায়িত্ত্ব নিয়ে ডুবিয়েছে।
    ৫. ভাত ঘুম দাও সব।

  16. eta ki review 6ilo ?🙄
    kono perfect movie.kintu ekhane kharap er theke valo dik ta ank besi.tai valor prasangsha kore manus k hall mukhi krar chesta krle valo hoto.

    prattaeker e ekta signature style a6e.Thle to blben Bhansali kno besir vag cinema te baro set use kre.karan johar kno airport e cinema ses kre.prattteker nijasswa golpo blar dhran o a6e.

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