Sammohanam Full Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari (English & Arabic Subtitles)

Sammohanam Full Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari (English & Arabic Subtitles)

Very good, son! – Thank you, sir. But why don’t you approach
a big publisher instead of us? No, sir.
The others are very commercial. I like your passion very much. Passion is overrated.
We are always distressed about funds. It is okay, sir. I shall wait. Incidentally you can
publish these yourself. You appear to be
from an affluent family. That is my father’s wealth, sir.
I want my own identity. It would be nice if a person
like you brought me recognition. My dream is being launched
from this publishing house. If that is the case,
then why don’t we.. ..publish you in six
months with a good concept? That’s it! Thank you, sir! I will be here. – We want it too.
Even we want good artists. Payment can be delayed a bit, so..
– That’s okay, sir. Every day I shall pray some magic
takes place in your life. – Good. Take this. Thank you so much, sir.
– All the best! Mom. You have set up
a sweet dumpling factory. Come here. You have returned now? You’re still preparing sweet
dumplings? It is lunch time. It is Vatsala’s grandson’s
birthday tomorrow. That’s why. This is the last batch. Almost done. Your meeting? – My first book
will be published in six months. Shyam sir, my favorite children’s
book publisher has made me an offer. Congrats! There. – Mom. It is very tasty.
Nobody can compete with you in taste. Not even a senior chef. You’re just in a
rut in this Bank colony. I feel really bad for you. A chef is one who
the customers approach.. ..not one who requests customers. True. Are you hungry? – Yes. Go and bring your dad and sister.
Lunch is ready. My work is done. Go. – Okay. Hey, dance India. – Hi, brother. What are you doing? I have both my botany
exam and dance test tomorrow. I’m preparing for both
of them at the same time. How did your meeting go? In the next six months.. – Yes. Your brother’s first
book will be published. There is going to be a commotion
in the world of children’s books. Wow! – The children’s popular…
of the year award.. ..will go to me.
– Wow, brother. I’m so glad. Congrats! – Where is dad? He is watching a movie. ‘You nurtured and raised him.’ ‘What more can a father do?’ ‘My child.’ ‘If you hadn’t come here you
wouldn’t have to witness any of this.’ Dad. Lunch. Emotional dad. S V Rao. Great actor. He has broken my heart. How can you cry after
watching it 100 times, dad? It is this great actor
who makes me cry so many times. Do you see such great
actors these days? Everyone has only one dialogue. Who is he? Where has he come from? Chop him up! Gross! English faces. Dubbed voice. Needless screams. Let’s go. By the way, what will
you teach the kids these days? Who reads books these days? All of them have iphones
and ipads in their hands. Video games. – Or TV or movies. Hey! Don’t criticize movies.
What have movies done? The movies are spoiling people.
Needless song and dance and violence. Really? Did the Ramayan and Mahabharata
take place after watching movies? That’s different, dad.
– This is different too. Give me a sweet dumpling.
– Sure. Be it 7D or 3D, cell phone or ipad,
no matter how many things come along.. ..cinema and literature
will never change. That’s that. You’re right about literature.. ..but cinema? Cinema? – Hello. There is something good and
something bad about everything. Under the pretext of modern
art there are many frauds.. ..who have drawn lines and
earned millions of rupees. I see. Just because you don’t
understand it, it is meaningless? The movies are worthless
because you don’t understand them? Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Everyone has their own taste.
Don’t argue. We are not arguing. It’s a discussion. His words should make sense,
shouldn’t they? Even you can draw nice paintings and
keep your art alive for generations. What’s stopping you? I will. – Just saying you
will won’t cut it. Prove it. You can ask me if you need a concept.
I will help you. You will help me? Why are you laughing? Surely, I can offer him ideas. Hello. You all are
unaware of my creativity. In due time you will
know just who I am. “Life is such a mystery.” “It makes you laugh at times.” – Sir. “It makes you cry sometimes.” – Sir. Who is that? Greetings, sir. Who do you wish to see?
– Glad to meet you, sir. I came to see you, sir. – To see me? Who are you? – My name is Das, sir. Yashodas? – No. Only Das. Is this your house, sir? Things aren’t so bad I’d have to
work as a gardener in other’s homes. What do you want? – I want the house. We live here ourselves.
It’s not for rent. – Not for rent. For shooting. Film shooting. – Shooting? What? Shooting? Film shooting? At our house? Yes. Yes. Really, dad? Who is the hero?
– Someone called Kishor Kapoor. Yes. Oh! Kishor Kapoor.
– His father is the Producer. He has invested a lot of money. The has chosen a girl called
Samira or Sakina as heroine. Samira! Samira Rathod. Samira Rathod. Dad, she’s gorgeous! Will she come to our house? Hello. Our house will
be their house in the movie. O my God! O my God!
O my God! Hey! Stop it. How could you
let the house without asking us? Am I supposed to hold elections
in the house just for 20 days? 20 days! At our house? I can’t believe this.
– Why? What’s the big deal? They will only do their job. They..They.. Mamma, they shot
at my friend’s home one month ago. Two days. They wrecked
the whole house in just two days. We are talking about 20 days here. No. No, dad. No. – Yes. Refuse them. Why should I refuse them when
they have accepted my conditions? Conditions? What conditions? I said if they give me
a character in the movie.. ..I would let them
use the house for free. They agreed. Mom, did you hear what I heard? What did you hear?
– Dad is going to act. Dad. – Have you lost your mind, dad.
You act? In a movie? What’s wrong with that?
It has been my childhood dream. So, why didn’t you tell us?
– What would you do if I had told you? Would you make a movie
with me as a hero in it? The way you say it,
like I lost a big chance. I am telling you now. But what about your job? I took voluntary
retirement one month ago. Crap! Although I didn’t tell anyone. For 30 years I worked like
an ass in the government job. I earned a lot of money.
I provided education for him. I am providing education for her.
I have good savings. I built a nice house. I’ve had enough. It’s my life. One. Just one performance
is sufficient. One. One. If you see it.. You won’t understand. Where have you been
going for the past month.. ..claiming you were
going to the office? To the studios, ma’am. To the Producers. One has to look for opportunities. I was going around with my album. Album? You have an album? Show me. Show me. Show me.
Show me. Dad. Superb! Wow! Don. Dad. You’re making
a huge mistake, dad. Is this necessary at your age? You are very sensitive. In the films? This world is horrible. They make up tall stories
and give you dreams. Wow! Spoken just
like your grandfather. I did not want to be like him. That’s why I encouraged you without
a word when you chose fine arts. If your grandfather were
around he would have dragged you.. ..into some college offering
engineering, MBA or CA course. You too are an artist. I thought you would understand
the feelings of another artist. Dad, my art brings joy to children. It gives growth to their imagination. In my art people don’t wear
short clothes and dance abroad. It is a revered profession, dad. Okay. The life that is shown in movies
is fake. The emotions are fake. It’s a dirty field. – Hey! Be quiet! Don’t insult my passion!
This is my house! I will give permission
to anyone I wish. If need be, I’ll take off my clothes
to perform an item song in the film. It’s my wish. I have made up my mind!
– Listen to me. Be quiet, all of you! I shouldn’t act.
I shouldn’t give permission. It is my house. It is my wish. I will act! Heroine Harita can’t fall
asleep at night without doing it. What? – You see? You see? Do you see the reaction?
This is what I wanted. That is the headline
on the opening page. If we click to open it.. Heroine Harita can’t fall asleep
at night without brushing her teeth. That’s what it says. – What? Ninety percent people
read news like this. People only decide whether
to book tickets or not.. ..after seeing their reviews. Shall we start a website too?
– Yes, let’s do it. I am bored of this IT job. Do you know I have even
thought up a good name? What have you thought? – What kind of a name is that? What do you know anyway? Shooting is going to
take place at my house. What did you say? Shooting is going to
take place at your house? Is it a film or a serial? It must be a short film.
Don’t you see he has a long face? Who is the hero? – Kishor Kapoor. Lord knows who he is. Isn’t Kishor Kapoor the one who’s been
trying to act for the past 5 years? Yes, the same old hero. Who is the heroine? – Samira Rathod. Samira Rathod! You’re kidding, buddy. For how long? – For 20 days. Wow! Shut up!
What is the matter? – Nothing. You know about him, don’t you? He wants to give up his
IT job and start up a website. Cinemas, gossips and reviews.
Total filmi website. And the name will be If Samira Rathod will be at your
house I will get exclusive gossips.. ..bytes, clips, pics and beeps. Listen, our website will be number
1 not only overseas but in space too. That’s right, buddy. – We shared
a room. Now tell me your share. Tell us. Tell us, please. What’s the big deal about these stars? Their glamor is fake.
Their stories are fake. Their acting is fake. And yet you guys feel happy? They are ordinary people like us, man. Stars are not ordinary people! If we pay to buy tickets to see them,
surely there’s something special. Nobody knows what it is.
It is a secret of the universe, bro. I will let you know when I find out. Meanwhile tell me
what your share will be. It’s just a matter of 20 days.
You can stay here if you wish. We will stay at your house.
You can draw here at leisure. That’s not a bad idea, buddy.
– Both of you are crazy. We are kids.
We are like delicate flowers. We are the future. – Listen to me. Listen. – Listen. Is it okay? – Yes, it’s okay. Okay. Sorry, sir. The lighting will take a
little time but your house is nice. Any problem? – Nothing, sir. Which bathroom may we use, sir? It is okay. You may.. Hey! What are you doing? It is starting. Come quickly.
Come quickly. It’s exciting. What have you done? Is it China clay? – Yes. That’s why it broke easily. Hey! Who broke that? I won’t spare you. I told them to use the
bathroom in the second bedroom. Look at this. – It broke? In any case, this is rubbish.
Meaningless modern art. Good riddance. Hey, you’re still here? Freshen up.
Have a bath and come down. The shooting is about to begin. Listen, brother! Brother. Brother. Brother.
Brother. Brother. I am bunking college
to watch the shoot. Have your bath quickly. What are you doing? – Hello!
That is our cooker, not yours. How many times must I tell you? Mother! Hey! Who are you? Just a minute, sir.
What are you doing? This is his room. You want to go to the washroom,
right? – Yes. Please. – Sorry, sir.
We are using your room. You need it. On the way. On the way.
Glad to meet you. You are having coffee?
We were going to bring you some. It is okay, sir. Ma’am, lunch will be
on us for the next 20 days. Anything you want.
– It’s okay. It’s okay. I will not take no. Sir has agreed.
Look. Look over there. He is discussing his character
with the writer. You are doing very well, sir.
Glad to meet you. Go and take a look
at what he is doing. Hey. I said yes. It is a superb character.
I’ll tell you about it later. Hey! What is this?
– It fell by accident. Damn you!
You can’t stand in one place. Sorry, son.
I hope there was no damage. You don’t know how I convinced
the owner of the house. Son, I will reimburse
you if there is any damage. That is not necessary. Just use your
brains. That would suffice. – We will. I have a little bit.
The Producer knows. Why were you in such a hurry? Actually, the heroine is coming.
So.. – So, what? Is she the great Queen Victoria? Oh! I think she has come. Hey, put that inside and
quickly bring the AC. – Yes. Excuse me for a minute, son. She’s here.
She’s here. She’s here. She’s here. Brother. Brother.
Brother. Look, she’s here. Why are you hitting me? Listen, boy.
Take care of ma’am. – Okay, sir. O God! The heroine is here, sir.
Shooting will start in 40 minutes. Superb! Superb, sir!
Enjoy, sir. Enjoy. – Yes. Hey, get ready for the shot. He is arranging the schedule. This is Mr.
Sarvesh. The owner of this place. Hi, Samira. Did you see how pretty the heroine is? Why have you worn sunglasses
in the house? Have you become a star? I am going over there.
– Okay. I want to watch the shot. Morning. – Good morning. Hi, Samira. Good time? – Hi. How are you? Good, sir. How are you? Hi. So, sir, this is your portion. Where are the dialogues? Sami, let me know once you’re ready. Sir, I’m just going
to take a minute. – Sure. Okay. Once she’s ready she’ll
let me know. Two minutes, sir. Hey! Can you not take pictures?
Please. I’m in costume. No pictures! – Sorry. Sorry. I’ll give it to you later. – Okay. Please stop her.
– Excuse me! Don’t take photos. Give me.
Give me the phone. Delete them. What are you doing?
– Ma’am is getting annoyed. Scram! Everyone’s gone crazy.
– Glad to meet you. Sir. Sir. He is getting disturbed, sir.
Please don’t shake your legs. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Hey! If you move the frame to the left,
I think you will get more greenery. Right? – Sir, the Director’s mood
will be ruined. Please, sir. I beg of you. Please try to
understand, sir. – Sorry. Okay. I’m ready, sir.
– Superb! Is everybody ready? Clap in. Scene two. Take one. Right! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Cut!
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! What is this? Didn’t you notice
such a big lizard on the wall? How are you doing your job?
Look. It is such a big lizard. Sir. Sir.
Sir. What are you doing, sir? Try to understand, sir.
What are you doing? – Sorry, guys. Let it go on. – Extremely sorry. Sorry, sir.
The cameraman will handle everything. Don’t go over there, sir.
Please. I request you. I said it… Because I’ve never seen
a lizard before in my house. It too must have come
to watch the shooting. Even the lizard must want to act.
– Glad to meet you. Silence! – Hush. Silence! Let the back up take place.
Then I will show you. Silence! Hush. Okay. Ready, sir. Clap in! Roll camera.
– Scene two. Take one. And action! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sai! Focus, Sami. Please.
Sami, focus. – Sorry, sir. Yes, sir. – Focus! Sorry. And action! You were the one who said.. blow of a brownsmith
is equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut! Oh my! What was that? Suresh! – Sir. Sir. Sir. Suresh, bring the dialogue. One blow of a blacksmith. One blow of a blacksmith is
equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. Not brownsmith. Blacksmith. – Sorry. Okay. – I was wondering
the same thing. What did that mean?
What is a brownsmith? Let it be, sir.
She does not know Hindi. We will correct it during dubbing. Please, sir. Glad to meet you. One blow of a blacksmith is
equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. One blow of a brownsmith is
equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. That is how your superstar
heroine speaks Hindi. These foreign return
girls make mistakes.. ..and the dubbing artists correct it. They should have taken a Hindi
speaking heroine. – Yes. Exactly. You be quiet. One has to stand in queue even to
do the villain and father’s character. Look at the people standing behind
her. They are begging for a role. They are begging for a role? – Yes. Dad, you haven’t got a break
as yet and you’re already complaining? Silence! One blow of a blacksmith is
equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. Okay. Ready, sir. Roll camera. And action! You were the one who said.. blow of a blacksmith
is equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. He is my fiancé. And Kishor… I like Kishor. I refuse to marry anyone but him. I love him, dad. – Silence! Perfect. Cut! Superb! You should learn from her, dad. Superb, Sami! Fantastic! Very nice! One blow of a brownsmith is
equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. O, God! Is this how Hindi is spoken? If this goes on by the
time the shooting is ends.. ..I will die of laughter. Quiet. Quiet. If other actors perform
your character it is wrong.. ..but it is not wrong if foreign
return girls try their luck here? You are not making any sense. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop. Stop. Don’t argue. The girl is very pretty. Her eyes and her lips are very pretty. I can’t take my eyes off her. Right? She is a beauty. Admit it, brother. – Yes. That’s why people are crazy about her.
– That’s right. When I see pretty girls,
I wonder if they are normal. Things like brushing their
teeth or going to the bathroom.. Lord knows when my scene will come. Hey! Do as you are told! He will only be my
son-in-law if I like him.. This actor will not do. And cut! Perfect! Perfect! The shot was superb,
not the performance. He will only be my son-in-law
if I like him or else.. ..he will die. That’s how it is done. He was better. What did you say? Look over there.
Das is buttering him up. Sir, you have written
a fantastic line. It will set the screen on fire. Where did you get so much fire?
– He has used so much petrol, Mr. Das. It is bound to set fire. Stop it, sir. If the Director
is like our Mr. Suraj.. ..he wrings the monster
out from within. What will he bring out of you, dad? Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. What’s the matter?
– What about my scene, sir? You are the owner, aren’t you?
Das told me. Wait and watch. I shall write a
strong character for you. Just wait for one week. Then the
Industry will gawk at you like this. Yes. – Alright, then. I too have some amazing ideas.
– Let’s go and share them, sir. Buddy. Buddy. Buddy. We want to
take a photo with Samira darling. Shut up. Get out of here. We are only asking to take a photo. Who knows when we might
get this chance again? That’s right, buddy. These
two have taken and off to come here. Get us one photo. Please. Don’t I have anything better to do? Not for the website. We don’t even have much
following on the whatsappgroup.. ..then how will have
a following on the website. It is job frustration. Please do it. Come along.
Come along. Please. What do you want? Friends, ma’am.
They are friends of the owner’s son. Photo.. One moment. Is she coming, sir?
– Hold on, brother. Come in. What are you doing? Wait. Hello. – Hi. Hi. Sorry to disturb you.
– It’s cool. Don’t worry about it. These are my friends. They want
to take some pictures with you. Sure. Come. One photo, ma’am. Please. Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry. Force of habit. – No, it’s okay. Come. – No. Go. Go. – You will look
like a hero with ma’am. Go. Go. Go. Go. – Go! Thank you so much.
– You’re most welcome. Sorry for disturbing you.
– No, it’s okay. Are you planning
on staying here? – Bye. Bye. – Bye. Bye – Bye. Let’s go. – Thank you. Thank you very much. Bye. Bye. Love you. – Is she your girlfriend? Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute? With me, right? – Vijay. Go. Wonderful! – Go. Go. Go. Go. Please sit. Tea. Coffee. Anything? No, no. I’m good. Sure? – Yeah. Okay. So.. ..yesterday you said my Hindi.. I heard. – Oh! I mean..that’s.. I’m sorry. – No. I did not mean. No. you have a point.
You were right. Actually, I’m trying to learn. I am trying a little to learn Hindi. I really didn’t mean to say that. Incidentally Hindi is very simple. You will learn if you try a little. I’m really sorry.
Extremely sorry. – No. No. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
– No. No. It’s not that. Listen.
Please.. ..teach me.. recite the Hindi dialogues.
– What? Me? – Yes, you. Your. You. That’s impossible, actually.
– Why? Don’t you know? Hindi is the second language for
the current generation, isn’t it? Not for me. I know it.
– Then teach her. At least if she learns
Hindi whilst in your house.. ..she won’t be a laughing stock. You don’t even have a job.
Your dad told me. Said. I don’t have one
now but I will find one. I make illustrations for children’s
books. – Yeah, I know. You draw pictures for children’s
books in Hindi, right? So, your Hindi is really good. It’s not like Hindi in films.
– Hey, I can arrange for a salary. Wage. She says she will arrange
for you to get paid. I understand. Basically, I just want you to help me. Why me? – Because you are an artist.. ..and you will understand
my situation. Comprehend.
– That’s it. Teach her like that. Please. Please. Please. Please. Okay. Okay. I will teach you.
– Really? Really. – Starting tomorrow? From tomorrow? – Yeah. From tomorrow. Thank you so much. – See you. Okay, bye. – Bye. He’s here. He’s here. Why were you in for so long? It takes time. – To do what? To discuss everything.
– You have such a dirty mind. Are you going to create the
website with such a dirty mind? I am telling you my
website will be a hit. What did Samira say? She wants me to teach her Hindi.
Dialogues and her.. Dialogues?
– You will teach her Hindi dialogues? I have to coach her on the dialogues
in the scenes she has to do. That’s all.
– So, what did you tell her? What could I say? I said yes. Morning to evening
with Samira every day. What are you doing? Hey. Hi. – Hi. You look great. Really? Yeah. Stunning, actually. Thank you. Here you go. Coffee? – Yeah. Mum sent it. Thank you. Shall I wait outside?
– No. No. Stay. Please stay.
– Stay will suffice. Stay will suffice.
– It will not suffice. Stay is enough. Stay. – Yeah. Hello. Yes, tell me. O God. Tell me. No, I am at the shoot. I cannot talk now. I’m at work.
There are people around me. What do you mean by that? I told you.. ..not to call me again and again. I’m not lying. Can I please work in peace? Okay, bye. Sorry. I’m ready. Any problems? – No, no. All good. Shall we start?
– Yeah. Sure. Daugher means..
– Not daughter. Daughter. Daughter means without thinning..
– Thinking. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hey. Hi. Hi. Hi. How are you? How is everything? The primal power.. ..The creator of
primal power is hippo.. Happy. Happy. Not hippo. What you need to do in the
next scene is.. – Hey! By the way. Where is Samira? – She’s here. Oh, she’s here?
I’ll just come. – Okay. Just a minute. I’m coming.
– Yes, yes. What are you waiting for?
Open the door. Dad, I love him.
– Hey! Baby doll. Hey, hero. – Hey, you love him? That’s me, right?
– I was.. ..just rehearsing.
– That means falling in love. Ha-ha. Scenes. Dialogues.
– So, rehearse with me. You can teach me the scenes
and I shall teach you the dialogues. Shut up! – Why not? By the way, this is Vijay. Oh. Hey, hi. – He’s my dialogue coach. Hey, dude. – Hello. No, no. It’s okay. Remain seated. He’s the house owner’s son. Oh, really? – Yeah. That means your Hindi
is pretty good. Right? What can I do? My parents taught
me Hindi when I was a kid. So I learned. Naughty boy.
Naughty boy. – Just kidding. What timing! It’s okay. You know. I’ll go and get ready.
– See you. Go ahead and learn Hindi.
– See you. I’ll see you. – Bye. Bye. When there’s an argument
between mother and daughter. You are the heroine’s older uncle. I’ve written a powerful
character, sir. Firstly, as a goon.
Then as a Naxalite. Later you go to the Himalayas
and return as a yogi.. ..and build a big software Company. I have written a great character
who earns millions for you. Sir. The character is superb, sir. If you write amazing
dialogues I shall.. Just wait and watch. You will
be showered with praise. Silence!
– Sir. Sir. The shot is ready. My love is just as natural as it
is natural for a dog to bark. I will kill you if you threaten
me like I am a toy.. ..I will dismember you
if you restrain me.. ..and if you stare at
me I will gouge your eyes out. Why is he behaving like a dog? Dad. – You be quiet! Dad, I love him. Mansi, for me to have a daughter
like you is my misfortune. It is not a misfortune
to have a daughter, father. It is good fortune that
the primal power has granted you. It is a sin to be born to a father
who regards his daughter a burden. Cut! Perfect! Wow! That’s cool! – Thanks. Wow, Samira! Superb! Well done! You taught her so well.
Your magic worked. Hello, ma’am. Well done! Superb! – Superb! I’ll call you, ma’am. I’ll call you. Thank you. Let’s go. Let’s go. Samira. Samira. – Thank you. What brilliant Hindi, Samira!
– Thank you. Mr. Sarvesh’s son coached her. Is it? – Yeah. I asked him to coach
and he agreed. – Nice! That’s brilliant. – Then go ahead
and continue with him. Yes. By the way, teach the
hero some Hindi as well. He is talking about relationships. Senseless acting. Expressionless
dialogue delivery. Suresh, get the set ready. Crap! He speaks without thinking. Sir! Sir! Shall I order a drink for you? Sir! Listen to me. “Hello. You’ve taken my heart.” “Your endearing manner of scolding.” “Hello. You’ve taken my heart.” “Your endearing and adorable manner.” “Then why shouldn’t
this moment be special?” “You are special, buddy.” “No matter where I go, I see you.” “You are everywhere.” “You are my need, just like breath.” “Every moment in the heart.” “Hello. You’ve taken my heart.” “Your endearing and adorable manner.” “Every time that she smiles.” “It becomes your identity.” “Every time that she smiles.” “It becomes your identity.” “Whether you are
the heart or the world.” “I only exist when you are around.” “Whether you are
the heart or the world.” “I only exist when you are around.” “Hello. You’ve taken my heart.” “Your endearing and adorable manner.” “What would I want
if you are with me?” “Everything I have is for you.” “What would I want
if you are with me?” “Everything I have is for you.” “The heart with the
heart and you with me.” “God has united us.” “The heart with the
heart and you with me.” “God has united us.” “Hello. You’ve taken my heart.” “Your endearing and adorable manner.” “Then why shouldn’t
this moment be special?” “You are special, buddy.” “No matter where I go, I see you.” “You are everywhere.” Pack up! Lord knows how much
it is going to rain. The whole village is submerged. Ma’am, there is a traffic jam
on your route. Very bad! You stay here only till tomorrow
morning shooting. Do regular. Such a big jam?
– Bread and jam, ma’am. All roads are water river flow,
flow, flow. All roads are full. Why don’t you stay, dear? That’s right, dear.
It is raining heavily outside. The BMW will submerge. Also, we have a scene
together tomorrow. We could rehearse it once. So, in our scene.. Change your clothes and wipe off
your make-up. I’ll prepare food. She will eat. Okay, dear. You can go. Is it okay, ma’am? – Done! This look was inspired by Brando. Muscles. Guts. Everything I followed Brando blindly. You like it? A streetcar named desire. Have you seen the film? Your father or grandfather
must have seen it. There aren’t any green
vegetables in the fridge.. ..other than dry green
chilies and 2 tomatoes. I’ll bring some. – Listen. Bring
anything but cabbage or cauliflower. Bring chicken if possible. We shall treat her to
our style of food today. I’ll get good food to eat at
least until the heroine is at home. Go. Go. – Okay, okay. I’ll get it. It is raining.
Take the raincoat. – Yes, mom. Because this brother is here. Look. This is aggression. No. No. Because this brother is here. This is emotion. Because this brother is here. This is anger. You got my point? I can give several such variations. Sometimes I get scared
when I watch my own reels. I feel surprised. I’m always surprised. Talent is God’s gift. And I have it. Tons of it. Nature. Mom, I’m going. Where are you going?
– I am going to the supermarket. I’ll come with you. What? – I’ll come with you. No, no. If someone sees
us it could be a problem. That’s right, girl. Risk. We have our rehearsal to do as well. I’ll bring the windcheater. Fast. – Coming. Coming.
What are you doing? Okay. Okay. Butterscotch in the rain.
– Okay. Praline. Look. I’ll pay for it, okay. Really? I never imagined your
habits would be so simple. If you spend some more time with me.. will learn many
more interesting things. I never imagined you
would speak Hindi so well.. ..and in such a short time. No credit goes to me for that. All the credit goes to the teacher. Long live, teacher! Ma’am. You are Samira, aren’t you?
Heroine Samira. – O God! Come. Come. Come.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on! me Come on!
Hurry! Come. Come. Come. Listen! “Say it from the heart.” “Don’t stop now.” “The heart is full of enthusiasm.” “What are you thinking?” “Whatever happens. Whatever happens.
Whatever happens. Whatever happens.” “Let all our attitudes be new.” “Let all the paths be full of dreams.” “Today they are telling
me to forget everything.” “Every day there will be.. ..a new dawn of happiness.” “Overlook all the
grudges and resentment.” “Openly live all the moments you get.” “Overlook all the
grudges and resentment.” “Openly live all the moments you get.” “Live every moment to the fullest.” “Come here.” “Live openly and publicly in love.” Aunty! Oh, no. You got drenched, didn’t you? Did you buy chicken?
– I bought it, mom. I had a great time.
– Really? Yes. The fans recognized her, mom.
– Really? Give her a towel.
If she catches a cold.. ..our shoot will
be called off tomorrow. Wasn’t my windcheater useful? Take this. Take this. Take her inside. Yes. Come. Come. Hurry up. Take this. – You go too. You have
to teach her dialogues tomorrow. Yes, yes. Wipe yourself well. Daughter. Listen. – Yes. Rain. Come on in. Wow! You look great! – Thank you. Come. Come. La. One should say la. The diction should be correct. People don’t like it when
they are corrected. Stop it, dad. Let her
eat in peace. – Yes. Eat, my girl.
I used to be a vegetarian. I ate chicken prepared by
her and became a non-vegetarian. The food is very good.
– Thank you, my girl. What is the use? Look at your hands. Like sticks. Look at the girls in
our day and age. Round, round. They used to be like sweet dumplings.
Take that. Eat. Eat. Savitri. Monishri.
Jaya Pradha. My Anusuya. Look at how she is. Shut up, Sarvesh! No. You have to try this. No. No. Aunty, shall I clean the dishes?
– No, no, no, no, no. The maid will come in the morning.
You relax. Sure? It’s okay, dear. Thank you, aunty. You have an amazing family. You are a sweetheart too. Hey. If you’re done eating ice-cream,
can we go to the terrace? The moon must have risen.
I love to see that. – Okay. Yes. All of us will go upstairs. The two of us will
rehearse in the moonlight. I shall rehearse with you.
Let the two of them go. The scene is with this girl.
– Sarvesh. Yes. You two go, my dear. Come. Come. Hurry.
– Give that to me. Have fun. They are young people. So? – Let them be. You can rehearse with me,
can’t you? The scene has changed. Old people, romantic scene. It’s so lovely! So beautiful! May I ask you something? Do you manage everything on your own? I mean your parents.
Don’t you have your mom and dad? Sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude.
– No. No. No. No. No. That’s okay. My parents don’t
like cinema and acting. You’re amazing! Why? I don’t mean that. You are in this field all by yourself. It’s dirty and tough, isn’t it? I mean.. So cinema is dirty.. ..and the rest of the world is clean? No. No. No. No. No. No. I didn’t mean it that way. What kind of a girl
I am in your opinion? What?
– No. No. Generally, people have different
opinions about film heroines. What do you think? ..for my career and success? Could I too have compromised.. What kind of compromise
are you referring to? – You know. No, I don’t know. Tell me. Going out. You want to know what I think? Okay. I can say one thing for sure. That you.. ..would never.. ..compromise on your self-respect. Really? How can you say that?
– I just feel that way. You would kill yourself
but not your heart. Right? Don’t you have a girlfriend?
– Why? Does everyone have
to have a girlfriend? I don’t know about everyone.. ..but why don’t you have one? People don’t like me easily.
– Really? Yeah. – Why so? I don’t know. I think I’m tough. What? What’s so funny?
– You’re so cute! Many girls have said that.. ..but after saying that they
got married to a businessman.. ..politician or goon. Don’t laugh.
I am telling the truth. Really. What kind of a girl you want?
– What? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.
– One who is simple, not shallow.. ..and one who loves me truly. True love. Meaning? A girl who understands the person
in front of her without reservation. Oh! Unconditional love.
– No. No. No. No. Fully conditional. There is no love without conditions. First condition. If I love you then even
you must love me. I am willing. What? Kidding. Go on. Okay. Okay. Take a look at yourself. You’re beautiful and stunning, right? If your Hindi audiences say so,
then it must be true. But in all this.. ..gradually all this beauty
will be lost. – Excuse me? Your skin will get wrinkled.
Your teeth will break. Your legs will get bent.
You will lose your hair. Thank you for the compliment. I’m trying to make a point.
Let me make it clear. Someone else exists behind
this beauty, behind this face. A reality, an aura and
a personality, right? That is your true side.
The real Samira. I want that real Samira. Oh! So, you want the
real girl inside of me? No. No. No. Not the one inside you.
I was talking about girls in general. Why? Hello. There is a
real side in me as well. Didn’t you see her? Look deep. No. That wasn’t what I was getting at. That’s not what I meant. You know? My grandfather once said. When my grandma died, he was with her. My grandma meant the world to him. He said when he say pain in grandma’s
eyes just before she died.. ..his heart was shattered. That’s love. Isn’t it? Love at the age of 95. That’s true romance for me. And after that.. ..within one week of grandma’s death.. ..even grandfather died. Where would one find girlfriends,
who say things like that? Hey, baby. I love you. I missed you, baby. I die for you.
You’re my queen. I can confront the
whole world for you. I would have to say such things.
I couldn’t do that. That is why, no girlfriends. Hey! What happened? Is everything okay? Everything all right?
– Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I’m sorry. I just got carried away. No. No. No. What is the time? 10:30. – Oh, no. It’s late. Please drop me off. Where? – Downstairs. To the bedroom.
– Yeah, sure. Let’s go. Thank you. So? – I have a wonderful time. Same here. Thank you. – Thank you. Goodnight. Goodnight. Daughter! Your father sees the
world with his own eyes. That’s why he can only see property. I look with the heart. You be quiet! Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Cut. Cut. Samira, you’re ready
with the dialogues? – Yes, sir All set, sir?
– Yes. Yes. Yes. All set. All the best, sir! All the best! – Thank you. You can do it, dad.
All the best. – Yes. You applied lipstick? Hey! Touchup. Touchup. – Coming, sir. Come here. I’m sure he will rock. Actors, ready? – Yes, sir. Let’s go for a take. Best of luck, uncle! Thank you. Sir, all the best! Good luck! Paper. Paper. Paper. All ready? Clap in. Roll camera. Scene three. Take one. Look, my girl. Your father sees the
world with his own eyes. That’s why he can only see property. I look with the heart. That’s why I can see hearts.
I see human beings. I don’t respect facilities.
I respect people. I respect love, not marriage. ..for Kishor,
who would lay down his life for you. I will confront even my own blood,
my brother.. I will confront him. Go, my girl. Go courageously. – Uncle. But, brother. – No! I did not put you down till
date because you are my brother. I forgave you even
when you made mistakes. Therefore if you
underestimate this brother.. ..I swear by my mother I shall teach
you everything starting with ABCD. Mind it! Cut. Sir. You delivered the
dialogue very well, sir. Sir was brilliant! Congratulations, uncle! – Very nice! Thank you. – Very nice! Well done! Wonderful! You turned
out to be a star. – Thank you. Fantastic! – Superb! Beautiful! You did very well. – Thank you. Awesome, uncle! Congrats, dad!
Congrats! – You performed very well. The dialogue was over the top. That’s why I underplayed it. What did you think? That was underplay? Then what is overplay? For the first time in my
life I recited a powerful dialogue. It was okayed in the first take.
At least compliment me once, son. You did well.
You did very well, dad. Congrats! Thank you, son. – I’m so proud of him. Uncle. I never imagined
you would perform so well. You’re a star!
– One thing is certain, sir. You will be very busy after this film.
I shall manage the dates. Believe it or not,
my dialogues were not so powerful.. ..but you breathe life into them.
– Yes, yes. I’ve heard it all. Now the Industry will
gawk at you like this. You are right about that.
Big actors will lose their jobs. We did exactly as you said.
We got you to shoot.. ..and today is the
last day of the shoot. It is the last day?
– Yes. It is a surprise, sir. Suresh and I had planned this.. ..and there’s a party this evening. Today is the last day? Thank you, aunty. – You’re welcome. Take this. This is not necessary, aunty?
– It is nothing. Just a memento. You must come to our house if you
ever come again to Hyderabad. Thank you. No. No. No. No, my girl. I am modern.
Our combination is a guaranteed hit. I bless you become
as big an actor as Savitri.. Smita Patil plus Meryl Streep.
– Thank you, uncle. Bye. Will I get a hug?
– Don’t get too big for your boots.. ..or you will get
a slap in place of a hug. Take care. – Bye, guys. See you. – Bye. Bye-bye. Take care, my girl. Bye. – Bye. Bye. – Uncle. Bye. – Bye. You acted so well! Wonderful! I didn’t think
you were a new actor. While watching you I felt some
great actor was acting. “My love.” “Don’t be offended.” “First.” “First.” “You are my first love.
You are my world.” “Don’t ever betray my trust.” “Don’t forget this
connection of the heart.” “Listen to this tune.” “The connection of the souls.” “Very innocent.” “Always carry it out.” “Don’t pull at flimsy strings.” “They will break.” “It will increase the pain.” “The events that had to
take place have taken place.” “I am submerged in tears.” “I won’t be able to forget.” “My love.” “Every leaf and every
shrub know my feelings.” “Despite efforts the
connection could not break.” “It was a connection of the hearts.” “You are the melody that plays
in the heartbeats all the time.” “You are the season of love
that remains with me always.” “You have lit a lamp of love,
darling.” “My love.” “Don’t go away.” The owner’s son. Hey! What are you doing here, son?
Glad to meet you. I was taking a workshop
in a little village close by. Nice to meet you, man.
What a nice surprise! Das, the teacher is here to
teach Ms. Samira Hindi lyrics. Hi. – Hi. I am here on a professional visit. I had a project close by, so..
– Oh! The Hotel Management told
me a Hindi film was being shot. When I got here..
This is a big surprise for me. What brings you here? Hey! What’s up, dude? Surprise.
What brings you here unexpectedly? He was here on some business and
since we are here he came to see us. Mr. Dad, offer him some juice. – Yes. Will you have coffee or tea, son?
– No. I don’t want anything. You must have something.
– Is the shot ready? Why don’t you relax?
We’ll complete the shot and join you. Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure. – Right. Come. – Come. I’ll see you in a minute. – Yeah. What happens is.. What’s the matter?
– No. Ready, master. Ready, sir. – Start. Come on. Start. Ready? For the hand expression you lift up.. How did he come all the way here? Did you make a pass at him too? Hey! Just kidding. Master. Ready, master? Hi. This is a real surprise. Where are you staying?
– In Manu valley. Okay. Okay. For how many days? I don’t know exactly how many.
I might even leave tomorrow. – Okay. Are you free this evening? This evening. Are you free? Just for a coffee. Look. The gift aunty gave me.
– It is very pretty. And I actually wear it a lot. I arrived unexpectedly.
I hope it won’t be a problem for you. No. Not at all. I was shocked to see you. That’s all. This workshop? Trip?
Suddenly, how come? Actually, there is no workshop. I came to see you. You’re kidding. No. No. I really came to see you. Why? Vijay. What is it? I think I’m in.. with you. I never experienced anything
of this sort before. Everything feels strange, Samira. I wanted to see you. Be with you. The other day we.. On the bike in the rain. That was great. The time we spent on the terrace. It was magical. For the first time in my life. For the first time ever.. ..this has happened. Honestly, I wanted to bare my heart. Vijay. You are very sweet. And it was wonderful! It was so amazing!
I could never forget that night. But.. ..I never thought
about you in that way. I’m really sorry. It has nothing to do with you. I mean.. ..I never had those feelings for you. You are.. – Cute and wonderful. Vijay. Right? Listen. Please try and understand.
– Samira. I did not come here to pester you. I just wanted express my
feelings to you, which I did. Now I know. It’s the glamour. What? Excuse me? No. You are not that
kind and I know that. You think I’m in love
with our glamour? – No. No. No. I’m not saying even you are like that. You are not to blame. In fact I don’t feel.. I don’t have feelings for.. This is so embarrassing. I never imagined I too
would become like this someday. I’m sorry. Really. Please. Shucks! Shucks! Please. Please.
Please. Please. Don’t say that. I should be apologizing to you. I know how you must be feeling. No. You have no idea.. I am feeling right now. You will never know. I’m sorry. I know I’ve broken your heart. I’m really, really sorry. I know. I know. It’s okay. I have to go. What? Family emergency. Vijay, I’m sorry. You are a.. You’re a very special person but.. Good day and.. ..goodbye. Bye. All the best! Hey, Viju. You’re back now, son? How was the trip? Brilliant! Did you see Satyajit
Ray’s house over there? Yes, I saw everything. Son! Son! – I want to sleep
a little while. Don’t disturb me. What’s the matter with him?
– He must be tired. Okay. Let’s continue the game.
Come on. Six-love. “Today I am up.” “The sky is down.” “Today I am ahead.” Dad.
Are you ready? Awesome! Reminds me of your office days.
– Thank you. Yes, alright. Alright. Where is Viju?
– Viju? I don’t know. Brother Viju! Dad. – Viju! Come fast, son.
We are getting late. Hurry up, son. The show will start. Well, my boy. You forbade me from acting
the other day, didn’t you? Watch me today. Dad. – yes. Party in the evening.
– I sure will, my dear. Wow! – Hey, driver.
Come quick. Hurry. Hurry. What’s keeping Vijay? – Everyone
is waiting. Come on. Come on. Hurry up. Hurry. Hurry. Drive. Let’s go. – Be successful! Be successful!
– Why are you acting, dad? “Today I am ahead.” “The world is..” Let’s go, Viju.
– Okay. Okay. Okay. It is time for the show. Wow! Look at how many
people have come to see dad. Finally, you have become a star.
– Dad, the film has started. There’s a lot of excitement. Let’s go. Come. Come. Where are the tickets. The tickets are with me, dad. You have become a star. – Does
everybody have their own tickets? Park it. Park it. Come quick. Let’s go.
The movie will begin. Let’s go. It has started. Yes. Look. The titles are being shown. Wait. The movie hasn’t started as yet. I want to see this
movie right from the start. Vijay. Come. Come quick. Where is your seat? I am sitting in the front
seats with office friends. – Alright. Hey. Be quiet! Samira! Samira darling! Samira! ‘She looked good in person.. ..but in the films..’ ‘O Lord!’ Look. He’s come! – Our house. Our house looks so rich, doesn’t it?
– Who had it built? You were the one who said.. blow of a blacksmith
is equal to 100 blows of a goldsmith. She’s doing such a good job of acting. Great stunts! Mansi! Mansi, for me to have a daughter
like you is my misfortune. It is not a misfortune
to have a daughter, father. It is good fortune that
the primal power has granted you. It is a sin to be born to a father
who regards his daughter a burden. I hate you, dad. Look at how well the Hindi
dubbing has been done. – I hate you. All the credit goes to our Vijay.
He has done a very good job. It is not a big deal teaching
Hindi dialogues to the heroine. Anyone can do it.
Teach the hero if you have the guts. Watch the movie. You fell in love with
me for my beauty, didn’t you? Look. Beauty? You will lose
this beauty someday. You will lose your hair.
Your skin will get wrinkled. Your teeth will break.
Your legs will get bent. I don’t want your beauty. I love the girl and the human
being behind the beauty. Get it? I love the character, the personality
and the person inside you. My grandmother meant
the world to my grandfather. My grandfather was present
at the time of my grandma’s death. When grandfather saw
pain in my grandma’s eyes.. ..his heart was shattered.
That is love. And I love you that way. I shall tell uncle.
He would never disregard me. Dad’s scene will come now. Entry. – Let go of me! Let go! – Dad. Please, dad. Kishor! Don’t panic. I will surely return. Take him away and put
him in the lockup. – Dad. Where is the next scene gone? The next scene was mine.
– Down, uncle. Where has that scene gone? – Sit down. You are in the theatre, uncle.
– My scene was after this. Sit down. Where is that scene? – Sit down. I think..
I think they changed the reel. They must have edited it.
– That’s not right. This is exactly what
happens with fools like us. But my scene should have come.
– Enough already. You watch it. Brother. – Viju. I’ll wait outside. Vijay. – They were such good
dialogues. It was such a nice scene. How could they edit it? Watch the whole film.
The scene must be elsewhere. No. No. No. That should not..
That should not have happened. What do you want, sir? – Tea. Didn’t I tell you that you would
get scorched if you play with fire? That scene was here. – Calm down. You don’t have the strength
to compete against true love. You have lost today. I could chop and bury
you today if I wished. Darling, father-in-law has given
the green signal. Come with me. Sarvesh. Let’s go. Come. How can they just edit it?
– We shall see. Let’s go now. Let’s go, Sarvesh. Get up. They removed my scene. My first movie. – Let’s go. Where is Viju? – There’s Viju. I shall call Das.
– Why? What’s the matter? What kind of a movie was it?
– Exactly. What’s the big deal?
Who watches such films these days? They must have edited it because
there must be too many lines, uncle. Sorry. – The screen must have
not been suitable as per the script. That’s why they edited it. The script was bad, uncle. Forget about it. You will
get other chances. – Yes. Yes. Take it easy. – It is okay. You will get work next time.
– Let’s go. See you later. Don’t get stressed. Where did you go, son? I came to have tea. What was the point in watching
when dad’s scene wasn’t there? Hi! – Hi. How was it? You watched it? Yes, we watched it.
There is so much violence. They have been violent to me.
I will not spare them. – Uncle. One moment, uncle.
One moment. – Let it go. Even I don’t understand it, uncle.
I too am shocked. I don’t understand why they edited it. I performed very well. 20 days. I let them use the house 20
days for free. And snacks for free. I will not spare anyone. – Relax. Relax. Relax. What relax? Why should I relax? Bring the car. I am going with Vinu. – What? My friend is doing a costume
workshop and Divya wants to go. I’ll be back in one hour. – Yes. Yes. That won’t be necessary. Come home without a fuss. Vinay, you carry on. – What is your
problem, brother? I told mamma. What are you doing, Divya?
Have you lost your mind? You want to go around
on a bike with him? Relax, Vijay. – Quiet. Viju. Viju. – Let go of my hand! They switched it off.
They switched off their phones. Damn them! Sarva? – You leave, Vinu. You tell him. Why are you quiet? What the hell!
– Hey, hey, Divya. Cool. Cool. This is not the right time.
We’ll go later. Don’t worry. It’s okay. We shall go next time. Vinu! Vinu! What? He must have been so hurt.
– Oh, mamma! Who does he think he is to prevent me?
– Your dad is upset. Let’s leave. Talk to her, mom. Go. Sarva, stop this nonsense! Come They have been up to nonsense.
– Let’s go. Hey, Sarvesh.
What happened? It got cut? Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! Don’t yell! Don’t yell! Stop. Stop it. Didn’t you
argue enough on the way here? Hold on.
Why are you being so high-handed? I am not a young child.
I know what’s right and what’s wrong. You will be devastated
if you go out with film people. He is my friend, you idiot!
– Friend? I saw his friends. Bloody cheap! Do you know he goes out with
hundreds of girls like you? How do you know?
Did you see him? – I know! What is the guarantee that I don’t
go out with hundreds of boys? Quiet, Divya! – Viju! You want to hit me? Try touching me. What about the fact that you were
wagging your tail for that heroine? Shut your mouth! – Be quiet. Stop it. Divya. Go. Nobody tells me what
to do and what not. – Divya. I am not a baby. – Divya, you go. I am an adult, you fool! – Go. Not me. You’re the fool!
You’re the fool! Viju! I told you to stop, didn’t I? Room service for all today.
I have nothing else to do, do I? I am entirely free. Sit down, mom. Have you eaten? – I have eaten. Sorry. – It’s okay. What happened in Manali? – Nothing. You brought your dirty clothes in
that Hotel’s laundry bag, didn’t you? Samira? I am very upset with myself, mom. Everything I did
and everything I did.. ..I would do so after
a lot of deliberation. I don’t know why in
the matter of this girl.. What did she say? She said she did not feel the same
way about me. She apologized. It happens. It happens. She is a superstar.. ..and I am a comic artist.
– No. No. No. No. No. No. If the girl said
that she does not like.. does not mean
you are lacking. Okay. There is no chance that
something would happen. I don’t know what I was thinking. Because she is a nice girl. I had the same thoughts. It would be so nice to
have a daughter-in-law like her. But, just as you have a right
to tell her that you love her.. ..similarly she too has a right
to tell you she does not love you. Mom. I did not go there to
exercise my right over her. – No. I just went to express
my feelings to her. That’s it. I know. I know. You don’t understand. I am simply saying
that rejection is okay. It’s not necessary
that everyone will like us. Even I liked a boy before
your father came along. He was a senior in my College. Super intelligent. Blonde. Shapely nose. He looked just like a film star. I felt restless and so I asked him.
I was bold. But he apologized very politely. He said he was going
to marry someone else. I was disheartened for six months. After that I met chubby Sarvesh
at the College festival. He would always laugh
and make others laugh. He was very witty. One fine day amidst laughter
he said it. I like you. He said I will marry you. Due to the stress of love I declined. But your father handled
it with a lot of dignity. Gradually and with understanding. He never brought up this topic. Sarva was my best friend
during that bad time. Later, the moment I learned
that another girl likes him.. ..I instantly told him,
“Let’s get married.” Things worked out. A real man can handle
a girl’s rejection. It is not a big insult. These things happen in life. One learns after faltering. But you shouldn’t be
disheartened like this. I needlessly vented my
frustration on Divya. – It’s okay. Just wait for a day or two. After that treat her to an ice-cream
and tell her she dances well. She will come around instantly. Go to Murthy’s house
for a few days if you wish. His idiocy will service your brain. Okay? How is dad? No. Pity. Encouragement. I don’t want any of those things. I am going to stay at
Murthy’s house for a few days. Go. At least you have friends. My friends are laughing at me. Dad. At least you tried
to pursue your passion. What have those people
who laugh done in their lives? You were right, son.
Cinema is a world of illusion. A world of hoax and deception. Dad. ..because of the shark? Look. Do pretty fish stop
living in the ocean.. Attribute the event as practice. Try again. Don’t give me those looks. You are a brilliant actor. I am killing my ego to tell you that. Nothing happens without reason, dad. One has to wait for one’s time. – Yes. Okay? – Yes. Begin searching once again. Forget the past. Mother told me about
your love story just now. Now you’re my hero, dad. Really. Everyone is watching. What are you doing? We are welcoming the
hulk who hugged Samira Rathod. Shut up! No matter what you say, it was wrong
of Samira to steal your dialogues. Drink it.
Drink it and forget all your pain. Cowards must be doing that. I might have a sip for enjoyment.
I don’t want it now. Even you shouldn’t drink
as consideration to your company. You don’t have a brain.
At least take care of your liver. Do you know a lover is
called Jaan-e-jigar in Urdu? Jigar means liver. Jaan-e-jigar means darling,
you are a fraction of my liver. The one who coined this phrase
knew after failing in love.. is the liver that
is affected,not the lover. I am going to the hall. Hey. – I will manage with two. Good evening friends
and welcome to the …show. My name is Girish. ..that released yesterday
and created a sensation.. The hero and heroine of the
movie ‘PhaadDoonga’.. ..Kishor and rising star
Samira are here with me today. Vijay. Come over here. What’s the matter? – Just come here. This is your third hit in a row.
Tell us Samira.. ..are you enjoying this success?
Please tell us and our viewers. All of us are very eager to know. It really feels great. We worked very hard. We toiled for this film
and if the public likes it.. would be very
satisfying to the heart. Wow! Wow! Wow! Superb Hindi. Public and satisfying. Wonderful! Your language has changed. Would you like to tell
us how your Hindi improved? What is the secret behind it? I have been trying for a while but
I took special care for this film.. retaining a dialogue coach. He would make me recite
the dialogues daily. You know how it is. – You know what. Samira is a really a very,
very hard-working girl. She is just too good.
Actually she pays attention.. every nuance of the character. Okay. So, let’s talk about the movie.
The scene the public liked.. ..was the time when the hero
says I love you to the heroine. Exactly! You know that
‘I love you’ scene. – Yeah. Actually, everybody is talking about
it since the release of the film. Everyone liked it very much and I’ve
received thousands of calls so far. And I am not lying.
– And it is my favorite scene too. And, that scene wasn’t
written by the writer. Really? – Yes. Wow! – When we were discussing this
scene, Samira came up with an idea. And she wrote all the lines. Wow, Ms. Samira!
So, you are a writer as well. – No. Ms. Samira is also the writer
of this film. – No. That’s not true. I don’t know. The words
simply came into my mind. I don’t know. I just rattled it out.
– She is being modest. She worked pretty hard.
– No, that’s not true. We all just loved it. It is time now for calls. If you dial the number
given on the scroll below.. can talk to Mr.
Kishor and Ms. Samira. You can extend your wishes or
even say I love you to them. Give me your phone. – Huh? Give me your phone. Are you calling the show? Hello. Who is on the line?
– Hello. This is Kumar. From Bandra. Mr. Kumar,
please lower the volume of your TV. I’ll do it.
Lower the volume. Lower it. – Yes. Yes, please talk. Samira. I wish to talk to Ms. Samira. Ms. Samira. For you, Ms. Samira. Hi, Mr. Kumar. – Hi, Ms. Samira.
How are you? I am good. How about you?
– I am very good. I am a big fan. I have watched all your films.
Even the new one. It is a wonderful film! It is superb!
– Thank you very much. How many times have you
watched the movie? – Only once. What did you like the most?
– I liked Ms. Samira’s acting.. ..her dancing and her dressing.
By the way.. ..Ms. Samira,
you speak Hindi very well. Just now you mentioned someone
coached you. A dialogue coach. Please tell me his name.
Please tell me, ma’am. Please tell me, ma’am. Actually, I don’t know where he must
be now. He is a very busy person. Mr. Kumar, ask her your question. Sorry. Sorry. Just now you spoke
of the ‘I love you’ scene. It is an amazing scene!
But I have my doubts. For some unknown reason
I don’t feel that you.. ..the writer or the hero
improvised those dialogues. They sound like someone said those
words to you in all earnestness. You copied those words from
somewhere. Tell the truth. No, Mr. Kumar. That’s not
at all true. It was just us.. Mr. Kishor. Please stop, sir.
Let Ms. Samira speak. The fans want to know. Tell us, ma’am.
– No, no. I’ll answer that. Were those your dialogues?
– Yes, I really felt it. Not feel, ma’am. Dialogue. Dialogue. I told you that I.. – Mr.
Kumar, when she told you that she.. Hey, Kishor! Shut your mouth! You speak your dialogues
aloud but your face remains blank. You should move your face
as much as you move your muscles. What are you saying?
– Please. Please. Please. Please don’t.. I shall walk out of here right now.
– Sir, please. Please, sir. Friends, we shall take a
break now. Stay tuned to… What kind of callers do you
have on your show? – Sorry, sir. Sir. Sir. Extremely sorry, sir.
– He made me lose my head. Why are you taking
so much trouble, aunty? He can’t eat food
prepared by you every day? He will lose weight. I am kidding. I prepared egg curry.
That’s why I brought it. You can eat more. – Okay. Okay. I’ll get that. – I’ll see. Hi. What a pleasant surprise!
What brings you here? Samira, come on in. I came to see Vijay. When I went home uncle said he’s here.
– He’s here. Get out. – Viju? I.. – I said, get out. Listen, just let me say something. –
I saw your performance on TV just now. It was brilliant! After meeting you I thought my
opinion of the filmi people was wrong. But what you did was
like a slap to my face. What is the difference
between you and that Director? He said he would give
my dad a chance to act. He used to house for 20
days and then he edited the scene. Using people is very common
in your profession. – Viju? You don’t like me. That is fine. But using the feelings that I
shared with nobody but you.. ..turning them into film dialogues
and taking credit for them. That is disgusting! You’ve disgusted me! Please leave. I resent myself for
saying those things to you. Just get the hell out of here.. ..and don’t you ever
show me your face again. I am throwing a party this evening. Do it. I won’t come. Since you aren’t coming,
shall I forbid Vinu? Sorry, Divya. He answered the phone
but he’s not talking. Ready, sir! – Roll camera. Hello. – Mr. Vijay. Sir. – I am very pleased your book
is being published by our Company. Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much, sir. Hey. My first book is
being published. – Yes! Wow! Wow! Wow! Yeah! This is the house of
leading actress Samira Rathod. Samira was found unconscious
in her house about 2 hours ago. According to sources her friend
Ramya found her in that condition.. ..and got her admitted
to the Hospital. Prima facie it was attempted suicide. Why Samira took this
step is still a mystery. Stay with us for more
information. – Hello. Nothing can be said
for the next 24 hours. The Doctor’s claim that
Samira is badly wounded. The Police said that Samira hurt her
head from leaping off the roof of.. How will it help to cry over
everything.. – Vijay! Son. She is upstairs, son.
ICU room number.. Before I reached home Samira.. Hold on, Ramya. I am going to the Police
station with regards to this case. Please go inside to see her. Ramya, you will be here, won’t you?
– I will be here. Okay. I am going. Take care.
– Come with me. How is she now? – The same. We’ll have to ask the Doctor. Doctor, how is she now?
– She is critical but stable. We can’t give you any assurances
until tomorrow morning. Luckily,
she is responding to treatment. Hopefully all will be well. Look. This is it. It was torture. It had intensified
during the past few months. What did you say his name is?
– Amit. Amit Malhotra. Is he her boyfriend? Yes, Amit and Samira went
to the same acting school in Mumbai. Samira was the best student
of her batch. He was Samira’s senior. They became friends. Hey, great! – Thank you. Everyone likes to be praised for
acting and talent at her age. She liked it too. After that they
became very close friends. Samira did not have
her parents’ support.. Samira liked it
when Amit encouraged her. She got close to him. Not only that she started believing
his compliments. He used to treat her like a queen. So, Samira gradually started trusting
him and fell in love. It was bound to happen
and it happened. Samira got a break in films
before the end of the course. I showed her photos to the Director. Hey, girls!
What’s up? – I got a break. Amit appeared to be happy at first. Action. – She got a chance to work
with a good Director and good banner. Cut it. This looks good. With her very first film
Samira got a lot of fame. It was great. She got a big Director
for her second film too. Perfect. Start camera. Even that was a big hit. Cut it. Superb! After the success
of a couple of films.. ..Amit started coming
to the film shoots. Samira could not refuse him. ..that went with Samira’s
success as his own. He would take advantage
of all the comforts.. But he was also frustrated
for not getting success. Is this a sandwich? On the other hand, Samira’s growing
property turned him into a parasite. His demands increased.
The beast within him emerged. The Manager told me to forbid
Amit from coming to the shoot. He has become a headache.
I went and told this to Samira. Samira is very sensitive. She
did not know how to say it to Amit. Finally, she had to tell him. Amit felt Samira was betraying and
lying to him. He got upset and left. You want me to go? I am going. Thank you, Ms.
Superstar for understanding me. That’s when the torture began.
You are selfish.. ..and you aren’t supporting me as a
friend. Success has gone to your head. He would torture her
by saying such things. Poor Samira.
She tried her best to explain to him. She wanted to do whatever
it took to change him. But he took Samira’s goodness
for her weakness. When Samira learned that
Amit was becoming psychotic.. ..she wanted to stay away from him. But he did not spare her. One call after another. Every day. Since the day the shooting began at
your house the torture intensified. You can’t even talk now. Stop..
– Can I please work in peace? Okay, bye. – Hello. Hello. Samira! Samira cannot desert anyone easily. That is her weakness. the time when shooting
began at your house. But I’ve never seen Samira so happy.. She would be happy every day.
Filled of positive energy. She would wait for shooting to begin. Do you know why? To see you. To spend time with you. She had started trusting you. You were close to her heart.
She started to like you. She had feelings for you, Vijay. Samira would die to talk to you.. ..or to share her likes
and dislikes with you. Her face would glow when she saw you. She was very sad when she finished
her shoot and left your house. Poor thing. On the one hand was
torture from Amit.. ..and on the other
hand was Kishor’s behavior. The people we worked with in
first two movies were so good.. ..and Kishor is very bad. Do you know people feel when
girls enter the film industry.. ..they would go to
any extent to get work? They say, “Don’t come
here if you have a problem.” “You have to do this if you are here.” And to top it, Kishor’s nonsense. I don’t claim that
all girls are chaste. A couple of them might be bad. Why? Aren’t boys bad? Amit arrived there the same
evening you arrived in Manali. He went to Samira’s Hotel.
Samira had gone to see you. Kishor was at the same
Hotel and he provoked Amit.. ..saying that Samira has gone
to see her boyfriend from Hyderabad. Okay, see you later. That lunatic became restless
and repeatedly called Samira. ‘I have to go.’ ‘What?’ ‘Family emergency.’ For fear that he might approach you,
Samira left. Since then his full focus is on you. He tried his best
to find out about you. Samira didn’t tell him anything. I will not spare him. He saw Samira’s wrath
for the first time. He made threats to her. I’ll kill him. Samira panicked. She did her best to ensure
he doesn’t find your photo. She was afraid he might harm you. In the meanwhile,
the movie was released. You heard the dialogue,
yelled at Samira and kicked her out. That idiot writer had
written bad dialogues. She told him this
is how lovers speak.. ..and told him everything you said.
The writer stole your words. Samira was aggrieved
when you yelled at her. Samira tried to meet him
one last time to talk to him.. ..when the idiot gave
Samira some more shocking news. Some Bollywood Producer would
give him and Samira a break. He said for that Samira would have
to spend one night with him. Samira was livid. He threatened Samira if she didn’t
pay heed to him and refused to do it.. ..he would give Samira and his
old photos and videos to the media.. ..and post them on
facebook and twitter.. ..thereby destroying
her reputation and career. He gave her a deadline of 15 days. Can’t you do his much for me? It’s about my life and career.
Everything. Get out! I told her, enough already.
Let’s file a Police complaint. Samira refused.
We will handle Amit later. If we file a Police complaint,
Amit will take Vijay’s name.. ..and the media will
immediately sling mud at Vijay. His family should not
get embroiled in this. She told the Police
it was an accident. Where can I find Amit? Listen. I found Amit’s address. He lives here. He has borrowed
money from everyone in Mumbai. What is the matter?
What are you planning? Do you want to kill him? – Shut up. You must take one more leave. There are two major
events that you must attend. And what about your book launch? My launch and Amit’s
deadline fall on the same day. We have to do it. Incidentally, can we get hold of two
more brawny guys besides us three? Two brawny guys?
– There’s Venkat and Ravi. They are willing to do any job, boss.
– What kind of job? Who is it so early in the morning? Hey, let go of me! – Shut your mouth! Who are you guys?
– I don’t want a sound out of you. Let go. – Stop making noise. Damn you! What do you want? – Sit. Let go of me. – Tie him up. Tie him tight. Tie him up tight. Shut up! Don’t spare him. Shut him up. Hold this gun. What is the gun for? – Just hold it. Ready, boss. For many years I wanted
to perform a scene like this. Chair. – Yes, boss. Oh! Technical problem. Who are you guys? Security! – Hey! Your name? Your name? Amit.. Amit M.. – Malhotra.
Amitabh Malhotra. Amitabh Bachchan. What a great actor. We don’t have much time.
Read the scripted dialogues. I am in such a good mood and you want
me to read the scripted dialogues. You are torturing me.
What did I say earlier? Everyone praised me.. ..but what did they do?
The most important part. Cut. They cut it. Cut it? But what was cut? It appears he will only
leave with an Oscar today. “What are you looking at?” “Your face.” Sing. “What do you want?” “Your finger.” Man, I did not know your
father is a psycho. Even I found out only today. “Your finger.” Stop. We have a very tight schedule, boss. We have to go to
commit two more murders. Hurry up. Please. You know Samira? Samira? Apparently,
he will only understand in 3D. He has turned into Ghajini. I am the number one
fan of Samira Rathod. Samira. Samira. When did your father do this?
– He can’t be my father. Look. Look. Did your father watch Ghajini? Hey! What would you know?
You are a child. Christopher Nolan is the original
version. Copied from Memento. English film. French film.
Korean film. You know how to copy.
You copied the film? Have you no shame?
You dare to blackmail my Samira? I’ll handle it. You dare to torment Samira! What is going on?
– You dare to torment Samira! Look. He has found courage. – Stop it. A children’s book illustrator
has turned into the Hulk today. Leave him alone. Stop it. I have got one chance. Don’t you see? What are you doing?
Why have you left him.. fight amongst yourselves? Have you heard of Mumbai underworld? Mumbai underworld.
Have you heard of it? Mumbai underworld. You have heard of Mumbai’s underworld,
haven’t you? I am friends with them. Underworld?
– If I make one phone call.. Son, you have friends in
Mumbai’s underworld? – Yes. Satya. Company. Dayavan? – Yes. Damn you! Do you know my brother? We planned everything.
Don’t stop midway. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. – Don’t stop what? I can’t stop peeing in my pants.
You should have told me before. Guns must be used in Mumbai but
the system is different with us. Apparently, you still haven’t
seen dubbed films on Sony Max. We only watch whether or
not the person has to be stabbed. Hail Samira! This is good. The reaction shot after
learning that Rajnikant is King. You thought I would wet myself
on hearing of Mumbai’s underworld. Sorry, boss. I wet myself on
seeing you. – Never mind. I have four things for you. The first thing. Samira and your photos and videos.
Anything? Suitcase. Give me your phone.
– I don’t have it. Let go. Let go of me. Look, if you have any backup.. ..I will come to Mumbai
and dissect you. Get it? Get back. Get back. You broke the flow. Second. Second. Junior, shoot him. What? Shoot him? Is everyone in the family a murderer? Is aunty making bombs along
with sweet dumplings at home? Be quiet. Your pants are already wet. Junior, shoot him. Sir.. Sir, I made a mistake. You got a fright? Son, this is not that kind
of shooting. It is cinema shooting. Tell us how you.. Hurry up. – How did you cheat Samira? How you tortured her and what
you demand from her. Tell us everything, scoundrel! Tell us.
– Yes. Yes. Talk. Talk. Hello. – Hello.
This is Shyam from Dhuadaar. From Dhuadaar?
– Shyam from Dhuadaar Publications. Oh, sir. It is you. Yes. – Where is
Vijay? He is not answering the phone. The launch is at 6 PM.
The media will not spare me. Yes, sir. Exactly. He has
gone shopping for the book launch. Anyway, tell him to call
me as soon as he gets there. Tell him to call as soon as possible. Did you get through? Yes, yes.
Make the call. Make the call. I am unable to get through. The launch is at 6 Pm.
Send him here before that. Cut. Superb! Direction is a great art. I should try it someday. Third. Three. The third. Call Samira. – What? Hello. – Samira. Amit? – I am going. I am returning to Mumbai.
– Hey! Read this line.
Read this line. That’s all. I am going back.. ..and I shall never return. Why are you talking in that manner? Please forgive me, Samira. I will never show you my race again. Hey. Hey. Face. Face. Not race. I will never show you my face again. Please forgive me.
I will never return. Goodbye. And good luck. Now the fourth and last. There is a flight
to Mumbai in two hours. You will leave now. Incidentally, you could have gone
there and threatened Amit yourself. Dad. If I had gone with
my friends to beat him.. ..he would have tortured
Samira even more. Such guys are only man enough
to trap girls and threaten them. Actually, he is chicken.
– That is true. That’s why beating him would
do no good. I had to really scare him. And when I have an actor like you
in the house then why let you waste. That’s why I made this plan. Dad. – Actually,
you have given me the real break. You are my hero. – Don’t be silly. Why were you delayed?
– I’m very, very sorry, sir. Where were you?
– Actually, it was an emergency. Okay, but what happened?
– Sorry, sir. I’m very sorry. At least tell me what happened. What have you done to yourself? For safety sake I brought clothes.
– You’re a genius, mom. Sarvesh. – Sorry. Let’s go. Easy. – Dad, you don’t
have to threaten anyone here. Close your buttons. Hurry up. Hurry up. You made
the Chief guest wait for 45 minutes. Sir.. Even we just found out. Samira. Vijay. – Hey. Hi. Congratulations! Hey, Samira. – Aunty. Uncle, how are you? Hi. – Hi. I’m waiting. Can we sit here. Greetings, everybody. As always,
I apologize for starting late. Our Chief guest, Ms. Samira Rathod. I wish to invite our Chief guest who
charms our Hindi viewers up on stage. All of you are aware Ms.
Samira had a big accident recently. I thought she would not come.. ..but she promised me
she would come and she did. Thank you very, very much
for honoring us, Ms. Samira.. ..and I would like to invite Mr.
Vijay Kumar, our artist to the stage. And now we shall release
the book without further ado. Wow! Wow! What is this? Sit down. Vijay. Lovely, no? – I know. The stars will come down. Let’s hear the story now.
Bhuji is a very good boy. Bhuji’s parents loved him very
much but for some unknown reason.. ..Bhuji was very shy. That’s why
Bhuji didn’t make many friends. He would spend a lot of time alone,
reading books, drawing.. ..and playing all by himself. Bhuji loved sleeping on the
terrace at night counting stars. He regarded the stars his friends. Suddenly one day a star talked to him. Bhuji was confounded. The star
bowed and said, will you come with me? I will take you around the sky. On hearing this Bhuji danced with joy. The star took Bhuji’s hand
and took him up to the sky. Bhuji was delighted.
He played catch with the planets. He even played hide
and seek with the moon. After several such nights
the star disappeared. Bhuji looked far and wide
for it but the star was not found. Bhuji choked on his
own voice and sobbed. He called out but
he received no answer. Hearing him cry his parents came
to him and talked to him. They asked him,
“What is the matter, son?” He told his parents about that star. The mother smiled and said,
“You must have had a dream, son.” And very lovingly
helped him fall sleep. Bhuji pretended to be sleep but
he didn’t stop looking for the star. Many days later the
star returned one night. It spoke to Bhuji.
Bhuji asked, where did you go? The star answered.. you know how many lonely
children there are like you? Even they need someone
to talk to them, don’t they? And I am the one who can do that. Bhuji said, really?
– The star said, yes, really. A smile appeared on Bhuji’s
lips after many days.. ..and the smile never
disappeared from his lips since. The star never left Bhuji. Ms. Samira. Few words, please. Greetings to all. This is a really lovely book. Mr. Shyam. Mr. Vijay. Congratulations! It is very nice,
and I hope I’ll get a copy later. Of course. We will surely
give you one. – Thank you. Actually, looking at this
cover I feel like this is my story. When I was a kid,
I became friends with many stars. Unintentionally I became a star. Many people feel stars
are not normal human beings.. ..but even we feel it would
be so nice if we lead normal lives. It is difficult to always pretend,
isn’t it? Like Bhuji I too was
in love with a star.. ..but I could never
tell that to the star. There are several reasons not to tell. That star opened up his heart to me. I stole his words
and put it in my film. That star was very hurt.. ..and he left me. Maybe forever. Although I am a star,
I do have a heart. Love, affection and attachment
mean a lot to me as well. Like Bhuji’s story,
I am living in hopes.. ..that the star will surely
return in my life someday. Anyway, congratulations to all of you. I hope this series of
yours is very successful. Thank you, Ms. Samira. Thank you
for your wonderful speech. Excuse me. I shall leave now.
I’m not feeling well. Ms. Samira is a little unwell,
so she’s leaving now. Thank you, Ms. Samira, for accepting
my invitation and coming here. Thank you so much. – Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations! Bye. Bye-bye. – Bye. Murti. Go and give this note to Samira. I shall call her later. Thank you, Samira.
– No. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for coming. Bye. – Okay, bye. Take care. – Bye. Stop, Ms. Samira! Ms. Samira! Where is Ms. Samira? – She left. Damn! – She left. Listen. – Yes. Deliver all the books
right after this event ends. Won’t you say a few words? With your permission I
need to get a small task done. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. BMW! Stop! Stop! Stop! Get to the side. Hurry up! Vijay and uncle told Amit..
It’s a very long story.. ..but please answer the
phone, Ms. Samira. You won’t regret it. What? He is calling you. O God! Hello. – Hello. Samira. – Hey. Thank you. I was afraid you wouldn’t answer. Sorry. It was silent.
I didn’t see it. – It’s okay. I would have continued
calling until you saw it. Actually, the star in
your story is a very big idiot. Someone who deserted a girl like you.. ..and only for a few dialogues. The media here is unable
to comprehend anything. Guys, the star in that
girl’s story was me.. ..and I haven’t gone anywhere, Samira. I am here. You left. Without me. And I know why you left. That’s why I am saying it in
front of all of them and the world. I’m so sorry. I hurt you. I love you, Samira. I love you a lot. Today in one day I have
done so many insane things.. ..that I haven’t done in all my life. For fear that I would lose you. I have one small request. Will you come to
my terrace once again? I shall tell you numerous
good dialogues for you to copy. I just want to be with you.. ..hold you and talk to you. Please.
– I have gone very far, Vijay. No problem. I shall come
even if you are in another galaxy. You don’t have to
go to another galaxy. I am in Andheri East. I’m doomed.
It’s easier to go to another galaxy.. ..than to get in
the traffic over there. But I shall try. Just wait for me. Go, Go! I want to try. I’ll be right back.
– Sir! Sir! Sir! Vijay! That looks like Samira Rathod.
– It is her. Are they shooting? Is it a love scene? It is a love scene. Come here. Come here. Let go.

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  1. Nice movie! Keep it up!!! Nice story, direction and concept.. Really enjoyed the whole part from beginning to end. Also loved the background music..

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