Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs RED Movie Cinema Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs RED Movie Cinema Camera

– Alright, today we are back at the beach and we got the Galaxy S10+. This thing is loaded with
all kinds of crazy features and specs. This thing could also take
like, really good still photos so let’s see here. Hey, Sam. What’s up? Look at this, what? I’m getting you in color,
but the background’s all black and white. How does this even wo– like this technology in this
thing is absolutely insane. But most of you guys already
know, I only really care about the video camera in this thing. And I’m still waiting for
that day when this thing gets as good as one of these
digital cinema cameras. And so far, it actually
looks really, really good. It’s 4K, up to 60 frames per second, and it has three lenses
back here and two lenses up here and even the
front facing camera is 4K. So that’s pretty awesome. So we’re gonna compare it with
our cinema movie camera here so let’s see how the look side by side. So let’s start off by
using the wide angle lens built into this Galaxy S10+. I put a 14 millimeter lens on
the Red, as most of you know. Tha’ts very, very wide. But the Galaxy is able
to go out even wider, which is really impressive. It’s the widest angle I’ve
seen on a phone camera yet and I can see this
being very, very useful. So check this out. This is what a standard
camera would look like. See how close up it is to my face. And this is kinda the focal
length you would expect out of most camera phones. But this has this option
to kinda go all the way out like that. And I know a lot of vloggers
that would love this option. And it’s very cool, I would
personally use this lens a whole lot. If we look at a side by
side footage of my jeep, you can literally see every
single insect I murdered on my last roadtrip. And now actually, looking at
this footage side by side, the Galaxy looks sharper
than the cinema camera that’s worth more than my dignity. So right off the starting
line, the Galaxy S10+ looks super impressive. But there is a reason for this. Cinema cameras are generally
designed to shoot flat. That way we have a
little bit more play room to adjust the images afterwards in post. And oftentimes, flat
images can come across as not looking sharp. So I’m gonna just do a very, very simple contrast boost to the Red footage. And that’s about it, I’m
not gonna do much else to the images to keep
everything looking fairly raw. By the way this video is being
shot at 30 frames per second, because the Galaxy natively only shoots at 30 frames per second
or higher frame rates. But out of the box, it
does not give you access to 24 frames per second, which
I usually shoot my videos at. But there are workarounds for that. There are after market
apps that will allow you to go into 24 frames per
second if you are going for more of that cinematic look. But to keep this video
simple, we’re gonna set all these cameras to 30 frames per second. Now let’s take a look at the dynamic range on the Galaxy S10+ and it’s
actually really insane. On the contrary, without
that much dynamic range, you would have to choose
on exposing the sky, where the foreground would be a silhouette or you can expose the
foreground and blow out the sky where it just turns white. Neither of them look that good. So the fact that we do have
the HDR option is sweet. And it’s basically like a smart feature of taking the really bright
skies and also the shadow where Sam’s sitting and
kind of merges them together to make one complete image
where you can kinda see the details on both the
shadows and the bright ends. This technique’s been
around for pretty much ever in the photography world,
but now we’re starting to see it roll into the video
field and it’s awesome. And again, these are smart
features that the phone is automatically detecting
and applying into each shot. The Red, on the other hand,
will never automatically try to apply some sort of filter, or look, or any sort of effect like that. And when you look at the raw
shot, you’re only looking at a fraction of the information
it actually gathered. So if I were to slightly
tweak the Red footage, we can definitely get
an HDR look out of it. Sometimes, HDR looks awesome
but sometimes, it doesn’t. The downside of HDR is
if you push it too far, it can come out looking very unnatural. So sometimes, out of the camera,
the Galaxy can look better. But you’re just kinda
stuck with what the phone decides to give you. Red, on the other hand, we
pretty much have unlimited options on what we wanna
do with that footage. It’s because we have all that raw data. Now to get that more cinematic footage, you definitely have to
pay the price for it. So not just with money,
which that is obviously a huge part of it. But convenience is also a
huge part of it as well. Like, this thing is ginormous and heavy. Sure, sometimes it’s
kinda cool having this big ‘ol camera. You walk around, “Look how big my camera is!” (laughs) No, but seriously
though, if you have a big camera people think you’re more
legit than you actually are. But it can definitely be a
hassle a lot of the times. I mean, the weight itself
can get really brutal after a couple hours of
carrying this thing around. If you’re trying to be kinda low key and film something discreetly,
like you can walk around anywhere and film with this. No one’s ever gonna say a thing. But as soon as you pick up this thing, every two minutes someone’s gonna be like, “Hey, what are you filming? “Do you have a permit for that? “Can you please stop filming me urinate?” There’s not a single smart
feature about this camera. Like everything is manually controlled. You dial in every single
setting, it never does anything you don’t tell it to, which
is generally a good thing on a professional set. But if you’re just like, “Oh,
that’s a nice shot of my kids. “Here, let me record for a second. “Okay, how do I upload to
Facebook through this thing?” The Galaxy shoots 60P in 4K, which is impressive. 4K, 60, a sure way to get
sharp, slow motion footage that just about always looks awesome. There’s no going wrong with 4K, 60. Going in a little bit more slow motion, 240 frames per second. They both can do it in
full HD and the Galaxy actually looks kinda decent. You’re definitely gonna
notice some loss in quality on the Galaxy. But realistically, most of the
time, we’re just having fun with this so it’s an awesome
feature to have in a phone. And then we got super
slow motion up to 960 frames per second. Which is insanely fast. But you’d only have a
point four second window to shoot 960 frames per
second, which is super fast. You blink, you miss it. And I did actually find it
pretty challenge to get some super slow-mo shots within
that point four second window. A lotta times, I would
just get right before or right after the action
I wanted to capture. So with that very short
point four second window and that very low resolution,
obviously it’s not ideal but the Red doesn’t even
offer 960 frames per second, so I’ll take it. I mean, two
weeks ago, when we shot that super slow motion video,
we had so much fun with 1,000 or 5,000 frames per second. Once you realize how different things look at 960 frames per second, it’s really fun. Now the S10+ does have
the ability to shoot in the HDR 10+ format. And this is separate
from the auto HDR mode. I know the whole HDR thing can
be a little bit complicated. But yeah, unless you
have your entire workflow figured out in HDR 10+,
I wouldn’t be in any rush to put it in this setting. Now my biggest reason
for not loving the way camera phones look is what
Matti Haapoja describes as sharpness versus detail. – Some of these cameras are really sharp, but they don’t necessarily
have a lot of detail, which the cinema cameras
definitely have the detail but they aren’t necessarily super sharp. For example, the DJI
drones, they’re very sharp so they’re adding a lotta post-sharpening or in camera sharpening. But there’s not much detail. When you zoom in, there
isn’t all this detail in, let’s say the grass or the trees, it’s kind of just all mushy
but it’s sharpened mushy. – And it seems like camera
phones still don’t have the proper hardware to make
everything look super detailed so they generally try
to compensate by just sharpening out the edges
and a lot of times, it can look good. But sometimes, it can
sharpen out things like pores, or wrinkles, or
other things that aren’t super flattering. And again, professional
cameras like the Red take a different approach
and they don’t try to digitally sharpen much. They just kinda capture what’s
there with as much detail as possible. So it just does a better
job at just seeing things as it sits naturally. So a lotta times, faces
just look more flattering on a cinema camera. Let me show you what
this camera looks like if I pump up the sharpness a little bit. And there, look at that. My skin looks like sandpaper, right, because it’s trying to just
gather any sorta details and contrast and it just like sharpens it. Not great, I’m gonna turn
the sharpening back down. Looking at the zooming options. Again, you have your standard 1X zoom. You can zoom out to point five and you could also zoom into 2X. And that’s awesome. If I were to design a phone,
it would literally just be like (makes sound effect with mouth) a bunch of lenses back here. It would barely be able
to make a phone call or send a text. The telephoto lens on
the Galaxy is a 2X zoom so that’s useful but
obviously, the Red’s still gonna have an advantage
because it has like, thousands of lenses it could choose from. So if you wanna zoom way
in, the Red still looks brilliant but the Galaxy
is compensating like crazy with its sharpness. And we all love that
shallow depth of field or basically getting
that background blurry while your subject’s in focus. The Galaxy has the
ability to kinda fake that in the photo world, but
can’t really fake it in video yet. Who knows? Maybe we’ll start seeing
that in the future but the Red camera
obviously just naturally looks like that. It’s a cinema camera
and it looks cinematic. The Red camera doesn’t
have anything built in to stabilize the footage. If you want it to be stable,
you have to put it on like a Gimbal or steadycam. The Galaxy has a super stable mode on. So clearly, if you’re just
walking around handheld, the Galaxy is gonna look more stable. A big, big plus. Once we start losing that sun and we enter low light territory, the
Red still looks sharp. You can tell that the phone’s
trying to do everything it can to try to make that
image look as nice as possible but a lot of it just looks
kinda artificial and clumpy. But the Galaxy can shoot
with an F1.5 F stop. So in the world of camera
phones, this is definitely a leap forward. And honestly, I’m trying to think about what camera phones are gonna
look like 10 years from now. Curious what mirrorless
cameras are gonna look 10 years from now. What’s a cinema camera gonna
be like 10 years from now? It’s really hard to imagine because 10 years ago, a camera phone was just like utter (bleep). In the mirrorless camera
space, we’re definitely seeing smaller sensors come out that
are actually really powerful and surprisingly, look really great. So the technology’s definitely on its way and in development. Anyways, I feel like I should cut my hair. It’s kinda growing out kinda long. I’m heading to NAB in a few days. Let’s do this. Sam? – Yes? – Oh, we’re multitasking today. We’re gonna read some
comments from my last video, which was all about the
Aputure 120d MarK II, which is my favorite video… I’m gonna start again. (laughter) – Holy (bleep). – What did you do? Make sure I don’t look crazy going to NAB. Are you sure
you know what you’re doing? I’m going to NAB, I
need to look good, okay? You are literally just taking
all the hair off the top. I’m gonna have a bald spot on the top. – Shh, shh, shh. I don’t tell you how to do your job, don’t tell me how to do mine. (laughs) – I’ll just do it myself,
dude. I don’t need your help. This is easy. Why do barbers exist? Why don’t we just do it ourselves? This is so good. Do I look jacked up now? Sam, I need you to un(bleep) this. Anthony Burnett says, “Random skill to learn. “Mastering of pogo sti–” oh my God! Sam, you’re fired. Wait, wait, but fix my
hair before you leave. How bout doing a handstand or a backflip? Backflip, I don’t know. Now that I’m 30, like my
body hurts when I fall. Like sometimes I’m like, “Maybe I should try skateboarding,” and I’ll try to do one
trick and fall on the ground and I’ll like be in the worst pain ever. When I was 20, I can like fall on my face and just scrape up my body
and I’ll get up and be like no problem. Andy says, “Learn how to stack dice.” What did I tell you abou– oh, it’s still on fire! Get out of here! I guess this is gonna be my hair for NAB. I can’t trust Sam cutting my hair anymore. (mellow music)

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