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  1. Hey Jimmy I have a Sony Bravia KDL 52S5100 SN 8052243. The set still works great with the antenna but will no longer recognize any of the other inputs. and it seems that it is no longer sending digital signal to my sound system (sony BDV E370)

  2. Hi I have a Visio LCD 42inch model sv422xvt sir#BRLSKFJBL0801741 I get a picture then I get a bunch of horizontal lines though out it then back to good picture then back to the bad picture any help would be appreciated thanks

  3. I just ordered a complete repair kit form you and I hope that I'm able to resolve my issue, my tv is stuck in the Manufacture color test mode. do you have any advice for me? My plan was to replace the tcon board.

  4. I just recieved and installed a new T-Con board for my Samsung TV. It works perfectly!!! Thanks!!!!

  5. These guys are legit. My 55" Samsung crapped out just over a year old. Replaced power supply board and saved big $$$.
    You guys are awesome! Buy the kit, cheaper to replace all the guts than buying individual components. Now I have spares in case this thing blows something else (hopefully not the power supply board again).

  6. Have Samsung UN65KS8500 3D not working. In 3d mode picture goes black with flickering in background. Already replaced panel once. Same issue. Please let me know what u would recommend. Thanks!

  7. hello there, I was wondering if you could confirm what I think.  checking out a Samsung un24h4500af for a friend and wont turn on.  ill skip some stuff for space; couldn't figure it out. on a whim I removed the ribbon from main to small board attached to screen and main board turned on and bl turned on as well. checked small board; no burnt or black chips. no burnt smell either. could that board or the screen cause main not to work. thanks.  HS.

  8. I got Vertical Lines on my Samsung LED 3D smart TV UA46D8000. Can you send me the T-COn board for this model?

  9. Bought the T-con board for my Samsung. No picture with sound.
    The fix does not work. I'm beginning to think this is a scam.

  10. I have Samsung smart 46' UE46D5000 the backlight works but it only display white screen on the left side, can u help me please!

  11. Hi
    I own a Sony LED KDL-50W805B TV. Currently when I turn on the TV the image is faded and then it is replaced by vertical lines all over the screen. Can it be the T-CON board?

  12. Liked the video.. I have a curved Samsung UN65h8000af and have no picture. It is just a black lit up screen. I can hear the click sound from the volume being scaled up or down but cannot get a source to show image or sound. Please help!!!!! Thank you!

  13. Hi there i have a Samsung UA55HU7200 55inch curved tv that has about a 1/3 of the left hand side of the screen is dark, it originally would light up after the tv was on for about 15 minutes but was still noticeably darker then the rest of the picture, now its very dark but still displays the picture if you use a torch or get really close to it, and is the same with any input, any thoughts to what may be wrong would be appreciated

  14. Hi I have Samsung model UN65J630DAF – the tv tipped over and fell and now getting vertical color lines and sometimes a half screen with vertical lines then tv goes to black
    will replacing the tcon broad fix this issue ?

  15. Hi i got a samsung smart tv model code: UA48J5300ARSHE which has got backlight and sound but doesnot have image in the screen. Is it the t-con board that causing the flaws ? If it is then how can i order this model part (t-con board) of samsung pls provide me with the solution to it. Thank you

  16. i have a samsung 55inch tv UN55ES6550FXZA that has good picture on left side, but right side fades to black and loses picture. I haven'topened the back. Would changing the T Con board resolve this issue? Would you know what type of T Con board it requires?

  17. Hello! Thank you for your video!
    I have a 2013 Samsung LED TV UN32F6300AFXZA. The picture began to dull a few weeks ago so I reset the picture & did a software update. After the update I noticed the TV would turn itself off & restart after some hours. The other day the picture went black but I still had sound. Every once in awhile an image will flicker. There is blue light coming from the back of the TV. Could this be the T-con board? Thank you so much for your time & help!!!

  18. I have a Samsung smart led tv model # un46h5203af the screen went black but it has sound and with flash light can see image but can not change channels replaced power supply with led driver on it but still the same do I need to replace the t com booard o the main board as well

  19. Hi Shop Jimmy. I have a Samsung UN46FH6030 and the picture has gone dark. The picture is still visible and the sound is working perfectly. There isnt any type of ghosting or bright spots on the tv….its just about half brightness. Same thing on all the HDMI inputs.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You!!

  20. My Samsung UN60ES6100FXZA started shutting on off by it self. I replaced the power board, but I get no picture when I turn it on. Also, before replacing the power board my remote would not work: sound, changing source, nothing. Am I working with the wrong board. The TV is 2013

  21. Samsung 65 inch… un60fh6003fxza…. after powered on screen slowly turns red and a lil yellow…. I dunno if I should replace the main board or tcon board please help

  22. Hi Jimmy I have the UN60H6203AFXZA model. What is the part number for the AS-TCON board that I need? Thank you for your help.

  23. Hi i have smart tv model samsung MODEL: UA46EH6030M, VERSION NO: TS01, S / N: ZWU03RIC700263P.
    I want to buy PSU, but I do not know Model / Power Supply Code for my samsung TV.
    Please help. thank you

  24. Hello, got a samsung un60h6203afxzc with vertical lines all over. replaced the tcon board already same issue, any ideas?

  25. Hi
    I have aUN46C800FXZA version #SQ01 Turns on, No picture it does have sound.Back lights seem to be working.I did the flashlight test and cant see anything.Screen lights up a little bit but stays black.Im guessing I need a tcon board.Had a some what difficult time distinguishing where it is.Does this model have a tcon board? and is it on the bottom by the stand, top right left and do you think the tcon broad is what I need. Thank you.

  26. My Samsung 50' LED flatscreen tv had 3 things going on with it 1)The screen is split into 3 different colors white,black and teal and even though the outer screen shows no crack it looks like it crack on the inside of the tv.I want to fix this myself but I'm not trying to spend over $100 to do so what would you guys suggest I do as far as parts I would need to purchase for repairs?(Model code:LN55C630K1FXZA,Version:SQ01)

  27. Hello I have a Samsung smart TV and I cant find the backlight convertor could u uelp me? The Tv's serial number is cy-hf320bgsv1h

  28. Hi friend, I have Samsung ua32eh4500m model smart tv. This TV got display and picture issue. I will fix the issue by using T-CON board. Please guide me on regards.

  29. hello sir
    I purchased a samsung LED last year. my kid hit it by a thing and it had a crack. also it has horizontal lines on it's one third part. how to repair it. please suggest me what to do

  30. I purchased a t-con board from you to replace what I'm hoping is the problem with my 40" Samsung. Unfortunately, the screws securing the board were very tight and wouldn't come loose. Now, the phillip's heads are stripped. I have multiple sets of screwdrivers for this type of work, having done PC repairs for years. I've never had this kind of trouble. I've never used power screwdrivers either, always opting for the lighter touch of manual drives. I'm not sure what my options are at this point. The panel is stuck, the screws won't come loose, and the heads are now stripped. Any advice would be appreciated.

  31. I have a question I have a samsung tv model LN40B530P7NXZA At 1st my picture was all distorted kinda like a negative so I went into the service menu and tried to see if I could fix changed the setting accidentally that said model did a factory reset It came on but could not connect to my cable Direct Tv after turning on / off several times now I have no picture. I do have back lights as described in your video and before this happened I had sound. But now I have no sound so do you think it’s the tecon board.

  32. I have a question, I bought a veon tv and the model is sro9111. The backlights and sound work but it has no picture. I am assuming it could be the t-con board. So I am going to get one and replace it myself. However, I cannot find the supplier for VEON. It remains a mystery so the only way I can get the part for it is to go through the place that I purchased my tv from. What I want to know is can any t-con board work for my tv model? Other information I found out when searching on Google was and I quote "The VEON range is manufactured in China using the same components as leading brands such as Samsung, LG and other large LCD/LED manufacturers", Sep 26, 2011.

  33. Hi I have a un75f6300 and have got one thin vertical line on the right side of my you think I might need to replace my tcon board??? Thanks

  34. Replace main board and power supply board on vizio e420i-bo. Fixed previous issue. But seems like ribbon cable was somehow damaged in the process. Right side of screen now displays vertical line, solid white vertical strips, or all black. If this cable is replaced will this fix the issue? Any comments or advice appreciated

  35. TV Details: SAMSUNG LED UN55ES6500 TV
    Issue: One horizontal line White/Black (and some more colors) in Bottom of the TV. Sometimes it looks broken and sometimes full line.
    Please suggest what will be the solution? Thanks in advance.

  36. Hy Jimmy

    I have a samsung smart LED Tv , and i have no image , but i have sound , i opened the TV and i have back light as well,

    So as per your instruction on the video , i orderded a new T-con board , i replaced it but still no image.

    What i noticed diffrent is that on the old T-con board once i was switching ON there is a small LED blue light on the T-con board , but on the new T-con board once i switch TV on , the small blue LED light just goes on for a second and then off.

    Kindly share your knowledge on the above.

    TV model : UA48H5500AR
    Old T-con board : BN95-01306A
    New T-con board : BN95-01306C

  37. Samsung 55D8000
    Hi Jimmy, if the screen showing vertical line on screen, what causing the problem?
    And how to fix it?


  38. I have a Samsung UA60JU7000W UHD LED tvThe screen now become like milky cloudy , still able to watch but looks like a white film covering the picture
    In order works the colour is faded if you know what I mean
    Is this a t-con board problem?

  39. Hi, I have the tv Hisense LTDN42K3201UWAU
    two minutes after turning the tv on, vertical line start to appear in the bottom of the screen comabined with the text that is above it (i can send a video if needed)
    we opened the tv and there is a chip in the tcon board that is getting hot. is there way to solve it? and if not I would like to buy this part for the tv.

  40. We have a Samsung Model LN32D450G1D TV and we have audio, but no video now. Serial Number is Z31Z3CNB349154A. What part do we need to fix it?

  41. Thank you SO much for this tutorial. I spent 300 dollars on this Samsung TV. It was refurbished from Wal-Mart, but I had hope. I had the TV for two years and all of a sudden, when I would turn my TV on, it would light up, but the screen was black. I was so scared I was going to have to buy a new 300 dollar TV! (Money I don't have). I searched online for ways to fix this issue, and your video came up! I ordered a T-Con board to start, and was prepared to buy a main board if I needed to, but after replacing the T-Con board with the part from your shop, my TV was fixed! I'm so happy!

    *For those of you replacing the T-Con board with the part from, something he doesn't mention in the video is that their T-Con board comes with two replacement ribbons that connect to the boards underneath the TV. I just went ahead and replaced the old ribbons with the new ones for just in case they were also an issue.

    Thanks ShopJimmy!

  42. I have a 40 inches Samsung LED Tv (China model I guess). Yesterday it was working and all of a sudden the display went off but there is sound coming. Screen is not entirely black but I can feel a bright light coming off the screen (as compared to when the tv is off). Please guide me whether I have a bad Tcon board or something else. I don't want to go to mechanic and want to fix it myself.

  43. I have a Samsung model UN39FH5000FXZA. It has sound but no picture. Did the flashlight test no back lights replaced power supply board. Still no backlights. Do I need to replace the backlights?

  44. Hi suddenly have this vertical and horizontal lines. And now its completely black. It’s still has its audio and backlight. Do you think replacement of tcon board is the solution?? Hoping for a response. Thank you in advance 🙏🏻☺️

  45. I have a Sharp Roku ready TV model LC-50LB371U. Today the picture went black with audio. Prior to this happening, the top of the screen was fading but it was hardly noticable. At this point, would it be the T Con board?

  46. My 60 inch went black still has sound. Took a flashlight and can still see the movement of the program behind the black screen. Do I need a T-con board replacement?

  47. hi, i have a samsung tv UN50H5203AFXZA MH01. the problem is when i coonect the power cable the standby light starts blinking and when i start it i am getting nothing (just black screen). i watched many of shopjimmy repair videos and thought it might be the power board or main board. i ordered both from, but they problem was not solved. i am thinking of replacing the t-com board. it is out of stock in shopjimmy. however, is that the correct approach. is it probable that changing the t-com board will fix the problem or do you suggest something else. thank you in advance.

  48. Hi I have a Samsung ks8000. Problem is I have black screen with colorful vertical lines going straight across from top to bottom. Can you please tell me what's the problem and solution. Thank for your response.

  49. how much of the number printed on the sticker has to match the replacement? i can find boards that match the number on the board itself, and the first bunch of numbers/letters on the sticker… assuming since the last bunch of digits arent' mentioned, they don't matter?

  50. Thank you so much for this video! I used your website to browse replacement T-Con boards for my Samsung UN60EH6050FXA. Your website was so helpful in being able to suggest substitute boards that work better. I had to wait a few months for the substitute parts to become available, but I purchased the replacement part, followed your video to replace it, and my TV works again!

    You guys are awesome. Again, thank you so much.

  51. I have a UN55J6201 that has no backlight or image. I've replaced the motherboard and power supply board but still have no backlights or image. I was checking for loose connections and I touched the LVDS cable from the motherboard to the T-Con board the backlights came on, but I didn't have an image on the screen. The connections are good on the LVDS cable. The backlights only come on if I touch the cable itself. What would cause this?

  52. I have a question…. Samsung model UN40h5003Af is showing no video but has audio. I've taken back cover off, to find no back lights on? But I'm not sure how else to check. Nor can I properly identify the t-con board. [email protected]

  53. Hello there, was hoping anyone could tell me what issue may be? when tv powers on the screen flashes on then off instantly. sound works and when tv flashes full screen shows no lines.
    also no image backlight with flashlight.
    Please can anyone tell me if they think its Power Board, Main Board or T-con ?
    Thanks So Much For Your Time And Help Either Way!!

  54. I bought a replacement t-con board that came with the bottom strips attached, should I use the strips that came with the new board or that were on the original board?

  55. I have a Samsung 55" SUHD TV model # UN55KS800DF, its problem is that a ghost image scrolls from bottom to top after 30 minutes from start up.
    is this a tcon board malfunction?

  56. Televisión tiene problemas. Placa base porque se ve poco tiempo apaga imagen. Solo automático reiniciar mucho veces BN94-03755G Donde la roblema transistor ❓

  57. I have a question! Samsung UE46F6510, has vertical lines that were within a particular section of the screen. I suspected the TCon board, ordered another one (exact model number and everything), with the new board the backlight doesn’t even go on, I checked the fuse it is fine, I connected back the old board and backlight is back on (still with vertical lines), I connected new board again, no backlight or anything (but could hear the tv is on due to pressing buttons). I unplug the main ribbon cable from the new board (the one coming from inputs board) and backlight goes on. I checked the connector pins on both boards under a microscope all seem fine, so what am I doing wrong? Why won’t the new board just work?

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