Sanju | Official Trailer | Ranbir Kapoor | Rajkumar Hirani | Releasing on 29th June

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen. It’s a joyous day for me, because my autobiography, is being unveiled. My life’s been a roller coaster ride. I’m an alcoholic, a womanizer,
a drug addict… but, I’m not a terrorist! Did you possess an assault rifle? No, sir. I’ll tell you… everything. The first time I did drugs,
’cause I was upset with dad. The second time,
’cause mom was dying. By the third time,
I was an addict! How many women
have you slept with? Prostitutes included, or…? No, let’s keep them aside.
I recall up to 308. On the safe side, let’s say… 350. -They say, “More moolah, more meat.”
-Explain that. -“Moolah” is money.
-And “meat”? Sex. If you befriend gangsters,
the press will hound you. Where’s the wedding necklace? Where’s the bloody necklace? -I knew nothing about the bomb blasts.
-But tell the judge… you knew. -They’ll call me a terrorist.
-They already do. I’m not a terrorist! Your son is out on bail,
but still hobnobs with gangsters. His last 12 films tanked. In short… he’s finished! Don’t write his obituary.
He’ll rise again! The toilet’s overflowing!
Help! You’re a tiger! Roar! ♪ Climb every mountain ♪ ♪ Conquer every peak ♪ ♪ Strive, do not bow down ♪ ♪ Attain what you seek! ♪ Where are you?
We’re ready to shoot. Insane traffic. A truck hit a car. Hey, move that rickshaw. Listen… listen. I’ve called the landline.

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