Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/16

Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/16

*mysterious music* The “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly” is seldom spoken about in the ufology community. However, sitting deep under an ice shelf of this isolated part of Antartica, lies one of the greatest mysteries on earth. This is known as the “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly”. In March of 2002 the rocket launch vehicle blasted off launching the Plesetsk space port. While in orbit, it launches it’s payload which consists of two satellites Known as the GRACE twin satellites, the purpose of the GRACE satellites was to monitor the overall gravity of the earth. Specifically, it was used to find what are called gravity anomalies, or locations on the earth where the gravity is actually different from the rest of the planet. Many people believe that the gravity field around earth is all the same, it’s all even, but this is actually not true. The earth is shrouded in varying land masses of varying sizes, and this has a distinct effect on how gravity works. The larger the land mass, the more mass that it has and the stronger the gravitational pull it will have on the satellites above. Certain tools like the GRACE Satellites have a number of applications for studying this gravitational anomalies: whether they’d be for locating volcanos or potential earthquake areas and even for finding oil. However, during one of the flybys over Antarctica, the GRACE Satellite noticed a very strange gravitational anomaly. In a virtually barren, blank spot of the icy continent where there are absolutely no surface features or anything out of the ordinary, a gravitational spike was detected where the gravity was found to reach 300 miles up into space and pull down on these satellites much harder than any of the other areas around the continent which then posed a very mysterious question for scientists what could be buried deep underneath this ice shelf that had such a mass to it that it would have the gravitational force that was detected by the grace satellites. A geophysicist from the ohio state university by the name of Ralph von Frese was part of the team who actually made the startling discovery. Using various pieces of radar equipment they revealed a 320 kilometers wide plug of dense mantle material more than 1.6 kilometers beneath Wilkes land. This mass concentration or mask on can be caused by an upswing of denser material from the Earth’s mantle after a massive impact so this was their first clue that this very well could be a massive impact crater of some sort. Ralph von Frese is quoted as saying “If I saw this mask on signal on the moon I’d expect to see a crater around it.” When they looked at the airborne radar images of the area they found what they say looks like a crater. A circular ridge some 500 kilometers wide running around the mask on. It could be the biggest impact crater found on earth. The region of dense rock is certainly circular but other researchers say that this thick mass could have been caused by volcanic magma that had swelled up from the deep creating this mass. However it should be noted that this specific area of the mantle is actually much thinner than the outside surrounding areas of the continent which quickly dispels any theory of volcanic activity being the cause. Aside from identifying this 300 kilometer wide mass buried deep underneath the ice, they also found that this object was actually inside of a much larger ring-like structure visible in radar images of the land surface beneath the antarctic ice cap. So, if this were to be an impact crater whatever caused it is still sitting dead center of it. To this day scientists unfortunately have no idea or way to discover what exactly is buried deep under this thick ice shelf. Using the current tools and satellites at their disposal, they can only note that whatever is buried there is so large that the gravitational pull on the grace satellites was like nothing they’ve ever seen before especially from a continent like Antarctica. This continent has been shrouded in mystery of its own for years now. Conspiracies range from secret Nazi basis that were allegedly built there during the second world war with some evidence of this coming to light in recent years purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains that hold a saucer shape and are not to mention at a very high altitude which begs the question how exactly would you enter these entrances without something that could fly and that was the same shape as the entrance itself. After the Soviet collapse in 1991 the KGB released previously classified documents that shed light on the infamous operation Highjump which revealed that the United States Navy sent numerous expeditions to antarctica for mysterious purposes. Operation Highjump officially titled the united states navy Antarctic developments program was a united states navy operation back in the 1940s organized by rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. The operation commenced on august 26 1946 and ended in late February 1947. The task force contained over 4,000 men 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. Even though the public reason for the operation was to quote establish the Antarctic research base little america many believe its true purpose was to investigate an entrance found toward the center of the continent that may have led to an inner earth. Much of this information has come from Mr. Byrd himself with tales of having his navy fleet attacked by saucer-shaped craft that burst out of the icy oceans, nearly destroying his entire fleet before finally escaping. Admiral Byrd was later quoted as saying that our primary threat here on earth isn’t the Russians, but from something located down near the South Pole that have the capability of attacking north and south america at will and with very little warning. Some have theorized that the lost continent of Atlantis may be hidden under the thick icy shelves of the continent. Whatever your theory is, one thing we know for sure is that Antarctica has long been an enigma of the research community and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. And what exactly is buried deep below the surface of Wilkes land? Unfortunately, we may never know. For more information, be sure to share and subscribe to the channel and as always thank you guys for stopping by and we’ll see you back here very soon. Stay safe, guys. *mysterious music*

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  1. before secure team 10 played as a playlist and now I watch only one episode and it goes back to nonsense, I really don't like this

  2. Tyler, I hope you are reading this! I want to send you a message about the regular content you promised. How frequently are you going to send your content in the future??? I hope you keep up your regularity because you are the best channel on YouTube tube that ever existed. But some more great videos should be a veeeery nice thing to look forward to!!!
    Greetings from Frans Venrooy. And we're can I find your email address???

  3. I guess we were being lied to so badly.But the masses here on earth re too lazy to researching it and to look for themselves whats happening around us all.So easy.

  4. Space crafts are burried there. Many abductees were being taken there. Curved green walls with hyroglyphes.

  5. I guess the US gov know it. And isn't there a base near this huge hole there? Pixeled out from all maps? I never ve found good sat images from this area.I guess they wanna dig a hole to get to the crafts or bases there underneath the ice.And thats why they re digging this damn hole.

  6. I’m glad the Russians divulged Info.on High Jump as there is a Dis-Info.Campaign out to Deduce High Jump to a Fairy Tale of Sorts. However, if you do the Math, it is Logical to come to a Conclusion That High Jump was Very Real Indeed. This was Just Post WW II. The Nazi’s were Well Known to be Studying the Deep Occult History. Hitler even had a Spritual Advisor Who was Channeling Higher Intelligence’s. More than likely, they came across the Beings at the South Pole. That is how Hitler got his Advanced Technology. Anyhow, after the War, Good o’l USA, was Smart enough to take the Scientist and Technology. They Grill the Scientists and I’m sure Learn Of The Antarctica Base. The Only Problem was Byrd wasn’t as Welcomed as the 3RD Reich. Probably, because we didn’t Channel first.

  7. Sorry Tyler, but you showed us a magnetic map of the Antarctic instead of a gravity map. Do you have the gravity map available to show us?

  8. Whats up Tyler, feel free to use any video I made for your stuff. I have recent close up buildings on the moon and mars and UFOs at the space station. Thanks man.

  9. Hey Tyler the answer THE ANNUNAKI ALIEN BASE currently in conflict with Russian American and British military

  10. So I received this video two and a half years later and still wondering where this big object is? Did it just fly away back to Planet 9 in the XCVB Universe? Ok, I'll go back to my Lap Dance, see you folks.

  11. Probably the hidden on this ice is a massive iron.. which was built a long time ago by Dhul qar nain inordered from us to scape from uncivilized culture which is yajus and magog.

  12. That's a good one, all CGI because its a lie. Its a lie so big you will be literally tortured to not know, I wonder what lie or what truth was ever so powerful to be spoken that we decided it was the best to cut out that person's tongue. What was the breaking point when thieves were so thick the average good hearted citizen picked up a blade and endured the act of cutting a hand off another human. But, how many people died before they had the common sense to not be murdered, and I would bet the breaking point was when someone had to finally take the word of murder and set a quantity of living souls to be called genocide….when murder was an understatement.

  13. Its a mother ship! Leave it the fuck alone, or you'll kill us all, asshole scientists!! Always have to find ways to fk us or our planet up!!

  14. Everything in this video is serious I guess YouTube did not demonetized anymore I'm so glad #FuckYoutube

  15. Slowly but surely, soft disclosure is happening:

  16. The thing I really find strange as a subscriber it took youtube 2years before I had this sent.?

  17. Aye yo but check this out ,
    that land mass is one the largest in the world right ?
    And it basically cover with kilometres of ice above, technically that should make it the heaviest landmass on earth right ?
    So would that be a plausible explanation?
    P.S I’m an uneducated dumb fuck.

  18. They can (and very likely DO already) make these machines for the purposes of tunneling into ice in Antarctica.

    Please, the machine in the linked video could fit in a C-130 easily. There is nothing really preventing the government from going to find out about this MASCON. You're telling me they can't find another several hundred million among all the billions/trillions of dollars in military spending to find out??

  19. Anyone have the link to the footage of some soldiers in antartica walking towards a big ass scary looking moon? I know Ive seen in on YT….I got reset but I am back.

  20. has any one bin attacked befor?any one reported being attacked by a space ship?,the population of earth is rising to 8 billion people,so no one bin attacked by space ships or earth ships or any kind of ships,enough,right.

  21. If they do exist out there I seriously doubt they're a threat to us. they're only a threat to the military because the military attack them first, and if they were going to retaliate or invade they would have done it long ago.

  22. Not taking an alien or ufo stance but this is probably the comet that hit the earth 11,000 years ago. Its effect on the earth is found in ancient writings from sumer religous texts ,babylonian, even the Bible. The flood is not isolated to the bible. Yet you find this historical account throughout ancient civilizations 101 countries…its a comet crater below the ice with remnants of its original structure. Its what changed our world.

  23. The fallen angels and reptilians. And vast underground base. No aliens are coming but the demons will represent themselves as e.t.'s here to save earth as before in ancient times. In 2017 every foreign leader went there. I'm sure to create the plan and see the technology available and meet the shapeshifting demons. And now they're speaking publicly and ufos are being filmed everywhere so I am sure that soon comes they announcement that aliens are here and people will be but really they're demonic entities with an agenda for chaos so they can rebuild societies. I'd bet money that's what the meeting was about. The so-called aliens are our creatures will debut with the plan to save humanity as they did before, they'll say that they created us and they're here for our salvation and most will believe them. Deception is Satan's best asset and we'll be worshipping them instead of Christ. That's what bilderberg was about!

  24. Could it have something to do with "Theia"?
    Perhaps the Antarctic was created at the point where the impact of "Theia" was.
    Not all parts of Theia have become the moon. So?

  25. Would still like to see the enormous openings that have been found at both poles. Admiral Byrd wrote about it at the north pole, but of course it was kept quiet.

  26. well its too cold there for me I like warm weather like in mexico !! but I sure if I wait long enough it too will warm up !!!

  27. Ohhh and the government allegedly has 500 pounds of a stabilized 115 isotope. Ohhh that’s one of the heaviest elements to exist. I wonder how they got it.

  28. hi
    how you been? finally i can agree with what you saying. from information i received i can tell its 2 km wide spaceship. frozen in ice, but its melting and getting visible

  29. The items being currently revealed in Antarctica are flat out shocking. The area mentioned in this video is now showing what is described as a stargate like structure. Burn patterns, ramps, the whole 9.

  30. If I threw a rock in the air, and you saw it, you would call that a mysterious UFO encounter too! Wake the fuck up! Why would it be "an object" explain that pls!!!

  31. Could be the aliens started coming when the beginning of the atomic bombs .atomic bombs make earthquakes on the other side of the world .and they are there….

  32. Tyler our planet is a giant magnet and one pole is strong then another.. The reason for the South pole being more ice is because it the lesser pole while the stronger pole has less ice and greater strength. .. we turn and go in a circle around the sun but our sun is going around something stronger hence why we tilt turn and constantly have a magnetic field. Something that turns constantly being a magnet will create a field that is circular.

  33. This is 2019 September 10th Tyler has not been on for a month last he said he's been have problems. And he will be back soon. After he gets 2mill. He just don't want to do any more. Tyler you we're the first one to open my eyes. Don't stop please.


  35. Hey Tyler I had to go way back wondering if you’re still in business or do you have a new channel you left us all high and dry someone contact me please

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