Savaari Director’s Bandham Regad Award Winning Telugu Short Film | SIIMA Best Short Film | #Savaari

Savaari Director’s Bandham Regad Award Winning Telugu Short Film | SIIMA Best Short Film | #Savaari

**SUBTITLES** **Beep** Dad: Dear son, say bye to grand pa and grand mom. Grand Pa: Ok ok, don’t be in hurry son, while driving the iscooter. Kid: come on grand pa, it’s not “Iscooter” its a Scooter druiii druiii. *People laughing* Dad: Ok mom, we will leave for now. Grand mom: Ok have a safe trip. Mom: Uncle we will be moving then. Grand pa: Ok, better go safe. ( Year “1990” ) ( 30 kms. away from Vidarbha ) ( Telangana state border ) Dad, Can I ask you something? Yeah son!! Sure? Yeah, sure Take me to the movie ‘SHIVA’ after going home. Haven’t we watched it recently? Please, please dad, let’s go again dad, please let’s go again Oh please, let me drive. Don’t bug me. Come on ! the boy seems to be very excited. Why don’t you take him? OK ok I will take him after going home Thank you dad thank you thank you You keep pampering him like this, He will become a criminal like the guy in the movie. No way, my son will become a doctor Yeah mom, I will become a doctor,
I will become a doctor. Watch out for that vehicle, watch out watch out. He is coming towards us in wrong way. Omg, I don’t understand which way that
idiot is coming? Village “BANDHAM REGAD” ♪ RADIO PLAYING ♪ Chitta, where are you going? I’m unwell, going to Yogya Babu (sir) Ok ok alright. *CROWD MURMURING* (YOGYA’s Nature Cure Clinic) Hold on a minute Dr. Yogya will take a look ♪ RADIO PLAYING ♪ *CROWD MURMURING* Yogya, yogya, it hurts, ahhhh Don’t worry, I’m right here Damn! It hurts Poshi, broken bones hurt. It doesn’t give you pleasure. Irritating since then. Just keep quite Oh shit! Brother in law I will trash you son of a bitch . Mind your business asshole Got it sir If you want to marry that girl You have to sacrifice a hen at
“Regad bheemana” (Temple) And donate food for at least 10 people over there. Hey, Why not grandpa! I will certainly do that. Let’s do it right here. No, not here. It has to be done outside the temple. God “Bheemanna”, You are my only hope! Please take care of our marriage. Hold on a minute, he is preparing the tasty food Don’t be in rush, he will serve to everyone in order. Ok ok let us be patience. Even rice is getting ready. Chitta, leaf plates seems to be very good. Yeah yeah yeah! They are brought from our own farm. Piss off, they are brought from our farm. Don’t lie you idiot, you don’t even have enough farm to bring them. Ellie, mind your tongue idiot! How dare you insult my brother-in-law? Watch out! am gonna kick his ass rite away. Do you think am gonna to sit quite? Hold on, wait wait, please don’t fight. What happen to you Ellie and Saamanna Are you seriously fighting for leaf plates? We are here to have some good lunch at this temple, Please at least you people calm down for the god sake. Please listen to me guys, don’t fight. Don’t get in to fight, please guys. People will laugh at us. Hyderabad, 2017. Ishu, You had that dream again? Bandham village, Nature Cure, God “Regad bheemanna”? Huhh Thank god, I’m your girlfriend both in your dreams and reality. I would have killed her otherwise if it was someone else. You know what, What actually happened was… Just leave it Ishu, We have a seminar today, Nervous system examination, Final year, Do you even remember? Or is god “regad bheemanna” your hope for this too? Are you ready? Huhh I’m scared to death. Come to the college ASAP. I will be waiting at the canteen. Need to prepare. While eating? Just shut up ok? Huhh What is there to worry about? Just break it down into parts. That’s it. Consciousness, Higher mental function, Cranial nerves Motor system Sensory system Co-ordination Then next Gait Aumm Meningeal irritation Skull and spine Simple You are a genius. Ah? Ishaan, the genius. My cute ishu. Ahh! I’m starving Ok, ok. I’m leaving for the college. Come soon. Come on bro, what is there in this? It goes behind its own tail. Give it to me. Listen, let me show you. Wait dude. Come out Come out bloody. Shit, this idiot has become a menace. Irritating me. My bad Did he say something to you? Just leave it Ishu, let him go to hell. Ok Please, don’t complicate. Listen, I am leaving to college. Come as soon as you can. OK? Bye Bye Bye What is this? I find it in every other hand lately. Stress buster bro. Oh! is it? What buster!! Check it out. Your stress buster is here. Hey, hey, my Kaju Barfi (dessert). Hey buster buster Why are you late today? What would I become? I’ve been waiting for you. Hello, I’m talking to you. Hey you! Get lost you filthy jerks. Go, go, you will have to come back here
by evening And I will be waiting right here for you. Here you are. As you are unwell, I got you medicine Have it. My brother-in-law was taking my case by comparing me with kaju barfi (dessert) while I was going to college You were sleeping instead of beating him up. I can’t differentiate between the dream and reality anymore Keep that dream and reality aside. I’m yours here and there as well. You are the one unwell not me actually. Have this medicine. Leave it. “Shiva” movie is in the touring talkies. Shall we go? Hey! Are you kidding me? If your brother-in-law finds out, He will burn me alive. I won’t No problem, let’s go. I won’t come I said it dosn’t matter No way. ♪♪ projector sounds ♪♪ ♪♪ projector sounds & crowd murmuring ♪♪ Kiss her, kiss her, Kiss her dude. ♪♪ projector sounds ♪♪ ♪♪ projector sounds ♪♪ ♪♪ projector sounds ♪♪
– Come Come here you bloody Please don’t. -You can’t even use the bicycle chain
-please don’t hit him please And you need my girl? Asshole! Yogya, Shut up! You come home. Let’s settle things tonight at home. Come. Yogya. ♪♪ Ringtone ♪♪ Hello? Why aren’t you at the college yet? My head hurts. Not coming today. Ishu Ishu Ishu Ishu What? We need to buy groceries in the evening. You remember that right? Yeah What should I tell the professor? Dude, such a pain in ass with his bloody girl -Yeah bro.
-She’s here. Hey my Rasgulla (dessert) How long will you go around with that kiddo? Come with me. I will feed you very tasty gulabjamun (dessert) Leave it Ishu. Look, here comes the hero. Should we get scared now? Come, let’s talk. Guys Instead of being a pig in sounder of swine, -Why don’t you go and do something productive.
-He is referring you people I’m a doctor. It’s for your own good. Bro, are you a doctor? I’m not able to sleep without drinking alcohol at night. What shall I do? WTF he is into ? Do you have a pen? Yeah Ummm, Paper? Yeah, that too This black sheep is over-reacting. What the hell? Is he writing the prescription? Ya he is! Bro, I have severe dark circles around my eyes. What shall I do? Ummm, this is what happens if you drink alcohol the whole night. Twin crows are over reacting. Wait, let me write on this. Bro, he did it for free. Use these medicines. You will be fine. Are you done? Yeah bro. Bloody, he is going around with my girl and you are backing him? She’s not even looking at me. Leave her. You don’t need a girl like that. Piss off you guys. Leave him alone. Ishu.. Ishu.. Ishu.. Ishu.. I told you that he is cunning and not to go near him. You kept treating him as if you are the only doctor. Look at this, he thrashed you. I can’t differentiate between the dream and reality anymore Why are you here? And what’s with that attire? Last night he revealed everything about us at my home. And they immediately arranged my wedding with him in an hour. He is threatening to kill me and then himself if I don’t agree to marry him. I sneaked out of home to inform you this. You always keep saying that you can’t differentiate between the dream and reality rite? Wedding with him is in next one hour. This is true I will go, sit in the wedding If you don’t come for me I will die right there consuming poison. Not in dreams but in reality for your information. (BOOK: Harrison’s principles of internal medicine) Holy f**k. Voice over : Why? Why am I even scared? Keeping aside whether it’s a dream or reality The problem is because of the only guy. Right? So, I have to face him. I only have this book to communicate. But But I’m just an average medical student. How can I put him down? Think.. Just think. Yes. Is it him? Hmm Leave it Ishu. Idiot. He’s gone It has to end today. Come with me. No Ishu, please leave it. Ishu.. please.. Help! You filthy bastard. She is mine Only mine. Suxamethonium chloride Voice over : If he is down here Then he must have been down there too. I need to know what is happening there. Ishu Ishu, what happened? Get up Ishu Ishu, get up Help! Help! Ishu.. Ishu, get up What happened? He is coming. He won’t come Ah! Why? I gave him. What? Suxamethonium chloride. Ah? It’s a medication used to cause Short-term paralysis As part of general anesthesia. But it’s for good over there And for the bad over here. *SCREAMING* I don’t know all that. Let’s leave from here first. Let’s go yogya. Shhhhh!! Voice over : I strongly feel that he won’t come.
-watch out But How is it possible? He is here. Yogya Yogya let’s go. Yogya let’s go. Yogya let’s go. Is he going to kill me? -Let him.
-Yogya.. I am not moving from here I’ll be right here. Whatever may happen. Yogya lets go Whatever I am not moving from here Yogya I am not moving from here He is coming I am not moving from here Yogya.. Yogya Yogya, let’s go Yogya, let’s go Yogya -Mom?
-Yogya, let’s go Yogya Yogya, let’s go Dad! Yogya Mom! Mom! Yogya.. Yogya.. Dad! Doctor what? The patient in room 302 is having contractions. Its emergency What? Did he come out of that state after 27 years? Yes sir! Let’s go. ♪ RADIO PLAYING ♪ Dear son, where did we come to? “Regad bheemanna”. Sir! it hurts What is your dad doing? Nature cure treatment Good He is obsessed with it Wherever he is. Watch out for that vehicle, watch out He is coming towards us in wrong way. Omg, I don’t understand which way that
idiot is coming? So guys This patient is different from rest of the patients here. His condition in medical terminology is known as “Persistent Vegetative State”. Even if we are in front of him, He can observe whatever we do or say, But Can neither react nor respond All he can do is just blink his eyes. That’s it. So sad mam! So, as mam said, this guy is in persistent vegetative state. What else we should note down? Note down fast. We have a seminar on nervous system examination in an hour. We need to prepare rite away. What a big deal? Of course it is! Consciousness Higher mental function Cranial nerves Motor system Sensory system Co-ordination What not? I am not able to prepare all these…. It seems, you were admitted in this hospital at a very young age. See You have become a man now Look how handsome you are Once you are out of this and, Get a makeover You sure can become an actor What? Don’t you trust me? Wait See I love you.. Not only me, any girl would fall for you You are very handsome Just get well soon What happened? What is this injury? A guy in my locality is harassing me I’m scared even to come for work He did this to me. I don’t know what to do. Ishu Please.. Suxamethonium chloride Means? It’s a medication used to It’s a medication used to cause Short-term paralysis Short-term paralysis As part of general anesthesia But it’s for good over there and And for the bad over here *SCREAMING* Then he will never harass. Not only you but any other girl Because, his body parts won’t function Did you read the news today? At this very spot where he made an accident 27 years ago He met with an accident and died Near village “Bandham Regad”. Oh, so what? Might be a coincidence. I thought the same But he died because of the same vehicle That he met with an accident earlier That is why this is a news Let’s go let’s go.. How is his condition now? Doctor, please check the blood pressure. Yeah! Inject Atropine Yes sir! How long has this been going on for? I don’t know, its been happening from the past 15 minutes sir Ok. After two days. It’s a miracle Patients with your condition, To come out of the state After 27 years It doesn’t happen often May be 1 or 2 cases all around the globe You ended at this hospital after shifting from one to another Anyway, it’s completely god’s grace my boy You can lead a normal life hereafter But, We have to keep you under our observation for a week Ok? Oh! By the way, I am so sorry to say this. The accident that took place 27 years back, Your parents had died on the spot. (BOOK: Harrison’s principles of internal medicine) Dad: Son, let’s play police-thief? Kid: No dad Dad: But why? Kid: Not the police dad. I will become a doctor like you. **Dad tickling son** Hi Mr. “Yogya Ishaan” I am your doctor “Mrudula” You have been under my observation for the past two years I was on leave for two days, And you are out of persistent vegetative state? So.. Did you miss me so much? (Yogya Ishaan S/o Chaitanya Krishna) Anyways, welcome to the world Shake hand? Ishu Shake hand? Shake hand dear! Shake hand? How are you feeling now? All good? Let’s go! **Beep**

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  1. సాహిత్ మోత్కూరి గారూ. తెలుగు తెరకు మీలాంటి దర్శకుల అవసరం చాలా ఉంది. 👌👌👏👏👏👏

  2. attempt bagundhi kaani, naalo okadu movie ki copy la anipinchindhi, konni small logics miss ayyayi.all the best to team 👍👍👏👏

  3. Such a wonderful short film I have never ever seen this type of short film. thank for bringing this to us…..

  4. Bayya..i just watched a big screen film on shortscreen.direction and cameraman evero gani champesaru boss ..shortfilmsss skip cheykunda epdu chusano kuda nake thelidhu.aslu idhi shortfilmsss e kadhu . cinematography 😍😍😍.village nativity Chala Baga chupincharu.👌👌👌.clamix ithe peaks bossss that bgm simple heart touching…i never forget.😍😍.that bgm ☺that smile ☺ that shottt☺that heroiene entrance.😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥.baboyyy nakithe thega nachesindhi boss.matallev.☺aslu evaru bayya miru .miru evro ipdu em chesthunnaro thelidhu gani.ipdu small screen lo chusa bt mi names big screen lo chudali ankuntunna boss.iam waiting. .camerawork 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  5. anyone after watching suryakantham climax scene.used this bgm.literally i cried in both films.still this the best…….

  6. Concept is good..I didn't understand the ending..who is taking care of him from these 27 years..the person who died in accident is very young from past 27 years

  7. అరే కళ రావటం ఏంది? అసలు వడేవడు. వీడేవాడు. ఇంతకీ ఈ స్టోరీ ఏంటి. నాకు ఒక్క ముక్క గిట్ల అర్థం కాలేరా బాబు.?? వాళ్ళు సచ్చూడు ఏంది. వీడి లవ్ స్టొరీ ఏంది. వాళ్ళ అమ్మ నాన్నని సంపితే వీడు వాన్నీ సంపాలి, మల్ల మధ్యలో గీ పోరి ఎడికెల్లి వచ్చే. నో మ్యాచింగ్ n నో లింక్ బిట్వీన్ సీన్స్. మీకేమన్న అర్థం అయితే చెప్పుండ్రి జర.

  8. Bayya evaru bayya short film annadhi movie analsindhi

    Same movie bayya
    Nenu movie laage choosanu bayya

    Naaku chaala baaga nachindhi

    Nenu add kaavocha bayya mee movieslo naaku oka manchi character ivvara nenu chances kosam try Chesthunna

    Naaku picha pichaga nachindhi story music voice dubbing video clarity neatness background super super super shame movie

  9. Direction is super but Oka chinna logic ni miss ayyaruuu accident ayina tharavatha hero ni 27years hospital loo Alaa unchukunnaruuu hero hospital money avvaru icharuuu accident ayina tharavatha relatives avvaru raleee but ur direction is osm 😍👌🏻😍😍 screenplay superb

  10. Bro chepthe meeru nammaru last 2 years back edhi movie anu kunna appudu realize avuthundo chudamanu kunna appudu naku accident indhi malli epudu gurthosthe name type chesi chusa short film ani telusindhi super

  11. i think 3rd time or 4th watching.came here after seen.suryakantham film in amazon.bayya…this bgm teally haunts me..🤩🤩🤩💥💥💥.i just lve it.director nvu thopu bayya.em thisav saami bossu.u r director brother…really great director avthav.nilantollu peru bigscreen midha padali🤩🤩💥💥..cinematography kuda supr…ijust lve this shortfilm.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  12. Yaa really bro industry vallu nee stories ni kuda copy kodthunnaru sagam sagam.. ull feel proud bro …really very nice bro😍

  13. Dear producers, Please stop remakes of other languages, just give a chance to New telugu writers… this one short movie is enough to show the talent of telugu writer..

  14. సూపర్ స్టోరీ ,నాకు కూడా ఇలా కల వచ్చేవి , ఇది కల ఏది నిజం అనిపించేది.

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