Say This, Not That:  Patient Experience Video

Say This, Not That: Patient Experience Video

(light hurried music) – Hi, I’m April Walker. I’m a house supervisor here at EIRMC. I’ve been a nurse for 18 years. Probably like you, I’ve heard it all, seen it all, done it all. Being a nurse a long time, my words and actions don’t
always come across as intended. That’s what this video is all about, part of the Patient Experience Initiative, say this not, not that, project. You’ll watch our patient
and their family members hear our words and our tone and see our body language and actions. And sometimes in ways we
probably aren’t proud of. We filmed in certain areas of the hospital and used employees that volunteered to help with this project. The actions and words portrayed represent all departments
and all job functions. – What are you here for? – My wife’s been having abdominal pain and been throwing up. – What’s her name? – Susie Smith. – [Receptionist] Do
you have any insurance? – Yes. – Well, if you just wanna have
a seat, they’ll get to ya. – Thanks. – [Receptionist] How can I help you today? – My wife’s been having some
abdominal pain and throwing up. – Sorry to hear that. What’s your name? – Susie Smith. (typing) – Do you have an insurance card and a driver’s license I can get from ya? – [Husband] Sure. – And process that through. (phone rings) Thank you so much. And you can go and have a seat and they should be right with you. Is there anything else I can get you? I have an Emesis bag here, it would help. Yeah.
– We’ll do that. – [Receptionist] There you are. – Thanks. – [Receptionist] You bet. (typing) – Woops, this one’s still dirty. Looks like we forgot to clean that one. Let’s find a different one. (Susie sighs) Oh, I’m sorry, this room’s not ready. We have another room just down the hall. So what’s your problem today? – My stomach has been hurting a lot. I’ve been throwing up all day, I can’t keep anything down. (machine beeps) – Do you take any pain medications? – I take two Lortab
four to six times a day for back pain, but it doesn’t seem to be
helping my stomach at all. – Do you really take that much? (machine beeps) All right, so the doctor’s
ordered a CAT scan and some labs and labs really take a long time, so you’re gonna be here for awhile. – Can I have some water? – No, you can’t have anything
to eat or drink, you’re NPO. (Susie sighs) (machine beeps) Hello, my name’s Jim. I’m gonna be your
emergency room nurse today. What do you prefer to be called? – Susie. – All right, Susie, I understand you’re having abdominal pain today? – Yeah, it’s been hurting
since this morning. I’ve been throwing up all day, I can’t keep anything down. – I’m sorry to hear that. Do you take any medications at home, including pain medication? – I take two Lortab every four
to six hours for back pain, but it doesn’t seem to be
helping my stomach at all. – Okay, let me confirm this. So you take Lortabs, two,
every four to six hours as you need that for back pain. Okay, I also see on here where
the physician has ordered a CAT scan and some lab
work based on your symptoms. So somebody from lab will
be in to draw your blood and a transporter will be over
to take you over to CAT scan. – Can I have some water? – Right now based on your abdominal pain and we need more information, so we don’t want you to
eat or drink anything on the offside chance that you
may have to have a procedure. If you were to eat or drink,
it could delay your care. So I’m going to give you a call light. Excuse me, sir. If you need anything at all, just be sure to hit your
call light and we’ll come in. Okay? – Okay. – [Female] Hey, did you
see who’s in room 25? – [Nurse] No, who? – [Female] Crazy Annie’s back. – Again? I’m so sick and tired
of taking care of her, seems I’m the only one that
can handle her mood swings. So every time it comes up, oh, they call me. I wish someone would step
up every once in a while. – [Female] I heard the funniest thing about Annie the other day. – [Nurse] Oh, really? I’m ready for something juicy. – [Female] Hey, I just
saw who was in room 25. I’m taking care of that room today, but I know you and her have
had a connection in the past, would you mind taking care of her and I’ll watch over one
of your other patients? – No, that will be fine. I’ll be happy to. But first, let me tell you about the funniest thing that
happened the other day. – [Female] Hey, hold that thought. I wanna hear what you have to say, but let’s talk about it at lunch. – Okay, that sounds good to me. – Hi, hun, I’m your transporter. – Transport? – Are you Susie? – Yeah, I’m Susie Smith.
– Good. – Oh, oh, is this for the CT scan? – Yes, this is for CT. – Oh, do you know will the CT scan hurt? – I don’t know, hun, but I’m just here to
push you around, okay? – Oh. You don’t know what they do there? – Hi, I’m Carolyn, I’m here
to take you down to CT. And your full name? – Susie Smith. – Great, I’ll help you in the chair. – Do you know what is going to happen? – You’re having abdominal pains, so you’re going to take you a CT scan. – Oh, that’s right, they said that this would need to happen. That’s right, I remember. – [Female] Sir, we’re all
done with the scan now. You can go and be with your wife. – This looks really bad. – [Female] That does look bad. I need to go tell Dr. White. Sir, we’re all done with the scan now. You can go and be with your wife. – This image looks really fuzzy. – [Female] That does look fuzzy. Let me see if Dr. White
wants us to repeat this. – Well, looks like
you’re getting admitted. You’re gonna have to wait
here until a room’s ready. They’re really busy upstairs and all the rooms are dirty. So as soon as something’s available, they’ll come and get ya. – Where am I going? – I’m not sure. – Well, Susie, the doctors
would like to admit you to the hospital to get you
better before going home. We’re going to be placing
you on the fourth floor where we have great nurses and
doctors to take care of you. A transporter in tan scrubs will be here within about 30 minutes
to take ya upstairs. Do you have any questions? – I did have one question, I was just wondering about the results? – All the transporters are busy, I guess I’m gonna have
to take ya upstairs. – [Female] Oh my gosh, and did you hear about the movie yesterday? – Oh, yeah, I saw it.
Oh my gosh, it was crazy. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. – [Brunette Female] Oh good grief, I’m not gonna do that again. – Hey, how was your weekend? – Okay, it was way too short. I was hoping to get some time off, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. – I know what you mean, that’s the way it is around this place. They never think of our needs. – Another day in paradise. Hope the elevators are working today. – Hey, Susie, all the
transporters are busy, so I get the pleasure
of taking you upstairs. – [Female Brunette] Oh my gosh, did you… – [Female] Good morning. – Hi, good morning. – Hey, how was your weekend? – It was good, I got to spend
some time with my family. Hi there, you’re in good
hands with my friend Jim here, he’s the best nurse we’ve got. – Seems like you have a good team here. – Thanks, take care. – Hey. Don’t put her all the way down there, the nurses don’t wanna walk that far. Why don’t we put her in room 410. (Jim sighs) – Can’t believe they can’t pick a room. – Hey, Jim, there is a
room that just opened up down the hall that’s right
by the nurses’ station, why don’t we put her in there? That way it’ll be easier
for her family to get to her and we can keep a better eye on you. – Okay, we’re on our way. Okay. (Susie sighs) Good luck. Okay, Susie, we’ve arrived at your room. May I help you get into bed? – [Susie] Thank you. – Hi, Susie, my name’s Tiffany. I’m gonna be your nurse tonight. – Thank you. – Is it okay if I call you Susie? – [Susie] Yeah, that’s great. – I’m gonna give you your call light and if you need a staff
member or one of the nurses, just hit the red button, okay? – Okay. (sighs) – And there’s also a call
light on your bed, okay? – Thank you. Thanks. – We’re gonna talk about report right here with you so
we don’t miss anything and you can be included
in the conversation. Is that okay? – Yeah, that’s fine. – This is Susie, she’s… – Oh, hi Susie. I got here as soon as I could. The parking lot was completely full, I drove around for minutes just trying to find a place to park. I finally wound up
parking across the street. Traffic was pretty bad, I almost got hit. – [Susie] I’m so sorry. – Oh, I know. – [Susie] Thanks for coming. – Hey. – Oh, hey girl, how are ya? – I’m good, how are you? – I have your Girl Scout
cookies downstairs in my car. – Oh, you do? I can get them tonight after work. – You know what, we can
go right after this. I’m parked right down in the
front row, don’t tell Doug. – (chuckles) okay. Hey, I’m the dietician. I’m here to see how the food is. – Well, I’m really hungry,
but this is terrible. – You know I’m really sorry, this is the cardiac diet you’re on and it’s just not very
flavorful, I’m sorry about that. – The cardiac diet, are you sure for me? – What I’ve heard is that they couldn’t read the
doctor’s order very well, so this is kinda what you got stuck with. So, I’m sorry. Is there anything else I can do? – No. – All right, thanks. – Oh, hi Susie. – Hi, mom. – I got here as soon as I could. – Thanks for coming. – They have this great shuttle service, it dropped me right off at the front door. – I’m so glad, thanks for coming. – Oh, yes. (knocking) – Knock knock. Hi, Susie, my name’s
Lindsay, I’m the dietician. I’m here to see how your food’s been. – Well, I’m really hungry,
but this is terrible. – You know, you’re on a cardiac diet designed to be low sodium
for your current condition. So that’s why it tastes
a little bit different, but we add the Mrs. Dash in order to make it a little bit
more flavorful for ya. – The cardiac diet, are you sure? – You know, actually
I’m not 100% positive. Id be happy to go check
the doctor’s orders for ya and come back and let
you know what I find. – That’d be great. – Okay, is there anything
else I can do for you? – No, thank you. – All right, thanks. – Hey Lindsay, when you get a
minute can you give me a call? – Yeah, sure, I’d love to. – Hi, Susie, I just spoke with your doctor and he’s gonna be up in just a minute. He’s gonna review your test results, answer any questions you might have. – [Susie] Okay, that’s, whoa. (chuckling) – That’s just one of our therapists. You know, when you’re in the hospital you never know how little your insurance or your gown might cover. Hey, Susie, I just talked
to your doctor on the phone and he’s gonna be on his
way up here to talk to you. He’ll answer any questions, review your labs and your tests with you. Oh, that’s just one of our therapists. We have a variety of staff members here to help assist with patient needs. – I can’t believe Dr. White, he treats the staff like
crap, he’s such a jerk. – He is, I don’t wanna call him right now. – [Female] Neither do I. – Yeah. – Excuse me? – Yes? – [Husband] My wife,
she’s in a lot of pain and she needs some medication. – Okay, what’s the room number? – Room 410. – 410. All right, well I’m not
the nurse for that patient, but I’ll find her for you and we’ll get her right down there. – Okay. – I can’t believe he said that, though. I don’t wanna call him. Okay, looks like the labs
we need is a CBC, PT, PTT, CHEM-7.
– Excuse me. – [Female] Yes, how can I help you? – [Husband] My wife,
she’s in a lot of pain and she needs her medicine. – Okay, can I get her
name and the room number? – Her name’s Susie
Smith and it’s room 410. – 410. All right, it looks like Tiffany is taking care of Susie today. I’ll talk to her and see when
her last pain medication is and we’ll be right down for ya. – Thank you much. – You’re welcome. (cup clinks) – Oh. – I can get that. – Thank you. We should really let you get some rest. – [Susie] Okay, thank you. – Why don’t we go down to the cafeteria and get some coffee. – Okay. – See ya.
– See you. – Bye. – [Susie] Thank you. – [Husband] Pardon me. – Excuse me. – [Susie] Thanks mom for being here. – Oh.
– Uh-oh. – I can get that. – Thank you. – Mm-hmm. – We should really let you get some rest. – [Susie] Thank you. – Yes, why don’t we run
down to the cafeteria and get some coffee and let her sleep? – Okay. – All right, thank you.
– See you later. – [Susie] I’ll see you in a bit. Thank you.
– Buh-bye. – If you need any assistance,
call housekeeping. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome. – I think we’re lost. – Excuse me, could you tell us
how to get to the cafeteria? – Just follow these black
dots and it’ll take you there. – Thanks. – How long do you think
Susie’s going to be here? – I hope not for very long. – Oh, no kidding. – [Female] Can I help you find something? – Yes, we’re looking for the cafeteria. – Sure, it’s this way, I’ll take ya. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Hey, Jamie, I’m going there anyway. I can show them where it’s at. – [Jamie] Okay, thanks. – Thank you. – Follow me this way. – How long do you think
Susie’s going to be here? – I talked to her doctor this morning, he said it’ll probably just be a few days. – [Mother] Oh, that’s such good news. – After taking part in this video, I recognize my missteps, especially the unintentional ones. The point of this video is
that interactions have impact, your interactions. The interactions can come across as compassionate, kind, and caring, or mistrust, confusion, and anger. We thank you for watching this video.

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  1. I love it wonderful video I see the mishaps of how the nurses treat the patients poorly they do that most of time by accident though

  2. I'm recommending this video to a brazilian nurse whose trying to learn English in order to accept a position in Ireland. Thank you for uplaoding this video. Well done!

  3. 7:05 nothing should be said when the patients family is around, period. not even 'image looks fuzzy'. they are already in a state of vulnerability because of the situation. please, wait until the family is not around and very sure what's going on before anything is said around them or in close proximity.

  4. @9:00, notice that the rail is down on both side. Both should be up when transporting the pt. Just pointing that out, in case anyone missed it.

  5. Pt was not identified once by name dob,no monitors no assessment of Abd ,no bs,no IV – even capped! Side rails down,no plan discussed with pt or family and pt not asked if ok to talk in front of family…could have been her pastor for all they knew.Not covered with blanket ever going through halls. Did anyone get past medical hx,allergies,pg test,ask if pain better,worse?

  6. Excellent video. Unfortunately, seems like too many people have forgotten what respect, kindness and compassion means….not just in healthcare…but in everyday life. I will say when my 90 year old mother was at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio they were the most professional group of people I've ever seen. Very efficient and professional. I've been to a lot of hospitals and doctors and this was the best treatment of patients I've ever seen.

  7. its funny; I'm training to be a CNA and i swear most of the nurses I've been working with are like 13:12 ,
    I cannot stand it,

  8. If all the nurses who've tended to me acted as the prooer examples shown in this video, I would thank them profusely, tell them how much they've helped me, and maybe even cry and/or ask them for a hug.

    Sure, Canada's healthcare may be "Free," but its care quality is still severely lacking– especially in the emotional support/respect field..

  9. 6:09. "I'm just here to push you around". man oh man… this was hilarious… I wish I had the cojones to say that to a patient.

  10. Medicine is a science and an art and this idea of standardizing patients is just weird. It kind of takes the fun out of medicine!!!
    Why did they come up with this? Maybe because Some doctors today are so lack of confidence in themselves
    that they feel the need to have a formula for everything. As if they will be successful by memorizing and categorizing patients as cases…. so if you have a case of an "angry patient" say this and ask this questions…… if you have a case of a patient with "depression" say this and ask this other questions. I bet that before you realize it you turned into a Robot doctor!!!! because you dont even listen anymore you are just waiting to finish the questions on your checklist and move on to the
    next patient and that is exactly what I don't want to be!!! Just be spontaneous, be honest, be empathetic, be respectful, be yourself and really listen.
    Maybe I am old school and a Romantic of medicine or Maybe its a cultural difference. I am from Mexico. Just a point of view.

  11. what lost here is
    Ethics of nursing ,ethics means a code of moral behaviour the standard or good behaviour which a nurse must take to, the nurse strives to maintain the accepted standards.

  12. this video has me in a flood of Tears because right now I'm at home and I'm laying in my hospital bed hurting so much but I'm just not going to make myself go through going back to the hospital they treat me horribly every time I go I have osteogenesis imperfecta type 1 and 2 they treat me like a pill seeker and nothing more I just don't even know how to take it anymore I'm so depressed all the time I don't even know what to do but I wish this video would be given to every single Hospital I really need to know this kind of treatment is sometimes even more painful than a broken femur

  13. Thanks for the video. It was helpful to see some of the regular interactions that may come across as flippant or uncaring.

  14. There may have been mistakes made in this video, but as a frequent hospital patient and recipient of 5 joint replacements, I can tell you I've experienced many more "don'ts" in my hospital and ER stays than "do say this" 's. Please at least try to say the "do's"!

  15. Very good, when a person is in distress whatever the hospital staff and nurse can do to make them better is great. We are humans and should be this nice to each other. Thank you for the video.

  16. I have been in the E.R alot cause of my blood sugars (im a diabetic) and i hate waiting in the E.R for a room to open and to be cleaned

  17. My husband was with me when i got a ct once and the tech let him see the images after they were done.

  18. "…when you are in the hospital you never know how little your insurance or gown might cover (chuckles)" 12:40 ha ha ha funny

  19. the dirty room..all he had to do was wheel right past it without saying anything and she never would have known the difference

  20. As a patient, I've had some experiences that make these look like a picnic in a park. This video would be better if it included more of the horrific things doctors and staff say to patients.

  21. To be honest, even when the nurse was acting "right" the pt would be uncomfortable. Being a robot can be just as unwelcoming as being rude.

  22. I really enjoyed this video…I think I have seen, and experienced every scenario in this video , weather it was on me, or on another patient. I think most of the time, it has to do with staff burnout 😉

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