Scarlett Johansson Teases Black Widow, Forbids Michael Che to Throw Colin Jost’s Bachelor Party

Scarlett Johansson Teases Black Widow, Forbids Michael Che to Throw Colin Jost’s Bachelor Party

-How exciting, you have your own
movie, “Black Widow.” You have your own Marvel movie. -Yes, yeah, we just finished it
a couple of weeks ago. We shot the film in London. [ Cheers and applause ] -Come on! I’m so excited!
I’ve been so excited about it. -I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to share it
with everybody. It was — It was —
It was fantastic. -It really was.
-I mean, I’m partial, but I’m pretty excited about it. Yeah, it was — it was — honestly, it brought a closure
to me that I needed. -Really?
-Yeah. ‘Cause I was kind of, you know,
wiped out after that last one. I mean, emotionally
and literally. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -By the way, I didn’t know, and I hadn’t
talked to you since then because we couldn’t say
anything. Marvel didn’t allow you
to tell me any news at all. -Especially that. -Especially that.
-Yeah, that was a big one. -Everyone knows, right,
what happens? -Well…
-Well, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t know,
we’re sorry. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Um, there’s very few
certain things, but, like, definitely death’s
pretty certain, right? -Yeah, yes, of course.
-Yeah, definitely for sure. But people will not —
they just don’t want — they won’t — they definitely
don’t believe it, and — and have tried to convince me that my character
did not actually die, that maybe my character exists
in an alternate universe or — but, no, I think death
is a pretty final thing. -Did you, uh — Did you take
anything from the set? -Um, did I take anything
from the set? -This is a question
that I would ask, ’cause I would take something
from the set if I was there. Like, I would be like, “I’m so
excited to be in a Marvel movie. I’m never gonna be here again.
-But what are you gonna take? Like, Captain America’s shield? -Yes, I would take — yes.
-I wouldn’t take that. That’s the property of Marvel.
-I’m gonna take Thor’s hammer. -You’re gonna get arrested.
-I’m gonna take Thor’s hammer. What are you gonna do?
Arrest me? That’s better press
for the movie. [ Laughter ] Marvel should hire me. [ Cheers and applause ] Uh, congrats on your engagement
to Colin Jost, too. We love Colin so much.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] He was on the show — He was on the show recently
with Michael Che, and, uh — -Oh, yeah, I saw that.
-You did? Yeah. And Michael said,
he was like, “I hope –” He wants to throw
his bachelor party. -Oh, no.
-He said — -I don’t think
that’s a good idea. You won’t let him do —
He says if Colin throw it, it’s gonna be during the day
and boring. -Yeah, but I feel like if he
throws it, it’s gonna be, like,
by the Port Authority, and, like,
it’s gonna be very local. I don’t think
that’s a good idea. -No… -None of you know
where the Port Authority is, ’cause you’re all
from out of town, right? Or you do know where it is?
-Port Authority, yeah. -Yeah, it’s —
-It’s, yeah. That’s where
it should be, though. That’s where it should be.
-No! You can’t go.
Michael’s not throwing it. -[ Laughs ]
-He’s not. -Alright.
-Is this a thing now? -No, it’s not a thing!
-Michael. I know where you work, Michael. -Yeah, Michael,
do not throw this party, yeah. -Um, no,
I love Michael very much, and, um, yeah,
he’s a delightful guy. -We’ll see what happens. -“We’ll see what happens.”
Stay tuned! -You have two movies I want to
talk to you about. One is “Marriage Story.” Man, oh, man, you’re getting great buzz
on this and great reviews. It’s you and Adam Driver.
-Yeah. -And it really isn’t so much —
it is a marriage story, but it’s very much
a divorce story, as well. Uh, and is it Noah… -Noah Baumbach. -Noah Baumbach, who I —
Oh, my gosh. -Yes, yeah, yeah. -“Squid and the Whale,”
“Greenberg”… -Yeah, we’re really excited
about — about the film. It’s gotten — people really
seem to have a kind of, like — They feel — people have an
experience when they watch it, I think because, if you haven’t
gone through a divorce — lucky you — and either your parents have
or you know somebody — It’s all kind of in there,
and there’s just — The thing about this film,
though, is that it’s — There’s a lot of love
in this movie. It actually has —
what’s left, what remains between the two characters
is a lot of love. It’s very touching,
and, um, it’s, yeah. I’m really proud of it. We did a lot of hard work on it. -And on the other side…
-Yeah. -…is this bizarre and awesome
comedy called “Jojo Rabbit.” -Yes. -And this is — if you’ve —
some people have seen it, but if you haven’t seen it,
can you — how do we describe it?
-Oh, my gosh. -A World War II, G-Germany… -You were supposed to do
the heavy lifting on this one. [ Laughs ] -Uh, I don’t know
how to make it funny, uh, but it is
very unbelievably funny. Who was this director? -It’s Taika Waititi, who directed “Thor: Ragnarok”
and so many great things, and he… Okay, I’ll try.
-Yeah. Okay, it does take place
in Nazi Germany. Not exactly a hilarious
time or place, but… um, it — it’s —
it — [ Sighs ] Gosh. Why? Why?
You were supposed to do this! -Alright you want me to do it? -Okay, you do it. It’s a little boy named Jojo. -Right, Jojo. -He’s ten years old.
-Right, who’s — That I play Jojo’s mother,
and the film… He is, um, a character
who has lost his father, and he is desperately
missing him and so creates this imaginary,
kind of, father figure, who’s, like, the ten-year-old
imaginary version of Hitler, and he’s in the
Hitler Youth Program, and so it’s this kind — Stop! -No, no, it’s like —
but it’s — Y-Y-Y-You’ll see it —
-I’m trying! -When you see it,
you’ll, you know, it’s — -Just go see it.
-Go see it. It’s really — really, yeah.
-It’s great. It’s so unusual. It’s so fun.
It’s so powerful. -You have a great connection
with that kid, though. He was amazing.
-Roman, ah, he’s such a — He’s so funny and great
in the movie. His delivery
is so charming and natural — -But you two were so charming
and perfect together. -He’s lovable.
He’s a lovable kid. The movie has so much heart.
It has so much hope. It’s so unique and original,
and audiences love it. -It’s unique,
and you never forget it, and the audience freaked out.

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  1. Black Widow rised from dead in Vormir to continue her standalone mission in 2020 with Red Guardian and Yelena.

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  3. Jimmy sometimes lacks connection with guests. Just judging by seeing the same guests on other shows but I still like Fallon!

  4. I know there are strong rumours that Fallon likes his drink, but is it just me or does he seem drunk as fuck in this interview.

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  6. Shes kinda stupid. Why does her voice seems like it cuts off , or is it the Audio. She doesn't have long things to say very short and seems as tho she's high on meth

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    -tv queen = jennifer aniston
    -movies queen = angelina jolie
    -tv queen = Emilia clarke
    -movies queen = scarlett johanson

  8. ScarJo is just one of those lucky human being who is naturally beautiful and sexy, inside and out. It really blows my mind how she has a very beautiful body which a lot of female in her industry will pay for.

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  10. She is not going to win any ugly contest! She is utterly alluring, physically and emotionally, and surely very hard to dislike.

  11. I really like Scarlett. But this is the first time I didn't watch her while I was busy and just listened to her speech and, to my surprise, she seems to have poor vocabulary. I mean she hardly made it when she was asked to describe the film she starred in. Perhaps, she was simply nervous, idk. Anyway, she's still gorgeous.

  12. "I think death is a pretty final thing!"
    A) does she remember how bad fans reacted to Coulson's death to the point where they brought him back on his own tv show
    B)This is a comic book universe – anything is possible if you try hard enough. Comics couldn't even keep Steve dead.

  13. I wonder when America is gonna be done milking Nazi Germany and making fun of us and turn around and look at their own mess they've been creating ever since they killed native Americans, to being the reason ISIS exists, up to today with a cheeto in a toupet. Y'all caused A LOT of crap on this planet and keep being in constant denial about it. But sure. We're the bad guys – but it's funny. Ha ha.

  14. That strand of hair just kept getting in the way. Must be so annoying. And I get it, Scarlett is an actress, there are certain expectations and often even requirements to how she keeps her hair. Why so many other people prefer to have long hair is beyond me. I tried it a couple of times – it's very impractical and tiresome.

  15. Tony dying hurts, but it's bound to happen, but with Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, to think Marvel chose Hawk Eye over Black Widow, what happened to her hurts a thousands. I have nothing to do with Hawk Eye, it's just that, why does she need to die. 😭😭😭 Marvel should've avoided that plot. You can see how painful it was for her, because Black Widow is part of who she is right now. Scarlett & Natasha are the best persons! I am glad Black Widow Solo movie pushed through and I WILL SURELY WATCH IT THIS 2020 IN THE CINEMAS. I am wishing all the very best & happiness to Scarlett's career & personal life. I love her. 😢😢😢💖✨

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