Sci-Fi (Dark) Comedy Series “Who You Are” | Episode 4 of 5

(static) – Hey maybe I did something wrong it was making that rattling sound earlier. – Be patient, it’s still warming up. – I’m just saying I was… – Jonathan. If you can hear me blink twice or shut off your monitor. See it just needed some diagnostic. I’m gonna hold up some fingers give me a beep for each one, all right. (beep) (beep beep) (beep beep beep) It was a good guess. Sounds working fine and the logic receptors
appear to be working. – [Jonathan] Then why isn’t he speaking? – Maybe we’re going about this wrong. You’re an AI right? That’s what we’ve said. – It’s gonna be hard to
lock down until he speaks, but yeah. – Maybe it’s a humane issue. Maybe they’re shy. – Why would he be shy? (papers rustle) (loud thud) – Fuck. On a scale of one to ten. How would you rate yourself
on making decisions? Beep when I’m there. (beep) Not much room for indecision
in your processing. Huh? Question two. Dog or cat person? Let’s say one beep for dog, two for cat. (beep) – [ Jonathan] That’s logical. – Is it? – Uh, cats would eat your
dead if they’re hungry enough. – Jonathan, if you got hungry enough I would hope you would eat my dead body. – Right. – Why did you pick dog? Question three. – You know what this isn’t going anywhere. I think it’s a hardware issue. Okay, can we just… – Question three. – Look look, can you just drop it? Alright. We don’t need him to talk. He still does his job, he
still does the damn print outs. It’s fine. – Question three. If you could be anywhere in
the world at this very moment. Where would you be? (beeps) – [Computer] I’d be here. – [Jonathan] Wait, how
did you get him to talk? – Question three is
designed to start opening the customer up to
different possibilities. The answer isn’t even that important, it’s just the first one
that is inviting him. – He doesn’t sound like a computer. Did you change your voice? – [Man with Green shirt] Don’t mind me. Just forgot my golf clubs. – [ Jonathan] You golf? – I have to, twice. – Hey, we managed to get him talking. – [Man In Green Shirt] No kidding. So… – It can speak. – Hello machine. – [Computer] Hello. I am the Mundi machine and together we… – Uh guys, I thought we
were gonna make it sound more robotic. Look guys, I don’t mean
to shit on your progress. But I’ve been pitching this different. You know to the investors. – We’ll see what we can do. (golf clubs clank) (door opens and closes) Think you can manage that? – [Computer] ( robotic voice)
Hello, I am the Mundi machine and together we can find
the answer to your question. – You’re gonna make us all so proud. (dramatic music fading in)

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