Sci-Fi Short Film “A Crimson Man” | Presented by DUST

(waves rustling) (eerie music) (footsteps clattering) (ominous music) (dramatic music) (tense music) – [Loudspeaker] Turn yourself in. You cannot escape. Worker Wei Zhang, turn yourself in and we’ll spare your life. This is your last warning. You cannot hide from us. Worker Wei, turn yourself in and we will not harm you. This is your last warning. – [Sentry] Sentry trey to squad one, over. – [Loudspeaker] Worker Wei, turn yourself in.
– Trey this is squad one, over. – [Radio Operator] Request SITREP, over. – [Sentry] Area’s clear. Still no sign of a runaway. Awaiting further instructions, over. – [Radio operator] Copy squad one. Proceed to phase line,
remove until it’s passed. (tense music) (bushes rustling) (moving to gentle music) (Red clanking) – [Wei] Come on, let’s go. Hurry up already! – [Red] Quick, this way. – [Wei] Where are you going? (adventurous music) (gentle music) – [Red] I did not expect your escape to warrant such attention. (distant boat horn tooting) – The boat left already! Now how are we gonna get
off this stupid island? – [Red] The boat will return at nightfall. It’s the only chance of
escaping off this island. (Wei panting) (gentle rhythmic music) – Wait, Red! Slow down. – [Red] Allowing you to accompany me to the boat was a mistake. – [Wei] But, but you promised! – [Red] I am grateful for
what you’ve done for me. However, you are at risk
the longer you remain in my company. – But–
– I must continue alone. – [Wei] What? – [Red] The mission cannot be compromised. – No. You said I won’t last out here
and that we need each other. Please don’t leave me out here alone. – [Red] Wei, I’m sorry. I cannot be held responsible for you. We must go our separate ways. Please, do not follow me! – I told you about the boat
so you’re following me! – [Red] Stop this. – All right, all right,
you can follow me already. Just don’t compromise my mission. Ha! – [Red] This does not
change our arrangement. – You’re an arrangement! – [Red] Your childish
behavior troubles me. – How’s that for– (bird cawing) (Wei grunting) – [Red] With a throw like that, maybe I should reconsider not
allowing you to accompany me. – Oh, I see, done being grumpy? (airship rumbling whirring) (ominous music) – [Loudspeaker] Worker
Wei, turn yourself in and we will not harm you.
– Quick, before that airship returns.
(tense music) – [Loudspeaker] Turn yourself
in and we’ll spare your life. (gentle music) (seagulls squawking) (waves rustling) ♪ Those are here ♪ ♪ Ones are here ♪ – [Red] No, no, no, you
are wasting your time! Do you happen to have any steel wool in that satchel of yours? This method will produce fire. – Says you. – Steel wool? – All right, all right. (compartment clicking) – [Red] Take this battery. Rub the battery on the wool. (gentle music) That’s it. Now blow. Adjust the kindling into a cone shape. Leave space in between. Proper airflow is key. (fire crackling) – How do you know so much about campfires? – [Red] Robots and humans
have not always been at war with one another. Many were originally part of
human military expeditions. I have seen many campfires built. – Sounds like camping to me. – [Red] Here, place these into the fire. (metal clattering) The kindling, Wei. Half in the flame and slowly. Too quickly and it will die out. – Boy, am I starving. I, I sure hope these mussels cook fast. – You are a mussel. You are a mussel. (Red laughing)
– Uh uh, don’t ruin it. – [Red] You, ha, you are a mussel. (gentle music) (moving to tense music) – [Wei] Where is that boat? – [Red] Wei, look up at
the bluff over there. See the radio bunker? We will have to disable it. – We, we will? – [Red] If that radio
bunker is left operational, we will run the risk of being
discovered by an airship. We must sever its communications. Our escape depends on it. The plan is solid. Trust me. And, if possible, avoid the
use of your throwing arm. (moving to ominous music) – [Radio Operator] One checking in. Still no sign of that runaway. (radio chattering) Reckon that little bastard
is as good as dead by now. Still can’t shit down here, over. (loud knocking) – [Radio Operator] Zero, five, six– – [Radio Operator] Copy that, squad two. We’ll pick up the search first light. Now, get some beauty sleep. I know you guys need it. Over.
(loud knocking) (radio chattering)
(radio signal beeping) (sentry grunting) (tense music) (metal clanking)
(crickets chirping) – Get lost, boy. (somber music) (loud knocking) Don’t make me go out there
and bust your head in. Hey, hold on! (door clanking) Hands up! You ain’t too smart are you, boy? Or should I say runaway? – You, you got me. I, I’m turning– – I know I got you! (moving to dramatic music) If you’re playin’ me I swear I’ll– (sentry screaming) (door clattering) – [Red] When will the boat return? – [Sentry] Don’t kill me! – Answer me, human!
– Please don’t kill me! – Red! He ain’t gonna answer if
you choke him to death. (sentry grunting)
(sparks crackling) – You bucket of bolts! – [Red] The boat, now! (sentry gagging) – At sunrise, you bastard. – [Red] Come dawn, if
you are lying, human… (glass shattering)
(sentry coughing) – Hey, save the good parts. See like, like this. Uh, hold on a second let me look. (sentry coughing) See! Like this oscillator tube! – [Red] You are an oscillator tube. Ha! – [Sentry] What is it going on here? Wait, hold on.
– Wait, what are you– – [Red] Human, I regret to inform you that this radio bunker
is no longer operational. We have assumed control. And you are now our captive.
– Get away from me. (tense music) Get away from me, bastard. (sentry screaming) (somber music) – [Red] Wei, keep the human quiet while I search the back room. I’m in need of a power boost. (footsteps thudding) – Listen boy, if you untie me, I promise not to turn you in. You’re nuts! That thing’s a killing machine. You can’t trust it. – No, we’re a team. – (laughing) A team. Until it ends up killing you. You’ll see. You know the only good
robot’s a dead robot– – Shh, shut up!
(sentry grunting) Shut up! – [Red] What is happening in here? – Nothing, just uh, fixing his mouth gag. Did you find some power? (sentry grunting)
– At sunrise human, that boat better return. (moving to tense music) (somber music) (moving to suspenseful music) (gentle music) (Red humming) – They’re coming!
(metal clanking) Quick, you must leave!
(sentry screaming) Please do not let them destroy me. We must leave, now!
(Wei shouting) They’re coming. Please do not let them destroy me. You must leave now! Please do not let them destroy me. We must leave now. (insects chirping) (metal door clanking)
(gentle music) – Red? Red? Red? You’re scaring me. – [Red] I’m sorry, I did not mean to. It was a misunderstanding. – You, you said that they
were coming to destroy you. Who? Who did you see? – [Red] I saw no one. – [Wei] Tell me what you saw. – [Red] I grow tired of these questions– – [Wei] Tell me! – I saw nothing!
(Wei shouting) – [Wei] What’s wrong with you! – [Red] It is possible I have not become accustomed to being around humans again or something triggered it. – What’s that mean? Answer me! – [Red] A feeling as if something dreadful was about to occur. I could not stop it. – You’re crazy! Your head’s all broken. Nobody was there. – Do I appear damaged to you!
(footsteps thudding) – What, no– – [Red] There is nothing wrong with me! Am I clear? I do not know why they occur. End of discussion. (distant boat horn tooting) – He lied. (tense music) No, no, no, it’s all over. (ominous music) (rifles clacking) – The boy, he’s mine! – [Red] Wait, please. This does not need to happen. (guns firing) – Hit him! (Wei and sentry shouting) You come here. – [Wei] No! Get up off of me. (Wei grunting) Help! – [Man] Fall back, come on. Let’s go!
(sentry shouting) (gun firing)
(sentry shouting) (moving to dramatic music) (metal clanking)
(men grunting) – Run!
(sentry screaming) Get to the boat! (guns firing) (man screaming) (footsteps thudding)
(tense music) (moving to somber music) (seagulls squawking) (Wei grunting) (waves rustling) (gentle music) Why was this in your satchel? Where did you find this? – You, you’re one ’em aren’t you? A crimson man. – [Red] What? – You look like them. Your eyes. – [Red] Those sentries
would stop at nothing to destroy me. They do not deserve my pity. Have you forgotten that you’re a runaway? If captured, you’d be re-enslaved. – [Wei] And, and what, what happens the next time you have one
of those nightmare feelings or get really mad at me? Am I gonna end up
– Please. – like one of those sentries too? – [Red] Lower that rifle. – [Wei] Answer my question! – [Red] I do not have an answer! Now please, head to the boat. We must not linger.
– You’re supposed to say no, you, you won’t crush me to death. – [Red] You hide this vile propaganda and aim a rifle at me. Maybe it’s me that should
not be trusting you, human. – I found the poster in the bunker.
– Maybe it is you that will betray me, eventually leading those humans to hunt me down
– Why are saying this? – and destroy me.
– We’re a team! – [Red] Why should I believe you, human? – ‘Cause you’re all I’ve got! (Wei grunting) – [Red] You are all I have got. (moving to emotional music) – Hey, was that my joke? – [Red] Will you please head for the boat? (moving to suspenseful music) (boat rumbling) (dramatic music) (gentle music)

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