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  1. DUST's first feature film PROSPECT is now available on demand in the US & Canada

    Google Play:


  2. This was so awesome! The ending was the best ….“I love our little pets” . Not to far from the truth of our own future, lmao!

  3. mannn where the hell have i been in this whole world? i accidentally clicked this and… omg omg omg i love this! ❤😭

  4. Really weird symbolism in this film. Aren't lonely people part of the "leftist" and "politically correct" propaganda of globalists?

    Illuminati = New World Order, right?
    New World Order = Globalism, leftism, communism, right?

    I'm not into the conspiracy theories. Could anyone explain? Why are the "Illuminati" (the A.I., the pyramid with an eye talking to the guy) trying to get a man and a woman together? I thought they wanted men without testosterone and women lonely and "independent".

  5. Honestly I just luv the hol that concept,b'coz this is my actual life in 2019 without that sky-blue pyramid…but ''I love Our Little Pets"..that make an questions mark ……

  6. Am I the only person watching this that said to themselves, "I need this AI in my life? It has the right combination of sassy, motivation, honesty, and underhandedness to make me my best self." (Oh, and forget Amber, that AI seems a lot more human than she does.)

  7. Global warming is nothing on you?! Hahahahaha. Masterpiece. Greta would be furious about it, but anyways. The end is the best though. Awesome movie!

  8. This was awesome; witty, blunt, snarky, brutal, optimistic, dark, and adorable. So many catch phrases and little gems to enjoy. I'm def saving this and watching it again.

  9. This video is a perfect example of how music can alter meaning… imagine the same video with an ominous soundtrack and it becomes quite dark.

  10. 9:13 "All I do is wake up, go to class, watch virtual porn, play video games…"

    Wow! Is this a great future, or what!

  11. What life will be like for the rich that survive climate change 🙂 nice to see their futures are lonely and homogeneous.

  12. This is the epitome of a liberal living in a safe space hugging a stuffed animal being droned by an artificial intelligence persona manipulating him to be even more of a snowflake.

  13. Who made this? Video games are evil, technology is evil, pizza is evil, porn is evil.

    The Catholic Church produced this garbage?

    What a load of shit. Oh no! Somebody is playing video games! There must be something WRONG with that person.

  14. Me: Counselor! Guess what?
    Counselor: What is it?
    Me: I bought you a hammer!
    Counselor: I can't use a hammer.
    Me: I can…

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