Sci-Fi Short Film “Aeranger” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “Aeranger” presented by DUST

MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound: Explosion Sound: Fire Crackling MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Moans in pain Sound: Dried leaves and rocks tumbling No, No, Noooo Sound: Explosion Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Animal Roar Sound: Tech Device Clicks And Blips Sound: Animal Roar Sound: tech device power up MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound : Beep Beep Beep Aeranger Kallelle praise Rorare
have you touched down on a surrogate planet? I have touched down the ship has sustained critical damage
the filtration core is secure most excellent news! Any word from the other Aerangers? You are the only Aeranger landing you must
embed the filtration device within that planets soil. I need not remind you these are the end of
days for our people Kallelle. No Zrouvehn, you need not. What is your current status? Our planets atmosphere is damaged beyond regeneration. Only one-third of our people can enter into
the great sleep while the filters regenerate in that planets soil. my son Ohmi? Because of your sacrifice, Ohmi will enter
the great hibernation with hope I am committed to making it so. our future is in your hands brave brave Kallelle
take the soil reading my child. Rorare be with you. Praise Rorare. Sound: Delicate Tech Beep Sound: Positive Blip It is positive Praise Rorare. Praise Rorare! Know one day we will journey to that planet
to claim the filters and rebuild our world. Your people salute you Kallelle. Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis is Ah na neene zahnor Sound: Wind on leaves Sound: Broken Stick Sound: Dry leaves underfoot Grunt Halayo Friend, Halayo Grunt Sound: EXPLOSION Sound: Ringing in ears MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound : Beep – Vacuum Seal Release Heavy Breathing MUSIC: Ethereal Synthesizer Sound: Tech beep beep beep Too-ma Ohmi Too-ma Sound: Dangerous Electricity Sound Film Projector Music: Ominous Drone Music: Driving Electronica

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  1. Now we know where all the giant sequoia trees in the north west came from. Guess it also means we are going to be invaded by a bunch of elves one day.

  2. So any day now the aliens may return and take back all the "filters" they produced? Talk about massive deforestation.

  3. 6:45 … The Charm of Making? Don't let Merlin know you guys have that… He might beat you over the head with his Dragon staff or silver skullcap…

  4. And that my friends, is how the Christmas began…
    Santa sent his most loyal Tinker Elves on a daring mission to Earth to plant the very first Christmas Tree.
    *Fun fact:
    Christmas lights were actually never intended to be on the tree itself but arranged on the ground as a magical warding.

  5. There! Fine I'll watch your crappy little space Elf movie. Now leave me alone! Stop recommending this. It wasn't very good

  6. "Anal nathroc, uthos pe thood, jonvel henvey" was the spell that Morgona spoke to capture Merlin in the movie "Excalibur" from 1980! Nice sneak in there! HAHA!!

  7. Incredibly terrible sfx , prosthetics, makeup, continuity and story. Just grateful it only wasted lest than 12 minutes of my life viewing this train wreck :/

  8. word to the editor: flames go up not sideways, even when they are located on the side of the hill.

  9. Very nicely done. BUT one common flaw I find with a lot of DUST films is the conceit that slow pacing equals profundity. Therefore, I play a good many videos at 1-1/2 normal speed with no loss of enjoyment.

  10. Very very good, You are getting close, However the donor planet was detected and verified before we left our planet, Now show them how you think our kind came here and from where. very good job, by the way that is only one colony that arrived in this galaxy.

  11. The story should have continued with the aliens coming to the Earth in mass to claim their Harvest and finding humans have decimated the large-scale trees that they brought to this earth they subsequently lay waste to the planet with energy weapons.
    Ooooooor they could teach us how to plant Pandora trees.

  12. Doggie Pull,those ELF ears. to save da Planet. Doggie Doo Her.,,,damnit. fail. FAIL.,,re boot,,re try. Will you ?,,,win? reboot. retry. RETRY ? ree boot. try again. Re Boot. refresh the page. try again.

  13. ,,,,,,,,, Só Jesus Cristo salva……..♌♊😀💕♍♑😄♏♐♒👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐

  14. Human 2019 AD: We still cannot go to Mars, but we can sent the rover there
    Alien 2000 BC: We still cannot sent the rover to Earth, but we can go there

  15. Great storyline by Anthony Ferraro of the (TRUE?) creation of our huge redwood trees. I had the privilege of working near these giants and would always go visit the park when I was off.

  16. Why the throwback to the movie "Excalibur"? I recognized the charm of making instantly. "Anál nathrach, orth' bháis's bethad, do chél dénmha", such a recognizable line in the film. Cool concept taking an other worldly medieval chant and applying it to the sci fi genre to grow a tree. The fact that those trees benefit from the dragon's breath (fog) for much of the year is awesome as well. Neat stuff!

  17. nice twist on the genesis story but big holes. so Eve made it to earth and brought other "white" elves? okay. deserves a bigger story as fable, i guess. so early man was seeded with alien intelligence? if so what happened to the ears & did the elves get here and intermingle in the 3800 years the old tree grew? and… one more thing where were the Africans and the Asians in this story fit in and advance? did they too get elfin pointy eared blue eye genes? is this story the genesis of Tolkien Hobbit style Europeans on this planet we call Eartha Terra? LOL.

  18. I’m on Mars.
    I’ve just completed the final part of the project for the Terra forming and the planet is absolutely brimming with life.
    Plants, animals, water and oxygen.
    It’s stable…
    Completely stable…
    But I’ve bad news.
    I’ve destroyed the signalling devices planned to communicate with the ship in orbit.
    They are irreparable.
    I did it deliberately.
    The ships have what’s left of the entire human race aboard and in cryogenic stasis.
    Millions of people.
    The new beginning.
    It’s not going to happen.
    The team I was with, here on Mars, are all dead.
    That was easy.
    We all need to eat and drink and I made sure everyone had their dose.
    High radioactive contaminates.
    Everyone is gone.
    It was horrible and I felt for them but I’ve done exactly the same to myself once I was sure there was no chance of my plan going wrong.
    And it’s worked.
    Mars is an absolute paradise.
    Future proof for millions of years.
    Our ships will be beaten to dust in orbit over time.
    They’ll disintegrate along with our race.
    I feel very unwell..
    I’ve taken the dose and I’ve taken the pain medication from the medical supplies.
    I’ve not long left.
    But I’ve made the right decision.
    Our race escaped a poisoned and ruined planet.
    We made it so.
    It’s in our nature.
    So our nature is about to end.
    Our race was doomed to start and doomed to fail and it has.
    But I made the choice to finish it.
    I can’t see properly.
    I guess this is the end of it…
    I am but one but I am God to many now and I wonder what will happen to my spirit, if it even exists…

    The end of humankind..

    The start of life again from Earth without it’s most destructive player…

    I’m proud…


  19. Yea she winds up f*cking an ape which creates all the huminid species that have lived here on earth.

    Her ppl also died on their way to earth..never making their destination..

  20. Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis is beatha, do chéal déanaimh That's Merlin's chant from Excalibur…Irish, I knew it!

  21. 5 minutes in and i want to scream "give this actress limping lessons ffs!" Amazing how something like this interferes with getting into the story.

  22. По моему это называется панспермия- занесение семян на чужую планету, или чужих семян на нашу..

  23. Until 2013, the oldest individual tree in the world was Methuselah, a 4,845-year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) in the White Mountains of California

  24. wait a second… the video says the tree is 3800 years old. we were grunting cavemen eating mammoths in the americas while egypt was building the pyramids?

  25. Когда первые эльфы пришли на нашу землю, то наткнулись на неандертальцев. Те, не раздумывая, выебли эльфов. Так на земле появился хомосапиенс.

  26. This is way too good to be so short! Where is the rest of it?! Please make more of it?! Please? Thank you. Jesus Christ Loves You…

  27. But what happened to that human? She did that shock wave thing, fell unconscious but she didn't look around after waking up to see if the human was still there.

    Anyway I like the story. And I googled the tree.

  28. I don't know what commercial preceded your viewing of this video, but I got a campaign commercial for some a**wipe by the name of Mark Kelly, who's running for the Senate in Arizona. The guy is a complete and utter hack. Feel free to comment/reply and I will happily explain why you don't want to vote for this cretin.

  29. well… it is what it is. Very predictable, not very convincing. Especially the digital fire at the beginning where the ship was supposedly crashed. The wooded area was rich with fuel, so in theory that fire from the ship should have set the whole area ablaze. And worst yet, the woman's plastic ears. It was quite obviously plastic ears, possibly from a halloween costume. She wore modern western clothing, not the clothing of an alien race from another world. And her telescope? It was a water filter, or gas or fuel fixture of some sort. Lots of use of digital effects, but the job wasn't convincing. The storyline and plot direction were very weak and lacked any real or cohesive direction and the drama was anything but. It was an Ok effort, but left so much to be desired, especially at the end… far too many loose ends and unanswered questions from start to finish. I personally wasn't impressed.

  30. A dry creek bed is not a good spot to try and plant a tree. For being so smart to make it to another planet, they aren't that smart.

  31. If the filter was a tree, why couldn't they just take a few of the trees already growing there? Looks like we had a few to spare at the time.

  32. Fake-space pantheist liberal earth hugger (a.k.a. alien snowflake) plants tree w/magic barrier to protect against ancient Republican cave man.

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