Sci-Fi Short Film “After Her” | Starring Natalia Dyer | DUST Exclusive

Sci-Fi Short Film “After Her” | Starring Natalia Dyer | DUST Exclusive

– Come with me (bugs buzzing) – What is it? – It’s called a babies head. – Can you eat it? – You can, it’s a mushroom. Catch. (thudding) (rustling) (dirt scrapping) (rustling) it’s just a little bit further. (thuds) (rustling) – Haley! Haley this isn’t funny. (rustling) – This is it. (eerie music) – Put it back. – I think I’ll keep it. – [Boy] Hey dude. (door creaks) (eerie music) (cries out) (eerie music) (water splashing)
(eerie music) (eerie music) (phone buzzes) (phone buzzes)
(eerie music) (eerie music)
(fan whirring) (clicks) (phone ringing) – [Phone] Hey it’s Haley,
you know what to do. (phone beeps) (train rumbling) (birds chirping) (clattering) (sighs) (paper crinkles) (clattering) (phone clicking) (phone ringing) – [Phone] Callum. (phones ringing)
(eerie music) (birds chirping) (creaking) (eerie chord) (rustling) (water splashing)
(wind whistling) (dramatic chord) (eerie music)
(breathing) – [Haley] Come closer. (water splashing)
(breathing) (birds chirping) (cries out) (sizzling) (splashes) (eerie music)
(water bubbling) (eerie music) [Haley O.S.] Come closer. (eerie music) [Haley O.S.] Callum! (eerie music)
(heavy breathing) [Haley O.S.] Callum! Come with me. We cross here (water splashing) where dimensions deceive and the corners of our
world can be peeled back. (dramatic music) (birds chirping) Take it Callum…take it. (eerie music) (water splashing) Another lost girl. Callum. I’ve won. Unconstrained by matter
and space, I will persist. You cannot erase me. Men fall. You…cannot erase me. (eerie music)
I see it all. (dramatic chord)
(whispering) I see it all. (dramatic music) (chattering)
(ominous music)

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    I was interested in making a short that confronts the perversion of the “missing girl story” in both film and in reality. I wanted to create something meditative and personal with a small group of collaborators; I shot most of the film myself, including the VFX, which were hand done in my parents’ basement. I’m from Rhode Island and grew up reading Lovecraft, and was incredibly inspired by his worlds, his characters, and their maddening search for the bigger picture, the great answers. As Callum searches for Haley, the alluring missing girl of his past, his expectations get challenged. His journey spans fertile woods, deep caves, and fallopian tunnels. He grows to realize that he is a passenger, not a pioneer, while she is the leader, not the victim.

  2. beautiful film but what did I just watch?…I love sci-fi but that left me wondering what the did I just watch other than a very popular and familiar face from ST

  3. Its a documentary on a rare mushroom that was thought to be extinct. The mushroom used to be called "Lost Girl".

  4. Unconstrained freedom does not exist. Freewill is the failasy. Will must be exercised within a context. Remove context and will has no meaning.

  5. I've heard that some believe all life on Earth came from a mushroom floating through space. Whether that's a possibility or not, people really underestimate mushrooms.

  6. Learn to tell a straight story without a lot of tricky camera angles and cuts. It’s annoying. Just tell the story!

  7. It made sense to me until the very end. When he's not with her anymore and he's walking a crowded street, that part made no sense to me. Up to that point the story was that this girl got a weird shroom that made her some kind of extra-dimensional being and she was about to swallow him up or something.

  8. I learned what that mushroom is called…I see them every Spring in my yard. The mountain terrain in this movie looks like my home, although I've never found an alien egg thingy.
    Isn't she the girl from the Netflix series, "Stranger Things"? How fitting that she stars in this weird show with no understandable plot or ending…unless you've eaten a dozen of those Baby's head 'shrooms.

  9. Vague and weird does not equal compelling and profound. Standard-issue student film level story–if you can call it a story. What a waste using Natalia Dyer for this!

  10. No, actually, the director's statement was as opaque as the film. Meaning, I am quite fine with "fallopian tunnels" when they're in an actual girl. Oh… and I don't give a crap if this girl of very shaky talent starred in some show I never saw, thank you very much.

  11. Even with the explanation, this isn't a story at all… There are things happening that make ZERO sense, there is some magical stone, that has absolutely no meaning, there is a guy, who's old phone was on for five years etc etc… I don't like simple movies (yes, I can withstand watching Avengers, but it's not my sort of a cinema, I like Black Mirror and similar), but this is either for some hyper intellectually gifted few, or for those, who would rather say "Ohhh that was sooo good, I really enjoyed it, it has this inner meaning you have to find within yourself…" out of fear of looking not smart enough, instead of saying "BS!"…

  12. What the fuck happened here? I hate artsy stuff without a plot, clear narrative or ending. This was one of those.

  13. I'd have to agree with a sub-commenter Russell Jackman. This film oversteps the mark and relies on an overview description to put the viewer on track. In effect it's art-house for art house sake. Yes, I see the alluded images of fallopian tubes etc and maybe Male psyche. But, personally speaking, this seems insensitive to actual missing girls, not a light subject. It's quite a serious topic for families who have been in that situation…

  14. Beautiful piece of work.

    Can't understand why so many don't seem to get it though…..

    Lost loves, lost life, missed opportunities. memories, and choices. What's not to "get"?


  15. So.. he murdered a girl and is haunted by it? Manifestation of his inner demons visualised as something "sci-fi". 10/10 for doing this production all by yourself!

  16. These are to short stories like most jazz is to music. Sorry but anyone can do this and call it a short…

    Always give these a thumbs up for their efforts because it's the right thing to do.

    However, i can't stand the ones that have zero resolve or, don't make a lick of sense.

    Don't care how strange or different the concept or story. At least have some end or point.

  17. notice the anakim structures in the cave?,,she'd found some sort of sub matrix key allowing the essence of ones self to break through the loop like dimensional barriers that constrain us,imprison us to this echo of what once was,,a viral upload allowing free travel throughout this grand hologram,,this afterthought of the very titans we seek to discover,oh and that dude was a pussy,my girl would have never tripped the light fantastic without me by her side,i would have joined her on the path to godhead,……i dosed DMT 5 minutes before watchin this,it was beautiful,,thanks guys.

  18. Feminist Bolx. Incomprehensible nonsense. Starting to get a bit disappointed in these DUST films. Some are great, but most have very lazy or unskilled storytelling with no plot.

  19. A well made movie. Enjoyed it. A splendid feminist view of the Earth Mother fantasy genre.It isn't surprising women have been suppressed throughout the ages. Being the daughter of the Devil will never be the way to make friends and influence people.

  20. I saw one of those thorny round things in the woods once. I poked it with a stick, but thank God I didn't pick it up.
    I like this a lot, some good special effects.

  21. I know the real deep meaning of your every story, but what about others, it's like many people that understand lil bit they have to assume everything without clues or aim in the dark with lot of confusion and different conclusions like somehow that must be happened there. But what about simple viewers, just make it lil bit of easier for everyone.

  22. To the film maker: Here's an idea going forward……..have a plot. Have a direction. Makes it so much more fun for the billions outside your head watching who have no friggin' idea what you're on about.

  23. WOW.. can you move the camera a bit more?
    Also, was this made for yourselves or for people to watch? Sometimes.. even your weird dreams must have some meaning to be meaningful. This on the other hand, is just a series of images and sounds.

  24. At first I was like, cool… eerie, creepy, mysterious. "You can not erase me" she says. But she erased herself and for what. She won? Won what? The filmmakers message reads better than it played out in the film. It comes across anti-male with no explanation or reason. She brought him along in the woods in the first place. Great visuals, acting fine but thumbs down from me.

  25. please stop this. this is a clip from a short film. not a short film. if you had finished the story in some way it would have been amazing.

  26. So from what I understand, this all powerful being is the reason behind many (maybe all) little girls' disappearances. For some reason, that black object only attracts girls, but Caleb was somehow the first dude to be invested enough in a girl's disappearance (which doesn't make sense bc the dads, brothers, bfs, friends etc of other girls would be just as involved).
    He first resists the charms of the being, but in the end, he gives in, and he is transported to another dimension where all the little girls have been living happy lives and have grown up. So there's hope that he will find his bestie there, but there's SO much left unexplained – and I'm not even talking about logic but questions about the rules of this world that this director created.

  27. boy meets girl, and his heart melts…she disappears, he moves away…years later he still has those feelings and retraces their steps, only he realizes she is on another plane or dimension, and maybe, one day he'll be with her if he keeps hope! The other ladies are looking at him and hope that they to could find an everlasting love!!!

  28. What a waste of star quality, She did not get enough screen time. Also, its getting frustrating watching film become artsy-fartsy. but just my opinion. I'm sure a lot of people liked it.

  29. I understand the confusion and frustration. Even With the writers explanation.
    I took this as the black 'mushroom' being a virus that she had contracted, which she was either trying to tell him About or Give to him as well, and he abandoned her leaving her alone to be consumed by it.
    Maybe cervical cancer from hpv? Which haunted him, even years later.
    All in All, Nancy's end up in upside is known.

  30. I enjoy some of these vids, but so many of them make no damned sense whatsoever and have absolutely no redeeming value I can discern. Guess I'm just dense, reminds me of the Theater of the Absurd.

  31. I’m so confused. The filmmaker’s note actually just made it worse. I ended up feeling like I just slept through most of a 2 hour movie and can only remember 10% of it in tiny snippets.

  32. "I see it all. I've won." Feels feminist to me this link might explain the plot. Another girl pertains to a helpless person maybe and she mocks him cause she/it feels superior.

  33. She never made it out of the woods that day. His delusions covering up what ever really happened. Magic spiny mushroom…cell phone/number that work after 5 years girl missing and still powered. Just his mind making it fit. what really happened that day?…What did he really do?

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